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Hi! Just sent you a message. Can you message me back! Thanks! Kat
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Do you provide half day daycare for 1 year olds?

Center Stage Academy is a Montessori inspired preschool and child care center that introduces different cultures each month and focuses on the performing arts.

Center Stage Preschool is a mixed-age Montessori approach curriculum, that is also proud to offer a fine arts focus, along with a monthly global awareness theme! At Center Stage in Ashburn, VA, we believe that children have a voice and a choice. We use role-playing games to introduce emotions, and equip them with vocabulary to help the children be able to communicate their feelings within their world. We also introduce many mediums and genres of the arts! Dance, theater, music, art, language, and instruments are all a MAJOR part of our curriculum! Our Ashburn preschool classes serve children ages 3 to 6 years, and it is between these ages that children are in what is called the absorbent phase. Everything a child touches or experiences is absorbed and stored away for their future academic use. Being mindful of this absorbent phase, we have created an environment where all the materials and curriculum are available at your child's fingertips! Center Stage in Ashburn, VA Summer Camps for Ages 3-6 are also a great way to find out if our yearly program is right for your family. And, now you can send your Kindergartner to our After School Program in Ashburn, VA as well! The best way to find out about our amazing preschool classes in Ashburn is to come and take a tour! Call us to schedule a perfect time, and we will see you soon!

Mission: Our core belief is that children between 3 and 6 years of age are going through an absorbent phase within their development. During this phase of growth, children are able to absorb their environment and are capable of learning without conscious effort.

🥳🥳 Whooo! 🥳🥳
When was the last time you were this excited at your own success?

At Center Stage, we celebrate every victory and accomplishment with your child. Because your child is worth a celebration.

We are BACK! We opened on Monday, and we are already making a mess! 😂

🧐Learning is a messy business.

We miss you all so very much! My staff and I are planning best practices for reopen. Our highest priority is to keep everyone safe and healthy. We understand some of our parents are being called back to work. Center Stage preschool will be here for you. We hope to see everyone very soon!🌞

Here's our hay bale garden... Tomatoes, Lettuce and Snap Peas. Let see if Ms. Heather and grow stuff. I'm not very good at this but I think it's good to try new things. Thank you,
Dr. Ryan for helping me. 🍅🌻🌾


Update and wall painting winner ☺️❤️💐 Miss you all so much!

[05/04/20]   It's teacher appreciation week!!!
Please help me celebrate our hard-working amazing teachers!!

New video by Heather Carboneau

Here's an important message from Ms. Eden! 😁 Your vote is important leave it in the comments below. Miss everyone so much!!🥰

I thought this was beautiful. I miss seeing all our Moms and Dads!
I'm planning on seeing you all very soon!😁
Love, Ms. Heather

How to survive as a parent during covid -⁣
1. Just lower your expectations. Like hard. Deciding that now would be a great time to “tackle it all, revamp your parenting style and take up that hobby “ 👎🏻 ⁣

2. Being a working parent when the kids are in full time school is hard, let alone when you’re suppose to be everything and somehow work full time miraculously on the side while your you work ?and then ask questions while you mute the call and ram in some explanation? Girl. You’re a rockstar. Do what you can when you can. And see the next point⁣

3. Every kid will have gaps in learning. Literally every kid, so don’t shred your relationship with your kid over school.⁣

4. It’s not the time to beat yourself up about what you’re not, what you think you should be, nor where you some day imagine you’ll be. It’s the time to be easy on yourself and your kids. ⁣

5. Productivity - alter your “productive”. Maybe productive is now finding a little happy, day in and day out, in a pretty monotonous life. ⁣

6. Don’t stay in the mad phase of what life isn’t. You and solely you are your kids emotional barometer. If your life is terrible then there life is terrible. If everything sucks for you, then everything sucks for them. ⁣

7. Your kids don’t have the coping skills nor ⁣
do they have the language to articulate they’re feelings. Many adults don’t have this skill. So when they’re raging, when they are moody, when they are irrational, it’s the madness behind all the feelings that they can’t talk about. Trying hugging them. Not raging back. ⁣

8. Have fun. Have dessert for breakfast, let the kids make messes, don’t micro manage their every move. Smile. They won’t remember much of this. Not many of us will remember the day to day. But they will remember how you made them feel. They don’t need a lot. Truly they don’t. Tiny happy memories of how their mom made them feel ❤️


