Sing Bend

Sing Bend


This song somehow got stuck in my head last night. Holding space for our whole tribe of singing misfits today and tonight. May we get to sleep sometime soon. 😬

Just in case anyone needs to release their inner Broadway.
From a friend's page --
Corona Virus Playlist -
“Don’t Stand so Close to Me” - The Police
“”Down with the Sickness” - Disturbed
“Stayin’ Alive” - BeeGees
“Fever” - Peggy Lee
“I will Survive” - Gloria Gaynor
Anyone interested in joining me for the Met Opera live stream of Agrippina on Saturday, Feb. 29 at 9:55am at the Old Mill? I'm in seat F8.
In case any of you are interested - I am trying to sell these tickets....
We. Are. Fun. Also, we rock!
Fist bump at Bend Fall Festival
🎶🎻🎸 thanks to Deena Kamm for the awesome photo moment!! Sing Bend
Looking forward to Monday!!

Vocal lessons/Singing Instructor/Public Rock Choir
All Ages • All Levels. Call to book a lesson or join our Choir today! Deena Kamm
(541) 728-3798

Do you want to sing? Is your biggest fear being heard OUT LOUD by the world? Are you a singer and want to get better better better? I can help you...Hi! I'm Deena Kamm. As a professional singer for 30+ years, I've been hired to sing for NBC, CBS, MTV, Clear Channel, Premier Radio Networks, The Howard Stern Show, countless radio stations across the country, and studio sessions for recording artists

Operating as usual


I don't care what kind of music you think you like, you need to turn on the Grammys right now! So good!


Maybe the ONLY calm moment of Tuesday night. Captured by our drummer, Tim Hakala (which is partly why it was a calm moment.)
Thanks to everyone who came out to Open Space Event Studios and sang their faces off!
For those of you who didn't make it - go get on the mailing list at to find out about the next one!


We're finally back Tuesday night after a global pandemic shut down our Public (ROCK) Choir EXACTLY 2 years ago!
Come sing your face off with us and let's celebrate our collective rise out of COVID's fiery hell.

Tuesday the 15th at Open Space from 6-8
Go to singbend for tickets.

Foreigner - Feels Like The First Time (Official Music Video) 03/08/2022

Foreigner - Feels Like The First Time (Official Music Video)

I like to do theme nights whenever possible at PRC. Or first night back in over TWO years is definitely going to have a "theme". Here's one of the many songs we will be singing our faces off to.
Get your tickets and let's get crazy!

These old videos are SO fantastically bad. I think the lead singer is chewing gum. No one cared. Just turn on the camera so go.... 🤘

Foreigner - Feels Like The First Time (Official Music Video) You're watching the official music video for Foreigner - "Feels Like The First Time" from the album 'Foreigner' (1977). "Feels Like The First Time" was Forei...


Well - This is lovely. No?
Be like a bird. Tell the world you're still here.

Thanks to Michelle Thompson for sharing it with me. 🐦

Right. In. The. Feels.

Original Post from @theintimacydr’s IG.

Image ID: Black text on a white background states: “Do you know why birds sing just before dawn? Scientists believe it’s to tell their mates that they made it through the night, as a way of saying, ‘I’m still here.’ Maybe that’s why we sing, too, why we create art - as a way of saying ‘I made it. I’m still here.’”

Public (ROCK) Choir Is Coming Back! 02/22/2022

Public (ROCK) Choir Is Coming Back!


Public (ROCK) Choir Is Coming Back! Yes - You DID read that right... Central Oregon's one and only, kick-a$$ Public (ROCK) Choir is resurfacing like a PHOENIX from the depths of pandemic hell and we have our first 2022 date booked! (Yes - it's dramatic - it's rising from the ashes - it's rock choir!) PRC has a new space that is fantas...


Still Booking Private Vocal Lessons on Monday, Tuesdays, and Saturdays. Send me a message below for info and scheduling link.


"Saturday Lessons" were a success! I don't know why I didn't start this a long time ago.

Timeline photos 02/05/2022

Watching Summer of Soul on Hulu and just sitting here crying my eyes out seeing Mahalia Jackson and Mavis staple singing Precious Lord together in honor of MLK.
They transcend all singing and voice expression.
And if you're one of my students who feels like you're yelling when you sing I highly recommend you watch this. That is yelling at its finest and most soulful!

