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Welcome to The Children's Garden Preschool~ a beautiful place to play, learn and grow.

Operating as usual


Join us at The Children's Garden's Open House Day! Experience the joy, love and magic in our special school. Meet and engage with our teachers and staff, witness a little "demo" of a weekly activity in the classes, and hear about the meaningful, rhythmic days and weeks the children in our school experience! There will be time spent in our beautiful classrooms, and outdoors, on the play yard and outdoor classroom area.

If you are interested in attending, we kindly request you make a reservation by emailing us at [email protected]
Space is limited.

Feel free to contact us with questions if you need more information! We look forward to seeing you and having the opportunity to meet you and your child, while sharing what we have to offer.


The Children's Garden is hiring!

Do you have a pioneering spirit? We are a Waldorf-inspired morning program seeking experienced, enthusiastic candidates who are excited about working with children aged 3 to 5, in a mostly outdoor environment.

We have one assistant teacher position open for next year that we are ready to fill NOW (hiring, training, and early start) -
* Five mornings/week 8:30am - 1:30pm
* Salaried position with paid holidays, school breaks and inclement weather days
* Paid training
* Mentoring and professional development
* Annual bonus

Interested in applying? Email Sally to learn more about this employment opportunity
[email protected]


Our family-fun annual holiday event is almost here...
The Children's Garden's 11th Annual Holiday Faire & Faerie Market is taking place at the preschool on Saturday, November 19th, 11am to 3pm.

The Holiday Faire & Faerie Market is all about sharing the magic and wonder of the start to holiday season with families and their young children. Everyone is invited and admission to the faire is free! Tickets may be purchased at the faire for $2 each - to use as "currency" for entry to games, activities and purchases at the snack cafe. All items sold at the faerie shoppe and from our vendors may be purchased with cash/check/card.

Children and families will enjoy...
Holiday Shopping Featuring ~
* The Faerie Shoppe - a magical place offering special holiday gifts and wares for children and parents, including handmade crafts from our Crafter's Guild, toys, play silks, story books for children, parenting books and special handmade "market items" made by each class
*Local Artisan Market with local hand-crafters and makers offering original, one-of-a-kind works of art, crafts, handmade items and specialty products for young children AND adults

Games & Activities for Children Featuring ~
"The Pocket Lady" with pockets full of treasures / Fishing Pond Game / Gnome Toss in the Crystal Cave

Food & Refreshments ~
Elves' Treats Snack Cafe with a selection of homemade, sweet & savory baked goods, along with beverage offerings: hot coffee, warm cocoa, and our ever-popular "Hot Toddies" for adults!

The Holiday Faire & Faerie Market is a staff and family-run fundraising event, fun for the whole community! It will be held rain or shine. (Though the faire is a planned outdoor event, some activities would relocate indoors in the case of inclement weather).


Our little school in Grant Park (Atlanta, GA) is excited to announce the 2022 Holiday Faire & Faerie Market, happening Saturday, November 19th, 11am to 3pm! Welcoming the holiday season and inviting families of young children to join in the fun!
Waldorf-inspired handcrafts, gifts and unique makers items from amazing vendors, Elves' Treats Cafe, Hot Toddies and cocoa, children's games & the "Pocket Lady"! Everyone is welcome. Admission to the Faire is free. Tickets for the cafe and activities may be purchased at the event!


The excitement is building by the moment! Just 1 more sleep till the Holiday Market is here!

Faerie Shoppe treasures await, such as toys, children's books, creative play silks, crowns, wands & puppets, holiday decorations, personal care items and more!

Our Sweet Treat Little Snack Bar offers all kinds of delicious goodies (sweet & SAVORY + warm beverages). Children's face painting with Ms Lilli and our favorite specialty vendors await!

This Saturday, outdoors only, at the school's outside space, 11am to 2pm! We can't wait to see you.

Cash, CC, check or QB invoice (enrolled families may opt for this) are accepted as payment for goods.

Family & friends, neighbors, alumni ~ everyone is welcome and admission is FREE!

