Cedar Lane Elementary School

A HUGE THANK YOU to Mr. & Mrs. Rosado for their work on the slideshow!!! We appreciate all you did to create this masterpiece!
With Lion Pride!
Bob Marple

[06/10/20]   Good Morning Lion Nation,
I hope this message finds all members of our 5th Grade Class and their families in excellent health and joyful spirits! On behalf of our amazing staff who have worked very hard to bring this idea to life, it is my pleasure to present to you today at 10:30 AM our Cedar Lane 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony Facebook Watch Party!
I look forward to seeing you all "virtually" and engaging with you as we enjoy this event. I encourage students and families to utilize the chat feature to share words of inspiration, encouragement, and kind support. It is very important that all communication in the chat be positive, uplifting, and appropriate. I trust our young people and have no doubt they will meet our expectations and make this event one we can all look back on with great memories, pride, and love for our school, the Cedar Lane Elementary!
Simply tune in / visit our Cedar Lane page at 10:30 AM (in just 25 or so minutes) and ENJOY! You deserve it, you all deserve it (parents, students, and staff)!

Wishing everyone a joyful day and with great Cedar Lane Lion Pride,
Bob Marple

Cedar Lane Elementary School

Good afternoon Lion Nation,

I hope this message finds you in excellent health and joyful spirits! I also hope that you had the opportunity to view the Promotion Video shared with you yesterday by your classroom teacher! I am very proud of the efforts of our TEAM to create this video tribute for our students and families, and in an effort to promote community and allow students and families to celebrate ALL of our 5th grade sections, tomorrow at 10:30 AM on our Cedar Lane page I will be hosting a 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony Watch party, which will be a combination of all of our ceremonies with the 5th Grade Slide Show serving as the culmination of our celebratory event! A special thank you to the Rosado family for their efforts in putting together the slide show, they did such a fantastic job!

This Facebook Live Watch Party event will allow for students and families to make comments during the show. It is critical that all comments are positive, appropriate, and uplifting, and I strongly encourage families to supervise and / or speak to our students prior to the event sharing these very important expectations. At any point, should inappropriate comments be made, the opportunity to make comments will be shut down immediately. I have given a great deal of thought to this option, and I feel it will add great value to allow our young people to engage and interact with another during this event, and I know we have such wonderful young people and families that I trust all of our young people will rise to meet our expectations with great pride, enthusiasm, and kindness! Our Lions are awesome!

Below is a timeline of the Facebook Watch party which will begin at 10:30 AM, along with our Cedar Lane Facebook address.

5th Grade Watch Party Timeline
*Times are approximate

Start Time (approximate) Event
10:30 Introduction & Mrs. Petchenick’s Class
10:50 Mrs. Lowe’s Class
11:05 Mrs. Plummer’s Class
11:18 Ms. Lane’s Class
11:38 Mrs. Ruminski’s Class
11:52 Mrs. Turnquist’s Class & Ending

5th Grade Slide Show will follow the final promotion ceremony. There may be a brief transition between the two events (as I am still growing in my craft!)

Thank you all in advance for being a part of this event!
With Lion Pride and great excitement for our event tomorrow,
Bob Marple

Elementary School

Good Morning Lion Nation,

It is my hope that all members of our school community enjoyed a peaceful, safe, and joyful weekend! This weekend we celebrated the special 1 year birthdays of our puppies, Brooklyn and Duchess. We had a great time and they enjoyed lots of treats!

This week will mark the end of the 2019 - 2020 school year. The last day for students will be Wednesday, June 10th and the last day for the majority of our staff is Friday, June 12th. While this year has certainly been like none other in my 25 years in LCPS, I am very proud of the partnership our staff members and families have forged in collaboration with our students to cultivate open lines of communication, a clear vision and focus on student learning as well as student social emotional learning and wellness. It is my hope that the skills our staff and student body have developed and enhanced over the pandemic will prove to serve them well as they move forward in their educational journeys. Resiliency, empathy, commitment and the ability to be a creative problem solver are all attributes that this student body has clearly displayed throughout the school year, but certainly it has been spotlighted throughout the pandemic.

Families, thank you for your continued support, your partnership, and your sacrifices over the course of this school year. We are blessed to serve this community and I am truly appreciative for the opportunity to lead this school and serve our staff, student body and school community. While the last day of school is closing quickly upon us, I will be here at school each day and if you need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out via e-mail or phone call. Over the summer, should you need me, my direct line here at school is 571 252 2122.

