SMILE, this is your greatest asset and weapon!

At Common Ground Etiquette our motto is: Building excellence in the community, and success in the marketplace. I am an etiquette & protocol, professional & personal development specialist and speaker with exceptional insight in business processes, tools, and concepts to help entrepreneurs, professionals, and small companies develop more effective strategies to grow their businesses or careers. My firm, COMMON GROUND ETIQUETTE, specializes in preparing and empowering via training, mentorship and sharing resources, that assist in achieving the highest potential in the professional and personal arenas.

We offer a plethora of etiquette, business etiquette, protocol, professional and personal development training. For Parents and Children: Seeing that we partner with parents for their children, we also partner with parents to help them achieve and build their parenting skills. We offer a Parenting Series to help you build your parenting skills. Some of the achievements you obtain are: an increase parental in your parental confidence; reduce your parental stress/anxiety; Improve your parenting skills and parent-child relations; reduce child behavior problems and improve child cooperation. Check our FB page for dates and location. We partner with parents as early as age three to make sure children understand in a fun but educational manner the importance of manners and social graces. We further engage them by utilizing all sorts of multi-media, including role-playing, music, power point presentations, video and by carrying out kindness projects. Family is very important so we are the only company in the area that provides “dining etiquette tutorials for the entire family” at home or a restaurant. Please take note that in many instances we become a complement to cotillion classes which are taught farther apart than our classes, and this way we strengthen these important lessons that will help our youth become mindful and successful. Once in College we reinforce real life business and social graces with hands-on training and real-life business coaches. For the Entrepreneur and Small Business: For business people, being it small business staff, management and execs, we carry a myriad of short and extended courses to assist in brushing up, building the in-house environment and also the skills and finesse of excelling at client relations. We also have excellent speakers that will delight and amaze your audience. Tea Parties for Every Occassion: We have a passion for tea parties, therefore, we “have been told” we throw the best tea parties in town for children and adults. Ask us for references and you will be amazed! Our menus are exquisite and our freshly baked scones are simply delish. We enjoy life and want to celebrate it so we have many options from where you can choose from, see below for some of them: �Exquisite Bridal Showers �Delightful Afternoon �High Noon �Breakfast at Tiffany’s �Savvy Mommy �History & Etiquette �Birthday �Theme Teas for Children �Young Ladies “Just Because” �Business �Tea Etiquette Tutorials �Fundraiser For Brides Only (F,B,O.) Yes we offer a variety of training in this area, as well as “day of” wedding coordination services. Lately we have been asked to perform “bridesmaids and grooms” tutorials just make sure the wedding party is all on the same page! Needless to say we have a list of local vendors that we can recommend anytime at no additional cost. Stay tuned for new classes that we continuously post on our page and at our website. Giving Back to the Community: At Common Ground Etiquette we are committed to build a community of excellence, therefore, we offer four complimentary events to give our two cents! Check our community calendar or our page for dates and locations. SE HABLA ESPAÑOL Once again our main focus is to make sure you, your family, or your employees represent themselves in the best possible way. If you have Spanish speaking family or employees and would like to receive training in their native tongue, we have designed great courses to make sure nothing gets lost in translation!

Mission: Our mission is to partner with entrepreneurs, small businesses, individuals and/or parents to build and develop successful and confident individuals with great social skills, self-confidence and manners.

This 👇🏼 made me super smile 😊 Merry Christmas wonderful people! Blessings to all 🤗

‘Twas the night before Christmas, a little after 11…

A Loudoun Sheriff’s Deputy was running RADAR on Old Route 7…

When the beam caught a hold of something neither far nor near…

The speed indicator ran high and out of nowhere came eight tiny reindeer…

A sleigh full of toys followed and flew over in a flash…

The deputy ducked and waited for the sound of an enormous crash…

But the sleigh remained flying high and in such a hurry, that the deputy rubbed both eyes to ensure they were clear and not blurry…

In the final report the deputy wrote- all I could hear…

Was the Voice of a jolly old man exclaiming Happy Holidays and have a safe new year!!!

Find out if Santa is near you here:

Merry Christmas 🎄 🎁

and it doesn’t stop tomorrow! 🎄 ❤️

becoming minimalist

Christmas is all about #Giving but not the commercial kind... this story explains one type of special giving. Perhaps we can all go out of our way and bring a little bit of Christmas giving of ourselves to others. #GiveTime #GiveJoy #GiveFriendship #GiveSupport #GiveLove #12DaysOfKindness

I think this story is brilliant. And important.

Power of Positivity

What time is it? it’s #TimeToHug the kiddos 🤗💕

If you have kids, you need to read this...