To say that we miss our kiddos is an understatement!!! We hope everyone's safe and healthy!! Can't want to see you all very soon!!❤️

Meet Aris-Turtle 🐢

Aris-Turtle just woke up from his winter hibernation!! We are so excited to see him. ❤️🐢❤️

Ms Heather's straw bale gardening

Straw bale gardening!! I hope to grow my own vegetables 😁

Patience is a good thing 🐻🐣🐛

Are you a bear cub, baby chick or caterpillar?🐻🐣🐛

[03/24/20]   Do you have a pet? What kind? Mulligan and I would love to see a picture with you and your pet❤️

How many baby chicken videos is too many?? 🐥🐣🐤

What does the inside of a chicken egg look like??
🥚 We have been studying chickens for three weeks. Can you remember all the stages of chicken growth?
🐣 The chicks have hatched! We have four beautiful baby chickens!
🐥 What would you name these new chickens? Leave a comment and let us know!

[03/19/20]   We will be doing a virtual Show and Tell today! Please post a picture of your child's Show and Tell in the comments. We will also be posting picture of our friends here at school in the comments.

A chick got stuck!

When the egg hatches, sometimes things don’t go as planned. It takes too long after the egg initially pips, the membranes dry out.

After two days of struggling, we noticed that the membranes on this egg were dry. Ms. Carla jumped into action. She got moist paper towel and eased the chicken gently out of it shell. 🐣

Me. Carla and the chick are now bonded for life. He is recovering and resting in the incubator. 🐥
Pic of the new baby in the comments

Egg-cellent 🐣

We have one baby chick and three more trying to make their escape!! Today has been an egg-cellent day🐣🐣🐣

At home with Center Stage:
Our chicks are hatching!


Children won’t remember much about COVID-19, but they will remember how they felt throughout this time. At Center Stage, for as long as we can, our children will feel
❤️ loved.
🧡 valued.
💛 accepted.
💚 important.
💙 proud of their parents for doing an important work.
💜 strong in their abilities to adapt to a new normal.
🖤 closer to their friends.
🤍 secure in the love we have for them.
🤎 ready for whatever comes next.

Center Stage is strong because of our close relationship with our families! Stay safe; stay healthy. We will see you soon.

New video by Heather Carboneau

New video by Heather Carboneau

We started online content today.

COVID-19 has changed many things. Our dedication to our students has not changed.

We have started
👉online circle time with all our students.
👉stories read online by our teachers.
👉curriculum packets are in the hands of our students today!

💙❤️💛We are Center Stage.

Temperature screening at the front door and drop and go from parents. There's a childcare crisis forming with essential staff and first responders needing childcare. Families are unable to utilize grandparents and aunts and uncles. Here at Center Stage we will do what we can for as long as we can. 💪💪💪

🖐🏼Sometimes our science lesson are hands on.
🐥Sometimes our science lessons are on us!

The person doing the work 💪🏼
Is the person doing the learning. 🧑🏽‍🔬

Our students learn through “hands on” play.
👉Student driven instruction
👉Hands on learning
👉Social and intellectual growth

The Entomology Lab is open!

Our classroom has a play kitchen that undergoes regular transformations. Last week, it was a veterinarian office. 🐕🐈🐇🐢

This week, it is an Entomology Lab. 🦟🦗🐜🐞🐝🐛🦋

⏰ It’s time to learn about insects!

We had some special guests for circle time today.

🌧Rainy days don’t get us down!

Indoor recess is the perfect time to color a cardboard box. We love it! 😍

This is Lemonade. 🍋🧊

This is what happens when you let preschool students name chickens.

🐥Collaboration and conversation
🐣Ownership and pride in accomplishment
🐓Chickens named Lemonade.

🐶 Harry is a dog. 🐶

What does this sentence teach us?
✔️Sentences begin with a big letter.
✔️Sentences end with a period.
✔️Dog begins with a small d.
✔️There are three letters in dog.
✔️Each letter makes a different sound.

👉Bonus: We get to color the dog to have a blue tail and black head because there is not a wrong way to color a dog!

🐥 The chickens are here!
🐥 The chickens are here!

We are hatching and raising chickens! 🐣

🎤 Student voice
✔️ Student choice

Our open floor plan and common play times create an environment where students can make choices about what they explore and who they play with, allowing students to create their own learning and build friendships.

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Meet Aris-Turtle 🐢
Ms Heather's straw bale gardening
Patience is a good thing 🐻🐣🐛


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