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Operating as usual


Who is still working? What do you do?

Who is retired? What did you do and what are you doing now?


Hi Class of '71! Don't just "like" our page...leave your contact info or email it to us.
Hope you and your families are all well! This virus is making life a little crazy, but we hope it won't interfere with our 50th reunion, next year


Class of ' are amazing! Keep those updates coming. Please ask classmates to update. It helps us so much.


Hi Class of '71!! If you have moved, dropped your land line, remarried, retired and changed your email address OR know a classmate that has...PLEASE send us your new, updated contact info.
[email protected]

A BIG thank you to those that have already sent their updates. It saves us sooooo much time.

Our 50th reunion will be here before you know it. Our goal is to contact everyone with a SAVE the DATE as soon as we have one!


I found another treasure! Take a look around and show us what you have saved.


Milford Mill had a fantastic theatre department. Jerri Rosen found her Thespian 1971 pin. What treasures do you have safely tucked away?


I received an email WITH CONTACT INFO from our long, lost classmate, Kim Butler! He is planning to come back to Baltimore for our 50th reunion. He is looking for Harvey Pye. Does anyone know how we can reach Harvey. The phone number we have is no longer active. Please help if you can.


Our 50th reunion is only 3 years away! Have you moved, dropped your land line, changed your name or your email? Please send us your updated contact info ( don't forget to include your "high school" name). Do you have info for any of our classmates? Please share it with us. We want to make every effort to invite our entire class!!
You can email us:
[email protected]


45thReunion 08/12/2016



It was such a wonderful evening with great friends..old and new... And great food. Thank you all for making this so much FUN!
If you took any pictures, please share them here! Unfortunately, the photographer we booked for our reunion suffered a stroke and we were not able to find another photographer available for our event at a price we could afford.
Thanks to those of you that updated your contact info and offered to help us for the 50th. You will be hearing from us!


Don't forget...our 45th Reunion is tomorrow, August 6th at 7pm.


Last call! You know you don't want to miss this. We have to call the final head count in tomorrow morning? Please let me know ASAP if you want to be a part of this celebration.


Hello Class of '71. It's crunch time. We can't wait to see you. Please, please send in your money now as we have to give Mt Washington Tavern our head count. If you choose Paypal, use the FRIENDS and FAMILY option so we aren't charged any fees. See you soon.


Class of 71 ... We are getting very close to our July 16th deadline with Mt Washington Tavern. if you haven't already sent your money in, please get it to us. Have you checked to make sure your friends have sent in their money? Please help us by reminding them. If you have workng phone numbers or emails of classmates, please send them to us. Thanks for your help and see you soon!


Are you ON THE FENCE? Our reunion is in 1 month. Don't miss this opportunity to get together with some old (yes, I said old) friends and meet some new ones, too. It's going to be a great evening. Remember ... '71 ... 2nd to NONE!
Remember to send your money in. Please send your checks to:
Milford Mill Class of 71
9 Westminster Shopping Center #148
Westminster, MD. 21157
OR Go to and send your payment to:
[email protected] Please use the Friends and Family option. It's only $65 pp or $120 per couple. We will need a head count soon for Mt Washngton Tavern. Don't forget to tell your friends! Hope to see you all there.


Class of '71 ... Who Do You Know! Could you call a few people and invite them to our reunion? Here is another group of people we have not been able to contact. We would really appreciate your help.
Kenny Califano, Paul Caplan, Lynn Carter Shifflett, Karen Chayt Marcus, Darlene Chilcoat Dunn, Joel Cohen, Morton Cohen, Malcolm Collector, Don Conrad, Susan Corwin Chies, Deborah Cox Reiblich, Debra Cray DiVenti, Pam Crismer McFarlane, Edna Crum Fritz, Barbara D'Andrea, Thomas D'Anthony, Carol Davis Yates, Mark Davis, Arlene Deavertolson, Mindy Denmark, Cathy Dent Smith, Mark Dillinger, Terri Dipaula, Gail Dorsey Noda, David Douglas.
There will be more names soon. We appreciate any help you can give to get us their contact info or at least tell them about our reunion. Thanks


Class of '71 ... Our 45th reunion is rapidly approaching and we need your help!! Here is the beginning of the MISSING classmate list . Do you know where any of these people are? Do you have their phone number or email address? If you do, please send it to us by FB message or to our email address < [email protected]. Thanks
Diane Albiker Reilly, Elizabeth Barrick Zelinsky, Kathleen Baublitz, Don Baum, Sandra Beck Taylor, Robin Beer Sussman, David Berliner, Lee Berquist, David Blass and Karen Bricker Blass, Philip Blumberg, Lynn Burnett Haberkam, Edward Butler, Kim Butler.
We will be adding more names soon.