Photos from The Children's Garden Preschool's post 11/05/2021

Our 2nd Annual Holiday Mini-Market & Faerie Shoppe is taking place on Saturday, November 20, 11am to 2pm. The event is completely outdoors-only. Admission is FREE!

The Holiday Mini-Market is focused on sharing the magic and wonder of the winter holiday season with families and their young children. We hope to see ALL of you! Everyone is invited and admission is free!

Treats and treasures await for children and adults ~

- Faerie Shoppe (Holiday shopping for children & parents including children's toys, play & work aprons, holiday decorations, homemade salves and wellness syrups, parenting books, children's story time books, hand-dyed play silks, handmade soaps, beeswax candles, sweet class-made market items from the children of both classes and much more)

- "Sweet Treats Snack Bar" (SWEET & SAVORY - along with water and warm beverages)

- Face Painting

- Craft Vendors featuring handmade one-of-a-kind gifts & treasures

Cash, check and credit cards will be accepted at check out. Currently enrolled families may also opt to be invoiced for the total of their purchases.

The Holiday Mini-Market & Faerie Shoppe is a staff and family-run event, fun for the whole community! It will be held OUTDOORS, rain or shine at the preschool.


▪ ▪ ▪
There is so much more to behaviour than most people think. Children don’t try to upset us, there is usually something behind it. They are communicating their need through behaviour. If we look behind the behaviour we can see a child who is doing the best they can.


18 days till our Second Annual Holiday MINI-MARKET (outdoor only)! Everyone is welcome!


We are still hoping to find a new assistant for our sweet Starlings class. Please spread the word. Our listing has just been updated on Facebook Job Listings.


Our Waldorf-inspired, outdoor, nature-based preschool is accepting inquiries for an Assistant Teacher in our youngest class, 2 year olds to young 3's, for the current school year (2021-2022).

The school is seeking a mature, warm and lovely early years teacher. Experience with young children is required. We seek a teacher eager to learn/be with experienced teachers - who is able to commit to the following part time hours (the assistant role is Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: teachers' hours are 8:30am to 1:15pm).

The school year ends May 19th, 2022. The traditional holiday breaks off for Thanksgiving, Christmas/end of year, spring break, etc are taken for the year.

Qualifications for role of assistant teacher:
- Previous work with children aged 2 to 3 years
- College degree or equivalent in varied areas of study or practice
- Study of or developed interest in human and/or child development
- High personal ethics
- Willingness to learn humbly, to honor and uphold the school's established pedagogy
- To follow the lead of an experienced teacher
- To demonstrate qualities of the heart: patience, perseverance, reliability, consistency
- Be a person who both enjoys being with young children and is worthy of imitation by the children
- Must love outdoors, find it easy to work and dress in outdoor settings with children

Responsibilities of the assistant teacher:
Position responsibilities include:

- Maintain general order and help in creating an aesthetically beautiful Waldorf Early Childhood environment.

- Engage with childrem, taking direction from the Lead Teacher regarding class management, conflict resolution, communication and day-to-day responsibilities.

- Assist during all curriculum activities; Circle time, Story, crafts and painting, Birthday celebrations, festivals and clean-up.

- Oversee children on the play yard and assist with transitions.

- Guide children with self-care (toileting, hand-washing and dressing).

- Provide first aid as necessary.

- Practice confidentiality toward matters involving parents and children.

To apply:
- Submit a short personal narrative, sharing your life experience, interest in early years education, your personal interests and why we should consider you (REQUIRED as your cover letter)
- Submit your resume, if you have one
- Provide 3 references, at least 2 pertaining to your previous work with children (REQUIRED)
All should be sent to Sally Hansen at [email protected]


Seeking Preschool Assistant Teacher in Nature-based outdoor program, Grant Park.