Timeline photos 02/03/2022

Lessons are now available on Saturdays, Mondays, and Tuesdays. PM me for scheduling. 🐦🐦🐦

Sing Bend 01/27/2022

Sing Bend

For my busiest singers...
I am opening up for lessons on SATURDAYS!
Starting Feb. 5th my scheduler will allow you to book lessons on the hour between 11am and 4pm. (Last lesson booking at 3pm)

I am still booking all day on Mondays and Tuesdays. I am just trying to accommodate more students (especially school age) while I am still wildly available.

In addition, if there is a day and time you can come that is NOT currently open on the scheduler, please always feel fee to let me know. I can't make any promises, but I am always happy to accommodate you if I can. You can text or email me and I will manually add it to my scheduler so you will still be able to cancel it and get notifications as usual.

If you have any questions please let me know, otherwise it's business as usual so get lip trilling!

Sing Bend Schedule your appointment online Sing Bend


What Dave Grohl thinks of 'The Voice'

Of course. Of course. Of course. I agree. I agree. I fu***ng agree.
You gotta love Dave Grohl.


Just saw this written:
"Music is what feelings sound like."
Yes. That's exactly right.


Give someone the gift of their own power voice!
Buy a Gift cert at - customize your message - get it mailed, print it out, or pick it up. Holiday shopping done and no container supply chain shortage to deal with.


If you would like info about how PRC is honoring Jonny White White and did not get an email from me today, please let me know so I can update you on the memorial details.💔


It's like this proverb was written specifically for my singers... I guess tension just universally doesn't work for anybody.
RELAX! (If I yell it loud enough maybe it will convince you?)
OMG Sing our face off right now! What are you worrying about?!! No one really cares what YOU sound like. They only care what THEY sound like. So just enjoy the gift that was given to us all.... We're born to do it. Good or bad.

Relax - you can book a lesson here:


Sometimes you gotta get creative to get outside of your comfort zone. This week I'm bringing in personalized Hot Wheels! (Actually I think this is a Matchbox.)
You think you can't trill and get your diaphragm in the pole position (yes I did just say "pole position") But if you were playing with a kid and had to make a car motor sound you would be doing it without even thinking.
We are WAY too much in our heads for our own good!! Sometimes you gotta get back to basics.


LADIES!!!!! Check this out - There is a crazy connection to our voices and our sexuality!! This is very very interesting and may partially explain why I have so many women who are bottled up looking for answers when they come in. (Well - there are a million societal reasons, aren't there?)
The body is so amazing and the voice is SO powerful! It can release so many things!! I see it every day in my job.
Thanks for the share Maebhie Babog - you were right - I needed to see this.
I love my job. It's so cool.

Os comparto esta interesante información.

Existe una conexión directa, física y energética, entre la garganta y la va**na. Durante las primeras etapas del desarrollo embrionario, las cuerdas vocales y los ovarios son un único órgano que finalmente se divide en dos órganos separados.
Estructuralmente, las cuerdas vocales se parecen a la v***a y al suelo pélvico. Físicamente, están conectados por el nervio vago.
No es casualidad que la palabra "cérvix" signifique "cuello" en latín.
Relajando la garganta se relaja la va**na, lo que ayuda en el trabajo de parto y en el parto de un bebé.
La contracción de los músculos de la garganta a través del habla y el canto también puede contraer el suelo pélvico y los músculos va**nales. Cuando respiramos profunda y conscientemente, involucrando el diafragma y activando la conexión entre el tronco encefálico y el plexo sacro (2º chakra), las mujeres pueden lograr or****os más fuertes y más largos. Es importante vocalizar tus deseos junto con gemidos profundos y bajos durante el s**o para abrir energéticamente el plexo sacro.
En la Medicina China, parte del tratamiento del trauma sexual implica el tratamiento del diafragma y la garganta. Dependiendo del grado de trauma y síntomas sexuales, los puntos de acupuntura como el ST1, ST5, ST9 pueden permitir a la víctima recuperar su capacidad de proyectarse vocalmente, sin miedo ni tartamudeo.
Traditional Chinese Medicine & Nutrition.
Sports Medicine Acupuncture.
Integrative Medicine. Holistic Wellness.
Podéis leer la publicación original en inglés, en el Instagram de la autora @acupunctureheels



We lost a bright light this week. My heart is so heavy.
If you would like to be involved in the celebration of Life for Jonny White please PM me or post in the comments. I can not possibly remember everyone that knew and loved him from our Sing Bend tribe, so please let me know if you would like to be kept informed of the plans to send him off with his favorite past time - singing.
RIP my sweet friend. You were so loved.



