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Great to see Jon Cherry 91’ tonight at the All State Track meet. His son Reed is the 2021 All State Champion in the 800m Congratulations Reed.

Great to see Jon Cherry 91’ tonight at the All State Track meet. His son Reed is the 2021 All State Champion in the 800m Congratulations Reed.


Let’s ‘put’ something!

Photos from Bishop Feehan Track & Field's post 03/23/2021

Shot putters, each with their own circle, getting many more reps. We are progressing!


Drew Breese doing the scorpion! Love it.


It was a great way to end the most unusual cross country season. These kids were awesome. Many life lessons learned this year. Great leadership from the seniors which will help lead this team to a bright future!


Great day for the first CCL champions. These athletes are awesome!


Another good day of cross country at the Mark Coogan course at Highland Park. And two of the best coaches Kendra and Meredith


Our first competition since last winter. Felt good to get out there and compete. Top boy 16:39 top girl 20:20


State Running

We are on our way: High school running site.


Joshua Cheptegei's INCREDIBLE 10,000 Meter WORLD RECORD Attempt || The Road to 25:59

And if you are a true distance ju**ie, watch this video. Breaking down, what it will take to set more world records:

And you thought his 12:35 was impressive... Patreon - *Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyrigh...


Joshua Cheptegei breaks men's 5000m World Record | FULL RACE | Best Quality | Monaco DL 2020

"Gird your Loins" This video, regardless of your sport, is an amazing display of what the human body can endure. This is an average of about 4:01 per mile for 3 miles.

[05/13/20]   Here are the remainder of the girl school records that I have. We are trying to compile the rest.

3 x SP Relay 101-2.25
Bridget Whall
Haley Linehan
Melissa Ellis
2010 Class C Relays

4X100M 49.03
Meagan Luongo
Rieley Scharland
Arianna Bruno
Anne Leahey
2014 New England Championships at Bridgewater State

4X1600M 21:11.87
Brynna Harum 5:20.0
Kate Svensen 5:30.4
Jackie Cutillo 5:24.3
Abbie McNulty 4:57.2
5/18/14 1st place Div. 3 Relays Pembroke

4X400M 4:02.86
Meredith Butler
Kerin Ingegneri
Molly Lahiff
Katie McNulty
2015 7th Place All State Meet Fitchburg State University

4X800M 9:26.97
Anisa Arseneault
Katie Powell
Viviana Hanley
Jen Thomas

DMR 4000M 12:16.81
Brynna Harum 1200 3:50.2
Molly Lahiff 400 62.7
Meg Carmody 800 2:25.6
Abbie McNulty 1600 4:58.7

[05/12/20]   Girls Shot Put and Triple Jump school records:

Shot Put 37-0 Melissa Ellis

Triple Jump 37-7.75 Danielle Ebzery Loucks Games N.Y.

[05/11/20]   THE LONG JUMP:
Mary Effler 2007

[05/10/20]   Might be one of my favorite throwing events, I present THE Javelin
Javelin Throw 135-10
Katie Cataldo 2011
2nd Place All State Meet @ Bridgewater State U.

[05/09/20]   the High Jump.

High Jump 5-3
Brittany Harris 2003
Teresa Yoder 2013 D3 Meet

[05/08/20]   And now for the girl field events. We will start off with the longest standing school record, boy or girl. Joanna Needham was a classmate of mine. Fun Fact, she was on American Gladiators back in the day and I believe went on to become the first female CHIP motorcycle officer. And was inducted into the first Bishop Feehan Athletic Hall of Fame.


112-2 Joanna Needham 1977

[05/07/20]   Let's go with two records today as these two young women were two of the most decorated female runners in Feehan History:
1 mile
4:56.54 Abbie McNulty 5/11/14 Loucks Games

5:04.69 Viviana Hanley 5-29-10 Class C Meet @ Oliver

2 mile
10:25.64 Abbie McNulty 5/11/14 2nd place Loucks Games

10:52.57 Viviana Hanley 5/14/11 Loucks Games

[05/06/20]   800 Meters:
2:12.35 Meg Looney 2007 All State Meet 2nd Place
2:11.5 Meg Looney 2008 Dual Meet v. Attleboro


Brandon and Aidan get it. T-Shirts that is.

