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At MKU Ashburn, we believe that learning is a journey. Our goal is to develop independent thinkers who thrive academically.

At Montessori Kids Universe Ashburn, we believe that learning is a journey. Our goal is to develop independent thinkers who embrace community responsibility, leadership, and thrive academically.

Many preschools offer academic or even "Montessori" programs. At Montessori Kids Universe Ashburn, we offer a classic Montessori education enhanced with a Reggio Emilia inspired art and science enrichment experience.

Mission: We understand what matters most to you. Our school is so much more than merely a place where your child has the opportunity to learn and grow. We strive to not only be the BEST in early childhood education; but to care for, nurture, and inspire your child while providing a unique community we like to call the Montessori Kids Universe family.

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Food preparation is extremely important to us here at MKU, you can see even our toddlers are learning to serve themselves and prepare their meals. This work is used to build children’s confidence and independence! #MKUASHBURN 571-365-0050

Playdough work helps students build the hand strength needed for writing. It also is great for helping them build up concentration skills. #MKUASHBURN 571-365-0050

In a Montessori classroom, one way children learn about personal space by the use of work mats. We teach the children how to respect others’ materials and wait their turn. These skills are taught from the beginning in our Nido Classroom. #MKUASHBURN 571-365-0050

Today is Columbus Day, a holiday which celebrates and remembers the arrival of the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus in the Americas on October 12, 1492. The United States has been celebrating Columbus day as early as 1792, when the Tammany Society and the Massachusetts Historical Society hosted celebrations for the 300th anniversary of Columbus's landing in the New World.

'Nothing short of remarkable': Study finds parents' chats with their toddlers pay off 10 years later | CBC News

A new study suggests that parent who spend a lot of time talking with their toddlers are more likely to facilitate the development of language skills and higher IQ s in their children once their children become older. Conversation promotes rapid development and critical stimulation in the brain. Read more about the study and the importance of engaging in thoughtful conversations with your child here: Attention exhausted parents: The next time your toddler starts making strange noises or babbling about Paw Patrol, try to strike up a conversation — it could make a big difference later, researchers say.

Brain Development of Children from 0-6 years - Facts every parent should know

From the ages of 0-6, children undergo rapid brain development. One of the most important changes is the critical period, a period of growth during which new neurons and synapses rapidly grow and then slow down over time, allowing young children to quickly learn information. Read more about early child development here: This comprehensive guide to the brain development of children from 0 to 6 years is packed with insightful tips and important facts every parent should know.

Color Sorting in our Pre-primary class! #MKUASHBURN 571-365-0050

Pre-Primary is a space where toddlers learn how to follow a routine, and begin refining their concentration skills. #MKUASHBURN 571-365-0050

What Happens to Student Behavior When Schools Prioritize Art

One of the most important parts of the Montessori Kids Universe is its focus on art. This focus has only been further validated by a recent article from KQED that explains that when schools introduce art into their curriculums, the schools came alive and creativity and scholarship rapidly increased. Read more about this incredible story and the benefits of incorporating the arts into education here. Sir Ken Robinson and Lou Aronica explain how a school redistributed funds to bring back arts education and saw student behavior improve dramatically.

Our Primary Classroom is learning about apples and John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed). They have been exploring the parts of an apple by learning how to cut them and examine their seeds. The class also made their very own apple tree, and different types of art using apples to create their masterpieces. #MKUASHBURN 571-365-0050

On this day exactly one year ago we opened our doors to the Ashburn Community and it has been amazing! We want to thank all of our MKU Family and the Ashburn Community for making every day since then great. We look forward to many more great years within this community! Thank you for your support.

Knobless Cylinders • Montessori Sensorial Activity

As part of our parent education series, here is an excellent and very detailed explanation of knobless cylinders material Knobless cylinders is four sets of ten cylinders in each set, varying in height and/or diameter. Each set is in a separate wood box with a lid painted the same color as the cylinders: red, green, yellow and blue. Yellow cylinders vary in height and diameter. Green cylinders vary in...

It’s come to this: A checkup with the pediatrician may soon include a prescription for play - Los Angeles Times

Another case for allowing children to play. Our school has mandatory outside free play time Imagine a drug that could enhance a child's creativity, critical thinking and resilience. Imagine that this drug were safe to take and could be had for free. This wonder drug is play, and the nation's leading pediatricians are urging doctors to prescribe it more liberally to children in their care.

Jeff Bezos will use his riches to open Montessori preschools

An effort to improve education in our country through Montessori education. The latest effort to improve early childhood education for poor children comes from the richest man alive, Jeff Bezos. He'll use Montessori preschools.

