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Volume 3: Issue 58

School Board elections matter, democracy matters! While democracy can be messy and expensive it is the best system we have for vetting and allowing the community to have a say in who represents us. Elections also give us an opportunity to “test” the candidates by asking questions, participating in debates and ensuring that the person possess the abilities, temperament and desire to serve their constituents. The School Board should be laser focused on ensuring a quality education for all our students, instead we have seen continous in fighting and amassing political power culminating in the resignation of a sitting board member, all at the expense of our students.

How does the current board appointment process support our goals? The current crisis is self-inflicted by the board itself and serves to only turn off more and more people to our public education system. Instead of being a teachable moment for civic activism the board has turned the selection process into a joke.

For those not paying close attention I hope you will go back after reading this month’s Goldberg Perspective and watch the recent Zoom board meetings dealing with the “selection” process to verify what I am saying is accurate but more importantly I hope you will be as frustrated and upset as I am with this “process” and actually do something: Demand that the board hold a special election to fill this vacancy.

I know the Board will argue, we missed the deadline for any upcoming elections (because they did not act quickly enough, basically using an excuse they created by inaction) and would have to wait until June at the earliest to fill this seat (if they piggy back on the June primary it will only cost $100,000); it will cost over $500,000 from the general fund, etc., etc. All valid points but this option is still better than the process we are witnessing for choosing a replacement board member who will have the power to provide the elusive third vote for people who do not believe in democracy.

Don’t allow the board to hide behind expediency or a fake concern for “wasting” money. There are many examples of areas and ways the Board has wasted general funds, holding an election to elect a person to represent our community is not one of them. We have a board that has already delegated too much authority to an unelected Superintendent, in my opinion shirking its responsibilities for far too long, now the board is about to “appoint” a third member of their choosing.

Do you think they are going to choose someone who is going to rock the boat, force new ways of looking at issues and challenge the status quo? This opening on the board provides we the people an opportunity to reset and refresh our board, don’t let your disgust, indifference or frustration prevent our community from finding the right person to fill the vacant seat and not just a warm body.

If the school board is not going to hold a special election when a vacancy occurs, members of the board must agree in advance on the qualifications they’ll seek in a new member and should produce a list of attributes that all members can agree on and then use that metrics to evaluate potential candidates. Did this board do that, NO.

The board simply used the CSBA prewritten application and posted it. No forethought, no insight, they did not even update the questions to match our own unique school community. Beverly Hills is the only basic aid school district in the county.

If the school board is not going to hold a special election, then the goal of the school board should be to appoint a candidate with a deep, and proven commitment to public education and to all the children in the district, not someone who’s interested in bolstering his or her own status, image, and agenda.

Because neither the Education Code nor the Government code dictates the process used by a board in appointing a new member, the method of filing the vacancy should be clearly outline in a board’s bylaws. Does this board have such a bylaw, NO.

The procedures adopted by a board, however, must be consistent with the open meeting requirement of The Ralph M. Brown Act (Government Code sections 54950-54963, referred to as the “Brown Act”) that is intended to provide public access to meetings of California local government agencies. When a board meets to reduce the pool of candidates, the meeting must be open to the public.

Did this board have an open meeting when it reduced the pool of candidates? No, it was held on zoom, not live, and thereafter uploaded for viewing, a clear Brown Act violation.

For the past few months, the board has resumed holding their meetings in person. Oddly, for the most important decision this board will have to make, Board President Rachelle Marcus held this crucial meeting via Zoom. After watching the rebroadcast of the video of the meeting, the reason is now clear.

Many times, during the meeting, after one of Mrs. Marcus’ board colleagues would speak highly of an applicant who was not on Mrs. Marcus’ short list, she would either go off camera or turn to speak with someone directly off camera and could be herd discussing the subject matter of the statement just made by another board member. It appears that the reason Mrs. Marcus desired to have the meeting via Zoom was that she could be coached during the meeting.

