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Our school offers full day + half day options for toddlers + preschoolers. We accept children as young as 6 weeks old through 6 years old!

Our oldest classroom is for those who miss the cutoff for K. This page highlights just some of our activities! Welcome to The Goddard School! Our goal is to be a resource for families and a community where parents can share information and learn from each other.

Operating as usual


So your bundle of joy has transformed into a mini daredevil. Time to break out the pool noodles! Curiosity is a healthy part of growing up. Make your home a safe place for them to explore with these babyproofing hacks.

Check out our website for more baby safety resources:


Is your baby ready for solid foods? 🥑 You’ll know it’s time when they can sit up mostly unassisted.
Follow these tips to make mealtime safe and fun!
For details and more Baby Safety Month resources, visit our website:


Back to school means back to packing lunches. If you dread this daily task, try some of these easy lunch hacks!
🍎 Slice an apple and then wrap it up with a rubber band to prevent browning.
🍎 Use cookie cutters to make sandwiches into fun shapes like flowers or hearts.
🍎 Take smaller, metal cookie cutters to slice shapes into fruits and veggies. Apples, carrots, cucumbers and melons work great!
🍎 Flatten sandwich bread with a rolling pin, fill it with your choice of foods like hummus and cucumbers, roll it up and slice to make sandwich rollups.
🍎 Add sprinkles to almost any food to make it more enticing! Sprinkles can also be savory — like chia or h**p seeds.

Visit our website for more back-to-school tips and resources:

Early Childhood Webinars & Parenting Help - The Goddard School 09/12/2023

Has your little one ever caught you off guard by dropping a verbal bomb (bonus points if it was in public)?🙊 Maybe your child struggles with separation anxiety and you feel like you’re glued together. How about those attention-seeking theatrics that deserve an Oscar? 🎭 We've been there, too, and have experts who can help! Register to attend our free webinar on Tuesday, October 10, at 1 PM ET for strategies to help curb inappropriate language, ease separation anxiety and understand attention-seeking behaviors:

Early Childhood Webinars & Parenting Help - The Goddard School Our team of early childhood education and development experts host insightful parenting webinars. Register for past, current, and future webinars here!

Three Ways to Celebrate Grandparents’ Day With Your Child 09/08/2023

With Grandparents’ Day coming up on September 10, Lee Scott, Chair of our Educational Advisory Board, shares a few activities that can help your child show their grandparents just how loved and appreciated they are ❤️

Three Ways to Celebrate Grandparents’ Day With Your Child By Lee Scott, Chairperson of The Goddard School’s Educational Advisory Board Per a recent study, 42% of working parents rely on grandparents for childcare. These generational role models play a crucial part in their families’ lives, often providing much-needed support for households across the c...

Photos from The Goddard School's post 09/07/2023

Look at these happy little learners! 😍 We’re so excited to welcome them back to The Goddard School®. Show us your child’s first day of school pictures in the comments below!

The Goddard School (Sanford - Lake Mary Heathrow)
The Goddard School (Marlboro - Morganville)
The Goddard School (Redmond Ridge)
The Goddard School (Forest Hill)
The Goddard School (West Orange)
The Goddard School (Woodbridge)
The Goddard School (Horsham)

Photos from The Goddard School's post 09/06/2023

It's National Read a Book Day, and we’re celebrating our little readers! From as early as 6 weeks old, Goddard helps children develop a love of reading because it has immense benefits like improving visual, cognitive, language and social-emotional development. It’s never too early or too late to start — here are some ways to read with children at every age and stage!

📖 Choose durable books for infants. Touching, holding and mouthing are all part of their learning process!
📖 Make it interactive with toddlers. Point out pictures, ask questions like, “can you find the sun?” or “how do you think they feel?” and bring the story to life with sound effects.
📖 Ask your preschooler to choose the books. This supports their self-expression and decision-making skills.
📖 Pick stories that have rhymes and repeat the rhyming words together with your pre-k or kindergartner. This helps them with letter-sound recognition as they get ready to learn to read on their own.

Find more reading tips for every age on our website:


Does your child struggle with any of these behaviors? You’re not alone! Our experts, including Chief Academic Officer, Dr. Lauren (Starnes) Loquasto, have hosted webinars on navigating challenging behaviors like biting, tantrums and separation anxiety. Visit our website and register for free access to all of the recordings. And keep an eye out for upcoming events:


How’s your child feeling about school lately? 🤔

Even if they love learning as much as these Goddard students, it’s easy to forget how much fun school can be (we get it — summer is fun, too!). Luckily, it's easy to reconnect with what makes school exciting. (Hint: Routines are important.)
Visit our website for back-to-school resources:

Photos from The Goddard School's post 08/25/2023

Happy Friday from The Goddard School! Today we finished off the week with friends while exploring the activities together. the older age groups created murals together in class while the younger children explored the different areas of their classroom and took part in some music fun during our Kindermusik Enrichment Program.