Tonight starts the holiest day of the Jewish year - Yom Kippur. Following Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year, Jewish people observe the Ten Days of Repentance, an opportunity to reflect on their sins over the past 12 months. This period culminates with Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, a 25-hour period of prayer and fasting undertaken as a gesture of penance.
#MontessoriKidsUniverse #CelebrateDiversity #YomKippur

Core Components of Montessori Education | American Montessori Society

As part of our Parent Education Series, here are the core components of a true Montessori education
#MontessoriKidsUniverse #ParentEducation #Montessori #MontessoriEducation While there are many components that are integral to quality Montessori implementation, the American Montessori Society recognizes 5 core components as essential in Montessori schools—properly trained Montessori teachers, multi-age classrooms, use of Montessori materials, child-directed work, and ...

Montessori Kids Universe Ashburn

Today we start our celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 to October 15). We recognize contributions made by Hispanic and Latino Americans to our country and celebrate their heritage and culture.
#MKU #MontessoriKidsUniverse #CulturalDiversityCelebration

That's why a choice of a preschool is vitally important! Come tour our school and see why we are the right choice for your child!

We will never forget!

New study: The more you hug your kids, the more their brains develop

Our children at MKU get plenty of hugs Much more important than we thought it was.

Another case for Play and Recess. It is mandatory in our school to have free play outside.

Happy Labor Day! Today we celebrate the social and economic achievements of American workers and their contributions to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

Happy Birthday to Maria Montessori, August 31, 1870.

Today we celebrate and appreciate the gift Maria Montessori gave to the world!

Heavily Decorated Classrooms Disrupt Attention and Learning In Young Children

All MKU classrooms are modestly decorated with works of famous artists. We keep distractions to a minimum and here is why� Maps, number lines, shapes, artwork and other materials tend to cover elementary classroom walls. However, too much of a good thing may end up disrupting attention and learning in young children, according to research published …

Why Kids Should Work on a Vertical Surface

Learn more about the benefits of working on a vertical surface and find some creative ways for kids to work in this position! The occupational therapists I work with frequently encourage kids to work on a vertical surface and here's why...

Six Back To School Tips For Your Home

Back to school time can be stressful. Here are some great tips to make the transition a little easier The start of a new school year can become a whole family, whole house stress test, but it doesn't have to be.

Children’s Picture Books - Best Sellers - The New York Times

Reading to children is very important. Here is a list of the New York Times best selling books for August 2018 to help all of us choose the best books for our children. Authoritatively ranked lists of books sold in the United States, sorted by format and genre.

A Montessori Morning.

As part of our parent education series we thought it would be interesting to show you a sample of a typical Montessori work cycle

A 3 hour Montessori work cycle. (C) Lindsay Palmer Photography: More information on Montessori Evidence Based Education found her...

Jesse McCarthy on Montessori and Independence - The Objective Standard

An interview with the popular educator Jesse McCarthy about Montessori education and how it helps children develop indepenence is definitely worth a read - a very interesting and clear explanation of a Montessori philosophy. Popular educator Jesse McCarthy discusses Montessori education and how it helps children to develop independence—both in school and at home.

"For centuries, cursive handwriting has been an art, but it's disappearing". Here, At MKU, we believe that cursive is very important. This excellent infographic explains why.

Following our parent education series, here is a great description of The Montessori Color Tablets. Introducing color through matching activities

Improve Your Kids' Reading Comprehension by Having Them Predict What They're About to Read

Another interesting article on reading with your children. Reading with your kids is important. We all know this. If you’re like me, you dive into book after book with abandon.

Enjoying some fun in the sun!

Rock climbing fun!

Why Reading the Same Book Repeatedly Is Good for Kids (Even If It Drives You Nuts)

"Does your child have a favorite book they want to read over and over again? " This interesting article explains why it is really good for children to read the same book over and over even if it's boring for the parents. Despite its annoyances for parents, repetitive reading offers a surprising number of benefits for new readers.

How to have happy kids—the Montessori way

Why is Montessori Kids Universe school full of happy children, you wonder? Here is your answer! In Dr. Montessori’s Own Handbook, Maria Montessori observed that children in her schools had a certain calmness and quiet joy. She concluded that this positive change in children’s disposition resulted from two things: organization of work and freedom.Organization of workThe ‘prepared environm...

Reggio Emilia: in a nut shell

Following our parent education series, here is a great introductory video to Reggio Emilia approach - an inspiriation to our DaVinci program.

A little animation about the Reggio Emilia Approach to early years education. Sorry about the very rushed animation, but I had to share this information (bec...

Students are painting the nose of their plane that we use to travel around the globe this summer!

Outdoor exploration and fun is so imperative to our student’s education. We encourage our classes to get outside with nature as often as possible.

Nido Classroom loves to explore the textured blocks during their morning work cycle.

We believe that it is vital to educate the parents on the methods of education used at our preschool so that they can understand what, how, and why their children are learning. Please look for our parent education series posts to learn more about your child's education here at MKU.

Our yummy lunch is provided by School House Grill and is included with tuition!

In our school, students learn to be independent in all aspects. Including food preparation.

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