The question then remains, who was the person directly off camera aiding Mrs. Marcus that was so adamantly against the most qualified candidate? What is the agenda of the person advising Mrs. Marcus? Was the goal of the secret advisor to ensure Mrs. Marcus and newly minted Vice President Mary Wells the coveted third vote? Incidentally, Mrs. Wells was just made Vice President of the board although the annual Board Organizational meeting in which board officers are chosen is scheduled to be held in a few weeks.

This blatant power play by Mrs. Marcus and Mrs. Wells presumes that Mrs. Wells will become the next board president after just serving one short year on the board. If Mrs. Marcus and Mrs. Wells were truly transparent and followed the process they would have waited until the board vacancy was filled and provides further proof why we the people deserve to pick who will represent us on our Board of Education. School Board elections matter, democracy matters. If we the people allow this power grab to take place, it is only we the people to blame for the choices a new board majority will make.

The time for action is now. Demand that the Board support democracy and allow us to choose our representatives. School Board elections matter, democracy matters!

We share the common goal of providing the best possible education for our children.
Brian David Goldberg, PhD, PsyD
Former Beverly Hills Unified School District President & Governing Board Member

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Former Beverly Hills Unified School District Board of Education President & Member Brian David Goldberg, PhD, PsyD | 1211 Herbert Young Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
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We are so honored to support BHUSD Community!
Wishing all those celebrating Good Friday and the Easter Holiday and happy and healthy holiday weekend.
BHHS Senior Class Fundraiser Tonight!
Wishing all our students, staff, alumni and community who celebrate Nowruz a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

If ever the saying history repeats itself was more true....

Proud and Honored to have my first
“MAKEUP & MINDFULNESS” District Wide Event in
Beverly Hills, California open to the
BHUSD Community at Horace Mann Elementary

BH Community Members welcome!
If you would like this put on through your school district, please contact me at

[email protected]

The Beauty Empowerment Community Girstin K Bergquist
We heard some great news about the plan to open up TK-2 and 3-5 grades in the coming weeks. As I wrote earlier in my newsletter we also need to know the plan to support students who have not thrived in the online environment. I have been assured by a member of the board that a plan does exist but if so it should be shared with the Community ASAP.

Volume 3: Issue 54

We are about to pass the one-year anniversary since our students and teachers taught in an in-person instructional setting. We hear a lot of contradictory information about schools opening this year and a lot of blame and finger-pointing from state, county, and local officials. Recently Governor Newsom had a closed-door meeting with Superintendents from around the state and admonished them that if they are not serious about reopening schools this year, just let students, parents, teachers, and staff know and plan accordingly.

Let me state emphatically that if the government is serious about reopening our public schools to in-person instruction, they should prioritize teachers and school staff for vaccinations. The City of Long Beach and County of Sonoma have made opening their schools a priority by prioritizing teachers and school staff for vaccinations. Long Beach is under the same rules as the rest of Los Angeles County on whom they can vaccinate they just had a better plan and executed it wisely and were able to move from 1A to 1B, which includes teachers. They are also low on vaccinations and need more supply, but they were efficient with their vaccination plan. Calls to vaccinate all children is not possible given the current age restrictions on the available vaccines, 16+ for Pfizer and 18+ for Moderna. There are clinical trials for children as young as six months, but those are only in trial stages and could take months or years before they are approved for all school-age children. We can and should ensure our teachers and school staff, and any adults allowed on campus be vaccinated before returning to campus, and our students can resume in-person instruction.

Again, we have an example right here in Los Angeles County with the City of Long Beach making teachers and school staff a priority, and they are much closer to reopening all their schools to in-person instruction as a result of their choices. We can learn from other districts' best practices and work with our teachers and staff unions NOW on a plan that ensures the safety of our teachers, staff, students, and community with the shared goal of getting our students back to in-person instruction as soon as possible. We need more details about BHUSD's plan of action with firm benchmarks and timelines, but if we are not going to reopen this school year again, tell us and focus on making the current school year successful for our students.