Our Waldorf-inspired, outdoor, nature-based preschool is accepting inquiries for an Assistant Teacher candidate in our youngest class, 2 year olds to young 3's, for the coming school year (2021-2022). The school is seeking someone mature, warm and grounded, experienced with young children, eager to learn/be mentored by master teachers - who is able to commit to the following part time hours (the assistant role is Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: teachers' hours are 8:30am to 1:15pm). The school year begins August 10th. Teacher training periods happen in July (for new teachers and returning teachers). The school year ends May 19th, 2022. The traditional holiday breaks off for Thanksgiving, Christmas/end of year, spring break, etc are taken for the year. This position is paid hourly.

Qualifications for role of assistant teacher:
- Previous work with children aged 2 to 3 years
- College degree or equivalent
- Study of or developed interest in human/child development
- High personal ethics
- Willingness to learn humbly, to honor and uphold the school's established pedagogy
- To apprentice under a master teacher
- To demonstrate qualities of patience, perseverance, reliability, consistency, and enthusiasm for new ideas
- Be a person who both enjoys being with young children and is worthy of imitation by the children
- Must love outdoors, find it easy to work and dress in outdoor settings with children

Process for candidate application:
- Submit a personal narrative, detailing your life experience, interest in early childhood education, your personal interests and why we should consider you (REQUIRED)
- Submit your resume, if you have one
- Provide 3 references, at least 2 pertaining to your previous work with children (REQUIRED)
- After the director contacts you, there will be a phone interview, followed by an in person interview and observation day.


This Saturday!
10am to 1pm
Our first ever spring pop-up craft show ~ outdoors, on the sidewalk, in the sunshine!
Hand crafted works from makers, bakers & crafters within our school community!
Stop by for some goodies, do a little shopping for Mother's Day & Father's Day. Everyone is welcome.
Most items priced between $1 - $7. Some specialty items are a little more! Spring is the theme and it's a favorite and most creative time of year at The Children's Garden. Hope to see you!

Daycares in Finland Built a 'Forest Floor', And It Changed Children's Immune Systems 01/06/2021

A change in environmental microbes can relatively easily affect a well-established microbiome in children, giving their immune system a helping hand in the process.

The notion that an environment rich in living things impacts on our immunity is known as the 'biodiversity hypothesis'. Based on that hypothesis, a loss of biodiversity in urban areas could be at least partially responsible for the recent rise in immune-related illnesses.

We agree and are seeing evidence of this every single day, in our outdoor program with its diverse microbiome.

Daycares in Finland Built a 'Forest Floor', And It Changed Children's Immune Systems Playing through the greenery and litter of a mini forest's undergrowth for just one month may be enough to change a child's immune system, according to a small new experiment.

Photos from The Children's Garden Preschool's post 12/02/2020

We'd like to share a little of what we've been up to...
We reopened as a fully OUTDOOR MORNING program on August 3rd, after much work and planning to shift from 50-60% outdoors to 100% . Our goal and commitment was to keep the school a LOW-RISK setting (in light of Covid-19) while still being the warm, welcoming and safe environment our families know us to be.
Four months in to the year, the school is a working success! Our cohort is small, with a group of children aged 2 to 5 1/2 years, with 3 teachers. We anticipate splitting the cohort into 2 smaller pods in winter or early spring, as we enroll new children.
Despite the feeling of life’s rug being completely pulled out from
under us all, we've been able to face incredible uncertainty and still overcome certain challenges, and we've come back together as a community in a creative, heart-felt, safe and successful way to nourish and nurture these children. We are so very grateful! Some pictures here give a little glimpse into our days.
We are closed for a long Holiday Exodus (break) and will reopen on January 5. There will be upcoming ROLLING ENROLLMENT opportunities for prospective families who are interested in their 2 to 5 year old children joining us, sometime between mid-January and April, 2021.
At this time, we have a limit of 7 spaces for winter or early spring enrollment to end the school year (approximately 4 spaces for two-year olds; 3 spaces for three, four or five year olds). To learn more about our amazing outdoor morning program for young children, visit the school's website at Also - feel free to call us over the break or early in the New Year, leave a detailed message, and a director will call back in early January.

