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After another spectacular year in district competition, Altamont Theatre earned new statewide honors at the Walter Trumbauer High School Theatre Festival Dec 4-5, including:

State Titles
Best In Show, Group Acting: Jeremy Doster, Travis Franklin, Lilith Dyson and Kirstan Davie (Directed by Callen Hoke).

1st Place, Varsity Duet, Comedic Musical Theatre: Kirstan Davie and Johnny Stumpff (Directed by Reid Watson).

2nd Place, Solo Comedic Musical Theatre (Novice): Alie LeJeune

2nd Place, Duet Comedic Musical Theatre (Novice): Callen Hoke and Bea Connell

Superior Medals
Group Musical: Katie Soong, Jeremy Doster, Bea Connell, Lilith Dyson, Callen Hoke, Parker Denson, Watts Yancey, Caitlin Cornelius, Braxton Quinney, Ali LeJeune, Lucine Carsen, Tylan Floyd, Olivia Vanlandingham, Kirstan Davie and Kaavya Karthikeyan (Directed by Mr. Watson)

Varsity Solo Musical Theatre, Comedic: Lilith Dyson

Intermediate Solo, Musical Theatre, Dramatic: Kaavya Karthikeyan

Varsity Solo Acting Dramatic 1900-1974: Jimmy Sears (Directed by Reid Watson)

Varsity Duet Classical Acting: Lucine Carsen and Jeremy Doster (Directed by Emma McLain)

Intermediate Solo Musical Theatre Pre-1980: Kaavya Karthikeyan (Directed by Reid Watson).

Intermediate Solo Musical Theatre Pre-1980: Caitlin Cornelius

Varsity Solo Musical Theatre Pre-1980: Kirstan Davie

Medals of Excellence
Varsity Solo Musical Theatre, Pre-1980: Lilith Dyson

Intermediate Solo, Musical Dramatic 1980-2016: Johnny Stumpff

Novice Duet Acting, Dramatic: Ali LeJeune and Tylan Floyd (Directed by Braxton Quinney)

Novice Duet Acting, Dramatic: Sanjana Gaddamanugu and Madison Comer (Directed by Gregg Weaver)

Group Acting: Braxton Quinney, Watts Yancey, Lucine Carsen, Olivia Vanlandingham and Caitlin Cornelius (Directed by Gregg Weaver)

Group Acting: Valeria Blanco, Mitchell Hughey and Sanjana Gaddamanugu (Directed by Tylan Floyd)

Varsity Duet Acting, Dramatic: Lucine Casen and Jimmy Sears (Directed by Watts Yancey)

We’re proud of our students and grateful to all who make this exceptional program possible! Go Knights!


Congratulations to Altamont's first-year debaters for their outstanding performance at the Mountain Brook novice tournament! Each partnership achieved winning records against schools from across the state and individually swept the top 10 speaker awards! Go Knights!

Vivaan Dudeja - 3rd Speaker
Matthew Del Peno - 6th Speaker
Holman Gray - 7th Speaker
Manasvini Chava - 8th Speaker
Guy Thrower - 9th Speaker
Aubrey Sanders - 10th Speaker


The Altamont School Orchestra will premiere a new contemporary work as part of the school’s Winter Concert Dec. 6. Band and Orchestra Director Landon Rogan said Altamont represents Alabama in the 50-school consortium that commissioned “Four Future Memories” by contemporary composer Stephanie Ann Boyd. The Michigan-born, Manhattan-based composer writes melodic music about women’s memoirs and the natural world for symphonic and chamber ensembles. Her work has been performed throughout the U.S. and has been commissioned by musicians and organizations in 37 countries.

Boyd developed the The 50 State String Orchestra Project to give youth ensembles an affordable experience of classical music commissioning. Rogan specifically requested arrangement of the resulting work for full orchestra in addition to Boyd’s arrangement for string orchestra. So, in addition to premiering the work in Alabama, Altamont’s musicians will be the only ensemble in the nation performing this arrangement. “This has been an incredible opportunity for Altamont Orchestra students to experience contemporary music written by a living, working composer,” Rogan said. “Stephanie Ann Boyd’s beautiful piece of music has really challenged these students, and they have grown tremendously learning it.”

Altamont’s Orchestra will perform works by Edvard Grieg and Soon Hee Newbold in addition to “Four Future Memories”. The Winter Concert also will feature performances by Altamont’s Sixth Grade String Ensemble and Upper School Jazz Band. The free public concert will begin at 6 p.m. in Altamont’s Cabaniss-Kaul Center for the Arts.