Now is the time for the School Board to work directly with teachers and staff to backfill the education that is being lost due to the move to a remote learning environment. The initial launch last spring in 2020 was not adequate, and the current system, while an improvement, does not equal the same instructional minutes as was provided to our students in person. Teachers and students struggle with technology, and ignoring this reality is not going to change that reality.

While many parents, students, and teachers may be thriving in this environment, many are not. Public education was supposed to be one of the great equalizers in our society and ensure that we provide every child with equal opportunity. That is not happening under the current circumstances. Again, we are doing much better than when we first began online instruction in March 2020, but that does not mean we can rest on our laurels and shrug our shoulders that this is as good as it can get.

The District was ill-prepared for this pandemic and was slow to act once information became available. The District still does not have a true Learning Management System (LMS) fully implemented with adequate training and support for our teachers and staff. We are fortunate, so many of our teachers used their resources and resourcefulness to get up and running as quickly as possible.

The District is part of a TK-14 system in California. We have community colleges nearby, including Santa Monica College (SMC), affectionally known as Beverly by the Sea. We also have West L.A. College close by in Culver City. Our high school students can be dual enrolled for free at these or any other community college district that offers dual enrollment. Most California Community Colleges have adopted Canvas as their preferred Learning Management System. BHUSD should look into adopting the same system to work effectively with our local community colleges and develop more opportunities for dual enrollment courses now and in the future. This will provide options for our students to take online and in-person classes during their High School years that are pandemic proof.

I currently teach in three separate community college districts. I have been teaching remote, synchronous, asynchronous, and hybrid courses since March of 2020 when I had to convert in-person courses to fully online courses within one week. It was challenging, but because each of the community colleges I work for had a functioning LMS program in place, dedicated staff to support the transition, with training, and detailed plans for an emergency, I quickly transitioned my students to an online teaching environment.

Why not learn from those who were/are more successful and prepared? While I prefer in-person learning and believe that I am more effective in an in-person classroom setting, I have provided my students with a robust educational experience online. I also teach several courses for Dual-Enrolled students in LAUSD. These high school juniors and seniors could adapt and complete my classes, but as the data shows, the younger the students, the more difficult it is to use online teaching. We talk about being a data-driven district, so why are we not using the data we have to ensure that our students do not fall behind their peers?

The research is overwhelming on the importance of student achievement by 3rd grade as a critical indicator of future success. The research points out that younger students are less likely to learn and navigate the online environment successfully, so our priority now needs to be getting Pre-K-3 to in-person instruction as soon as it is safe to do so. I cannot stress this point enough that we need to provide additional support through District funded programs over the summer to ensure these students and all our students have the resources and tools necessary to succeed once we return to an in-person environment. It is not enough to return to school when it is safe (Fall?). It is already the second week of February; the summer will be here before we know it. We cannot afford to be caught flat-footed again without a detailed and negotiated plan with our teachers and staff on how we will backfill the lost instruction during the pandemic.

Going to remote learning has highlighted a truth we should all know. The physical setting for instruction does not matter nearly as much as the content and the teaching. While I am glad that construction is progressing, it is not nearly as important to me as what is taking place in every classroom, whether online or in person. In my opinion, that should be the focus of each Board of Education meeting until a realistic, fully developed plan is shared and vetted with the entire community on how to return, catch up and prepare our students for future success. Again, a critical component for the success of any program is buy-in from our teachers and staff.


Continue to provide as much normalcy by sticking to routines as much as possible to ensure robust mental health for our students, teachers, staff, and parents.

Partner with our Teachers and Staff on adopting an actual LMS and take a look at Canvas as a realistic option that will provide seamless integration with the community college preferred LMS, so we are prepared for the next pandemic or other disruption to our educational environment.