Raise your hand if your summer has felt like a never-ending clean up! ✋

Recommended books to ease the back-to-school transition for families 08/23/2023

Going back to school can be a challenging time for little ones. Lee Scott, Chair of our Educational Advisory Board, recently joined CBS 58 to discuss easing the back-to-school transition for families and children through the best way we know how — books!

Recommended books to ease the back-to-school transition for families MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Goddard School has recommended books designed to teach children skills ranging from self-management to social awareness, bridging the gap between home and school for the ba


At The Goddard School - Bellingham we love hearing why Goddard students love their teachers, including reasons you wouldn’t always expect 🐌.

As your little ones return to the classroombcheck out for helpful back-to-school resources and tips!


Watch our Chairman and CEO, Dennis R. Maple, surprise Katie Engels with the news that she’s the 2023 Anthony A. Martino Memorial Scholarship winner! And try not to cry with them.

Katie graduated from The Goddard School of Piscataway in 2011. Congrats, Katie — we wish you all the luck in your future career as a nurse!

Check out our website to learn more about Katie:


Our Program has brought SO MANY amazing hands on learning activities using all 5 senses. Today, they took part in an activity using STICKY GOO along with our plastic animals..


🐌 ABCs, dancing and… snails?

Those are just a few things these Goddard students learned from their teachers. No wonder they love them so much! Still, reuniting with teachers (or meeting new ones) is a big change. Help your child feel as excited as these students with back-to-school resources on our website:

Photos from The Goddard School's post 08/21/2023

The Goddard School was off to another AMAZING week of Summer Camp! Today the younger children explored their emotions while shaking their SILLIES out to music and going after bubbles while the preschool and pre-k friends enjoyed getting their hands into some sensory exploration while creating GLITTER GLUE SLIME!!!!

Photos from The Goddard School's post 08/18/2023

The Summer Program here at The Goddard School is still going STRONG with lots of sensory activities! Today the toddlers used trucks, paint and paper to create different tracks and the Pre-K group dug around their sensory tables picking up recycling!


The Infant Crew ROCKED out to the song "Vegetable Soup" which is part of our Kindermusik Enrichment Program offered here at The Goddard School inclusive with tuition. They loved banging the drum along to potatoes, carrots, corn, onions, tomatoes and celery getting stirred into the pot, this song is off of the Pat-a-Cake Album..


We hope you have an AMAZING DAY of gardening, bee's and everything else you enjoy!


Happy National Tell a Joke Day! It’s one of our favorite holidays – after all, you can’t beat the comedic ingenuity of a four-year old. 🤣 Just listen to these Goddard students’ jokes!

Their punchlines weren’t written for grown-up ears… but you’re still giggling, right?

What’s your child’s favorite joke? Share it in the comments!

Photos from The Goddard School's post 08/16/2023

Who doesn't LOVE cuddling up to some soft adorable animals?! Today we had an AMAZING visit from Barn Babies Traveling Petting Zoo! We got to meet some cats, baby goats and bunnies and so much more!


Happy National Tell a Joke Day! It’s a favorite holiday here at The Goddard School - Bellingham because you can’t beat the comedic ingenuity of a four-year-old. 😁 Plus, we love their infectious giggles. Our friends at the Goddard School® of Wayne, PA, tell some of their best jokes in this video. What can we add? Share your child’s favorite joke below!

Photos from The Goddard School's post 08/14/2023

Happy Monday from Goddard Summer Camp! Today, Pre-K enjoyed using their investigative skills out in nature today while observing different flowers and then re-creating them on paper through their own art. The Toddler's enjoyed using their hands to search for different shaped buttons!


We hope you enjoy your day today!!!

Photos from The Goddard School's post 08/11/2023

Happy Friday from The Goddard School of Bellingham! We had such a MAGNIFICIENT day building a water wall and exploring different containers to pour the water into the wall pipes, our younger group enjoyed finishing their week with a bird collage after using our Life Lesson Library Book "Owl Babies" by Martin Waddell!


Yay for SUMMER FUN DAYS!!!! We had another successful BIKE and SCOOTER day here at The Goddard School with Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten!