Mother Goes Viral for Creating Seat Belts to Alert Emergency Services

So many can benefit from this simple but so important item! I think Droolist can make them and @BükaRides Moms can sell or offer to their clients. Mother Goes Viral for Creating Seat Belts to Alert Emergency Services December 18, 2019 A mother-of-five has been inundated with thousands of requests on social media after sharing a snap of the $12 seat belt covers she created for children who have disabilities The cover is designed to alert author...

Perhaps today I made this suggestion of our #12DaysOfKindness as a reminder... Sometimes our loved ones may be testy and that may rub you the wrong way. So today just breathe, focus on the bigger picture, mind your manners, be patient, and don’t sweat the small stuff! #LetItGo and continue counting your blessings 💗 #ShareTheLove #ShareTheJoy


#KindnessInAction #Inclusion #BeKind #AutismSpeaks

You could think of a person with autism as having an imbalanced set of senses. Some senses may be turned up too high and some turned down too low. As a result, the data that comes in tends to be distorted, and it's very hard to perceive a person's environment accurately... What a beautiful picture. Really, no words are needed💗

The more we know about autism, the better we can care for people.

KINDNESS: the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

For a few days now we have been suggesting acts of kindness for you to follow up on the 12 days prior to Christmas. The sky is the limit, quite frankly... From leaving extra time in the parking meter to paying for a random couple’s dinner at a restaurant... you can design special acts of kindness anytime throughout the year but especially during this season of joy, magic and love ❤️ So lets give and be kind. Don’t stop!
#12DaysOfKindness #ActsOfKindness

#12DaysOfKindness #ActsOfKindness
Lets continue practicing extra kindness this holiday season. Today we ask that you make time to visit the sick and brighten their day. And if for some reason you don’t know anybody bed or house ridden, take some flower 💐 bouquets to the nearest hospital and ask the nurse to deliver to those that may need some cheering up 💗 #SeasonOfSharing #SeasonOfLove #SeasonOfMagicAndJoy #SeasonOfSpreadingLove

#GivingIsReceiving #TheWonderOfTheSeason

This donated tree was delivered to a Sterling family several days ago. The recipient sent us a thank you message, but it was the note we received from the donor that really made us tear,

“Dear TCF,

I wanted to thank you for connecting me with a family in need when I had a tree and decorations to donate. I have given away a lot over the years and it always feels good. This time was different, though, because I had the pleasure of delivering the tree directly to the family and I wanted to share my experience.

I was greeted with a huge hug from a perfect stranger who lead me to her modest apartment where her daughter was also waiting with open arms. The little girl wasted no time opening the box of ornaments, pulling out each one with wonder and awe and wrapping the tree skirt around herself, spinning around the living room.

The light and joy in that child’s eyes and through the eyes of her mother were without a doubt the most unexpected and overwhelming feelings I have felt in a very long time. My soul was bubbling over.

When I left she walked me to my car as she was on her way to pick up her son from the library. We talked about our kids, how they drive us crazy sometimes, how manners matter. She was a true, shining light and it radiates through her children. It is an experience I will never forget, and I am so indebted to TCF for making that happen.

L.S., from Sterling

#tincupfund #fillinthegaps

Loudoun County Public Schools

LCPS Closed - Monday, December 16, 2019
Loudoun County Public Schools are closed today, December 16, 2019, with Administrative Offices opening at noon.

Loudoun County Public Schools are closed today, December 16, 2019, with Administrative Offices opening at NOON. Scheduled activities on school campuses may be allowed after 4:00PM. An announcement will be made by NOON.
Please check our website,, for specific program information to see how the delay could affect you.

#BPOTD Best Post Of The Day is baaaack! #Enjoy

One lite act of #kindness can inspire a bigger one. What a wonderful story!!

#12DaysOfKindness #ActOfKindness
Good day, today we suggest you take baked goods to your local fire or police station to thank them for working tirelessly to keep our community safe. #ShareTheJoy #ShareTheLove #ItsTheSeason

When my brother used to live in DC I would take the kiddos out every Saturday morning the entire day. I also did it in Miami with my sister’s kids when I moved down there. We had a wonderful time 🤗 Perhaps you can adopt a couple of nieces and nephews, if your family is not close, and give the parents a little break. Let’s share the love of the season! #ActOfKindness #KindnessDay3

Poland Delivers The Best Christmas Ad You'll See This Year

On my personal page I share #BPOTD (Best Post Of The Day) but starting now I will share some here as well. This one is absolutely wonderful! Thanks to Annette Sahakian for posting 🤗 #Enjoy An older man in Poland orders an 'English for Beginners' book online. Then you learn why...

