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The past year & a half, I’ve been deep in study & feeling into my body, mind & heart.

I’ve been traversing through deep layers of my body that have been frozen & stuck from past trauma.

Meeting the discomfort & layers of myself that I couldn’t allow myself to sit with or see clearly before.

The parts of myself that have been distorting my own perception of myself & others around me.

It’s been an incredibly difficult, humbling & empowering experience.

Meeting the cellular memories as I try on different shapes & attitudes in my body.

Allowing myself to fully feel my grief, fear, disgust, rage, longing, all of it…

At a pace that feels good & safe in my body.

The transformation & change has been subtle yet profound.

So subtle at times that I wondered if I was actually doing any healing…

But what I’ve learned is that sometimes our bodies need to go slow.

We’re so conditioned in our culture to have more, more, more. Do do do.
Have bigger & better things.
Find that intense high.

But doing that in the realm of healing trauma can be too much for our bodies.

It can blow our nervous systems out & retraumatize ourselves.

We need to learn how to move slow.
Live with less.
Sit in the discomfort.
Pay attention to the subtleties that our body is communicating.

I see so many people offering programs online that sell the idea that you can heal in a couple weeks… Or have everything you want in two months. It sounds very romantic…. but is it sustainable?

Can the body keep up?
Can the body hold that transformation?
Or will it revert back to what it knows because that’s familiar? Because that’s how the body has operated for so long?

Sometimes healing happens quick & effortlessly.

Some healing is slow. Takes time to unravel the layers that have been bound up.

Don’t rush your process.

Trust that your body knows what to do when you give it the space.

And there is nothing wrong with you if your healing doesn’t look how you think it should look.

I’m taking on clients for somatic healing & mentorship starting in April.

DM if you’re curious.

Also, I’m offering $100 of my program, Food Freedom Frequency (you can check out the program here ) until the end of today 3/11. Message me for the code.

Food Freedom Frequency 02/08/2022

Food Freedom Frequency

Last night I danced around while eating my favorite dessert in the world

Molten chocolate lava cake 😍

There was a time when I would try to hide my sweet tooth

I’d crave sweets all day & when I got to a point where I could veg out alone, I would

I’d end up spiraling into guilt & shame after because I broke my own rules to not eat sugar

That would usually lead to some new kind of cleanse or diet that wouldn’t last very long

When I realized how harmful these rules were that I was imposing on myself… I started to shift

I thought for sure that I would eat all of the molten chocolate lava cakes in the world if I released the rules & restrictions around food

But actually the opposite happened… 😁

When we tell ourselves that we can’t have something, like sugar… :)

We end up wanting it more and more until we cave and eat far more than feels good in our body

This is why I encourage people who struggle with over eating, binge eating, emotional eating and dieting to ditch the rules for a while and see what that’s like…

This is one of the big themes we go into in Food Freedom Frequency

So my hope is that when you do eat your favorite food, your sweet treats, that you do so while dancing, in joy, in gratitude and in love

Today is the last day I'm offering $100 off Food Freedom Frequency.

Discount code is accessible here -

It’s an 8 week program that you can flow through at your own pace if you want to truly transform your relationship with food, cultivate deep self love, befriend your body and find freedom in your relationship with food & yourself.

Learn more here!

Food Freedom Frequency Ditch the diets, transform your relationship with food, befriend your body & find your sacred rhythm.

Food Freedom Frequency 02/05/2022

Food Freedom Frequency

From about age 13 to age 23, I struggled deeply in my relationship with food & my body.

Food was my escape & my way to numb.

I held a lot of shame around it.

I tried to hide it as much as possible.

I went on cleanse after cleanse. Diet after diet.
I did the therapy.
energy work.
shamanic journeying.
I tried the different herbal remedies.

I did it all.

Nothing worked.

I held myself back from truly expressing the fullness of myself…

I festered in shame about it alone for way too long.

Which is why the cycle continued for about a decade.

It wasn’t until I dove deep into studying eating psychology that I was really able to take a step back & understand the root of my struggle with food.

It gave me a whole new perspective.

The struggle was never really about food.

Food was just the doorway for something much deeper wanting my attention…

So I listened.

Within a year of diving deep within myself… my relationship to food, my body & myself had completely transformed.

I was able to transform through loving myself.

I know that may sound cheesy but it’s true.

I see so many people trying to change their ways from a place of “this is not enough”

And trust me when I tell you.. that will get you no where, fast.

It’s been my dream to share everything I’ve learned from this journey & transformation in an online platform…

And eventually in person retreats 💫

The online platform is now a reality and I’m so excited to share with you.

Food Freedom Frequency is an 8 week program that you can flow through at your own pace to really transform your relationship to food, your body, yourself & your life.