In closing, I want to shine the spotlight on one of our beloved staff members, the talented and engaging Mr. Dennis Bailey! Friday will mark the final day in a 31 year career as an educator, 15 years in LCPS, as Mr. Bailey will be retiring. Please join me in wishing Mr. Bailey great joy and happiness in his retirement! Mr. Bailey has been an absolute joy to work alongside, and incredible gentleman, a caring educator, and a very well dressed professional!! I love Mr. Bailey's suspenders and have actually purchased a pair because he looked so sharp in his! Mrs. Gines, his long time colleague here at the Lane, has asked me to share with the community the opportunity to leave Mr. Bailey a personal message, please see below:
Cedar Lane Elementary's beloved music teacher, Mr. Bailey, is retiring and I have created a message board for us to wish him well.
If you would like to leave him a message:
1. Click on this link: Mr. Bailey's Message Board
2. Look for the PINK "+" on the BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER
3. Post a message, pic, or video
4. And don't forget YOUR NAME, too!
5. Please make your post by: Wednesday, June 10, as I will reveal this to him the following day.
Thanks for considering, everyone. I know he would love to hear from you. 🙂
Best wishes,
Mrs. Gines
Elaine Gines
Music Specialist
Cedar Lane Elementary School
[email protected]

Mr. Bailey, thank you for your service to our school system and our children! We will miss you greatly and wish you all the best!! Mr. Bailey asked that I share the statement below to our staff and school community:

Hello parents and students. I wanted to let you know that I am retiring this year after 31 years of teaching. It has been my honor and privilege to have spent the last nine of those years at Cedar Lane. Know that I have enjoyed it and have appreciated all your support. I’ll miss you very much!
Dennis Bailey
Music Teacher
Cedar Lane Elementary School

With Lion Pride,
Bob Marple

Object moved

Good evening Lion Nation!
I hope this message finds all members of our school community safe and healthy!
There are 10 days left to order your 2019-2020 Cedar Lane Yearbook. The last day for ordering is Sunday, 6/14. The cost for the yearbook is $25. Please follow the attached link to place your order:


Yearbook ID Code: 2928620

If you can’t remember if you already placed an order for the yearbook, please email Mrs. Voivoda at [email protected] and she will let you know.
Please read the message below from Mrs. Harrison regarding School Supplies:
What will it be this back to school season? That one item on your child’s back to school list that cannot be found. Not at any store, not anywhere online. When you order your back to school supply kit from 1st Day School Supplies, you receive the exact supplies your teacher requested delivered in a custom kit for your child! So, this year, don’t worry about that purple plastic folder with pockets and prongs! Don't worry about Purell and Clorox wipes. 1st Day School Supplies has you covered! use the link below!

The last day to order your kits for your child or to donate a kit to the school is July 1st.


Take excellent care Lion Nation!
With Lion Pride,
Bob Marple


Good Tuesday Morning Lion Nation,
I hope everyone in our school community is healthy, safe, and enjoying this wonderful morning! I am sending a reminder to you this Tuesday morning regarding our Student Item Pick Up process that began this morning at 8:30 AM. Today (6/2) is scheduled to be our day to provide items for pick up to families with student last names beginning with the letter "F" and running through the last names beginning with the letter "N". This process will run from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.
A special thank you to all of the families who came to school yesterday, it was a real blessing to see you and we greatly appreciate you cooperation! The signs you created were so very helpful in assisting our TEAM in getting your student items to your vehicle. If you have Library Books, please drop them off as you arrive, as we are set up to collect them from you.
Lastly, now more than ever, please know just how much we value you, your students, and all members of our school community, and while there is turmoil and unrest throughout our country, our TEAM feels so very blessed to serve this school community. A continued commitment to a culture of kindness, an enhanced effort to look at our practices through a lens of equity, and a laser focus on doing what is best for children and providing each member of our student body with a joyful learning experience inspires each member of our school family.
With Lion Pride!

[05/31/20]   Good Sunday Evening Lion Nation,
I hope everyone has enjoyed this beautiful weekend! I am sending a reminder to you this evening regarding our Student Item Pick Up process that begins tomorrow at 8:30 AM. Below is the message I shared with families last week. Tomorrow is scheduled to be our day to provide items for pick up to families with student last names beginning with the letter "A" and running through the last names beginning with the letter "E" as well as all families who were contacted regarding having medications to pick up from our Health Clinic Specialist, Mrs. Tupaj. This process will run from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM.
• Monday, June 1st 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM A through E along with families who need to pick up medications
• Tuesday, June 2nd 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM F through N
• Wednesday, June 3rd 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM O through Z
**Please remember to create a sign with your student(s) first name, last name, grade, and teacher name as that will assist us greatly in connecting you with your student(s) items.
**Please bring your library books as we will have a place specifically for you to drop them off during your visit

Good afternoon Lion Nation,
I hope this message finds all of our families in excellent health and joyful spirits! Beginning Monday, June 1st we will offer families the opportunity to come to Cedar Lane to pick up items belonging to their student(s). We have prepared a suggested schedule for families to follow that will allow us to get through this process over the course of three days. The schedule is provided below, along with some details that will support our combined efforts to allow you to easily and systematically retrieve your student(s) items.