Don't forget to join us in Livingston Gallery 6-7:30 p.m. tonight to celebrate some amazing artwork by 7-12 visual art, photography, and Portfolio Development students! Light snacks and refreshments will be provided.


Altamont’s Knightly Chefs middle school club and Black Student Union co-sponsored a Tailgating Day that included a very popular bake sale! Next up for the Knightly Chefs is their French Market Soup Mix Sale Dec. 5. Contact [email protected] to reserve your mix for $5, and pick it up in car line that morning. Each bag is festively wrapped with a recipe attached, ready for gift-giving!

Photos from Birmingham-Southern College's post 11/29/2023

Thank you, Dr. Sapp, for the wonderful afternoon with Altamont’s Latin students!

Photos from The Altamont School's post 11/29/2023

The Altamont SGA is looking to spread some holiday cheer by collecting toys and clothes for the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree children! Please see below for a full list of items needed. All donations are due by Tuesday, Dec. 5!

Photos from The Altamont School's post 11/28/2023

Altamont’s debaters were among 1,500 competitors at the Glenbrooks Speech and Debate Tournament—the largest high school debate tournament in the U.S.—Nov. 18-20. The team of Parker Denson and Johnny Stumpff made it through preliminaries with a winning record! When not preparing or competing the students got to explore Chicago and Northwestern University. Go Knights!

Photos from The Altamont School's post 11/27/2023

Nadia Barajas asked Spanish 5 students to write essays, in Spanish, about the life influences on the colors and symbols in their favorite Frida Kahlo self-portraits. Then, the students created their own self-portraits in Kahlo’s style, and explained them in another Spanish language essay. Deeper understanding for Altamont students, more art for our World Languages hallway!


We're thankful for our wonderful community!

Photos from The Altamont School's post 11/14/2023

Jess Heine's English students celebrated the end of their Moby Dick adventure with Whale Parties! Photos: Jess Heine


Students, faculty and friends ran a 5k Nov. 11 to benefit Kulture City, a nonprofit founded by Altamont parents to promote sensory inclusion and accessibility! The part of our team shown below includes:

Aadi Raval (eighth grade) won 3rd place, Age up to 15).
Dan Carsen
Josh Barnard
Spencer Dumontier (eighth grade)
Eric Stockman, won 3rd place, Age 50-54). Stockman—founder of Storysmith Station LLC—will teach filmmaking at Altamont this summer.

Also running on the Altamont Team were James Henrich (grade 7) and his mother Charissa Henrich; Karen Shimizu and Christopher Michel (parents of seventh-grader Aki Michel); and Mary Jo Schmalz (mother of junior Michael Schmalz). Go Knights!

Photos from The Altamont School's post 11/13/2023

Both of Altamont's varsity Cross Country teams completed their season as #2 in the state at the AHSAA State Championship Nov. 11!

The girls were in a tight three-team race and won a tie-breaker to claim their honor. Laura Spann (6th), Mary Spann (10th), and Elle Sellers (13th) were All-State. Abbey Sellers and Frances Overton were also in Altamont’s top five scorers, and Tricia Maddux broke the tie to gain 2nd place honors for the team.

The boys also were in a close battle for first place, coming in just 3 points behind state champion Bayshore Christian. Raju Sudarshan (2nd), Harris Strang (7th) and William Rowland (10th) were All-State. Nadeem Johnson and Tylan Floyd rounded out our top five scorers.
Congratulations, Knights!

Photos: Jamie Rediker

Photos from The Altamont School's post 11/09/2023

Altamont French teachers Peter Rosborough and Allison Ramey introduced beloved French singer-songwriter Eric Vincent for the last time on Altamont’s campus this week. After 40 years of visiting Altamont and other schools and colleges throughout the U.S., he presented his farewell concert to an audience that included alumni, friends, and students and teachers from Altamont, Highlands School, Homewood High School, Trinity Presbyterian School, Hoover High School, John Carroll Catholic High School, Vestavia Hills High School and Advent Episcopal School. He sang his popular favorites and invited his audience to sing along on several, including Il n'y a plus de crocodiles à Cocody, complete with the traditional crowd-surfing inflatable crocodile. Thank you, Éric, for decades of wonderful memories!

Photos from The Altamont School's post 11/08/2023

Join us Saturday at 7 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. for Altamont Theatre's Best-In-Show production of A Chorus Line!

