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The Epstein School’s student-centered approach to education provides our students the tools they need to be successful in their educational journey and in life. Our innovative environment builds on their passions, and embraces a strong partnership between family, home and school, instilling a strong sense of identity and values. The Epstein School prepares students to become confident, engaged lea

Operating as usual

Photos from The Epstein School's post 06/14/2024

- Highlights from our amazing second week of ESA Camp. We marked Israel Day, enjoyed arts and crafts, made delicious snacks in Kool Kooking, went a little mad with experiments in Mad Science Camp, rode ponies with Briarcliff Stables, and of course got moving in sports camp. Next week, the circus is coming to town! 🎪
Check out our availability for Circus and Aerial Camp, Cake Boss, Challenge Island, and more!

Photos from The Epstein School's post 06/11/2024

Week 2 of Epstein Summer Adventure camp is underway! 🎨🐎🤖🏅We're looking forward to a whole new week of FUN!

Photos from The Epstein School's post 06/07/2024

🌟 Our first week of camp was a splashing success! 🌟 Campers had a blast with cooking, sports, art, and drama. We closed out the week with our fabulous Camp Couture fashion show, and the threads were quite impressive. All of our campers enjoyed water play on the lily pads and everyone was all smiles in the sunshine. 🌞 We can't wait for more fun in the next 3 weeks!

Photos from The Epstein School's post 06/05/2024

Kol HaKavod to two individuals who are so special to our Epstein community. This week, Jack Halpern was honored with the Lifetime of Achievement Award and Melissa Silver was the recipient of the Marilyn Shubin Professional Staff Development Award during the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta Annual Meeting. Jack’s devotion to the health, progress, and success of the Atlanta Jewish community is endless. He is a thoughtful leader whose ideas create vision and purpose, and he is a volunteer who rolls his sleeves up to ensure the job gets done. Serving as a role model for his children and grandchildren, Jack’s commitment to Epstein is a fraction of the work he has done for our larger community. Whatever the need, Jack is always there to lend invaluable guidance and support. We are so fortunate to call Jack a lifetime member and leader of the Epstein community.

Along with Jack’s honor, the Federation awarded our own Melissa Silver, who teaches 8th grade history at Epstein and has recently accepted the position of K-8 Curriculum Coordinator in addition to her teaching responsibilities. Melissa is helping her students to think beyond themselves, to see the world as it is, and seek ways to better the world around them. She has implemented No Place for Hate at Epstein, a national initiative designed by the ADL to create a welcoming community committed to stopping all forms of bias and bullying. She teaches her students the history of the Holocaust culminating in a final eighth grade project where they research and design Holocaust memorials. Melissa is truly challenging minds, nurturing hearts, and making mensches every day at Epstein.

Mazel Tov to Jack and Melissa. We are so proud that you are part of our Epstein family, and we applaud you for your commitment to strengthening the Jewish Atlanta community.

Photos from The Epstein School's post 06/03/2024

Summer is here and ESA Camp ROCKS!! 😎☀️🏖️🌊
Look at these cute faces having the best day kicking off the first day of camp. Check out our preschool camp to cooking, sports to STEAM, and of course arts n' crafts! Limited spaces available for the next three weeks. Check our availability on

Photos from The Epstein School's post 05/30/2024

Cheers to Chef Jane Escalera! 🧑‍🍳🎉
After 29 incredible years at Epstein, our beloved Chef Jane is hanging up her apron and retiring! Jane has not only 'filled the stomachs' of thousands of students, faculty, staff, and guests... but she has done so with love, nourishment, and unwavering dedication. From her heartwarming smiles to her unforgettable dishes, she's made every meal a moment of joy.
Thank you, Chef Jane, for your endless passion and delicious creations! You'll always be a cherished part of our Epstein family. Enjoy every bite of your well-deserved retirement!

The Epstein School’s 50th — A Golden Celebration 05/29/2024

We are still celebrating!! Read about Epstein in the news and join us in one more Happy 50th to Epstein! ⭐🎉

The Epstein School’s 50th — A Golden Celebration The foundational institution celebrated a half-century of molding young Jewish minds and building community.

Photos from The Epstein School's post 05/24/2024

And that's a wrap! We celebrated the end of the year with our faculty and staff this afternoon with lunch, service awards, and a special end of year video.
Mazel tov to all who reached a special milestone at Epstein spanning 5, 10, 15, 25, and even 40 years!