I'm happy that so many of my students have been using this discount offer! It's nice to see all your faces! Take advantage and get back in here. You can book/pay now and use the credit anytime in the future, online or in-person:

For the month of August through Labor Day I am offering a discount package of 5 lessons for the price of 4. Yes - this offer is for ALL my current, returning, and (always) new students. This offer will be end on September 6th so use the "Labor Day Discount" option to book yourself now!


You might be seeing this flyer around town - but I do virtual lessons too! Anyone can start singing with confidence - you just need a few simple tools. Book yourself on or here:

This offer is good for returning students through Labor Day and to any new student ALWAYS!

Liquid 08/06/2021


One of my very first Voice students just released her new Studio EP. Proud of you Farley Dennis! You're killing it with your work ethic and dedication to your goal! And I also think the song is VERY cool too. Hell Yes, girl! Keep pushing...

Liquid farley dennis · Song · 2021



Woot Woot! Hey singers! I am offering 5 for the price of 4 lessons through Labor Day to ALL students. See details below or go to and get on the schedule!

LABOR DAY DISCOUNT LESSON PACKAGE Hey there! For the month of August through Labor Day I am offering a returning student discount package of 5 lessons for the price of 4. Yes - this offer is for ALL my current, returning, and (still) new students. Usually this is an offer that I extend only to new students, so here's your chance to....


NEW students special - all levels and ages.
Come sing like you've always wanted to. for info and booking.


Are you a COVID-19 Long Hauler still struggling with your breathing? Deena Kamm can help you get back in touch with your body's natural ability to take deep, calm, supported breaths that help keep your anxiety levels low and oxygen levels high so you can get back to feeling good. Bonus... Your speaking and singing voice might free up along with it!
Although it can be difficult it is not complicated. You already have the tools you need in your body to get a deep breath - Let Deena help you unlock them so you can be aware and in control of what you're doing to help or hurt your chances at a deep breath.
Book a virtual or in-person session at:

Phillip Phillips - Home 06/20/2021

Phillip Phillips - Home

One of my students asked if he could sound growly like Phillip Phillips last week. After dissecting his sound I realized this is yet another perfect example of Sounds Of Voice being used in a swirly yin/yang sort of way. He's grounding in his chest voice and attaching his mouth voice. Mostly skipping over his nasal and throat sounds. Yes - he just does it - it's his default. But you can DECIDE to do it by learning how to isolate your sounds. Like everything with the voice - it's not as intimidating as it seems. It's all down to muscle memory. And it's totally fun.
Want to learn how? Book a lesson at the website.

Phillip Phillips - Home Buy Now!iTunes: video by Phillip Phillips performing Home.

Sing Bend 06/07/2021

Sing Bend

Still waiting to get back to PRC so we can Sing Our Faces Off - but in the meantime - you can get a private lesson where Deena teaches you the best way to do that by scheduling yourself here:

Sing Bend Schedule your appointment online Sing Bend

About Sing Bend’s Public (ROCK) Choir and Private Singing Instruction

Sing Bend is calling on Central Oregonians – shy or bold – talented or terrible – to celebrate and share in the awesomeness of singing with our Public (ROCK) Choir. The group is designed to provide a fun, non-threatening environment, so people of all skill levels can participate.

PRC is a place where people can come and sing as big and as loud as they want without feeling on the spot. It’s not about being a great singer, it’s about joining our collective voices and singing our faces off because it feels good and it's good for you! At the Public Choir you can be part of a group music experience without feeling self-conscious or worried about who can hear you and who's watching. So many people miss the opportunity to experience the power of singing because it seems too scary to put yourself out there or they feel like they don't know what to do. We want everyone to have the chance to feel amazing doing something they might not have the courage to do alone and be part of creating and fully experiencing your favorite music. If you can talk, you can sing! Come try it out.​

While the group is called a "choir," there won’t be any hymns or church music involved. PRC sings songs from popular artists heard on the radio, both current and classic. We sing big songs with lots of voices and harmonies so everyone can find their voice inside the music.​

Public (ROCK) Choir meets Monday nights at 6 PM in Broken Top Bottle Shop in Bend. Please check the website or get on the mailing list for weekly info and updates or the rare cancellation.

Videos (show all)

Sometimes you just have to Sing Your Face Off!
Cassie And Emerson
Public (Rock) Choir - Free Falin'
Public (ROCK) Choir featuring Ukuladies!
Sing Bend, Public (Rock) Choir - Love Hurts, Featuring Robert!
Sing Bend - Kids ROCK(!) Choir getting some practice in...
Happy Mother's Day from Public (Rock) Choir!




1740 NW Pence Ln
Bend, OR

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