Photos from The Altamont School's post 11/07/2023

Altamont students repeated last year’s stellar performance at the district Walter Trumbauer High School Theatre Festival Nov. 4, earning multiple individual and group honors in addition to another Best In Show award for Altamont’s production of A Chorus Line (opening this weekend)! Students and productions earning the highest award—Superior—now advance to the state Trumbauer Festival in Florence, Ala. Nov. 30-Dec. 3. They include:

1st Place/Best in Show: A Chorus Line

Best Ensemble: A Chorus Line

Best Group Musical Number of the Day: "The Montage" from A Chorus Line

Best Performer in a Supporting Role: Caitlin Cornelius as Sheila, A Chorus Line

All-Star Cast: Lucine Carsen as Judy, A Chorus Line

All-Star Cast: Olivia Vanlandingham as Kristine, A Chorus Line

Group Acting: Directed by Gregg Weaver, starring Braxton Quinney, Watts Yancey, Olivia Vanlandingham, Lucine Carsen and Caitlin Cornelius

Group Acting: Directed by Callen Hoke, starring Travis Franklin, Jeremy Doster, Lilith Dyson, and Kirstan Davie

Group Acting: Directed by Tylan Floyd, starring Valeria Blanco, Mitchell Hughey and Sanjana Gaddamanugu.

Varsity Duet Musical Theatre Comedic: Directed by Reid Watson, starring Kirstan Davie and Johnny Stumpff.

Varsity Duet Acting Dramatic: Directed by Watts Yancey, starring Lucine Carsen and Jimmy Sears

Varsity Duet Classical Acting: Directed by Emma McLain, starring Lucine Carsen and Jeremy Doster

Varsity Solo Acting Dramatic 1900-1974: Directed by Reid Watson, starring Jimmy Sears

Varsity Solo Musical Thatre Pre-1980: Lilith Dyson

Varsity Solo Musical Theatre Pre-1980: Kirstan Davie

Intermediate Solo Musical Theatre Pre-1980: Caitlin Cornelius

Varsity Solo Musical Comedic 1980-2016: Lilith Dyson

Intermediate Solo Musical Dramatic 1980-2016: Johnny Stumpff

Intermediate Solo Musical Theatre Dramatic 1980-2016: Kaavya Karthikeyan

Novice Solo Musical Theatre Comedic 2017-Present: Ali LeJeune

Novice Duet Musical Theatre Comedic: Bea Connell and Callen Hoke

Novice Duet Acting Dramatic: Directed by Braxton Quinney, starring Ali LeJeune and Tylan Floyd

Novice Duet Acting Dramatic: Directed by Gregg Weaver, starring Sanjana Gaddamanugu and Madison Comer

Intermediate Solo Musical Theatre Pre-1980: Kaavya Karthikeyan

Altamont students also earned “Excellent” Medals for:

Novice Duet Acting Comedic: Braxton Quinney and Francie Roth

Novice Duet Acting Comedic: Watts Yancey and Sanjana Gaddamanugu

Intermediate Duet Acting Comedic: Caitlin Cornelius and Olivia Vanlandingham

Novice Solo Musical Dramatic 2017-Present: Madison Comer

Novice Duet Musical Comedic: Braxton Quinney and Tylan Floyd

Novice Solo Acting Comedic: Francie Roth

Intermediate Solo Musical Comedic: Directed by Tylan Floyd, starring Mitchell Hughey

Intermediate Solo Musical Dramatic: Valeria Blanco

Novice Solo Musical Dramatic: Bea Connell

Novice Solo Musical Dramatic: Callen Hoke

Novice Solo Acting Comedic: Directed by Mitchell Hughey, starring Emma McLain

Novice Solo Acting Comedic: Directed by Mitchell Hughey, starring Gregg Weaver

Congratulations, Knights!

Photos: Reid Watson

Photos from The Altamont School's post 11/06/2023

Altamont School eighth-grade student Ethan Hill was among the nine individuals and organizations honored by the Association of Fundraising Professionals Alabama Chapter at its National Philanthropy Day event Nov. 3.

Hill earned the Bill Moran Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy Award in recognition of his six years of service to homeless people. What began as the simple, compassionate reaction of buying supplies with money he got for Christmas has grown to become Ethan’s Heart, a non-profit organization that serves much of Birmingham with the help of volunteers and donors.