A special Kol Hakavod to our Rebecca and Isaac May Outstanding Teachers of the Year!
ECP: Amber Rabinowitz
Elementary School: Rachel Mandell
Middle School: Profe Bing, aka, Kelsey Brown
You are exemplars in your field. We are so proud to work beside you all. Mazel Tov!

Photos from The Epstein School's post 05/23/2024

M A Z E L T O V to the Epstein Class of 2024! Oh, what a night! Graduation was such a special moment for our eighth-grade families—and for our entire community. Celebrating the achievements and successes of our graduates is so meaningful; celebrating the wonderful people they are as individuals and as a group fills our hearts. We are so grateful to our speakers for the evening, including Epstein Board of Trustees President Alana Sonenshine, Marty Kogon on behalf of the Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta (and grandfather to one of our 2024 graduates), and Rabbi Brad Levenberg of Temple Sinai (and father to one of our 2024 graduates). Your words and wishes for our students were so inspiring and will be remembered and treasured. And to our student speakers, Isabel Siegel and Liam Shemesh, you represented your classmates flawlessly. Your words were thoughtful, meaningful, inclusive, and so kind. Kol Hakavod to Middle School Principal Susanna Ames, Head of School Dr. D, and the Epstein faculty and staff who have guided this class as they have become the extraordinary young adults they are. We cannot wait to see their futures unfold! Mazel Tov to our newest Epstein alumni!

Photos from The Epstein School's post 05/22/2024

Today was MOVE UP DAY!! We bid farewell to the Epstein Class of 2024 and wish them well.
We cheered and celebrated each grade moving on up!


Epstein Vintage Eagles: Then and Now 🦅🎓 Meet Amelit Hall, a graduate from the Class of 2024!
Amelit's journey at Epstein began nine years ago in kindergarten. From a smiley, bubbly girl, she has blossomed into a well-mannered and articulate young lady. We've witnessed her impressive success, both on and off the volleyball court. Amelit's diverse hobbies and passions reflect her drive to excel in whatever she pursues. As she prepares to spread her wings at Pace Academy in the fall, we extend our heartfelt mazel tov and wish her abundant success ahead!

We are so proud of you, Amelit!


Epstein Vintage Eagles: Then and Now 🦅🎓 Meet Alexis Frist, a graduate from the Class of 2024! Alexis has had 9 amazing years at Epstein. With a love for spending time with friends, dance, and skiing, Alexis eagerly anticipates the new experiences high school will bring, including exploring new classes and expanding her circle of friends. We're excited to see Alexis thrive at The Weber School next year! Mazel Tov!

Photos from The Epstein School's post 05/20/2024

Mazel Tov to Maya Friedberg on her in school Bat Mitzvah this morning! What a beautiful way to begin our last week of the school year. Maya led Tefilah for her family and classmates with grace and confidence. She chanted Torah with such ease, and she shared the message of her d’var, a message she clearly takes to heart, with conviction and deep understanding. As we participated in Tefilah, listened to Maya’s d’var, and heard Ms. Ames’ principal’s charge, we were given a true glimpse into the compassionate, caring, and thoughtful person Maya is. We learned about her mitzvah project, raising money for the canine unit of the IDF. We learned about the Shmitta in Israel, when there is no planting or harvesting every seven years. As Maya explained, even if you are not a farmer is Israel, you can use this practice to save your own resources—by planning for the future and taking care of those around you. We all send a hearty Mazel Tov to the Friedberg family on the occasion of Maya’s Bat Mitzvah. Kol Hakavod, Maya!

Photos from The Epstein School's post 05/20/2024

We celebrated our amazing volunteers at our annual appreciation breakfast. As our 50th school year is winding down, we wanted to take a moment to express our heartfelt appreciation to all of our incredible volunteers for making this year EXTRA special. From assisting in classrooms to organizing so many events to helping out whenever needed, our volunteers have been rock stars! The countless hours they have devoted, the smiles they have shared, and the creativity and love they have poured into our school have shaped the Epstein Experience for our students, faculty, and staff this year. We thank you all for giving so much of yourself to Epstein! . And a HUGE shoutout of thanks to our students and teachers who came to thank our volunteers with performances that tugged at our hearts!


Epstein Vintage Eagles: Then and Now 🦅🎓 Meet Siena Joel, a graduate from the Class of 2024! Although Siena joined the Epstein community just last year, her impact has been immense, especially on the soccer field where she shines as a dominant force and a leader on the 8th-grade girls team. Beyond that, Siena enjoys other activities like volleyball and the occasional retail therapy trip. With her sights set on The Weber School, Siena eagerly anticipates new friendships and opportunities.