• Monday, June 1st 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM A through E along with families who need to pick up medications
Students with last names beginning with the letter “A” and through the letter “E” along with any family that needs to pick up medications from Mrs. Tupaj will be asked to come on Monday, June 1st between the hours of 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM. A specific message will be sent to families who have medications, to include Over-the-Counter medications, that can be picked up from the school through Mrs. Tupaj, our Health Clinic Specialist.
• Tuesday, June 2nd 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM F through N
Students with last names beginning with the letter “F” and through the letter “N” will be asked to come on Tuesday, June 2nd between the hours of 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM.
• Wednesday, June 3rd 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM O thorough Z
Students with last names beginning with the letter “O” and through the letter “Z” will be asked to come on Wednesday, June 3rd between the hours of 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM.
Rain Date (if needed) will be Tuesday, June 9th
*In the event of inclement weather (heavy rain) we will share out a cancellation message to families as soon as this decision is made.

We encourage families to come into Cedar Lane via Tolamac Drive and come through our bus loop near the main entrance in the front of the school. We will have staff stationed along the curb that will ask you to pull forward toward the front of our bus loop. You will be asked to create a sign (on a piece of paper) that includes your student(s) first and last name, grade, and teacher name. We will have staff working collaboratively to retrieve the packaged items for your student(s) and we will ask that you open your trunk and we will place all items in your trunk for you. The student items have been placed in large bags with a label on them allowing us to effectively and efficiently get these items to you. Should you have medications to pick up, we do ask that you come on Monday, June 1st and when you arrive we will have Mrs. Tupaj come out to your vehicle to provide to you the medications she has for your child(ren) on site. You will need to have an ID and sign for this medication. Only parents and/or legal guardians will be able to sign for these medications with Mrs. Tupaj.
For those families who have Library Books at home, please bring those to school and we will have a big bin into which you will be able to place these books. We would greatly appreciate it if all of our families would spend a moment or two looking for Library Books around your house prior to coming in for the Student Item Pick-Up, but please do not stress out if you are unable to find a book you think is in your home. We do not want to add any stress to our families with this effort!
With Cedar Lane Lion Pride,
Bob Marple


March Madness Champion!

We have a winner!

Enjoy this video announcement!
Picture Book Tournament Championship Video



Thank you Mrs. Smith!!

Created with WeVideo


Cedar Lane ES Virtual Field Day 2020

Good Morning Lion Nation!! I hope this message finds all of Lion Nation in excellent health and joyful spirits! Please join us here on our Cedar Lane page at 1 PM to enjoy our Virtual Field Day! We will be coming to you "LIVE" !! It should be a blast!! Our PE TEAM is ready for a great day! This is the activity we initially planned for Friday, May 8th but due to the rain we have rescheduled it for today (May 13th) at 1 PM!



With Lion Pride and excitement for a great day ahead,
Bob Marple, Breon Hamlett, Jaycee Turnquist, & Josh Wallace

Information about Cedar Lane ES virtual field day taking place Friday, May 8th from 11am-Noon via Cedar Lane's FaceBook page. Join us and have fun!

[05/07/20]   Good afternoon Lion Nation!
I just shared this message with our staff, and I wanted to get it out to families as well.

Good afternoon TEAM!

You local weathermen (Breon, Jaycee, & me) have been hard at it looking at the weather forecast for tomorrow. It looks like a very high likelihood that it will rain tomorrow. We will need to postpone our Virtual Field Day. I will get this communicated out to families before I leave today. We will look to reschedule next week.

Stay well!

Robert L. Marple
Cedar Lane Elementary School
(571) 252-2120
“Greatness is not a function of circumstance. Greatness, it turns out, is largely a matter of conscious choice, and discipline.”
― Jim Collins, Good to Great

Good evening Lion Nation!

Thank you to the nearly 80 families who joined us for our first ever Virtual PTA Meeting! I am inspired by your commitment to our young people!

Ryan, a talented 2nd grader at Cedar Lane ES shared this amazing piece of art w/ me today! While I miss these young people so much, I feel incredibly blessed to connect with them virtually! Their talents, kindness, & outreach truly make my day each & every day here at the Lane!

With great Lion Pride,
Bob Marple

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