#Day2 #BeKind Today we are asking everybody to extend their kindness and reach out to those that are going through divorce and/or traumatic experience. A conversation, a hug (yes, a hug), a cup of hot cocoa or perhaps a funny movie to get the mind off the sadness for a bit. All of the above are good ideas. Just don’t scroll and go to the next post; don’t get too comfortable; reach out and make a difference in someone’s day. 💗

#Day1 #RandomActsOfKindness Time to get out of your comfort zone. Time to walk the talk. Time for #Kindness and to #Connect

An Irish school is ditching homework for a month, assigning 'acts of kindness' instead

In December this school ditched homework and decided to make it a #Kindness kind of month 🤗 "Our message to the children is very simple: they can be the reason somebody smiles today and they can definitely help make this world a better place for others and for themselves."

'Not a dry eye': Boy invites entire kindergarten class to witness his adoption hearing

I have to tell you this story made my day and yes it left me warm and teary eyed. “Family is not DNA it’s love and support.” A 5-year-old boy from Michigan lovingly invited his whole kindergarten classmates to witness the big day.

This 👇🏼 is what we are talking about! Lets start every morning doing this. Who is in?

New class offerings for adults. Simply the best way to begin #2020 💗 #ComeLearnWithUs

Revitalize Design

Hi Guys, my friend Val Valdez has a personal goal of reaching 1,000 FB likes on her business page by December 31st. Would really appreciate your support 👍🏼🙏🏼 for her!

Revitalize Design, awarded Best of Houzz 2019, offers real estate staging, home renovations and remodels, and interior design and decorating.

He sees you when you’re sleeping; he know when you’re awake;he knows if you’ve been good or bad; so be good for goodness sake 🎅🏼 #ItsBeginningToLookALotLikeChristmas #YouBetterWatchOut

Did you realize this?👇🏼 #AllInclusive
courtesy of #LisaAnnAdams

[11/28/19]   Happy Thanksgiving
from our Family
to Yours!

If one of your New Year’s Resolution is brushing up on your dining skills, making small talk and general etiquette rules of engagement this is a great course where to start. 3-hour workshop that will leave you more confident when navigating both professional and personal affairs. #JustForAdults #WhatsForDinner #ComeLearnWithUs #Etiquette #Tutorials #DiningEtiquette #SmallTalk #Manners #CommunicationSkills #AdultWorkshop #CommonGroundEtiquette @ Ashburn, Virginia

What time it is? It's time to give your children, tweens and teens the opportunity of a well rounded education, one that will stay with them as they grow. One that if they learn well and practice will give them the opportunity of open doors. Winter 2020 Classes have arrived and we are very happy to share with you. Inquiries at 703-825-4226 or text at 703-582-6654.

For as long as I can, remember, growing up, my mom made us plan our outfits or uniforms every Sunday. We had all of our uniforms and clothes we would wear for the week as well as other events, I mean everything, socks etc. Mom said that if we planned accordingly and made sure our wardrobe was picture perfect, we would not let how we felt sometimes (sleepy, upset, sad or too happy) interfere with looking sharp and creating a good impression at all times. At that time I did not realize how this would become an asset as I grew up and became a professional.

No matter how many times I came home late from a dinner party or function or how I felt in the morning, I made sure I looked polished and prepared to attack the day, and this shifted my mood tremendously. So today I suggest you try this formula and let us know how it works for you after a couple of months #AllTheBest #GoodLuck #LookAndFeelLikeAMillionDollars

Thankful for You! #Everyday

Yesterday I had the privilege of having a photoshoot with this very talented lady @jesslynnphotog and she had amazing cookies with her logo on them 💗 BTW they were delish 😋 Thank you Jess and Santa 🎅🏼 for such a delightful afternoon 🤗

#ThankYou to our team and to #LoudounCounty for your support. We are proud to he part of this community. #BlessedBeyondWords @johncermola 💗@etiketsidekick 💗@etiketmom 💗

So proud of our booth at the fantastic @womenofloudoun #lifestyleandholidayexpo today! Thank to all who came and stopped by to learn more about us and to say hello 💗 #ComeLearnWithUs #2020 #OurTribe #2020WinterClasses @ Ashburn, Virginia

So blessed to have a #networkinglounge designed bu @revitalizedesign_valvaldez today at the @womenofloudoun #lifestyleandholidayexpo #gratefulheart #commongroundetiquette @ Ashburn, Virginia

Live from our #NetworkingLounge with the talented #ValValdez from #RevitalizeDesign

With Divina White from LimeLife at The Women Of Loudoun Lifestyle and Holiday Expo

This Saturday stop by our #networking lounge at The Women of Loudoun County’s Lifestyle and Holiday Expo! This lounge is designed with you in mind by the talented designer “Val Valdez”!
#Preview #ComeVisitWithUs 💗

#HopeRises never forget. Don’t let the world make you hard. Be kind always for we not know what others are going through, and our actions bring softness to theirs!

"This is John. John was my Uber driver on my way to the airport yesterday in Palm Springs, CA.

