Covenant Christian School, Bloomington, In

Covenant Christian School, Bloomington, In


CCS Boys Basketball....after an hour of conditioning...we ran some more. Good job boys!

I think we can all agree that 2020 has been a year to remember. With all the craziness of Covid-19 and school starting next week, this is something EVERYONE can do! I am asking for individuals to pick a CCS teacher/staff member to adopt and pray for each and every day. Pray for wisdom and guidance. Pray for their students and protection. Pray for their health and their families. If you want to adopt a teacher at CCS, let me know! I am including the names of our entire staff. Once you have selected a staff member, please private message me and I’ll mark it down. There will be multiple people selecting the same staff person as we have more families than staff members. Prayer is an extremely important and vital thing so if you decide to adopt a teacher, please commit to praying daily for them. You can also offer them encouragement throughout the year! If you have any questions, please send me a private message. Thank you and God bless!!

Bro. Robert Akers
Sis. Tabitha Barrow
Sis. Angie Axsom Baugh
Sis. Carol Boyer
Sis. Keisha Butcher
Sis. Sarah Prince Dixon
Sis. Jaime Gardner
Sis. Jean Hollinger
Sis. Theresa Hudson
Sis. Elaine Hunt
Sis. Shelly Hunt
Ms. Lauren
Bro. Darrin May
Sis. Julie Shields May
Sis. Keaton Neale
Sis. Kim Perry
Sis. Christina May Potts
Sis. Jennifer Rollins
Sis. Ashley Thomas
Bro. Chet Thomas
Sis. Becky Warthan
Ms. Wells
Sis. Erin Kelly Wilbur
Bro. Robert Alan Wood

If I'm missing someone, please let me know so they can be added to our list.
Throw back Thursday!!! If that's a thing.
My hat's off to the teacher's at CCS, this teacher business is no joke, it's hard & I've cried twice today because the students are a little bit much, I've been thinking of many ways to get terminated from this gig, lol... I've no called, no showed twice already, I've been kind of mean to the students & I've " threatened the students " no such luck to get terminated here... it's been rough few days, but we started last week with some learning, so that's how I'm crazy here at "school " ....
All jokes aside THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH TO EACH OF YOU THAT teach my kids daily, you're AMAZING & WONDERFUL! I love you all for loving to teach & I'm not even mad at ya if you have to talk a little crazy to them at alllllll....
Lolololol.... this has been a little painful for me.

Again tysm....
Sister Barrow
Bro. Akers
Sister Kim
Sister May
Sister Keith
Sister Thomas
Bro. Wood
Sister Shelly
and anyone of you that has been a part of my children's education experience!!!!! Bless you that God has called you to this, because it wasn't ME! Jesus take the wheel & by your miracle, let them go back to school before May! AMEN!
Thank you Covenant Christian School, Bloomington, In for the donations to Pantry 279!
So I’ve been following all of the posts and videos of NACSC.... I’m just wondering .... did y’all leave any awards for any of the other schools?!? 😂😂

Super impressed with all of the students! A special congrats to Taylor, Tyler, Tanner & Xander!!!! Way to go CCS!

Stretches/Warmups- do at home and at track
1. walk a lap, run a lab, repeat
2. stretches:
• Upper arms across body
• Arm circles front/back
• Hip flexor lunges-hold 8 sec. each
• Touch toes with toes up--hold 8 sec.
• Touch ankles with foot to the side--hold
• Roll ankles

Exercises: do 20 minutes 3x/week at home

1. High knees x 15 or more
2. Kick cans x 15 or more
3. Bounding x 15 or more
4. Criss/cross legs ("karaoke") x 15 or more
5. Running man with arms (2, 3, 4, 5): parents or siblings call out a number. Pump arms as if running, but stay in place.
6. With 3 or more people: Fartleks

YouTube videos for extra help:
Day 1 : tempo workouts

Hip flexors:

Leg work outs: (we can do without equipment)

Acceleration Drills-

Foods throughout training:

• NO "dieting", healthy choices only...go to
• fruit or vegetable at every meal
• protein each meal
• whole grain at breakfast
• Limit soda, limit any caffeine to 1 cup daily
Top foods to reduce recover time:
1. Bananas
2. Potatoes
3. Tomatoes
4. Seeds & Nuts
5. Salmon

Food ideas to eat 15-30 min. BEFORE practice:
1. Bananas
2. Small Clif Bars
3. 1/2 bagel
4. Crackers
5. Fruit cup or applesauce

Food ideas to eat right AFTER practice/game:
1. Cheese
2. Chocolate milk
3. Clif bar
4. Deli meat sandwich
5. Peanut Butter/Jelly sandwich

• water BEFORE practice/event
• Water & diluted powerade/gatorade DURING and AFTER practice/event
• Make sure liquid stays to small sips during practice/event to avoid vomiting
Urine color: lemon color is hydrated; apple juice color dehydrated

XC- if you plan to run >4 miles at home, a few times each week, increase these foods:

1. Higher good fat foods: Avocados, peanut butter, salmon, nuts/seeds
2. Calcium rich foods: milk, cheese, any dairy

Side note:
SHOES ideas:
• Wide feet: Brooks or New Balance
• Need Arch support: ASICS or Saucony
• Need ankle support: Saucony Hurricanes
• Sprinters: Nike

Nikole Barrett, RDN, CD
Sports Nutrition
Email: [email protected]
I signed up for earning box tops for school at
The school I chose is "Monroe County Community Christian School."
It was the only one at 4000 E. Moores Rd.

Is this correct?
Are school supply lists available yet?
Photo Contest please like so Selena can win a DVD!! Tag your friends in the comments and tell them to like also!!
The first PTF (Parent teacher fellowship) meeting will be this Monday, September 18th at 6:30pm. Please plan to come and hear what our plans for the year are, and how we can bless our school! The more parents that are involved the more we can accomplish together.
What type of sports is the school involved in if any?

Covenant Christian School serves families in the Bloomington, Indiana region. Founded in 1975 in the

Operating as usual


Help us give back to our community by bringing a food donation to support Backpack Blessings at our Elementary Christmas Program.

Needed items:
Single serving sized cereals
Granola bars
Individual fruit cups
Individual applesauce cups
Pudding cups
Ritz crackers
Canned pasta: ravioli, beef-a-Roni. Spaghetti, etc
Canned soups
Ramen noodles
Mac n cheese
Individually wrapped snacks that are nonperishable: raisins, cheese or peanut butter crackers, fruit snacks, cookies, goldfish, etc
Juice boxes
Yoohoo chocolate drinks

Photos from Covenant Christian School, Bloomington, In's post 11/17/2022

What a great day! We attended the Anne of Green Gables play and had a Thanksgiving Feast!

Photos from Covenant Christian School, Bloomington, In's post 11/11/2022

Veterans Day Program


We want your shoes! Every pair of gently worn, used, and new shoes you donate to our shoe drive fundraiser turn into funds to support CCS PTF.


CCS is growing! This year we will have two separate Christmas programs.


We love fall recess days!

Photos from Covenant Christian School, Bloomington, In's post 10/17/2022

We had a great visit from the fire department today to teach us about fire prevention and safety.


Covenant Christian School WarriorsVolleyball game night, September 23, Friday night at 6 pm, at Tier Ten sports campus. $5 admission.
2499 IN-43, Spencer, IN 47460.
Let’s go, Warriors!


Join us on Friday, September 16th at 8:30 AM for Chapel, followed by a visit to the classrooms.

Photos from Covenant Christian School, Bloomington, In's post 08/20/2022

Elementary Chapel

Photos from Covenant Christian School, Bloomington, In's post 08/13/2022

We are Warriors!
Photo credits: Rebeca May


Warriors are Back! First Chapel of the school year!
Video credit: Xander Gardner


Join us tonight to pray for our school.


Back to school events! See you soon!

