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At MKU Ashburn, we believe that learning is a journey. Our goal is to develop independent thinkers who thrive academically.

At Montessori Kids Universe Ashburn, we believe that learning is a journey. Our goal is to develop independent thinkers who embrace community responsibility, leadership, and thrive academically.

Many preschools offer academic or even "Montessori" programs. At Montessori Kids Universe Ashburn, we offer a classic Montessori education enhanced with a Reggio Emilia inspired art and science enrichment experience.

Preprimary working on color box one

Five Ways Montessori Made Me a Better Father

The Montessori method of teaching has many benefits for children both long and short term, but this father believes that Montessori has had a unique benefit on him: it made him a better father. He explains the five ways that Montessori improved his parenting and role as a father in this article. We know that Montessori methods offer young children the very best start in life. But could learning more about the Montessori approach be of benefit to parents too? Here are five ways Montessori made me a better Dad. Time I try to give my children the gift of time and I don’t really mean me […]

Montessori at home: Why we don’t force kids to share

The Montessori classroom is unique in many ways but one of the main ways is that sharing is not a concept that is enforced. Our policy is that if a material is being used it is unavailable to anyone else. This article explains the value of such a theory. As you probably know, being a referee for kids is pretty much a lose-lose situation. There is frequently no way to please everyone or make things seem fair. There is often no way to even decipher what happened or who “had it first.”It’s not your fault, children just have such a strong (and oft...

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50 Things to Do As a Family Without Technology - the minimalist mom

Technology is ever present in our lives and finding activities to do as a family that don’t involve technology is more difficult than ever. This article compiled a list of technology free family activities and is a good inspiration for some tech free family time. Ever feel stumped for what to do as a family activity? This is a great list from Tech Time Out for things to do as a family without technology. I love #3 and #27 is my kids favourite.

Floral arrangements

Hanging out, enjoying our outside time

Preprimary class is learning about air, land, and water

Enjoying story time!

Color box 3 allows the children to order the colors by gradient.

At Montessori Kids Universe, we enjoy only FRESH fruits and vegetables daily!

Preprimary class is learning about air, land, and water

Quality Is Crucial to Sustaining Benefits of Pre-K, Studies Stress

There are many benefits to a preschool education but studies have shown that the quality plays a huge role in ensuring that the potential long term benefits are achieved. New research shows that early-childhood programs can't be seen as a one-shot inoculation that will sustain children throughout their academic careers.

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Happy Independence Day! On this day in 1776 our Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence making the United States of America an independent nation from Great Britain.

9 Fantastic Ways to Help a Child Be a Successful Scientific Thinker

Science is an important aspect of our curriculum and we work to improve science thinking in the school environment however this effort must be continued at home. This article explains how to help your child develop "science thinking". Learn 9 Fantastic Ways to Help a Child with Science Thinking! Inquiry-based learning to help with science activities for kids!

Raising Multilingual Montessori Kids

Speaking multiple languages is a highly valuable skill in our increasingly globalized world but raising a multilingual child is not easy. This article explains how to properly foster multilingualism in children with Montessori. Using Montessori approach when raising multilingual children at home.

How to Help Young Children Regulate Their Emotions. - Montessori Nature

This article discusses how Montessori helps children regulate their emotions. The greatest development is achieved during the first years of life, and therefore it is then that the greatest care should be taken. If this is done, then the child does not become a burden; he will reveal himself as the greatest marvel of nature. Maria Montessori Maria Montessori’s teaching is b...

Sensorial Exploration for Babies and Toddlers

"In Montessori classroom, a huge part of the materials are dedicated solely to the development of the senses. The sensorial materials are some of the first materials introduced to children and are meant to refine a variety of aspects of our physical world." Sensorial exploration for Montessori babies and toddlers - simple things to do at home to allow for sensory play and exploration

Two studies point to the power of teacher-student relationships to boost learning - The Hechinger Report

Parents often don't understand why it is important to have a Montessori cycle for three years.
In addition to all other benefits highlighted by Dr. Montessori, there are studies showing the importance of giving teachers and students plenty of time to form relationships. Here is an article that makes importance of a three-year cycle with the same teacher very clear. One economist found that platooning might be harming kids and two other economists found that looping is quite beneficial. “These studies are important because they tell us that teacher-student relationships matter"

Benefits of Physical Activity | Montessori Kids Universe Ashburn

Our latest blog post is out Most people have heard the basic information that exercise and physical activity has many important benefits. But what many don’t realize is the benefits of physical activity also apply to children. In fact, there are some unique benefits for children. Here are some of those important benefits to ...