I asked him if I could sit in the front seat, he wasn’t expecting it, 'Of course!'

As we drove, he asked why I was traveling, I said for work. Then he asked if I was about 28. I said about 27.

The next thing he said filled my eyes with tears. I brushed them away so he couldn’t see. John’s daughter passed away unexpectedly at 29 - she left behind a 4 year old son.

He told me I reminded him of her, we shared the same kind heart and that’s why he asked.

He couldn’t resuscitate her. He tried to breathe life into his daughter’s lifeless body. But he found her far too late.

'I wish I could’ve done more. Why couldn’t I bring her back to life? Why didn’t I know her husband was silently suffering? How come I didn’t dig further to find out so I could help? I wish I would’ve done more. And now it’s all too late.'

We talked like we’d known each other our whole lives on our 25 minute drive to the airport.

As we arrived, I looked over at him, tears rolling down his cheeks. My heart melted into my stomach.

He looked over at me, with uncontrollable tears and said, 'I’m so sorry for all of this. I have never met someone so kind hearted, so friendly, and so non-judge mental. I felt like I lifted so many years of feelings off my chest - to someone I didn’t even know, but was willing to listen. Tell me I was going to be ok. Someone to console with me. I wish I could hug you, but I know so many people who don’t like hugs. So I just want to tell you thank you.'

He patted my forearm and said, 'Please never let the world make you hard. Don’t ever let anyone bring you down. Keep smiling that heart warming smile. Keep being kind to strangers...because you’ve shown me the kindness a stranger can give and I wish I could express how much it has meant to me in just 25 minutes.'

I smiled and stepped out of the car to get my luggage. Because that’s all I could do without letting all of my tears pour out right then and there into his arms.

He took out my luggage for me, and turned to me wiping his tears.

I looked at him, not able to hold back the emotions any longer and said, 'I love hugs. I will happily take a hug, John.'

So we hugged right there in front of the airport. People quickly passing by, rolling their luggage, in a hurry every hour of the day.

He squeezed my shoulder, 'Take care of yourself Erin. You never know what hardships people have endured, especially behind a smiling face like I’ve masked myself behind for so long. Thank you, sweet girl.'

I stepped to the curb with my luggage, watched him open his door and couldn’t shake the feeling. I yelled, 'JOHN!'

He turned swiftly with a smile on his face: YES?

'Um... I uh, want to... Can I take a picture with you? I want to show my family, my husband, the world, the kind human I met in you today.'

Tears filled his eyes again, 'Of course, sweetie. That would mean so much to me.'

So we snapped this picture. And I will cash it in my bank of memories forever.

Be a kind human. Always. Show compassion, have a listening ear, ask someone about their day, smile at strangers, say hi in the grocery store, show small acts of kindness throughout your life, start up a conversation with your Uber driver. It may mean more to them and help them more than you could ever imagine."

Hope Rises

Story by: Mama Bear Bliss

Saturday, November 23rd, THIS is the event to attend 🤗 Jam packed with great activities for the kids, including a greeting and #networking living room sponsored by us and designed by the talented @revitalizedesign_valvaldez! You don’t want to miss it 😉 #ComeVisitWithUs

Power of Positivity

Need we say more? #SharingIsCaring #TeachThemToCare 💗

We should all learn to care more!

Credits: Fosterhjem

At We Rock the Spectrum - Loudoun they have their Monthly Birthday Celebration is THIS weekend. Call to register (571) 313-0335.

Drum 🥁 roll please!! THIS coming Saturday, Nov 23rd, is the fabulous The Women of Loudoun Lifestyle {Holiday} Expo 2019! SO many awesome things planned, including:
-Over 50 door prizes
-Disney Kids Zone with Cinderella, Elsa & Anna, and FREE princess makeovers, sponsored by Favorite Grampy Travels
-Massages by Erica Peart-Rowe of Sierra Massage Therapy
-Hair tinsels by Hair Story by Serap
-Face-painting by Hilt Face Painting - Northern Virginia
-Music/DJ by Bach to Rock Lansdowne, VA
-Sewing workshops by Sew Magarbo
-Holiday Toy Drive run by Moms of Ashburn
Henna tattoos by Naseem's Henna and Art

-"Networking Living Room" sponsored by Belinda Vallarino Cermola of COMMON GROUND ETIQUETTE with furniture staged by the talented Val Valdez - from Revitalize Design

-FREE holiday mini photo sessions
....and MUCH MORE!

Please invite your friends and share our event- it's going to be our BEST expo yet!!! — at Play To Win Sports Management 44600 Guilford Dr, Ashburn, VA! 🙋🏻‍♀️
The Women of Loudoun County

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Ashburn?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Stone Bridge High School includes a broad-based athletic program, which positively reflects the interests and values of its students, faculty, administration, alumni, and friends who support its many initiatives.

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