Photos from Covenant Christian School, Bloomington, In's post 07/21/2022

More camp pics!

Photos from Covenant Christian School, Bloomington, In's post 07/21/2022

Camp pics-can you spot the CCS Warriors?


Who all got baptized this summer! Post your pics on our page!!

Audrey Shaw


CCS WORKDAYS This week we will start at 10 on these days and work until evening

Thursday 14th
Friday 15th
Saturday 16th


Another job is checked off the list!! Thanks to Tanner Gardner , Xander, Zeke, and Bro Theo Gardner for organizing the shed!

CCS Campus Clean-Up 06/30/2022

CCS Campus Clean-Up

We are looking for volunteers to clean up the CCS Campus! Click on the link below to see how to get involved.

CCS Campus Clean-Up makes it easy to coordinate school events & classroom activities, fundraisers, snack schedules, potlucks & more!


Finally! Painted and prepped! Ready for carpet in the morning!

Big Thanks to Kevin Wood for moving some outlets on the platform on short notice!


Still painting! If you are a night owl, grab a paint brush and join the party!


Here is the before video! Hoping to show the after video tonight! We still need to finish painting tonight to be ready for carpet Monday morning! Thanks to the team we have had so far:
Bro and sis Hunt Chris Hunt Shelly Hunt
Sis Elaine Hunt
Bro Noah Hunt
Bro and Sis May (and kids)
Bro and Sis Elkins
Adya Elkins
Sis Barrow and Alivia
Sis Kim Perry
Sis Jane Hawkins
Bro and Sis Caleb Gardner Kasey Gardner
Bro Theo Gardner
Tanner Gardner
Bro Robert Alan Wood


Carpet is in! This weekend will be a big push to paint and prep!

Thursday- paint and prep; platform construction, last carpet pulled from small curricula rooms
Friday- paint and prep
Saturday- painting finished

Monday- carpet!!! Start to move back everything for library and stem lab (if possible)
(TONS of books to move back)
Tuesday- finish moving books/furniture, clean out storage trailer and shed before dumpster leaves!

21st Century Scholars - Learn More Indiana 06/22/2022

21st Century Scholars - Learn More Indiana

Good Afternoon,
I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer! I am currently working on scholarships for the upcoming school year and need your help. If your child has received a Choice scholarship in the past and you want to reapply for the upcoming school year, I will need some information from you. Some families have already started or completed the process, so thank you to those of you that have already provided information. If you have not yet sent in any info or contacted the business office about the upcoming school year, please do so asap. In most cases I will need a copy of your 2021 taxes to complete the scholarships. This must include all members in the household, including your dependents. Some families have special circumstances that may require additional information. If you believe that this applies to your family, don't hesitate to call me so that I can provide you with a list of all required items. I can be reached at (812)331-1907 or [email protected].
If your child is entering either the 7th or 8th grade this upcoming school year, and you are interested in applying for a 21st Century Scholarship, please contact me asap, because time is running out for this opportunity. Last week I sent applications out to all of the 7th and 8th grade families. If you need assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out. 21st Century Scholar's receive huge benefits with their college tuition so please do not miss out on this opportunity. If you want to know more about 21st Century Scholar's, check out their website at:
I will also attach an application to this email if you want the school to apply on your family's behalf.
Thank you,

Jaime Gardner

21st Century Scholars - Learn More Indiana Congratulations on being a 21st Century Scholar! You have the dedication and talent needed to go far and advance your education now into the future.

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Warriors are Back! First Chapel of the school year! Video credit: Xander Gardner
Finally! Painted and prepped! Ready for carpet in the morning!Also-Big Thanks to Kevin Wood for moving some outlets on t...
Here is the before video! Hoping to show the after video tonight! We still need to finish painting tonight to be ready f...
Exciting things are happening! Contact Sis May for our summer work list!




4000 E Moores Creek Road
Bloomington, IN

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 3pm
Tuesday 9am - 5pm
Wednesday 9am - 5pm
Thursday 9am - 5pm
Friday 9am - 5pm

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