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So proud of my Opinion Writers for all their great work this week!
Learning knowledge of writing
Decades ago, a skinny kid who used to be me delighted in discovering Chip Scanlan – reporter, writer, editor, author, teacher, writing coach extraordinaire. He has been a long-distance inspiration and mentor ever since. I put Scanlan up there in my pantheon of journalistic heroes, in the company of the likes of Jimmy Breslin, David Simon'Alan Smithee, Joan Didion, Tom Wolfe -- and editors/teachers, like my best at College Park, Carl Stepp; David M Ettlin, the longtime Baltimore Sun rewrite, who turned my bumbling dictation into sterling copy; one of Chip’s heroes and co-conspirators, the late Donald Murray, a Pulitzer Prize-winner who went on to serve as the beloved and much-admired writing coach at The Boston Globe, then at the Poynter Institute; and Anne Zusy, who taught me so much and saved me so often when I interned at NYT in another life, but alas, she also left us too soon....I have tried to apply Scanlan’s wisdom and have shared it with countless students, reporters whom I’ve edited -- and with my favorite aspiring journalist, my son Joseph Gately, as he learns the rudiments of the craft as a staff writer for The Hall, the student newspaper at Calvert Hall High School. I’ve long known complacency stands out as one of the perils of doing daily journalism, and I think of the words of a wise cardinal: “Growth is the only evidence of life.” If you want to grow as a reporter, a writer, a storyteller, an editor, I heartily recommend you tap into Chip Scanlan’s invaluable advice. And he makes learning riveting and fun......Check him out on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/chip.scanlan), at @chipscanlan, Chip Scanlan at LinkedIn, [email protected]. And look for Scanlan to soon revive his wildly popular “Chip On Your Shoulder.” https://www.poynter.org/person/chipscan

Scholastic journalism workshops and outreach programs for students and teachers The High School Journalism Institute offers pre-college journalism and media workshops for students and teachers each July on the Indiana University-Bloomington campus.

Photos from High School Journalism Institute's post 05/24/2022

Congratulations to Tony Willis on his retirement. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Whether teaching English or journalism, whether advising student media or mentoring other teachers, Tony’s contributions to education are indelible. Not only did Tony attend HSJI when he was a high school journalist, but over the years he’s served as a counselor, instructor and assistant director. We wish this HSJI Distinguished Alumnus an enjoyable retirement.


JEA board of directors unanimously pass a statement on prohibited concept legislation. "A rising trend in prohibited concepts legislation has serious implications for scholastic journalism. ... To be clear, student media is at risk. As these bills attempt to control curriculum, we need to educate and empower key stakeholders. Student media is not curriculum. It’s the product of curriculum. We know student journalists provide an essential, constitutionally protected service to their communities as a result of what they learn from skill-based curriculum." Read the full statement here: http://jea.org/wp/statement-on-prohibited-concept-legislation/

Pulitzer-winning Washington Post team includes 8 alumni 05/11/2022

Pulitzer-winning Washington Post team includes 8 alumni

Proud of our alumni and the important work they do.

Pulitzer-winning Washington Post team includes 8 alumni Alumnus John Chase, BAJ’92, served as an editor on another Pulitzer-winning story.

Photos from High School Journalism Institute's post 04/20/2022

It’s IU Day, and we hope you’ll wear your IU gear and share pictures and stories to celebrate! 🎉 You can also show your 💕 for IU journalism by donating to one of our excellent programs. Find the crowdfunding link in our bio.

‘IU NewsNet’ named best newscast in SPJ Region 5 04/12/2022

‘IU NewsNet’ named best newscast in SPJ Region 5

Bravo! Congratulations to these excellent student journalists.

‘IU NewsNet’ named best newscast in SPJ Region 5 IU student journalists won four other Mark of Excellence awards and were finalists in four categories.

IDS wins CSPA Gold Crown 04/05/2022

IDS wins CSPA Gold Crown

A tradition of excellence in student media — Bravo, IDS staff!

IDS wins CSPA Gold Crown Publications are judged on their design, photography, concept, coverage and writing.

High School Newspapers Are a Thrifty Way to Teach Civics 02/26/2022

High School Newspapers Are a Thrifty Way to Teach Civics


High School Newspapers Are a Thrifty Way to Teach Civics Young people desperately need training in how to assess all the information — and misinformation — they are bombarded with.