Yes, Your Kids Can Play Outside All Winter 12/02/2020

Great piece about outdoor winter play for young children to
further boost the importance of outdoor activity all through the winter, especially in these times. You might find it’s one that you’d like to share with friends or family who find it hard to imagine that young children (and their parents/teachers) THRIVE outside in cold weather.
AND ABOVE ALL, it affirms that there is no such thing (except in cases of certain extreme weather conditions) as weather not suited to or good for us to be out in. It’s only when children and
adults are not dressed appropriately for the weather conditions that makes for discomfort or being ill prepared! Experts weigh in including athletes and explorers!

Yes, Your Kids Can Play Outside All Winter Hardened athletes and explorers weigh in on how to keep your kids warm.

Photos from The Children's Garden Preschool's post 11/21/2020

Our OUTDOOR Mini- Market is open 9am-11:30am today! No holiday faire this year but a treasure load of little goodies. Walk up, wear a mask, PayPal your purchase and you're done. Grab n Go Dunkin Donuts (our treat for you) while they last. Drive by to preview the class auction projects! Masks please (all adults) and keeping distance 😊🍂🍁


Coming this Saturday, November 21st 9am to 11:30am...

While we are holding our online auction this week, we invite families, friends, alumni families and neighbors to Drive By or Walk Up to our OUTDOOR Mini Market Morning, by the play yard of the school. Come preview our class projects for the auction! Grab a fresh yummy doughnut (pre-bagged) to go and do a little holiday shopping!
As we aren't able to hold a holiday faire this year, we have some of the adorable little treasures many have come to expect to see at the faire being offered at the mini-market this Saturday. Also, some lovely market items created by our children's wee hands and hearts, will be available for purchase! No cash - PayPal only. (Current families can opt to be invoiced). Everyone is welcome!


Even in the challenging times in which we live, our festivals and rhythms so revered, are continuing to play a wonderful and important part in school life and family life! This year, we are modifying just a little of our Martinmas evening, to keep it completely outdoors, with families forming as groups, while enjoying sweet and savory baked treats with warm cider. Our lantern walk with lighted lanterns and singing voices with a telling of a favourite story, Autumn Blanket, will make for a lovely evening!


We're excited to announce that our CREATIVE HIVE ONLINE COMMUNITY BENEFIT AUCTION is happening Tuesday, November 14 to Tuesday, November 24, 2020. It's designed to be truly a community event, accessible to all! It gives a special opportunity to celebrate, support and help grow our little school community, while raising money for the children’s benefit and our beloved TCGP!

This year, we celebrate the spirit of creativity, ingenuity and community with special emphasis on handmade items (donated creations, goods, services, etc). The money we raise through our online auction will help provide funding for curriculum/development aspects of the school that benefit all the children directly. From new equipment and play yard structures for daily use in our fully OUTDOOR program, to curriculum and play-scape materials, this year's auction will enhance and expand the school's physical environment in 2020 & 2021!


REGISTRATION is now OPEN for Summer-at-Home, our new, subscription-based online resource for anyone caring for young children at home this summer!
By subscribing, you'll receive comprehensive resources (along with additional support, if you wish to include) and connection to help supplement and enrich your child's development and your time together at home this summer.
Here's an overview of our offering:
Fill your child’s day with creative movement, daily seasonal circles, purposeful work, natural handcrafts, verse and song for “moving-and-singing-through-the-day”, beautiful & digestible stories, bread-baking and other recipes, as well as plenty of suggestions for activity in the morning sunshine. Join us and give your child the magic of a Children’s Garden Summer-at-Home!
TCG believes the center of a child’s morning is play – free, creative and unstructured play, indoors and outdoors – the true work, joy and developmental training ground of early childhood. The resources offered through Summer-at-Home welcome a child into engaging experiences that nourish their senses, involve their innate desire for self-initiated movement, and inspire their budding imaginations. They are intended to add, enrich and strengthen your family’s home rhythm, to support and nourish your child’s growth and your connection as a family.
BASIC Subscription
* Access all of our Weekly Rhythm from our school to your home: creating the rhythmic structure we all need, especially these days.
* Children’s Circles - delivered once a month with video and text version for you to learn and do with your child and/or alongside teacher.
* Children’s Audio Stories - two each month delivered for your child to listen to and also sent in text form, for you to have to tell to your child.
* TCG Summer Snack Recipes - one each week/four per month - baking, chopping, mixing for all the benefit and joy that we have at school when preparing food together. Sent in text form and with either images or short video.
* TCG Children’s Crafts & Handwork - one activity each week + handwork each week + songs or verse (audio and text form) to go with handwork and parts of the rhythm-of-the-day, just as we do at school.
* TCG Children’s Finger Plays & Games for Summer - a collection of our most loved movement-based plays and games, sent with short video and text form.
* Access to Summer-at-Home group Band, via the app, for check-ins and group sharing/connection.
SUPPORT Subscription
* Everything included in the BASIC Plan above PLUS:
* Gently guided weekly live support circle for parents & caregivers that will offer topics with discussion and articles related to child development, needs or challenges.
* Weekly one-on-one phone or zoom support of 30-40 mins/wk for child or family needs.