We are having a lot of difficulty locating a lot of our classmates. Many of you have changed your email since our last reunion. Many of you have dropped your land line. And many of you have moved or remarried, changing your name. If you or someone you know have not received an evite or a phone call, please CONTACT US!
Send us a FB message or email us your contact info :
[email protected]
PLEASE share this post. Hitting the like button doesn't help us spread the message!
If you plan to help us celebrate, please remember to send your money. We are looking forward to another evening of sharing memories with old and new friends.


Hello Class of 71. We have wonderful news! Please check out our new, updated reunion invitation. If you have already sent your payment, we will be sending you a refund for over payment. This will be in the form of a check we will mail to you. We may be contacting you for your address! If you would like to help us celebrate, we need your payment by July 16th. There is a lot of work involved in putting this event together. Please don't be a last minute Nellie....send your payment now!
We need your help ....spread the word by hitting the SHARE button. Thanks


Hello Class of 71! Did you receive your evite? If you did, PLEASE RSVP and send your money by check or Pay Pal, per the directions on the invitation shown here. If you did not receive an evite, you have changed your email address since our last reunion OR we could not find current contact info for you. We would love to have your email address even if you are not planning to attend our reunion. You can help us by hitting the SHARE button to help circulate this post . Thanks and we look forward to seeing you in August.

****please note ... We worked very hard and we are able to drop the price to $65pp or $120 per couple. We were also able to change the start time to 7pm.


Please send your checks to: Milford Mill Class of 71
9 Westminster Shopping Center #148
Westminster, MD. 21157
OR Go to And send your payment to:
[email protected]
Please use the Friends and Family option!

Do we have your current name, phone number, mailing address and email. Do you have this info for any classmates that are not on Facebook? Please send it to us. Thanks for your help!!!


We are a small committee this year and we are working very hard to find all of our classmates. If we have not yet contacted you by phone, email or a fb message, could you please help us by sending us your name (then and now), address, email and phone number. And please hit the SHARE button. Thanks


Several people have asked for the link to our web page....sorry, we don't have one. Would anyone like to work with us to create one?


You are invited to our 45th reunion celebration on Saturday, August 6, 2016 at the Mt Washington Tavern at 7 pm. Please send us your best phone number, current address and email address so we can update our class database. We need this info even you are unable to attend our event. You can message us or email us at . As always, spouses and guests are welcome to join us. We will be posting more info soon.


Hello Millers! We need your help locating our classmates. We want to keep everyone in the loop about our reunion! Please message us the names and phone numbers you may have of anyone from our class so we can contact them. Please hit the SHARE button to help us spread this message.


The next Milford Mill Class of 71 Reunion planning meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 21st at 7 pm. If you would like to help, please message us for details. Thanks


Tonight's meeting has been cancelled! We will post the new date soon. Stay safe and warm.


Reunion meeting tomorrow night has been rescheduled for Monday, February 15th. Hope you are warm and safe!


We are having a "telethon" meeting Monday night, December 14th. If you would like to help, please message me for details. Thanks


Tonight's reunion committee meeting has been CANCELLED! The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 16th at 7 PM at the Pikesville Panera on Reisterstown Road . Please let us know if you would like to attend, so we know what size table to grab. Please help us update our contact list by sending us your name (maiden plus married), mailing address, phone and email address. You can send it by private message or to [email protected]. Thanks for your help.


You are invited! We are having a reunion committee meeting on Monday, October 26 th, 2015 at 7PM at the Panera in Pikesville. Please let us know if you are coming or need more info.


AUGUST 6, 2016
Mt Washington Tavern
For those that have expressed an interest in helping, here are the dates for the next reunion planning meetings: Oct 26th, Nov 16th and Dec 14th. We meet at the Panera in Pikesville on Reisterstown Road at 7pm. Please let us know if you plan to come so we know how big a table we need.
Please hit the SHARE button!


You are invited! We are having a reunion committee meeting on Monday, September 28th, 2015 at 7PM at the Panera in Pikesville. Please let us know if you are coming or need more info.


AUGUST 6, 2016
Mt Washington Tavern

We are in the planning stage of our 45th reunion. We are working hard to make this another fun and memorable event.
Please share this post on your page!


Milford Mill Class of '71 - Reunion Page




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