Your Epstein family couldn't be prouder of you, Siena!

Photos from The Epstein School's post 05/19/2024

A HUGE thank you to our phenomenal Epstein PTO for showering our teachers and staff with love, food, over 60 raffle items, a fun 360 photo booth (donated by our own Maurice Welch), workout opportunities (thanks to Mr. Fitness Love and Lori Harber), massages from Excel Chiropractic, and more! It was a fantastic week, and we are so grateful. Thank you to the team (Jen Kopman, Jann Kaller, Risa Philipson, Pam Trompeter, Eldar Karen) and to all our families who support us every day! Shout out to Sign Greeters for welcoming us in style!


Mazel Tov to our 2023-2024 Epstein 101 graduates for completing their three sessions focused on topics that enhance their Epstein knowledge and provide info and tools needed to be a dynamic volunteer. We are so grateful that our families step up, embrace their volunteer roles—and help us grow and nurture our Epstein community. A special Todah Rabah (thank you) to our Epstein 101 Co-Chairs: Nadine Stein and Susan Wallis. Kol Hakavod!

Top row L to R: Stefanie Fishman, Jessica Miller, Ashley Bachar, Jennifer Kopman, Jacob Gelbaum, Elizabeth Rosenzweig, Harris Konter, Jeff Thaler
Front row L to R: Nadine Stein, Jann Kaller, Elisheva Engler, Karyn Alexander, Elissa Konter, Audrey Kunkes, Marta Haviv, Susan Wallis


Epstein Vintage Eagles: Then and Now 🦅🎓 Meet Isabel Siegel, graduating with the Class of 2024 after 11 memorable years at Epstein. With a passion and love for camp, cooking, sports, and adventure, Isabel eagerly looks forward to all the new possibilities at Riverwood High School. Excited to make new friends and reunite with her siblings in one place, Isabel is poised for an exciting journey ahead.

Congratulations, Isabel, we are so proud of you!


Epstein Vintage Eagles: Then and Now 🦅🎓 Meet Lauren Deckelbaum, a graduate from the Class of 2024 at Epstein. With 9 years of cherished memories, Lauren shines both in sports and academics, particularly excelling in math and geography. Her spirit and loyalty to friends set her apart. Now, as she prepares to embark on her high school journey at The Weber School, Lauren eagerly anticipates new academic challenges and friendships.

We are so proud of you, Lauren!

Photos from The Epstein School's post 05/16/2024

Mazel Tov to Marley Rattray on her in school Bat Mitzvah! Tefillah this morning had an air of family, a sense of community that enveloped the room. Marley chanted, led services, and delivered her d’var with poise, kindness, and grace well beyond her years. In her principal’s charge, Ms. Ames described Marley’s warmth and inclusivity among her friends and peers which is a direct parallel to the lessons of the parsha. Thank you, Marley, for sharing this joyful moment with your Epstein family. We wish the entire Rattray family a hearty Mazel Tov!


Epstein Vintage Eagles: Then and Now 🦅🎓 Meet Ethan Kirkel, our graduating eagle from the Class of 2024! Ethan has been a part of the Epstein community for an impressive 9 and a half years, finding joy in sports and the camaraderie of friendship. Among his athletic pursuits, rowing holds a special place in his heart. As Ethan eagerly anticipates the journey ahead, he's ready to embrace the boundless possibilities that lie ahead at Riverwood.

Mazel Tov, Ethan!

Photos from The Epstein School's post 05/14/2024

It was a day of celebration! The joy of Yom HaAtzmaut, Israel’s Day of Independence, was palpable in every corner of Epstein, today! Yet, in every joyous moment, there was a reminder of October 7th and the 133 people who are still captive. As we all stood together as a community and sang, Am Yisrael Chai, our thoughts drifted to the 133 souls we pray for every day. The flag was raised, we lit the torches to mark this day, and each time, together we recited U’le’tiferet Medinat Israel, For the glory of the state of Israel. Throughout the program, organic moments of dancing and singing erupted in the ECP-middle school crowd, with parents and grandparents joining in. While there is so much sorrow in our world right now, our children reminded us of how much joy there is in every day. We all left school today with so much to celebrate - having learned about unity, bravery, collaboration, shalom, determination, responsibility, friendship, and diligence... all in connection with the state of Israel. Todah Rabah to all of our teachers for a fabulous day at Epstein!
📸See your Epstein email for a link to our full gallery of photos from our day-long, school-wide Yom HaAtzmaut celebration.