Provide programs through the District for students to catch up and make up for lost instruction

Provide additional training and on-going support for teachers and staff on remote education and technology

We have two new board members, and they have now had a few months to get acclimated and up to speed on the issues facing our students and District. The Board of Education needs to stop delegating authority to the Superintendent. The buck starts and stops with the Board of Education. We need our locally elected representatives to lead and be directly involved in negotiations with our teachers and staff on a comprehensive plan to reintegrate our students back to in-person instruction with a program to offer support and teaching over the summer and/or breaks (spring/winter) to make up for any lost education during the pandemic. We need this to ensure our students are prepared to move to the next grade and be successful. If we do plan now and allocate the resources directly, it will not happen.

We share the common goal of providing the best possible education for our children.
Brian David Goldberg, PhD, PsyD
Former Beverly Hills Unified School District President & Governing Board Member

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Former Beverly Hills Unified School District Board of Education President & Member Brian David Goldberg, PhD, PsyD | 1211 Herbert Young Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
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BHUSD Community is your home for the latest news, hot topics, and community discussions about our wo Rachelle Marcus
Vice President Hon. Dr. Amanda Stern

The Beverly Hills Unified School district (BHUSD) consists of three elementary schools: El Rodeo, Hawthorne, and Horace Mann, along with one middle school: Beverly Vista and one high school: Beverly Hills High School. District Staff:
Dr. Michael Bregy - Superintendent
Dustin Seeman - Assistant Superintendent of Education Services
Dr. Matthew Horvath - Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

Operating as usual


BHHS’s Mr. Bill Bradbury in today’s Rose Parade!

Photos from BHUSD Community's post 12/28/2021

THIS SATURDAY! The Float AND 270 member marching Band Saluting America's Band Directors is entry #59 of 120!
Bill Bradbury, Beverly Hills High School Instrumental Music Director, will be performing! As you watch the Band on TV, and the band is marching down Orangegrove and Colorado Blvds, he will be in the first row of sousaphones (behind the percussion section), the second sousaphone in from the right side of the band, left side of your TV!


Toy Drive at BHHS- Kindly consider donating a new unwrapped toy to our student friends ages 5-18 yrs. old, at the Compton Unified School District. For some in this district, our donation is the only Christmas present they might receive. If you would like your present to be picked up, comment here and we will arrange it.


Come enjoy a lovely evening of Holiday themed music with the BHHS Orchestras! Thursday at Horace Mann School.


Alum and friends, please share this as we would love your support. Who knows, you may run into fellow Normans.


We have planned a fun shopping event next weekend at Century City! Volcom, Vineyard Vines, Stance, Travis Mathew and Under Armour are supporting us with a percentage off of all purchases plus a donation back to the PTSA. We ask for your support by shopping next weekend (just in time for the holidays), inviting all of your friends to shop and posting the event on social media. Anyone can walk into any of the participating stores and show our event flyer or say that they are there for the BHHS Shopping Event and will receive the special friends and family discount.

Volcom 15% off all purchases plus 10% back to BHHS PTSA
Vineyard Vines 10% off all purchases plus 10% back to BHHS PTSA
Travis Mathews 15% off all purchases
Under Armour 20% off all purchases
Stance percentage off and donation TBD


Touchdown Beverly!

Photos from BHUSD Community's post 10/16/2021

Come celebrate the rich cultural diversity that makes Horace Mann Elementary School such a special place! Today from 3-6 pm.

Beverly Hills Passes Demonstration Restrictions Around Schools 10/13/2021

"From my perspective and from, clearly, this council's perspective, no one messes with our kids," Vice Mayor Lili Bosse said. Michael Bregy, Lili Bosse

Beverly Hills Passes Demonstration Restrictions Around Schools New restrictions on demonstrations around schools and students will become effective immediately following last week's anti-vaccine protest.

Photos from Kristi R. Bradbury, Author's post 10/06/2021

Congratulations Kristi Bradbury on the publication of your children’s book, To Iowa in the Back Seat.