[05/05/20]   For this relatively newer event, I can go 2 deep:
400M Hurdles
66.29 Meredith Butler 5/22/15 EAC Championship Meet at Feehan
#2 66.42 Ally Luongo 2012 Div. III Championship Pembroke

[05/04/20]   Girls 400 Meter School Record
57.62 Alyssa Perreault
2011 1st Place Division III Meet @ Oliver Ames H.S.

[05/03/20]   200m School Record:
Denise Eures

[05/02/20]   Continuing with the girls school records we find our own current art teacher and coach Ms. Schmidt
15.86 100m Hurdles
Trenna Schmidt
5/12/08 Loucks Games

[05/01/20]   Disclaimer: As the boys Spring Track Coach, I did not keep the top best for the girls track team. This is a project we are working on. But for now, I can display the school records. Also for general information, we now use Fully Automatic Timing aka Electronic Timing for our records. If I have it, I'll also post the hand time if available. If anyone has proof of better performances or you are really close to this time, please send that information to me and will add to a list we are starting to compile. But for now,

100M 12.44 Ann Leahy 5/20/17
Last Chance Meet Notre Dame Hingham

Irene Iverson Choberka 1998 ran 12.3 at a meet v. Attleboro

[04/30/20]   And now the final boys school relay records. SMR aka Sprint Medley Relay:
SMR 1600M 3:35.65
Matt Taylor 23.3
Liam Firth 23.0
Billy Looney 51.0
Bobby McShane 1:56.6
2010 Outdoor Nationals

[04/29/20]   One of the oldest school records is the DMR

DMR 4000M 10:32.0
Ray Guillette
Dan Wheeler
Scott Jones
Mark Coogan


Pat Healey gets it!! A T-shirt that is! Way to stay motivated.

[04/28/20]   4x800m School Record:
4X800M 8:03.55
Kevin O'Brien 2:03.8
Will Clerx 2:02.4
Billy Looney 2:01.9
Bobby McShane 1:55.2
6-05-10 All State Meet @ Westfield State College

[04/27/20]   THE 4x400m Relay School Record:
4X400M 3:24.45
Matt Taylor 51.6
Adam Barnes 51.3
Billy Ward 51.7
Billy Looney 49.9
6/4/11 3rd Place All State Meet Bridgewater State U

[04/26/20]   2019 = Synergy! was the calling card for this group of sprinters who set two school records last spring. You saw them in the 4x100 and now the same 4 are in the 4x200:

4X200M 1:29.74
Ray George
Aidan Corrigan
Pat O'Toole
Matt Zawaski
5/18/19 South Shore Principal's Meet Norwell


These competitors get it!!! A T-Shirt that is. Sean O’Brien got one without me seeing. Sorry no picture of him!

[04/25/20]   A little distance love: 4x1600m relay school record:
4X1600M 18:30.76
Jeff Vogel 4:40.3
Henry Dodge 4:37
Mike Wood 4:38
Rich Moschella 4:34
4/29/2012 Won the Division III Relay race at Pembroke

[04/24/20]   This was the best collection of high hurdlers ever assembled. Here is your 4x110m Hurdle Relay team:
4X110M Shuttle Hurdle 61.9
Jason Brown 15.8
J.P. Hendrix 15.7
Trevin Schmidt 15.6
Chris Conway 15.0
2004 Class C Relays Milton

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Cross Country Camp or Halloween Camp? One will never know.
Cross Country Camp or Halloween Camp? Who knows where we are?
We are the Champions
Cross country camp or Dance camp? Hard to tell.
A great run today on the back roads of North Attleboro very hilly!
A productive day at Borderland State Park. A double dual meet v. Power houses Mansfield and Oliver Ames. The boys were d...
A productive day at Borderland State Park. A double dual meet v. Power houses Mansfield and Oliver Ames. The boys were d...




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