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Big shout to @fortheculturegames for educating us on the late, great and legendary #JerryLawson!!!!
How many of us played video games as children? Well, Jerry Lawson (a Black Man) is the pioneer behind video game cartridges!!!! 🤯 #HiddenFigures
Our genius as a people knows NO bounds!!! Let’s make sure to reach our babies about the contributions of Black heroes and sheroes that change the way we experience life! Thank you @fortheculturegames for the knowledge/education. This is super exciting!!!! #ForTheCultureGames #CrayonsAndCulture #BlackHistory365 #InnovatorsAndPioneers


Because Black History starts at home!! It is IMPERATIVE that we control the narrative and begin from the beginning! Just started unpacking different time periods with my daughter and we started in Africa. #FirstThingsFirst #InTheBeginning #ContextMatters 02/04/2021

Free Admission for Maryland Students (Pre-K–12)

Beginning this winter, all Maryland students will be admitted free of charge on any day we are open. Free admission is granted to any Maryland student (Pre-K – 12) showing proof of residency. Students can visit with friends or family, they do not have to be part of a school group. To receive free admission sign up using the button below or bring a school ID or Report Card to the Science Center on the day of your visit. Purchase tickets at the box office the day you visit. Tickets can also be purchased in advance online or by phone at 410-545-5929 during regular business hours.All Science Center ticket options begin with base admission to the Science Center.


As we get ready to start the school year...let’s take a listen to this clip from @westbaltimorelove


I can testify! 🙋🏾‍♀️

I am an INROADS alum and the experience completely revolutionized my trajectory. I joined the INROADS family my freshmen year in college where I interned with MetLife in New York City. The immersion into Corporate America and the mentoring from professionals of color across industries absolutely set me apart from my peers and provided me with a cutting edge.

THIS opportunity is opening up the pipeline to HIGH SCHOOL students. Sign your scholars up for this amazing opportunity. To learn more about INROADS visit

INROADS College Links Interactive Camp
FREE Virtual "3E" High School Camp: Elevating Educational Experiences
Health & Wellness - "You Can Change the World"
STEM Exploration- Coding, Robotics, Cyber Security and Entrepreneurship
Presentation Competition
Open to rising high school freshmen - seniors

Registration Link: 06/26/2020

Introducing Walker's Legacy Girls Summit: How She Built It

For teenage girls. ENROLL TODAY! Walker Legacy Girls Summit: How She Built It



Happy Monday Morning and welcome to Motivation Monday from STEMcx!

Let's listen as Kayla Dunn, Systems Engineer, at Collins Aerospace, Information Management Services and Avionics, tells us about her journey and offers her words of wisdom!

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Listen to Jamel Cornish Interview three African American Men : Dr. Cameron Brown, Dr. Jarvis Owens and Jared Bourke about their journey into medicine.


Check it out!!!

Email [email protected] to sign up!


Let’s study the past, so we never forget...and know how to move forward. Survivors Account.


For the culture!!!!! Thank you Jazzmin Plaid Shakir for sharing this link with me!!! You already know!!!
Parents...please listen through this album and make a summer playlist for your children. We need to bring the movement into our homes, starting with our babies. #FreedomSongs
Shout out to @byp100 @ofswemanifest @pop_inc, all the Freedom School SLI’s and everyone who has shared the spirit of cheers & chants and freedom songs with the people!
. 05/31/2020

Family and Community — Crayons & Culture

🗣 “Call To Organize” Crayons & Culture

Crayons & Culture is an education company committed to the complete liberation and sovereignty of African-descendants in America. “Our mission is to raise a generation of liberated and socially conscious activists who construct and experience a World that is universally free.”

Crayons & Culture believes in organized action that is targeted at rebuilding independent, African/Black-centered learning institutions and establishing a functioning eco-system for families, students, educators, teaching artist, and other individuals and entities that are in alignment with our mission.

We believe that the attack on Black lives is multi-faceted, institutionalized and systemic. While there are many forms of protest and direct action, we are initiating a call to organize with a focus on children and their families.

If you are interested in joining a grassroots coalition, focused on capacity building, curriculum writing, independent schooling, outreach, policy-reform, legal counsel and development/fundraising, please sign this interest form so that we can begin convening and organizing.

We are looking for educators, teaching-artists, CEOs/Founders, business developers, photographers/videographers, parents, community members, real estate developers, policy advocates, community leaders, and anyone who feels called to organize around education. We especially would like for young activists (high school-college aged) to be involved and to take on leadership roles in this initiative.

Please click the link below to answer the call!! Bring your journals and your dreams! We are going to manifest and make our ambitions a reality! #mothersgroup #sistercircle #accountability #womenempowerment #reflection #goalsetting #execution

[02/15/19]   See how #PowerToTheBabies brought out the Sun!! See you all tonight at 7pm!!! Don’t forget to register (link in comments) 09/14/2018

House Party: Happy Birthday to Us!

Awesome event for our NYC Families to attend!!! This weekend! #BRICArtsMedia #BRICHouseParty #Brooklyn #ChildCentered #Culture #Diversity #Experiences #BringTheBabies Brooklyn’s best family house parties continue with fun and interactive activities that encourage creativity and discovery. Hands on art-making, gaming and technology exploration, storytelling and live performances all culminate in a raucous dance party for all ages. 05/06/2018


Crayons & Culture Tip: We must teach our children to identify if they are comprehending/internalizing what they are reading/hearing.

I absolutely know how to read and NOT comprehend. Matter of fact, I do that often. Especially with non-fiction text. BUT...because I took my education seriously (and because my mother took my education serious), I learned how to NOTICE when I’m not comprehending.

As a result of my awareness, I created an a “comprehension system”: I stop... re-read...and re-read again...then read out loud...then think about what I read. And if I’m blessed enough to be in community, I will talk it out with the homies to really internalize what the content is! (That last part is what got me through my last two years at Howard University!)

I am NOT a passive learner...and a lot of our children aren’t passive learners either. In fact, children that come from privileged backgrounds and better funded learning environments are not ASKED to be passive learners, they engage in immersion-based learning. We only see this expectation of passive learning in under-funded public schools, predominantly impacting children of color.

If your child is not grasping the content, here are some things you can do:

1. Teach your child how to regulate comprehension. (“Do I remember what I just read? Do I know what I just heard? Does that make sense to me?)

2. Identify your child’s learning style. There are pre-described categories for learning styles, but we are going to keep this extremely simple and tailored to your child specifically. Create a “comprehension system” based on your child’s hard-wiring.

Does your child need to talk about what they learned? Do they need to draw a picture (for adults, this might be a diagram/flow chart)? Does your child need to make a song about it? Does your child need to experience the content in real life (this is recommended for all children)? Does your child need to be in absolute silence or does your child need background noise? Whatever your child needs, help them identify the atmosphere and conditions that work for them. And THEN teach them how to create those conditions regardless of where they are (communicate this system with their educators).

3. Test it out! See how your child performs in different learning environments and with different conditions. This is the hard part about being a parent...if your child’s current atmosphere is not a place where they are “thriving”, then you have to make some hard choices. Period. There is no way around this fact. As parents (and community members), these children are OUR responsibility (first and foremost). You can choose to be extremely engaged in your child’s school, subsidize their learning opportunities and/or change the atmosphere altogether.

Be confident in your ability to advocate for your child. YOU are your child’s BEST advocate and YOU have the power! Be prepared to do whatever it takes to make sure YOUR child is receiving a #liberatededucation.

Visit and sign up for our newsletter! "Education should be organic and liberating! The World is your classroom. Be free! Go forth and experience!"-A.S. Carey, Mom, Educator & Founder

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