Kore Self-Defense & Krav Maga

Kore Self-Defense & Krav Maga


Tai Chi resumes this Friday 10/4. 5:30 PM. Push Hands at 6:30 PM. Mat Room 1.
Glenn says "Excellent instruction, good people and a lot of fun!"
I've left messages and asked to be contacted through the website and nobody has gotten back to me. I am trying to get information on signing up at least 3 members of my family for classes - 2 teenagers and my husband. Can someone please contact me? Thanks.
When do classes move to the new bldg and what is the address of the new bldg? Thanks!
Is the children's class open tomorrow at 9am?
Come check out the Violence Dynamics page everyone...I'll be live today at 4 pm EST...
Is there testing today? I have conflicting emails?
great conversation with David-Dorian Ross -
Kore Family, A reminder that the next Yoga class will Sep 17. Have a wonderful Labor weekend! Namaste
Kore Power............Stretch, Flow and let go......! Yoga Sundays 9 am. Come join us!
OK, for the VioDy 2017 folks and those who have trained and learned about how you need 2 movements that affect the universe to break your freeze. I had a dream earlier this week where I saw someone who seemed skeptical and I ran to get away. I ended up in a bathroom and hoping he wasn't going to follow me in there. It's a dream I didn't make the right decision in that regard. I could see him walk in to the ladies room because I could see his feet under the barrier when you first enter the bathroom. I saw they were men's sneakers and I was standing far away and knew that a possible bad outcome was going to happen. So he is threatening me from a distance and I am frozen. Quite literally frozen because I'm dreaming and I'm pretty sure I was in sleep paralysis mode at the time and couldn't physically respond in the dream or in my real life state asleep. In my head in the dream I was thinking I need to movements to affect the universe I need to do those now. So what ended up waking me up and breaking the freeze was the initial part of the defense from side choke were you grind slab and relieve the choke at the same time because those were two simultaneous moves. I found it interesting how my brain process the training on the level in my dreams to a recognize the possible bad outcome because there was somebody who was sketchy and be to make the conscious decision to have two simultaneous actions that affected the universe. That's my Friday story!

Expert Krav Maga combined with the reality of self-defense. We are Loudoun's premier facility led by an Expert-Level Instructor certified in Israel. We offer a flexible training schedule and kids classes starting at age 5!

Kore Self-Defense & Krav Maga is the Northern Virginia training center operated by Personal Defense Industries, LLC. PDI is a multi-faceted company providing resources and training for professionals and civilians.

Make your every-day life better by learning how to manage conflict and violence from the ground up. Self-Defense should be more than just punching and kicking. Don't waste your valuable time and money at a blackbelt factory. Training at Kore Krav Maga is a fusion of reality-based-self-defense, Krav Maga, fitness, and mental conditioning. We are a physically safe place to do emotionally dangerous things & an emotionally safe place to do physically dangerous things. Come Play.

Mission: realistic training for every student - in every class

First Friday is Tonight! 7:00-8:15 pm. The best ladies night in town. Free Self-Defense Workshop. No experience Needed - Lots of experience? you'll find value too!


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3 Health Benefits That Come from Clenching Your Fist

Make your Brain Better!! Adults - this is a great time to join our program by starting with a Free Trial Class 🥊!

msn.com Thanks to coronavirus fist bumping may be out, which means you'll be missing out on these benefits from bunching up your right hand



If you aren't learning escape & evasion options, you aren't training in self-defense! Learn more about our program by scheduling a free class. Contact us at: [email protected]


Randy King Live at Kore in April! Two days on the stuff no one talks about in self-defense. Sign up through the event or contact Kore directly-

🥊Book your trial class 😁 email us: [email protected]📌


Getting calls from your own number? Don't pick up

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wvlt.tv If you see an incoming call from your own number, your first impulse may be to pick it up, but officials say your best bet is to avoid it altogether.

there are a lot of ways to let the physical universe teach valuable lessons - fun drill in our striking endurance class offered up a ton of learning opportunities for everyone 🥊

Leadership party competitions commence!

A week of testing, 4 months of preparation and a commitment to leadership development = our Leadership Party, Earned by students who demonstrated the characteristics of tomorrow's leaders. #koretribe

Our Warriors program tests 3 times a year. It's a full court press for students and instructors. And here they are. New ranks in hand ready to take on the world.

Our women getting stronger every day!

Hold on there, good buddy!

[02/21/20]   NO Tai Chi Today. -

Warriors Coach Highlight: meet Coach Brian. He was literally one of our very first students in the adult program. Joined while we were renting a room in a gym that went belly-up. When we discussed starting a youth program, Brian was there at the starting block and continues years later to hold a particularly high standard of training, ethic, and success for all our littles. #koretribe

Warrior Coach Highlight: and say hi to Coach Roy! He started training with us in the early days while his son also was on the mat. HIs Warrior is now burning up the dance floor in competition but Roy is still committed to helping the next generation grow strong. #koretribe

Warriors Coach Highlight: meet coach Mike! He's trained at Kore for years and recently achieved full instructor status in the adult program. He's taken on the Warriors program updating the curriculum and supervising the administration. #koretribe

Warriors Coach Highlight: meet Coach Glenn. He's been a dedicated practitioner at Kore for years and volunteers his time in our kids program twice a week. Taking a stand for the next generation. #korewarriors

Warriors Coach Highlight: meet Coach Chuck! He's Kore's go-to information guy for people who reach out on the net to find information. He's also a dedicated practitioner who volunteers once a week to support our Littles as they get stronger. #koretribe

when young women step in to help coach the next generation they understand they are leading by example: this junior kids' coach is earning her adult rank - ⬅️

Come in and get yours! Your own very special fuzzy and warm Valentine.