Friday Night Lights! Loving the school spirit Tristen Walker-Shuman Michael Bregy Beverly Hills Unified School District 🧡♥️💚💙💜 and congratulations to Reece and Camille on winning MVP


Join our Cooking Zoom Fundraiser staring Arch Tuli. We will be making Coconut Tofu Curry and Tumeric Rice. Both recipe's are Vegan, healthy, delicious and it is a fundraiser for our local high school Beverly Hills High School. Hope to see you Wednesday night, and because this is on zoom, anyone can join from anywhere in the world.



BHHS Vocal and Instrumental Winter Music Concert!!
"There's no Place like Home for the Harmonies"
Premieres at 7pm, Wednesday, December 16th, on the KBEV Youtube channel


Announcement: the BHHS Instrumental and Choral Music Departments will be sharing their virtual performance NEXT WEEK! More to come, so stay tuned! 🎶

Photos from Beverly Hills High School PTSA's post 11/18/2020
Photos from BHUSD Community's post 10/23/2020

The BHHS Robotcs Team “MORTORQ” is having a fundraiser this Sunday with Panda Express. Please help support the team on Sunday — see flyers below for the donation code. Go Mortorq!!! Mortorq FRC Team 1515 John Castle


Congratulations .newman30 and the very talented Beverly Highlights journalism department for all your success in the 2020 National Scholastic Press Association Competition!!!


Please join for a parent education opportunity!

Coffee with Tristen
When: Sunday Aug 23, 2020 011:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 774 488 2680
Topics covered:
- the first week of school
- the social emotional impact of remote learning
- the effects of screen time on kids
- precautions for protecting your child’s vision

Speakers will be:
Dr. Dorothy Weiss
Dr. Amanda Stern
Dr. Kam Silani

Join our Cloud HD Video Meeting Zoom is the leader in modern enterprise video communications, with an easy, reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, chat, and webinars across mobile, desktop, and room systems. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, confer...

Beverly Hills Unified School District 08/02/2020

Beverly Hills Unified School District
Dear BHUSD Community,

Can you believe it?! School begins in a couple of weeks and everyone is working around the clock to make sure we have a fantastic start to the upcoming school year. You have heard a lot of information over the last 7 days about our Reopening Plans, options, and recommendations from our expert Think Tank about Physical Reopening.

I am reaching out with some significant updates about forthcoming dates, coffees with the principals, and the statement made earlier today. We announced with the Beverly Hills Education Association, that a Tentative Agreement of a Memorandum of Understanding has been reached today, August 1st, 2020.

The Tentative Agreement Memorandum of Understanding is pending Board of Education and BHEA Representative Council approval. The full agreement is available at On Wednesday, we will release academic class schedules which include start and stop times and further information about certainties.

This is a huge milestone for our community and I want to take a moment to thank the Beverly Hills Education Association bargaining team and BHEA Executive Board and our district bargaining team, including the District Leadership, California Teachers Association Regional UniServe Staff representative, Penny Sevoian, and Board President, Isabel Hacker, for their hours and hours of collaboration in creating an MOU with the common goal to achieve the highest quality outcome for our students in what can only be described as truly unprecedented circumstances.

We understand you are eager to know as many details as possible. We have created a few opportunities below for you to join us to learn more about the 2020 - 2021 school year.

On Tuesday, August 11th at 8am I would like to meet with all of our staff, from teachers to custodians to office support, anyone who works for BHUSD is invited to join me for a voluntary all staff meeting on Zoom.

Parents, on Wednesday, August 12th our principals and some of our cabinet members will join me in hosting a parent meeting Zoom coffee. I hope you will join us. BVMS will start at 8am, Elementary will start at 10:30am and BHHS will start at 3pm.

Although this MOU focuses on the change caused by COVID-19 from physical learning to distance education, it is the intent of the District and Association to return to a traditional educational program as soon as is feasible consistent with applicable state and local directives issued in response to this pandemic. It is anticipated that the return to a traditional program may occur in phases and may include remote and hybrid instructional and support models.