The Altamont School nominated Hill for the honor, noting that:
"The story of Ethan’s Heart has captured the public imagination as a heartwarming and inspiring news item, but there is an unexpected intellectual and ethical depth to Ethan that makes anyone who meets him take a step back for a better look. 'Is this kid for real?' He is. Adults see it. His peers see it. Ethan’s Heart is not a service project. Ethan is not satisfying an external requirement or expectation. He is not building a college application. He is simply called to help, for the long term, with poise, commitment and a deep, practical understanding of a complex problem.”

“Ethan is the perfect representation of all that is Altamont, and Bill Moran would have been so pleased that he received this award in his name,” added Altamont Director of Advancement Stephanie Brooks. “Bill was a true believer in youth, education and philanthropy,” Brooks said of the legendary Birmingham fundraiser who established the St. Vincent’s Foundation. “Ethan excels in all areas every day. We are very proud of him and his accomplishments.”

Accepting this latest honor, Hill acknowledged an audience of people who share his passion for philanthropy, and who are helping him on his path. “I know this work is from people like you, my parents, the school I go to, friends,” he said. “It’s a collective effort from everyone around me.”

Another member of the Altamont family, Kathryn W. Miree, joined Hill among the AFP honorees. Miree earned the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham Outstanding Professional Advisor honor at the event in recognition of extensive service that includes board chair for the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, United Way and The Altamont School, where she and Ben Miree established the C. Kyser Miree Center for Ethical Leadership. Ethan Hill is one of dozens of students who have benefited from the Center’s immersive leadership education. Congratulations, Ethan and Kathryn!

Photos from The Altamont School's post 11/02/2023

Section Champions!
Both of Altamont’s varsity Cross Country teams earned Section Champion honors in Montgomery today. This was the third section title in a row for the girls, with All-Section/Top 10 honors for
Mary Spann (6th,) Elle Sellers (7th,) Laura Spann (8th). In addition to the boys team championship, Harris Strang was section champion, and teammates Raju Sudarshan (2nd,) William Rowland (7th) joined him in All-Section/Top 10 honors. It’s another powerhouse showing for Altamont as the teams prepare for the AHSAA State Championship Nov. 11! Go Knights! Photos: Jamie Rediker


It’s time for Altamont’s annual Knights Fighting Hunger food drive! Please bring in non-perishable food items to donate to Community Food Bank of Central Alabama. Make sure to place each item that you donate into your respective Gold or White team food bin to earn points for your team! Bins will be inside the school entrance. A list of Community Food Bank’s most needed items is below. If you have any questions, please email organizer Johnny Stumpff at [email protected].

We encourage donations to be HEALTHY, LOW-FAT, LOW-SODIUM, AND LOW-SUGAR products.
Canned Meat Chicken / Tuna /Salmon / Etc.
Canned Vegetables Low/No Sodium Preferred
Canned Fruit or Applesauce
Canned OR Boxed Meals Chef Boyardee / Beef Stew / Boxed Mac & Cheese / Potato Flakes / Etc
Peanut Butter and Other Nut Butter
Canned OR Dried Beans, Peas, Lentils, Etc.
Pasta, Rice, Quinoa (or Other Healthy Carbohydrates)
Breakfast Cereals, Oatmeal, Grits (and Other Breakfast Foods)
100% Fruit Juice (Canned, Plastic Bottles, or Boxes)
AND… other healthy, low-fat, low-sodium, and low-sugar products!

Sodas, candy, junk food, alcoholic beverages, homemade items, open/used items, items in a glass container, or perishable products.

Thank You!

Photos from The Altamont School's post 11/02/2023

Members of Altamont’s Spanish Club created traditional altares for Día de los Mu***os. This year the students honored Colombian painter and sculptor Fernando Botero (1932 –2023) and Spanish folk singer and flamenco dancer María Jiménez (1950 – 2023). Photos: Nadia Barajas

Photos from The Altamont School's post 11/01/2023

Altamont 7-8 LEAD students enjoyed a working lunch to plan upcoming initiatives, including their Broken Crayon drive, starting this week in the Rotunda! Photo: Beth Dille

Photos from The Altamont School's post 10/31/2023

Did we mention that we love Halloween? Here's a (very) small taste.