If you'd like us to send more information please just drop a quick email to us - [email protected] and we'll get that to you quickly.


A TCG News/Update for everyone!

Dear Friends,

We sincerely hope this update finds you and your family well! It has certainly - to say the least - been a spring unlike any other for everyone. From the realities of canceling much of our regular life's activities to quarantining ourselves and loved ones, this has required such indescribable tenacity, creativity and strength of spirit to ride through the storm. We have missed all of you so much and know that this time apart has been as much a pull on the heart-strings as it has been stressful and trying. Today, we'd like to update you generally, speak to the going forward aspect of this situation and share our plans for summer.

Our school remains healthy and our community (families & staff) remains vibrant, connected and clearly, eager to return to some normalcy of that which we cherish most and that puts us "back together". Sally and Lori have been at work throughout the weeks of closure (since March 16), overseeing school business, including procuring staff salary revenue and unemployment benefits (we are all furloughed now), applying for SBA loans set up via the funding of the Cares Act, negotiating with our landlord to work out rent payments under these circumstances and taking care of operations related to building maintenance, utilities and so on. Under Sally's direction, lead teachers provided as much program content as possible to use at home for each class. From stories to recipes, circles and class songs, class baking and live birthday celebrations, zoom time for sharing & group singing, educational resources or one-on-one support for parents - our goal was to uphold the important, heartfelt connection we have with our families.

Even with the complexity and uncertainty of the situation especially when we began, we feel our community largely felt this support very positively and the benefit of being able to stick together in an unusual way. We are so grateful to our families for their willingness to support that connection and be part of what we were doing - without all of you, it wouldn't have been possible! Thank you for your feedback and deeply special thanks to everyone who donated to the school during the past nine weeks! Your donations have helped make it possible to keep the school healthy and pay our expenses. We are so appreciative of your support. ALSO - we are extremely thankful of our teachers for their insights, creative ideas, time and energy to do their best to hold their classes together so lovingly through this time.

For classes whose personal items are still at the school - your child's teacher is developing plans to safely pack up and then arrange for your no-contact outdoor pickup of remaining items. Teachers will be in touch with each class group directly.

As you would expect, we are paying very close attention to the current state of living in a pandemic, what it requires and how it changes the way we function. States are now "open", with some like ours, having reopened in recent weeks. We are investigating the measures, policies and procedures to consider implementing or changing (as we have known them) to make our school safe for reopening. We are studying the guidance from the CDC/WHO and other experts and we are examining the practical experience/advice of others who go before us. Their wisdom inherently gives us a window into what is working and what is not. We are in constant discussion as we continue to evaluate all the relevant information now and as it evolves.

We're sure it goes without saying - but just so it's 100% clear to all - our greatest desire is to reopen our building safely, and as soon as possible, with proper time to carefully consider and plan all aspects, concerns and precautions, program needs and protocols. That being said, we are not yet ready to formalize or publicize our plans. They are truly still developing with a certain percentage of unknowns at this time. What we can say that is certain - is that the school will reopen in the near future. When we get to that point, with it, there will be change. We anticipate and are looking to an August or September reopening, at the latest. Again - too much remains in question to give any details or commit to a date or even a specific month. We need to get through the next several weeks, as a community - locally in our city and state, even beyond - to observe and carefully examine what unfolds, as described above.

