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Hollywood Across America


When the acting life kicks you down, fight back and become a winner!

Can't Make it to Hollywood? Hollywood's Coming to You!

Hollywood Across America was created to educate, encourage and discover actors, models, and comedians of all ages nationwide. We will be traveling all across the country offering seminars, workshops and showcases, bringing with us LA’s top industry professionals. Our goal is to provide a safe, friendly forum for undiscovered actors, models, and comedians, and give them the opportunity to read and

Operating as usual


Lucie’s famous Trifle!




Angry bearded men who know what’s best for you




When organized religion gets in a position of power...look out!
The Jewish peoples conquered any who stood in their way.
The Catholics oppressed wherever they could.
We saw this during the 300 years of the Inquisition.
When Islam gains control...everywhere! Then you may not leave the religion.
Then you must pay a tax if you are not Muslim. Women, homosexuals, Infidels run and hide.

Now the Christian dominated Supreme court has the power to negate 50 year old laws and tell women that their God does not want them to have a say with their bodies.

Keep Church and State separate. If you are far sighted, you will recognize that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the US. This means that They will make the laws unless our constitution is strong enough.


I don’t know… I kinda like it.
Keeps out the smoke and offers a modicum of protection. ( should I have used the word modicum?

A German firefighter tests the prototype for Konig's smoke helmet, c. 1900.




Happy Birthday Jonathan


Not certain how many know how cool and important Salman Rushdie is.
A truly gentle soul, so bright and well spoken.
His assassination attempt was poignantly at a symposium Salman
was to lecture on the freedom of... creative expression.
There was a 3,000,000 bounty on his head for his fictional novel from 1989.
This isn't okay. We value freedom of speech.
Here is what the handpicked editor by the Ayatollah himself said "A thousand blessings... to the brave
and dutiful person who attacked the Apostate and evil Salman Rushdie. Adding, The hand of the man who tore the neck of Gods enemy must be kissed."
This is the mindset of the religious leader of an ENTIRE country,
When the free press newspaper (Charlie Hebdo) printed a picture of Muhammed, the worldwide Islamic community burned embassies Worldwide... and killed hundreds. There are over a billion Muslims, how many joined hands and protested these killings?
If a good Muslim follows the Quran they are directed to kill Apostates, meaning people that want to leave the faith.
The Quran is considered the perfect word of Allah and may not be changed.
Be careful, the next thing you know Islamists will be flying planes into New York buildings ...by the way those terrorists were highly educated lawyers and architects, not simple peasants. Please do not ignore these people because you may know some that are moderate Islam. This meek and moderate stance provides cover for those that follow what is actually written.
Remember if only five percent are aggressive Islamists that's ... Fifty million people who will applaud Salmans...and all infidel's death....and that is a conservative number.


This is a dried Palm seed stem


I’m sorry I simply cannot let this go without derision. Trump called his faithful to come for a Wild Jan 6th. He then encouraged the faithful to go to the Capitol. They all took their Trump signs. The Trump Proud Boys are in jail and Marjorie still believes these people weren’t for Trump … that they were Antifa!!? To me this is akin to Alex Jones saying Sandy Hook was a hoax. Free speech is near and dear to me. Stating this wasn’t a Trump crowd should be punishable.


No God needed to achieve afterlife and a better world today


Atheists Unite!
Finally, a new system of belief...for Atheists!! CaPEism (Compassion and Positive Energy)

No Gods required...energy does go on after you die.
Science confirms that energy cannot be destroyed.
Near Death people testify to "Tunnel, White Light, Love/Bliss
Closely aligned with Buddhism but suited for the modern world.
The world needs a new sensibility.

Many of you already believe as we do: All objects in the Universe are vibrating energy. You, me, the sun, the banana you are about to eat...that will of course provide energy in a different form.
When you die that energy will also go on...of course it will.
No more:
Us v Them
Catholic v Protestant
Islam v... well, everyone who isn't.
We want this to stop.
CaPEism (Compassion and Positive Energy) borrows from Buddhism, Near Death Experience (NDE) Jainism, and Science.
With CaPEism you will not need 10 Commandments. Compassion does not embrace Theft, Perjury, Murder etc.