If you struggle in the realms of

+ binge eating/overeating
+ perfectionism
+ dieting
+ body or food shame/guilt
+ control/restriction around food

This program will save you from years of struggle, frustration, hopelessness, exhaustion and $$.

I’m offering $100 off until Feb 8th at midnight PST. The link is here -

Food Freedom Frequency Ditch the diets, transform your relationship with food, befriend your body & find your sacred rhythm.


You Are Not Meant to Do It Alone

& It’s okay if you don’t have it all together

I ran into a man at the beach yesterday who I had met a couple weeks ago through a friend

I ran into him in a moment when I had just taken a step away from what I was engaging in to take a breath

He could tell there was a lot moving through me

Somehow he had me in tears within a minute of talking to him

The most healing tears…

He could see the pain I had been holding

He encouraged me to let the land here really move through me

I had not been allowing myself to FULLY receive the medicine of this place

Because of whatever unconscious programming had me believing that I was not worthy of it

I share this because to emphasize that we need each other

We need to be witnessed in our processes

We need to be seen in our grief and our healing

We are not meant to walk this road alone

Just because I hold space for others does not mean I am fully healed or have it all together

You can do some of the work on your own

And I truly believe some / a lot of the work we came here to do is meant to unfold in connection with each other

Don’t underestimate the power of being seen & witnessed in your process

Because when you are witnessed, the healing is not only happening for you

It’s for the other people too

Let it ripple 💫❤️


The pressure you place on yourself to change something in your inner or outer experience is the exact thing that holds you back from making the shift

And no, this is not always a black and white statement

But definitely a big theme that feels up right now for many clients and myself

The pressure that you put on yourself to clean up your diet

Stop eating sugar

Work out more

Say the right thing

To attract more money

To attract the right relationship

Or to follow through with your morning routine

Whatever that thing is for you…

The pressure you put on yourself will continue to hold you captive in limiting patterns and behaviors

And then when it doesn’t work…

Naturally the ego believes it needs to push and force harder to change

When what’s really needed is a softening, an opening, a relaxing into that very thing

This is one of the many topics we explore in Food Freedom Frequency

Because trying to change something within your relationship to food from a place of force perpetuates the exact cycle you’re tying to overcome

So if this resonates for you…

Hop on the waitlist for Food Freedom Frequency

The last day to get in is tomorrow, Sunday.

Early birds get the worm 🪱

You can find the 🔗 in my bio


As I grew up, I watched my dad slave away working a job that he hated.

I could see the stress ooze out of his pores every night he’d come home from work.

Ever since I was little, I decided that I would never live my life like that.

I committed to myself that I would create work that I loved and felt meaningful to me.

I tried to save him reminding him that there was another way… that there were infinite ways to live this existence.

But who would listen to me? I was just a kid.

Yet I was a kid who was tapped into the magic of what it meant to be alive.

I fully believed that we could create anything that we wanted to and I still do.

I deeply believe that anything is possible, that magic is very real and that miracles are taking place in every moment.

I haven’t let go of this child like wonder, innocence or naivety (some would say)… because I watch it unfold in my life all of the time.

I trust my path.

I trust the mystery that’s unfolding.

And I refuse to settle for anything less than magic.

This is my mission here on earth.

To help you remember that anything is possible. To help you strip back the layers of conditioning that told you otherwise. And to help you reconnect to the magic that lives inside of you and all around you.

So I thank my father for showing me my mission & for helping me deeply connect to my purpose.

I have spaces open for 1:1 mentorship.

And the waitlist is open for Food Freedom Frequency - an 8 week program you can flow through at your own pace to transform your relationship to food, your body & your life.

You know how to find me:)


How are those New Years resolutions going for you?

I’ve recently been reflecting on resolutions I used to make when I was deep in struggle with myself…

I’d make resolutions that stemmed from a lack of acceptance towards myself.

I felt like I needed to be different in order to be worthy of the things I desired.

I pressured myself to eat different.

Exercise harder.

Stop eating sugar.

Lose x amount of weight…

You know those resolutions that don’t usually last 😆

When you make a resolution… it’s important not to set yourself up for failure.

Or at least be prepared to stop yourself from being an a hole to yourself when you “mess up”

When you start shaming and guilting yourself for not following through..

That’s where you’ll get into a bit of a harmful loop.

This is why I stopped creating resolutions and started focusing on just a word or two for the year.

This year my words are magic, miracles & mystery.

Embracing and calling in more of this 💫

If you’ve found yourself beating yourself up over a resolution gone wrong…

Please be kind to yourself. Be gentle.

I’ve been quiet over here for a bit because I’ve been working on creating a self study online program…

I’ll be sharing more over the next coming weeks but if any of the above resonated for you…

Stay tuned 😘

All my love.