In those considerations, we shall place the safety of our community - school families and staff - at the top of that list. We will reopen the building when it's feasible and safe to be operational. We understand, too, that some families might feel the need to delay starting or perhaps to change their plans. We respect your decision and will evaluate those situations as they arise. Please know - for those who are new or returning next year (2020-2021 school year) - your child's enrollment fee continues to hold your child's placement for the coming year. The fee is non refundable but solidly holds your child's spot. The school building remains ready for us to re-occupy and staff are on board, ready at the helm, when we can start back.

If you're wondering what could happen in relation to reopening and then changes in virus cases in the community affecting operation after we reopen, there will be bridges to cross. We shall figure and calculate as much as humanly possible based on what is known, in that scenario. What we can say is that we are considering a number of "ideas on the table" to ensure the continuation of our program in at least one form, even if an uptick in cases causes us to shift again. Your patience and willingness to sit tight and wait until we can feel confident to move forward with a solid plan for August and onward - is more appreciated than you know! We are so very eager to return to the joyful work and amazing community that is our school - to be with the children and fill our days with wonder, growth and meaningful connection, in-person.

Please keep us up-to-speed on your end with any news you have to share and feel free to communicate via email over the summer with questions. We won't be checking email as frequently during summer - but one of us should be able to respond within a matter of days.

As most of you have heard, we put our summer camp for 3 to 7 year olds and summer parent-young child class on hold. We made this decision after carefully weighing the reality of how to open safely now. We just didn't feel ready to enter into the summer with as many unknowns given the safety we would absolutely adhere to and practicality. This was not an easy decision, but we feel, a necessary one. You will see below what we've decided to do at this point, for the summer. Things could change, as the summer progresses, and we find the opportunity to end summer plans earlier and reopen the school sooner for 2020-2021 becomes a clearer and safe prospect. On the other hand, we might change summer plans (below) up a bit if we feel we could hold a camp on site later in the summer. For now, we have the following to share:

Early in May and through the end of last week, we polled our current (2019-2020) families in each class to gauge interest in a monthly Summer-at-Home Program. The idea presented is to give parents full access (and "coaching") to our summer curriculum to implement at home. It's NOT intended to be a digital program to plop a child down in front of. Rather, we wish to impart the circles, stories, songs, recipes, crafts, purposeful work, daily rhythms, songs and verse for transitions or various parts of the day for parents to implement in a similar way to what we do at the school. The poll gave parents a general outline of what it would include (much of the content delivered via short audio or video files with accompanying pdfs, photo images for visual steps, etc) offering a basic plan and a support plan (which added to the basic aforementioned, would also provide a weekly live parent support session with topic, articles, discussion - similar to our parent nights, just done virtually). About 30% of our families expressed interest - certainly enough to move forward with presenting this program.

For those who expressed interest, Sally will be communicating with you in the next couple of days with more details and a simple registration form. Anyone else who's interested in the Summer-at-Home Program but didn't reply to the poll or if you're only just now hearing about this, please feel free to contact Sally at any point during the summer via school email address. Let her know of your interest and she will include you in the group wishing to learn more and/or register.

Program content for the months of June and July is already complete, and ready to go. August is also nearly set, if it is needed. There will not be tuition costs but a donation is requested. Each family will be asked to make a "suggested donation" paid monthly or what sum they are able to give. We anticipate the suggested donation rate working out to around $25/week for the basic plan or $40/week for the basic + support plan. Remember - we are a 501(c)(3) non profit organization, so your donation can be used for tax deduction purposes.

We're excited about sharing all we can, via this program, to give parents a way to bring as much of school life into home life, as they would wish. In no way, do we think all this is easy or supposed to replace the class environment at school. We just offer it as a loving and enriching resource for those who would like to "bring home" further support of their child's growth, while keeping to the rhythms and the joyful aspects of what we do at school - all so familiar to children who have been with us. New families are welcome to this too!