Epstein Vintage Eagles: Then and Now 🦅🎓 Introducing Marin Eisenstein, our graduating eagle from the Class of 2024! Marin has graced Epstein with her presence for 4 wonderful years. With a heart full of love for family and friends, she's always ready to share a laugh. Her summer place (Camp Tevya) in New Hampshire awaits her, and then she's off to The Weber School to conquer new heights.

Marin, your Epstein family is bursting with pride!

Photos from The Epstein School's post 05/13/2024

We observe Yom HaZikaron today, the day we remember those who gave their lives in military service in Israel and those who have been victims of terrorism in the state of Israel. This year, Yom HaZikaron binds the Jewish people around the world, honoring the memories of soldiers and victims from decades of terrorism, like never before. The tragedy of October 7th and the months that have followed created a bond, one that connects all Jewish people. We stand together, remembering the sorrow and unspeakable pain the families of the fallen are enduring, and we stand hopeful, praying for peace for Israel and the Jewish people. . The people of Israel Live. Thank you to our extraordinary team of Epstein teachers, parents, Shinshinim Atlanta and students who participated in today’s ceremony. It was poignant, moving, and so meaningful to us all. And thank you to the Israel Consulate General of Israel to the Southeast, Anat Sultan-Dadon, for being with us today. Your words stayed in the room, even after the assembly, reminding us how important it is to stay connected to Israel, to stand up for ourselves and those in Israel, and to always be a light in a world with too much darkness.


Get ready for an exciting summer at ESA Camp! 🌻☀️😎
Sign up for one or all four weeks! Register today!


Epstein Vintage Eagles: Then and Now🦅🎓 Meet our graduating eagle, Hailey Greenstein Class of 2024! Hailey has been a part of the Epstein community for an impressive 13 years. With a passion for friendship, cooking, skiing, and retail therapy, she's ready to spread her wings and embark on new adventures in high school. Here's to watching Hailey continue to soar as she transitions to Riverwood next year!

We are so proud of you, Hailey!


Epstein Vintage Eagles: Then and Now🦅🎓 Meet our graduating eagle, Ivy Fishbein, Class of 2024! Ivy’s journey at Epstein began five years ago when she was in fourth grade. Her interests in sports span from basketball to dance, with a particular passion for sports media in the future. Ivy eagerly looks forward to learning new things and exploring the vast array of career possibilities that await her as she grows older. Her sweet, caring, and bubbly personality shines through, making her a truly remarkable student. Next year, Ivy plans to take her passion and dedication to The Weber School, where we are confident, she will soar to new heights!

We are so proud of you, Ivy!


Epstein Vintage Eagles: Then and Now🦅🎓 Meet our graduating eagle, Micah Bank Class of 2024!
Micah’s journey at Epstein began 9 years ago. His passion for soccer and basketball has made him a leader on the field. As he steps into high school, Micah eagerly anticipates new friendships and opportunities at Mt. Vernon next year. We celebrate his achievements with immense pride!

We are so proud of you, Micah!

Photos from The Epstein School's post 05/09/2024

Mazel Tov to Josh Petchenik on his in-school bar mitzvah this morning! This week’s parsha, Kedoshim, teaches us to be holy. The interpretation of the text takes on a few meanings, but Josh illustrated his perspective through his thoughtful d’var. He explained to us that he works to fulfill the directive to be holy every day – sharing kindness, respect, and fairness to everyone he encounters. Through his mitzvah projects and the way he interacts with his peers, teachers, and mentors, Josh exemplifies these character traits every day. One of Epstein’s shinshinim, Eran Holdengreber, delivered the principal’s charge for Susanna Ames. Eran and Josh developed a mentor-friendship on a school trip to D.C. earlier this year; Eran’s words today were filled with kavod and expressed precisely how Josh embodies the lessons of his parsha. It was a touching, meaningful bar mitzvah today. Mazel Tov again to Josh and his entire family. Shinshinim Atlanta


Epstein Vintage Eagles: Then and Now🦅🎓 Meet our graduating eagle, Yarden Hakimovich Class of 2024! Yarden’s journey at Epstein spans an incredible 10 years. Throughout his time, he has been an integral part of our community. His diverse interest range from cooking to basketball, reflecting his passion for both creativity and athleticism. As he eagerly anticipates the next chapter of his education, Yarden looks forward to new opportunities in learning, sports, and friendship at The Weber School.

We are so proud of you, Yarden! We can’t wait to see how you will continue to soar!

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