We, too, are saddened by the passing of Sharon Dunwoody, who attended HSJI in 1963 and 1964 while she was a student at Marion (Indiana) High School. Last summer we recognized Dunwoody as one of our distinguished alumni for her leadership in journalism education.

We are saddened to share the news of the passing of Sharon Dunwoody, BAJ'69, PhD'78. She died on Feb. 4.

Dunwoody dedicated her career to science communication.

She was a professor emerita of journalism and mass communication at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, retiring in 2013 after more than 30 years of teaching science journalism and communication.

During her career, Dunwoody received numerous awards, including the Paul J. Deutschmann Award from the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. She was the first woman to receive the award.

She was a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Midwest Association for Public Opinion Research and the Society for Risk Analysis.

She served twice as head of the AAAS section on General Interest in Science and Technology. She was president of both MAPOR and the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication. Dunwoody was named a Fellow of the International Communication Association in 2017.

She served as a Fulbright Distinguished Lecturer in Brazil, as a visiting journalism fellow at Deakin University in Australia and as Donnier Guest Professor at Stockholm University.

In 2014, Dunwoody received The Media School's Distinguished Alumni Award.



A final summer memory shared by Beth Millett - As a student, it was meeting so many like-minded yearbook students and feeling an overwhelming sense that I had "found my people."
As a counselor, it was working with so many bright, funny and dedicated people while trying to keep all the students out of the trouble I knew so very well that they could get in.
As head counselor with Jim Lang, it was the lights out check, where we'd stumble around outside counting floors and windows, then shout-whispering up to all the counselors gathered in the second-floor lounge which rooms they needed to go remind.


Starting your Holiday Week off with a memory from Millicent Martin Emery - I was a new counselor and getting ready for students to arrive to our floor in Ashton. I went to take a shower, alone on my floor, and discovered a bat as I was leaving the bathroom. The rest of the three weeks went smoothly after that in comparison. I had a great time getting to know my fellow counselors and HSJI staff and working with the students.


If you participated in our virtual conference last sumner, you’ll recognize Izzy. She moderated several sessions. Congratulations, Izzy!

Congratulations to Izzy Myszak, who has been elected as the Indiana Daily Student editor-in-chief for Spring 2022.

Myszak currently serves as the IDS' Arbutus editor. She has been a photo editor, general assignments editor, special publications editor, managing editor, photographer, videographer and reporter.


I'm sure many share this memory with Lois Engebretson - I loved teaching there and sending students… it was a highlight of my summer


Early Tuesday morning memories....Kristen McEntire Ryan - As a residence hall counselor I wore dinosaur slippers that made stomping noises when I walked. I covered the walls with headlines from supermarket tabloids. I ended up sharing a house with HSJI friends during senior year at IU. HSJI was about creativity and fun, both as a student and as a counselor. I was proud of the work I created and energized for the coming year!

IDS wins 2 Pacemakers; Cohen wins Reporter of the Year 10/21/2021

IDS wins 2 Pacemakers; Cohen wins Reporter of the Year

Congratulations to the IDS and to Matt Cohen!

IDS wins 2 Pacemakers; Cohen wins Reporter of the Year The Indiana Daily Student won dozens of awards this weekend at the virtual Associated Collegiate Press/College Media Association Fall National College Media Convention.


Katelyn Rowe--SO MANY lovely memories from HSJI but one of my favorites was getting to spend time with my fellow counselors and do karaoke with the students.


Memories on a beautiful fall day in Indiana...
Jennifer Lynn-- Walking over with Linda Johnson and Trina Wurst to get popcorn and cookies from Dee-lights


Valerie Tanke's memory - Loved the friendships gains among the faculty and staff.


There's such a thing as Throwback Tuesday, right?!

From Sean Abbott -- There are way, way too many for me to pick any as my favorite. I treasure my time at HSJI and all the wonderful people I was blessed to share that time with.


A midweek memory share from Daniel Schoch -- It's so hard to pick just one, but some of my favorite memories are from the counselor "steak day" at the end of each summer, as well as the closing "counselor dance." In general, however, I loved sharing the campus and my IU experience with students.


And more from Ryan Gunterman -- Being a lab assistant for awesome teachers like Kim Green, Tony Willis, Claude Cookman, etc. Also, teaching photo classes with Meredith Bledsoe and debriefing at Lennie's :)


Fall Saturday morning memories -- from Lori Overmeyer -- Shenanigans with Jim Lang!