Our Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Goddard School friends took flight yesterday while investigating the scientific inquiry taking place! The children explored different ways to fly their airplanes and enjoyed watching their friends as well...


Come check out our AMAZING Pre-Kindergarten Program here at The Goddard School. For a limited time we are offering a promotion of NO registration fee! We offer a kindergarten ready program utilizing our researched based curriculum alongside The Goddard School exclusive Life Lesson Library Program specializing in Social Emotional Learning and our enrichment programs included with your tuition; Osmo Technology, Yogaroo- a mindful enrichment program, Story Time With Chess and Vamos Spanish Program. Please email Amanda @ dbellinghamma@goddardschools to learn more!

Photos from The Goddard School's post 08/09/2023

At The Goddard School - Bellingham we love to lean into the power of stories during back-to-school season. They’re not just fun; they’re an effective way to build social-emotional skills and make the transition a breeze!

Start at home with these selections from Life Lessons Library and get your child ready to start school with confidence.

📚 Good Night, Gorilla: Explore relationship skills at the zoo with a mischievous gorilla. (Infants through preschool.)

📚 The Dot: Follow a student as she gets unstuck in art class and unleash your child’s creativity and confidence. (Preschool through grade school.)

📚 Llama Llama Misses Mama: Learn self-management with Llama and discover the fun of school together. (Infants through kindergarten.)

Visit The Goddard School® website for more recommended reads:

Photos from The Goddard School's post 08/08/2023

Reading stories makes going back to school a breeze! 📚 Highlighting key social-emotional skills, these books from Life Lesson Library help prepare your child to confidently embrace change, make friends and explore the world around them.

Explore relationship skills at the zoo with a mischievous gorilla, discover how a single dot can unleash a child’s creativity and learn self-management with Llama!

Visit our website for more recommended reads:


Inspired by a Life Lesson Library book "The Most Magnificent Thing" by Ashley Spires, these pre-k children used their imaginations along with some self management skills learned while listening to the story to create their own most magnificent thing using different materials such as connectors and art materials.

Photos from The Goddard School's post 08/07/2023

The Goddard School Bellingham was immersed in sensory exploration today! We used bubble wrap with paint and our hands hearing silly sounds as they popped. The preschool/pre-kindergarteners enjoyed using paper and water together to explore different experiments!


At The Goddard School, we encourage little investigators to use their own curious natures to explore, build and question. Through hands-on inquiries and investigations, our little scientists learn to ask questions, draw upon their existing knowledge, design structures, make predictions about what might happen and draw conclusions on their own. Our preschool class became engineers today while discovering different building techniques using their fine motor skills and some colored linking disks, it doesn't take a lot for these Monkey's to bring their imaginations to life!


It's and what better way to celebrate than putting our imaginations onto paper! We were asked "Where would you eat your watermelon?" We then took out our creativity tools and got to work drawing and coloring out our answers.


Have you ever worried about your child’s behavior? Beyond the occasional window licking or eating your pet’s food. 🙃 Well, you’re not alone. According to a recent study conducted by OnePoll and The Goddard School®, 83% of parents with children ages 0-6 are worried about their children’s behavior. The top three concerns are sleeping habits (48%), aggression (46%) and separation anxiety (44%).

Read the article on our website to find tips and tricks that will help you navigate challenging behaviors.


Yay, It's Miss Sophie's Birthday in the Penguin Room, we hope you have an AMAZING DAY today!

Photos from The Goddard School's post 08/01/2023

Another great show put on by Jolting Jonathan with Mad Science today! We love having special guests throughout the summer and this one is a FAVORITE here at The Goddard School Of Bellingham Location!


We live by routines at The Goddard School - Bellingham! From a familiar daily schedule to count-down warnings before we transition to a new activity, routines are key for your child’s success throughout the day. Try some of these easy routine suggestions at home to make back-to-school time a breeze!

✔️ Create simple routines like a predictable bedtime and naptime to boost comfort and security.
✔️ Set expectations with your child by preparing them for what’s next, whether it’s bath time in five minutes or a countdown to the first day of school.
✔️ Stay present with your little one and go through the routines together.

Visit The Goddard School® website for even more great routine tips:

Photos from The Goddard School's post 08/01/2023

Our program has had a multitude of sensory rich investigations this year! Today the children in the younger classroom experimented with quiet and loud using musical shakers, discovered night skies come to life while feeling the soft dusty chalk on their hands as they put their imaginations onto paper and preschool discovered what happens when you mix baking soda and vinegar together using pipettes!

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