Photos from The Altamont School's post 10/27/2023

Altamont’s varsity cross country teams both finished 3rd at the Oakville XC Invitational this week! Laura and Mary Spann led the girls with a pair of personal records and top-10 finishes. Tanner Battle and Tricia Maddux also had personal records. Raju Sudarshan placed 3rd individually for the boys. Harris Strang joined him on the awards stage with a top-10 finish. The boys also had personal records for Raju Sudarshan, William Rowland, Sykes Carlson, Joe Porter, Tylan Floyd, Aubrey Deneke, Walter Grover and Aadi Raval. The teams will travel to sectional competition next week, followed by the state championship Nov. 11. Go Knights! Photos: Jamie Rediker


Altamont Art History students visited High Museum of Art, Atlanta to view "In the City of Lights: Paris 1850-1920," an exhibit that complements their study of Post-Impressionist painters! Photo: JP Hemingway

Photos from The Altamont School's post 10/24/2023

We had a fun Retro Game Night courtesy of the wonderful Alatamont Parents Association! Thank you, APA! Photos: Amanda Pritchard/Stephanie Brooks


You know we do Halloween right at Altamont. The Middle School gets it started this Friday! Don't miss it, grades 5-8!

Photos from Highlands School's post 10/20/2023

Thank you for hosting us, Highlands School!

Photos from The Altamont School's post 10/20/2023

Haley Gajewski’s science students solved a fictional murder mystery by tracing macromolecules to a character’s last restaurant meal! Photos: Haley Gajewski


It was a special honor to present Altamont's own Caitlin Lopez Rogers (Librarian/Archivist/Alumni Relations/Testing Coordinator) as the final speaker in our Hispanic Heritage Month series! Thank you for sharing your family's story and encouraging us to practice our Spanish at every opportunity!


Join us Friday night!


Students in Altamont's 5th Grade leadership class have chosen characteristics of leadership to work on individually though the semester. Their choices include patience, self-control, independence and standing up for others. We're proud of their commitment to this work! PHOTO: Beth Dille


Altamont's celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month continued with guest speaker Diego Ojeda, a language educator, poet and co-founder of the language education X chats and . Thank you, Sr. Ojeda!

Photos from The Altamont School's post 10/16/2023

Both of Altamont’s varsity Cross Country teams finished in second place in the Helena Invitational Tournament this weekend! Nadeem Johnson, Frances Overton, William Rowland, Elle Sellers, Laura Spann, Mary Spann and Raju Sudarshan were top-ten runners.
Clara Haskell and Scully Stackpole led our middle school girls and boys teams in the 2 mile races. Congratulations, Knights!


Altamont students Johnny Stumpff, Sarah Whitley and Riley Pierce led a schoolwide assembly featuring former U.S. Senator Doug Jones, a Fellow at Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service and Distinguished Senior Fellow at Center for American Progress. Jones discussed his journey from Fairfield, Alabama, to the U.S. Senate, and his ongoing, high-profile work to support a healthy U.S. democracy. Thank you for the time and inspiring conversation, Senator Jones!


Altamont’s Cross Country teams had strong showings at the Jesse Owens Classic on Saturday. The girls finished 2nd out of 16 teams in the small school division. Frances Overton (6th), Laura Spann (11th), and Mary Spann (15th) earned top-15/Elite Runner distinctions. The boys finished 6th out of 23 teams, with Raju Sudarshan reaching the podium in 3rd place. Congratulations, Knights!

Photos from The Altamont School's post 10/05/2023

Altamont’s seniors are homeward bound after amazing Fall Project Week experiences at the Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks!

Photos from The Altamont School's post 10/05/2023

From the Smoky Mountain treetops to Tuckaleechee Caverns, Grade 8 had a great Fall Project Week in Tennessee!


Amanda Pritchard joins The Altamont School as Executive Assistant to the Head of School and Director of Advancement. She brings to Altamont 20 years of experience in journalism and public relations, including service as public relations specialist for Pell City School System and Leeds City Schools, and as a writer for UAB School of Nursing and multiple newspapers and magazines. She also has served as an instructional aid and auxiliary teacher for multiple schools. Welcome, Amanda!


Charles Scribner, Executive Director of Black Warrior Riverkeeper, spoke with grade 5-6 students at The Altamont School in May, continuing a longtime relationship that has taken Altamont students and alumni into volunteer service and environmental leadership throughout the region, including:
David Whiteside – Executive Director, Tennessee Riverkeeper
John Kinney – Staff Scientist, Black Warrior Riverkeeper
Frank Chitwood – Former Coosa River Riverkeeper
CeCe Pless – Development Coordinator, Mobile Baykeeper
Nelson Brooke – Black Warrior Riverkeeper
We're proud to help with this vitally important environmental stewardship!

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