2020-2021 SCHOOL YEAR
As we've already shared above, we are studiously working on when and how to get our new school year underway with safety, security and the warm, kind and certain atmosphere you are all accustomed to, in place. The original calendar date to commence the 2020-2021 year is set as Tuesday, September 8 that date and pre-year events such as Summer Community Workday on Saturday, August 22, Parent Orientation Evening on Tuesday, August 25 and the children's Mini-Morning on Thursday, September 3 are all tentative at this time. Lori has not sent invoices for 2020-2021 supply fees yet, intentionally waiting until we can work through our planning. Once we are ready to formalize and publicize dates, the 20/21 calendar, changes to program structure - if required, new procedures/policies - 2020-2021 families will be notified and Lori will send financial information and invoices as appropriate.

While the school is healthy and our beloved space is intact and secure, we do realize the possibility of an even more prolonged closure - one that we loathe the sound of and wish only to be a non-reality. If however, this situation develops in a way that places too-high a risk on having children and teachers all together everyday (with MANY new policies on drop-off/pick-up/building access/health, safety & hygiene, etc) - we will let you know if we decide to remain closed longer. Even with things changing quickly and new norms that the global public is adapting to taking hold, what unfolds with putting people together is still to be learned. We do have ideas about a fully or near-fully outdoor program and are considering a great many ways to bring this about too. Our goal is to focus on clear, reliable information, be ready to open with all considerations covered, and have back up plans thought out to the best of our ability.

Thank you for your patience and your confidence and for hanging with us through this unprecedented time. Seeing your children and you back in our vibrant community is in the forefront of our thoughts every day. Please stay well, safe and joyful in these warm months ahead. Call on us here at any time. We'll be back in touch, soon. Warmest good wishes to all!


Sally (and on behalf of Lori & Melanie, Assistant Directors)
Executive Director
The Children's Garden Preschool
[email protected]

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Our Story

The Children’s Garden’s core, whole-child, holistic approach to the joyful way of “learning through living” is our primary goal. For fifteen years, we have been meeting children in warmth, genuine understanding and with kind and firm guidance. In addition to loving teachers trained and experienced in living arts curriculum, our school embodies a natural and rhythmic, calm, warm, home-like environment for children to experience the world at their own pace and learn through their senses.

We practice a relationship-based care model that complements home life and provides a learning environment in which your child will flourish. We recognize that human relationship and activity are essential tools for all foundational skills for life. Like our community of parents, extended family and caregivers, we share a love of children and a belief that all children should be nurtured and honored while being guided and given time and space to grow. We feel the ideal means to provide this for a child in the preschool setting is in small groups, with an emphasis on experience and process. Each class takes on the feel of and connection to a little village – children viewing themselves as friends and members of a caring community. Our teachers create opportunities for children to satisfy their natural curiosity and immersion into joyful learning, all while “setting up children for success” as they deepen their capacities, fostering self-esteem and confidence.

Children in our program benefit from regular daily, weekly and monthly rhythms (schedule/flow) that they need. Rhythms help children learn to adapt to daily routines and respond beautifully to consistency and repetition. This practice provides the children a supportive and secure environment to explore and develop their independence. The sense of certainty a child experiences in this way allows him or her the time, space and freedom to reach their capabilities.