The Comfortable Life is Killing You

This! Fix it with us. Come take a free class😊🥊

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Warming up for First Friday. Looks like line dancing....it is not

Family that train together are always a fun addition to the mat

You can train with us at any age!

learning & growing every day - no matter how young you are 😎

Learn to levitate in our late intermediate/advanced class!!! 😆No. Not really. Just a really good shot with the camera.

strong women training into a new place of power and personal authority!

We have 3 new P4s and down there on the far left a new P5. Great job to EVERYONE who tested this past week.🎉


Top5 2020

We made the TOP 5 for Best of Loudoun. Please help us finish strong by voting is this round of finals. Vote once a day until Feb 21st. Click the link and find us under Body/Soul: martial arts.

loudountimes.com Cloudy early, then off and on rain showers for the afternoon. High around 45F. Winds SSW at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 50%..

🎉Adult testing week is done! These guys hit the mat at 10:00 am today and wrapped up at 2:30pm. Congratulate them on one hell of an effort while our P4 and P5 candidates await their results 🥊

🥊🥊🎉🎉and they all passed. Congratulations to our new P2s! Including the one not pictured- she did well too😊.


Check out Kore Self-Defense & Krav Maga.

We made the Top 5! Help us become a finalist. Vote once a day until Feb 21st!

northernvatimes.secondstreetapp.com Make your every-day life better by learning how to manage conflict and violence from the ground up. Self-Defense should be more than just punching and kicking. Training at Kore Self-Defense & Krav Maga is a fusion of reality-based-self-defense, Krav Maga, fitness, and mental conditioning. You will a...

Five people pictured, six people tested for their practitioner level two last night. They worked incredibly hard. Congratulate them on their efforts while they await the results.

The stairs look daunting before the first step. Become a "hard target" & reduce the chances of being targeted for violence in a program specific to adults with a little mileage under the hood.

Imi Lichtenfeld "Krav Maga"

Many Krav Maga programs insist they are the best or the 'only' - way to train. Harken Imi's words & take a free class with us. This has always been, and always will be our philosophy.

Imi Z"l tells us who has the best Krav Maga!

We miss Instructor Mikayla! We'll train hard and make her proud when she returns from her study abroad. #koretribe

if anyone is unsure what we mean when we say "hands UP" - here you go. 🖤! Nice Job - #koretribe

🥊Good crew last night testing for their first rank! Congratulate them on a fantastic effort while they await their testing results😁

Go Amy!

If you are looking for a safe & comfortable place to learn what you're capable of, come out to the best ladies' night in Loudoun County. First Friday - February 7th, 7:00 pm. Free to the community.

struggle snuggles - come out and play!

The best way to make your hair stand up on end! Train well, train hard.

this is MY stick!!!! Improvised weapons work both ways😎

BOLO! Zip Front Hoodies will go on sale just in time for Valentine's Day. You train hard - you deserve one!

Our Story

Make your every-day life better by learning how to manage conflict and violence from the ground up. Self-Defense should be more than just punching and kicking. Training at Kore Self-Defense & Krav Maga is a fusion of reality-based-self-defense, Krav Maga, fitness, and mental conditioning. You will also find traces of Filipino Martial Arts (FMA), BJJ, and a smattering of other traditional approaches. Why? If it applies to modern problems and the physics are simple, efficient and effective - the skill is applicable to self-defense.

If a skill can help our students prevail in a violent encounter - or potentially violent encounter - we integrate it in our curriculum.

And like you, we are a work in progress. Always.

In The Beginning...

When we started running classes, we were in borrowed space in the corner of a gym that isn’t around anymore...2 gyms in fact, both have closed up shop but we dug in, rented our own space and took a stand. July 2018 we are moving to our new home on Beaumeade Circle with more space and better facilities.

When we opened our doors to students back in 2012, we were strictly Krav Maga. But - and this is a big but - our sole purpose for opening was to be a self-defense training center and quickly realized sticking to a Krav Only approach would:

a) create a traditional martial arts training mindset in our students and

b) prevent us from being as fluid and adaptive as the violence we train for. That’s a problem.

So, we fixed it.

Today Forward...

We are still dominantly Krav based in our curriculum and for many years we were directly affiliated with Krav Maga Global, one of the largest Krav Maga Martial Arts Systems based in Israel. The organizational structure of a martial arts system helps keep programs around the globe consistent. Unfortunately, consistency requires regulations preventing adaptation to the needs of specific students.

While the physical gauntlet of a 10 hour skills/rank test was appealing to our founding team, we realized holding back important skills until our students passed arduous physical rank testing was antithetical to our self-defense mindset. We are now a part of the Violence Dynamics community, an Active Krav Maga Network/University directed by Krav Maga Global’s first U.S. Director, and continously to seek external training opportunities for our instructors so that we stay current and progressive.

Ranking is still an option for our students and we encourage the personal goal setting associated with testing. Moving up in rank at Kore requires more than good fighting skills, you must also demonstrate the ability to apply decision-making preventing violent encounters.

We continue to learn and discover tools, techniques and teaching paradigms making our students - our family - safer, stronger, more resilient people. And that means you. You walk through our doors as a guest and if you stay, you are family. We are a physically safe place to do emotionally dangerous things & an emotionally safe place to do physically dangerous things. Come play-

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supporting loudoun hunger relief
Kore Self-Defense & Krav Maga Black Friday Event





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