If you don’t believe it will work

Then it probably won’t.

If you can’t get behind it…

Then how is anyone else supposed to?

It all starts with the belief

The belief becomes a behavior…

And those behaviors become your destiny.

So where are you cutting yourself short?

Because I know you’ve got the vision…

Often times, we stop believing in ourselves as a way to protect ourselves from the thing we fear the most…



So how are your protective strategies defending you from this?


+ self sabotage
+ getting really busy with random things
+ leaky boundaries
+ poor prioritization
+ lack of trust for yourself / others
+ self defeating thoughts / behaviors

These are all ways you protect yourself from the thing you desire/fear most.

If you’ve got a big vision you’ve been working towards or want to work towards…

And you simply can’t get out of your own way to make it happen…

Let’s talk 🙃

I’m opening space in my one on one practice starting January 2022.

The work looks a little bit like..

Intuitive life coaching meets somatic healing, mingles with inner child work and then dances with shadow work

Come find me in the DMs 📧

Sliding scale investments are available.


What would you do if you weren’t afraid to fail?

Tell me 🙃

Right meow



When you find your doubt creeping in…

What do you do with it?

Do you welcome it?

Do you let it take you down & demolish you?

How do you meet your doubt?

What would happen if you leaned into your doubt?

Not in a soul sucking, dream demolishing kind of way…

But actually feel the flavor of your doubt & let it teach you & stretch you kinda way?

Doubt is your ego trying to play games

And I love games

But not these kind of games where the ego calls all the shots

No thank you

I’ve gotten smacked around by my ego plenty of times

To the point where I’ve been terrified to show up & share my gifts

To the point where I’ve deeply questioned myself & my path

But I’ve learned how to transform through doubt by setting some mother ****ing boundaries

Cause an ego game without a container…

Without some rules..!

Well that’s just asking for trouble

When the boundaries are clear

The fun & the transformation with the games begin

You can let your doubt take you through a tour of your psyche

Let it peek into all the nooks & crannies of your being

To help you find the seeds within yourself that still need tending to

That still need some lovin & some watering

It’s an opportunity to cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself

To turn doubt into determination

To turn doubt into depth

If you’d like some support doing this…

If you’d like someone to be able to hold you through this process as you move closer towards the visions you’re bringing into life…

I’ve got some spaces left to work with me one on one starting January 2022.

You know where to find me 🙃

📸 😘


The other night, I laid awake in bed worrying about the sounds I was hearing in the room I was sleeping in.

The wind was strong.

The rain was heavy.

It was making the house creek and the door sway open and shut.

I couldn’t fall asleep because my nervous system was racing.

I checked the house multiple times and nothing was there.

It was certainly the wind & my mind making up stories.

But I’m a super sensitive sleeper and when I hear noises in the space I’m sleeping in, it sends me right back into my childhood home that was…

Fairly haunted.

But what I realized in that moment was that I had become so fixated on the noises in the house that I had completely tuned out the rain outside.

My mind was flooded with thoughts and my nervous system was on guard.

In that moment, I realized I was tuning into the wrong noise.

And what a beautiful metaphor this is for Life.

What channel are you tuning into?

Both internally and externally.

Which voices are you listening to & feeding into in your head?

Which channels are you taking in from the outside external world?

And how are these channels affecting the way you perceive the world & yourself?

You get to choose which thoughts you feed & which channels your subscribe to.

Are these thoughts & channels getting you where you want to go?

Or are you forgetting to listen to the rainfall?

Because that channel, with nature… will bring you right back to your center.

Back to that place inside that knows exactly where you want to go & how you want to express in the world.

And that’s what we need more of.

What’s that special, unique gift that you have that’s been clouded by Noise?

I am opening up my one on one practice for new clients starting January 2022.

Let’s unravel more of your gifts by observing where you’re getting in your own way…

If you’re interested, reach out 💫

Sliding scale investments are available as we shift into this new year :)


We let go so something new can appear

We peel back the layers of Self

Of body, mind, heart, spirit

So that the trauma that’s been embedded in our cells

Carried around for lifetimes

Can finally rest

The grief that’s been trying to find it’s way out finds a new home with Source

Then your wings begin to open & expand

Into vast new territory & land

You’d be amazed at what’s living inside

These beautiful human vessels

What’s been bottled up for centuries

Getting in your own way of living a life that’s true to you

Getting in the way of expressing your unique life force energy

That’s what I want to see you uncover

So you can step more fully into your purpose, passion, potential

And live the life that’s fully turned on

Because that lives in you too

And it’s waiting for you to open the door

To pull back the curtain & see what’s there

I’m opening my 1:1 practice for several new beautiful humans come January 2022

If you’d like to claim your space

You know where to find me 💫

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