Along with vigorous, healthy imaginative indoor and outdoor play and sensory stimulation, these are the kinds of things that provide the brain activity needed for higher learning—language development, dexterity, math skills, social skills, and creative thinking—skills that are in very high demand today:
- A variety of experiential and sensorial opportunities are offered through creative play, household tasks, weekly baking & food preparation, nature exploration, water play, stories, puppetry, artistic expression through handwork and craft, painting, singing, foreign language in the older class, and movement according to age appropriateness.
- The movement/play portion of the curriculum is a planned and deliberate component of our early childhood program. It emphasizes child-initiated activities that allow and promote healthy musculo-skeletal development by providing opportunities for unstructured, spontaneous movement in a protected environment. Games, yoga and finger-plays are also an important part of the movement curriculum as they provide opportunities for the children to imitate healthy movement, develop proprioception and increase both their small and large motor skills.
- Expanded outdoor exploration — Children need more than the “playground” experience. They need “wide open places” as so aptly described in the book The Geography of Childhood by Nabhan and Trimble. Building forts, climbing trees and going on nature walks are valued experiences at The Children’s Garden. The children go outside in all but the most inclement weather in order to help them become more robust and strengthen their bond with the environment in which they live. Plants, gardening, and animal life are part of the outdoor experience wherever possible.
- Preacademic skills — The foundation for reading, math and sciences is found in practical life activity and the play of the children, which mimics it.

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The excitement is building by the moment! Just 1 more sleep till the Holiday Market is here!Faerie Shoppe treasures awai...
Midsummer play yard is lush, shady and bountiful. Our latest fruits & flowers... #thechildrensgardenpreschool #hummingbi...
What a delightful Summer Workday and Family Picnic we had this past Saturday!  Our fabulous families came out in both nu...
Another of the treasures in our LIVE auction this year!Our wee Starlings have assembled a sweet and oh so colorful colle...
Carolina Sunrise
Come savor unlimited beer tasting from Grant Park's own neighborhood brewery, Eventide, our fantastic hosts for MAYDAY! ...
Enrollment for 2016-2017 is underway!In-house Enrollment for currently enrolled families and alumni families is ongoing ...





486 Park Avenue SE
Atlanta, GA

Opening Hours

Monday 9am - 1pm
Tuesday 9am - 1pm
Wednesday 9am - 1pm
Thursday 9am - 1pm
Friday 9am - 1pm
Other Atlanta schools & colleges (show all)
Buckhead Preparatory School Buckhead Preparatory School
4300 Northside Drive NW
Atlanta, 30327

Atlanta's award-winning school for children through Grade 5.

Inman Park Cooperative Preschool (IPCP) Inman Park Cooperative Preschool (IPCP)
760 Edgewood Avenue NE
Atlanta, 30307

IPCP is a nature and play-based community preschool in Inman Park, Atlanta operating since 1981.

Future Leaders Christian Academy Future Leaders Christian Academy
51 Polar Rock Road SW
Atlanta, 30315

At Future Leaders Christian Academy we encourage all children to grow through a variety of stimulati

Freedom Park Preschool Freedom Park Preschool
502 Seminole Avenue
Atlanta, 30307

Freedom Park Preschool is preschool program providing a nurturing environment since 1982.

Concord Preschool Kids Concord Preschool Kids
640 Main Street
Atlanta, 30527

Helping families build foundations for faith! A ministry of Concord Baptist Church!

Learning Legends Academy Learning Legends Academy
Atlanta, 30331

Providing high quality care for ages 6 weeks through 12 years of age. Trusted and affordable, giving

NDS W, F Ladybug Room 2021-22 NDS W, F Ladybug Room 2021-22
Old Alabama Road
Atlanta, 30076

This page is for the 2- year-old 2021-2022 NDS Ladybug class that meets on W,F each week.

Ourway Dementia Services Ourway Dementia Services
260 Peachtree Street NW Suite 2200
Atlanta, 30303

Ourway Dementia Services Offers Personal Care Services in Atlanta, GA 30303

The Learning Nook The Learning Nook
207 Wall Street
Atlanta, 08840

In Home Daycare

Hampton First Baptist Academy Hampton First Baptist Academy
85 McDonough Street

A high quality, christian-based education with lots of love is one of the most important things that

Kids in Christ Parents Morning Out Kids in Christ Parents Morning Out
3285 Poplar Springs Road
Atlanta, 30507

We provide a safe and nurturing environment with small classes for 2 year olds, 3 year olds, and 4 y

Fatz Little People Daycare Fatz Little People Daycare

A loving and safe place for your child to enjoy themselves. Little people count also. We share love!!