Jim Lang shares -- Sharing great ideas and collaborating with great counselors and educators; seeing my own students learn and thrive on the IU campus.


Two words from Suzann Mitten Owen --Summer heat


Saturday morning memory from Pamela (Boyd) Carter --It's hard to list just one! My favorite memories include times as a counselor: monitoring "lights out," by counting windows with walkie talkies (we knew if it was an overhead light or flashlight), playing Taboo, bread sticks, and making life-long friends with some wildly-talented and fun professionals. Miss those days!


It's a Friday double memory drop -- Sarah Nichols shares: So many wonderful memories from the years as a counselor and then as an instructor, but mostly just the funny discussions in the office and the inside jokes surrounding the log we kept of everything happening while we were on duty as counselors. I also loved early morning and late night walks with other instructors as we talked about our workshop sessions and swapped stories from the day.


Friday memories from Tim Dohrer -- As a student, I remember Dennis Cripe's Editor in Chief section as being crucial to my leadership the following year of The Guardian at Elk Grove HS (IL). We were in Read Hall with 3 other members of the staff. I remember we missed most of the closing night dance because we were all trying to finish our final projects! I got a $500 HSJI scholarship which cemented my decision to apply to only ONE college: Indiana University. As a counselor and head counselor, I have so many positive memories! I loved my fellow counselors, especially Pam Coats who became my evil twin partner in crime for two years. I loved working with Jack, Linda, Tony, and the other instructors. Since I was an RA at Willkie, I knew the building and grounds well, which helped when kids locked themselves out of their rooms or tried sneaking around at night! But my favorite memories were the staff and counselors hanging out in the office or one of the lounges after lights out.


And one more from Cynthia Walker -- The “family” atmosphere and being SO worried I’d be “caught” trying to create the HSJI yearbook that was commemorating Gretchen’s Directorship of Institute


HSJI memories for your Saturday afternoon from Marah Yankey:
I have SO many fond memories of my summer as a counselor, but a few of my favorite include: playing "Fajita!" -- an absurd, LOUD game made up by the senior counselors that included slapping a wiffe ball from person to person in a circle while also shouting Mexican restaurant menu items; STEAK DAY.. a final hoo-rah at a Steakhouse in which counselors were forced to eat as much steak as possible in order to beat the prior-year staff's total weight in ounces.


Memories from Audrey Mathison -- The night when one of my PA students caused a fire in Wright Hall at dinner time. Accidentally of course. But let’s just say that Mary B was not happy with me. Then there was the day I told my lab students that journalists don’t use the expression “a lot” but if they do they spell it correctly as two words. One of my young Hoosier editors said, “Even in Indiana??” I come from Pennsylvania, remember.


A HSJI memory from Rachel Wisinski: I loved being able to work with young students who were so passionate about journalism, specifically yearbooks. It was refreshing to see and very fulfilling to be pass my knowledge and experience on to them.


A Saturday morning HSJI memory shared by Melanie Mason --

I loved helping all the students in the classrooms as a teaching assistant. I mostly remember working with Greg Mosley's classes because there was never a dull moment with him at the helm. I also fondly remember working with the office staff to prepare everything - including being crammed into Linda's office at a tiny table stuffing envelopes while she and Jack hollered back and forth down the hallway.


We are proud to share another one of our 75 Distinguished Alumni, Beth Wood. Wood was integral in reshaping and revitalizing IU's PR program. Upon her passing in 2009, the IU PRSSA chapter was renamed in her honor.


Another memory shared by Jamie Zega: I loved working with students on their stories and problem-solving with them during the institute. But after their time with us, I loved seeing determined HSJI students filter into IU and the IDS years later.


Memory from Linda Johnson, Office Guru: I have many fond memories, but since this is the year of the cicadas, it makes me think about 17 years ago when campus was swarming with them. Susie Coleman and I were having lunch at Forest Cafe, when she very calmly said, "Don't freak out, but you have a cicada on your neck.” Well, I jumped out of my seat and was shaking like a dog trying to get it off. What a sight!

HSJI celebrates 75th anniversary, adapts to online conference format 07/16/2021

HSJI celebrates 75th anniversary, adapts to online conference format


HSJI celebrates 75th anniversary, adapts to online conference format Each day included live keynote speakers, breakout sessions and social hangouts.

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