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful fathers from our MKU Family to yours!

Summer is here and we are having a blast traveling around the world in our summer camp. Wouldn't it be fun to share which countries you have visited or would like to visit? Please share in the comments

[06/12/18]   “Early childhood education is the key to the betterment of society.” - Maria Montessori
Our vision is so much deeper than educating each individual child. We see our school as part of the world where each of us plays an important part in creating peace and society we can be proud of.

Kingsolver on Montessori: “You Can Do Hard Things”

Harnessing self esteem and a sense of self confidence in a vital aspect of a Montessori education. This article explains how Montessori does that and why it is such an important trait to have. Barbara Kingsolver (Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, Flight Behavior, among many others) does a wide-ranging interview in this month’s Sun Magazine touching on writing, climate change, food, and more. …

The Montessori Learning Environment - Montessori St Nicholas

This informative article describes what the Montessori learning environment entails and explains what Montessori students are taught. It also offers a glimpse into the wide range of benefits associated with a Montessori education. “The principal goal of education in schools should be creating men and women who are capable of doing new things, not simply repeating what other generations have done.” – Jean Piaget

Montessori Kids Universe Ashburn

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At MKU Ashburn, we believe that learning is a journey. Our goal is to develop independent thinkers who thrive academically.

Montessori Theory: The Sensitive Period for Movement

Movement and physical activity is incredibly important for the development of young children. This article explains its importance and how Montessori encourages movement and its benefits. Montessori Theory: The Sensitive Period for Movement May 4, 2018 By Shannon Helfrich As I travel all over the world, I am always amazed at how much children the world over seem so much the same. They might be Thai, Chinese, Australian, or Dutch. They might look different on the surface, but undernea...

Montessori Kids Universe Ashburn 2018/2019 School Year

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Putting Students in Charge of Their Learning | Edutopia

Educators are beginning to catch up with Dr. Montessori's teachings. In our preschool we prepare our students for a lifetime of success Giving students choices and the means to assess their progress fosters metacognition and independence.

Research-Tested Benefits of Breaks | Edutopia

A very interesting article on how to keep students engaged and focused throughout a day.
"Students are easily distracted, but regular, short breaks can help them focus, increase their productivity, and reduce their stress." Students are easily distracted, but regular, short breaks can help them focus, increase their productivity, and reduce their stress.

Today we say Thank You to all brave men and women who lost their lives in sevice to our country! We honor and salute you!

Montessori at home: why punishment doesn’t work—but consequences do

This article offers an interesting perspective about punishments compared to consequences. The author argues that punishments fail and rather, consequences work to fix a negative behavior in a child. Read this article to learn about this interesting philosophy. Like many Montessorians, I’ve used open, glass cups for my son to drink out of since he was 6 months old. People sometimes ask, “Won't the glasses break? Won’t he spill?” The answer is of course, yes! This is a natural consequence in its simplest form.Breaking is a natural consequence of dro...

Do this if you want to raise compassionate, confident kids

Bullying is a serious issue and although many measures have been implemented in schools, the most important measure that should be taken to eliminate bullying is to raise compassionate and bully-proof kids. This article explains how to do that. It's simple. You need to become an includer.

Realistic screen time solutions for kids (and their parents)

Since technology is becoming ever present in our daily lives, many parents have concerns that their children have too much screen time and are stuck when it comes to figuring out how to limit it. This article offers creative and realistic solutions for limiting your child's screen time and is definitely worth the read. A primary challenge in policing screen time is hypocrisy: it’s hard to set limits if parents don't have any themselves.

Overlooking Creativity Of Children Itself An Epidemic

Overlooking creativity in children has become increasingly popular and this article explains why this is an issue, how we can change our actions to promote creativity, and why it is vital that we stop suppressing it. In our determination to boost test scores with the goal of college, we are squandering our children's talent and creativity.

Stacking work in our pre-primary class.

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Our students take such pride in their work.

Play dough work helps strengthen these little hand muscles needed for writing.

MKU students take such joy in our outdoor spaces! Call today to schedule your tour 571-365-0050

Montessori is so much fun!

This month, our primary classroom is learning all about Australia!

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