We believe that Energy goes on after you die...of course it does. We believe Positive and Negative energies do not occupy the same field. Positive Energy is expressed as bliss (by Near Death Experienced people as many say "Tunnel, White Light, Love"
Many NDE people also say nothing happened, or it was like static... this is a non-experience meaning
there is no Hell...simply non-bliss.

Change your life... Change the World!

If you want to change your life and the World... welcome to CaPEism.

You have all heard the phrase "Tunnel, White Light, Love" (TWLL)
From every country, young, old, rich or poor. These are testimonies of Near Death Experiences (NDE)

These experiences are usually blissful, and clearly not always religious.
Some people experience nothing or static like your tv at 3 in the morning...not good or bad, just static. We believe this static experience is Negative energy.
We believe bliss is a field of Positive energy.
This reasoning is not new. Buddhist embrace a similar mindset...Karma. Reaping what one sows is another.
We do not believe in a Hell. Simply non bliss
Positive Energy doesn’t just help us better enjoy our day to day experiences, it also impacts our health and relationships.
Positive thinking helps reduce our stress, improve our physical health, and drive us toward our goals and aspirations. CaPEism is a simple, wonderful way to raise your children.
Positive conscious energy can continue after death.

Proudly wear your CaPE on your sleeve. Invite people to ask about TWLL (Tunnel White light Love)
Life and its many problems can be very complex.
For instance:
It's Compassionate to welcome immigrants into your country.
It can also be Compassionate to help the currant citizens maintain the lives and community
they have worked hard to develop.

CaPEism does not demand you do any one thing...only that you negotiate a solution with Compassion on both sides.

Much of what is missing from today's mindset is civility. Respect for opinions. You may disagree form the depths of your soul, but this person may disagree from the depths of their being.
If you want to change your life and the World... welcome to CaPEism.
(Compassion and Positive Energy)

Positivity draws people toward you. Positive thinking helps keep you well.
When people are touched with Positivity they will want more.

We ask you first see things Positively, then weigh the ultimate reality.
Positivity becomes a habit.

Positive energy is hot! Compassion is warm...negativity is cold.

Positivity feels Good...Negativity has no friends.

Reality may be perceived differently, but not Compassion and Positivity. These are Universal.

Everyone knows negativity when they see it.

People will live a better life, the world will be better as a direct result, and your Positive Energy will go on.
Win- Win -Win

Become a Fellow at the Positive Energy Fellowship (.org)

Send a message to learn more


Don’t mess with the will to survive


I am a male, Independent, voter... or used to be.

Don't like many policies of Liberals, don't like Conservatives mind set.
So I vote for the person, but proudly admit to loathing Trump as a person and politician.

If I were a woman there is no way in Hell I would vote for a Party that attempts to take away my
right to decide what I may or may not do with my body. (men would NEVER allow this to apply to them)

This same Party does nothing to legislate equal pay.

There are twice as many Female Democratic Senators as Republican.

Vote until these subjugating, antiquated mindsets, go permanently away.

Timeline photos 01/21/2017

The Single best opportunity to meet, perform, and learn from the best of Hollywood. Producers, Agents, managers and the cream of the crop Casting Directors. Our 11th year. We are the number symposium in La. This is it...come prepared.

Timeline photos 12/29/2016

Actors...Our best line up ever. Please sign up early as you know seating is limited. The single best Pilot Season opportunity.

Timeline photos 09/09/2016

This will be our 5th trip to the Great State of Texas (I was born in Dallas and my both of my children were born in Houston!)
We are bringing in a Broadway Casting Director from the largest agency in New York (Telsey &Co) who have many projects for TV and Film as well as Broadway. Coupled with our fabulous professionals from LA this will be our best event yet. At our last event in Austin we were privileged to have Dr. Lucien Douglas from the University of Texas deliver our Keynote address. You will love this important event!!
Stayed tuned as we add more local professionals from Dallas.


Thank you LA actors and those of you who traveled to our event from Chicago, Austin, Atlanta, and Houston. You made this such a wonderful event!!The Casting directors commented on the talent level of the actors and loved the Meet and Greet.
See you in Orlando this Spring!!!

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No God needed to achieve afterlife and a better world today
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