Before we share some highlights from this agreement, we want to take a moment to reinforce the importance of fundamental lessons we teach our students. Working together we can create positive, impactful change in this world. When we resort to unkind, divisive behavior, our ability to reach our potential is squandered. We encourage the BHUSD community to join us as teachers, administrators, staff, and parents in leading our students with behavior we expect from them. During a crisis, kindness is critical and we are grateful to be able to achieve unity and strength for both our students and one another through this MOU.

After weeks of negotiating, now is the time to meet the moment we have all been waiting for, to come together and ensure our students are given the opportunity to learn, grow and achieve their personal success.

For those of you who may not be familiar with an MOU, it is a Memorandum of Understanding, an agreement between, in this case, the Beverly Hills Education Association (our teachers and other unit members) and the District. There are many people in our community who make sure we can do the best job in delivering exemplary education however the people who create such a strong foundation as the bedrock of our District are our teachers.

When things change, for example, a pandemic comes along, there is a change to the way our district works and that means we need to come up with a clear agreement to help everyone know what we need to follow to give our students the best possible education.

The BHEA bargaining team has worked in a partnership with the District and Board of Education to fine-tune and reach an agreement today detailing exactly what the plan is so that we can start the school year with clear expectations for everyone. On Wednesday, we will share very specific schedules and expectations. Live@BHUSD will bring you the very best of Home Learning 2.0 and address what didn’t work so well.

The key elements of the MOU are outlined below:
Live@BHUSD will mimic what occurs in a physical classroom as closely as possible connecting in visual and auditory ways providing students, instruction, encouragement, and feedback.
Both the District and the Association agreed on the importance of providing time to plan, prepare and adjust to the changes needed for the 2020-2021 school year in order to provide teachers with the necessary resources, technology, and professional development. Therefore, the first day of school for students has changed from August 17, 2020, to August 18, 2020. To make up for this day of instruction, January 27, 2021, will change from a professional development day to an instructional day.
BHEA unit members will have the opportunity to select their preferred worksite from District assigned locations or their determined remote location.
Students will receive daily interaction in real-time.
Students will receive live and synchronous instruction which engages students following the academic class schedule through direct instruction, guided practice, checking for understanding, progress monitoring, and setting the expectations for daily independent practice and homework assignments.
Live and synchronous instruction and support occurs when the BHEA member and students are meeting in the same virtual space at the same time using one or more of the audiovisual remote instructional platforms provided by the District.
Only students, members, and administrators shall have the right to be present in virtual spaces during synchronous and live instruction.
The District will clean and sanitize all necessary facilities and equipment remaining in full compliance with the LA County Department of Public Health Orders.
In the event a staff member tests positive for COVID-19, the District will make provisions to support a leave.

Thank you for your support, your patience, your willingness to challenge us, and give us grace. Thank you for extending each other kindness in a time that can create endless frustration and upset. Thank you for setting the example to our students for how to respond in an ongoing crisis with respect, trust in leadership, and empathy.

To summarize here are some key dates and times:
Wednesday, August 5th - Academic class schedules and start/stop times released
Tuesday, August 11th at 8am - All Staff District Wide Voluntary Meeting
Wednesday, August 12th
8am BVMS District/School/Parent Zoom
10:30am Elementary District/School/Parent Zoom
3pm BHHS District/School/Parent Zoom
Monday, August 17th - New Staff Professional Development Day
Tuesday, August 18th - School Starts

This pandemic has created challenges for all of us but we are so excited to start the school year on August 18th! Please stay on the lookout for the specific schedules and expectations for your family on Wednesday afternoon.

Have a great weekend, wear your mask, wash your hands, and keep smiling, we will get through this together!

Dr. Bregy

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Beverly Hills Unified School District Beverly Hills Unified School District serves students in grades TK-12 and is located in Beverly Hills, CA.


Our Beverly Hills community is at it again, doing charity projects that will inspire and make you proud to live here. Check out this weekend's project by Beverly Hills High School juniors Alex Manavi and Sam Halfon. There are plenty of sign-up slots available. #!/showSignUp/9040a4cacaf29abf49-lafood

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