SMILE, this is your greatest asset and weapon!

At Common Ground Etiquette our motto is: Building excellent in the community, and success in the marketplace.
We not only train on the rules of civility or good manners, we teach important life skills that are the foundation of self-confidence and dignity. We take pride in being a vehicle to empower individuals, of all ages, with a lifetime of great achievement!

We offer a plethora of etiquette, business etiquette, protocol, professional and personal development training.

For Parents and Children:
Seeing that we partner with parents for their children, we also partner with parents to help them achieve and build their parenting skills. We offer a Parenting Series to help you build your parenting skills. Some of the achievements you obtain are: an increase parental in your parental confidence; reduce your parental stress/anxiety; Improve your parenting skills and parent-child relations; reduce child behavior problems and improve child cooperation. Check our FB page for dates and location.

We partner with parents as early as age three to make sure children understand in a fun but educational manner the importance of manners and social graces. We further engage them by utilizing all sorts of multi-media, including role-playing, music, power point presentations, video and by carrying out kindness projects. Family is very important so we are the only company in the area that provides “dining etiquette tutorials for the entire family” at home or a restaurant.

Please take note that in many instances we become a complement to cotillion classes which are taught farther apart than our classes, and this way we strengthen these important lessons that will help our youth become mindful and successful.

Once in College we reinforce real life business and social graces with hands-on training and real-life business coaches.

For the Entrepreneur and Small Business:
For business people, being it small business staff, management and execs, we carry a myriad of short and extended courses to assist in brushing up, building the in-house environment and also the skills and finesse of excelling at client relations. We also have excellent speakers that will delight and amaze your audience.

Tea Parties for Every Occassion:
We have a passion for tea parties, therefore, we “have been told” we throw the best tea parties in town for children and adults. Ask us for references and you will be amazed! Our menus are exquisite and our freshly baked scones are simply delish. We enjoy life and want to celebrate it so we have many options from where you can choose from, see below for some of them:

�Exquisite Bridal Showers �Delightful Afternoon �High Noon �Breakfast at Tiffany’s �Savvy Mommy �History & Etiquette �Birthday �Theme Teas for Children �Young Ladies “Just Because” �Business �Tea Etiquette Tutorials �Fundraiser

For Brides Only (F,B,O.)
Yes we offer a variety of training in this area, as well as “day of” wedding coordination services. Lately we have been asked to perform “bridesmaids and grooms” tutorials just make sure the wedding party is all on the same page! Needless to say we have a list of local vendors that we can recommend anytime at no additional cost. Stay tuned for new classes that we continuously post on our page and at our website.

Giving Back to the Community:
At Common Ground Etiquette we are committed to build a community of excellence, therefore, we offer four complimentary events to give our two cents! Check our community calendar or our page for dates and locations.

Once again our main focus is to make sure you, your family, or your employees represent themselves in the best possible way. If you have Spanish speaking family or employees and would like to receive training in their native tongue, we have designed great courses to make sure nothing gets lost in translation!

Mission: Our mission is to partner with entrepreneurs, small businesses, individuals and/or parents to build and develop successful and confident individuals with great social skills, self-confidence and manners.

Watch out how you speak to yourself or others... Words can build you up or tear you down. Nonetheless you have the power to change that. Want to learn how to start building you up? #ComeLearnWithUs #PersonalDevelopment #21stCenturySkills #Etiquette #Polished #Poised #Prepared

Stay focused and stay the course. #MoralStrength is related to enhancing your quality of life, etiquette and the realization of your goals and aspirations. #BeMore #DevelopCharacter #BeStrong #BeCivilToYourself #PersonalDevelopment #Etiquette #Respect #Values

Be honest, yes, but be nice when you deliver. It’s actually called #Tact! #SocialEtiquette #RulesOfEngagement #LearnToBePolished #LearnToCommunicate #EffectiveCommunication #ComeLearnWithUs

What gets you through life is strength of character, strength of spirit and love... and a little class doesn’t hurt also.
#BeClassy#Polished #Poised #Prepared #powerful #Successful #Knowledgeable #Grounded #Reliable #StrongHeart #ComeLearnWithUs

Well they say you organize in Spring and Fall and here is a great tip from Envision It Organized LLC to help us move along and get ready for this new season. Enjoy!

Kindness Rock Painting Night tomorrow Monday 10/1/2018 at Ridgetop Coffee in Sterling, VA from 6:30 until 9 PM (we start cleaning up at 8:45 PM.) Open to adults only. Please LMK if you can make it. *Bring rocks* I will bring everything else. Thanks 🙋🏻‍♀️

It’s great to grow slowly but steadily...

Chip away at your biggest business goals each day.

This 👇🏼 is great customer relations for when you own a small business and want to maintain in front of your client’s eyes! Thank you Kimberly DeDapper from Royal You Beauty Jewelry 🤗
#LoveMail #ThankYou #BusinessEtiquette

Wishing you a wonderful #Spendid #Saturday! What are your plans for today?

Hello FB Fam, Irene's PROM Closet needs two Volunteers for Monday, September 17, and Tuesday, September 18 for set-up and breakdown of our Homecoming Boutique at Briar Woods High School. If you are interested please send as a p.m. so we can coordinate. Thank you so much.

ISO 2 Volunteers for Monday 9/17 and Tuesday, 9/18 at Briar Woods HS from 11:45 AM to 3:15 PM for set-up/breakdown and to assist Irene’s Prom Closet Homecoming Boutique.
Please send us a PM, thank you.

#TBT a while back at a vendor and craft show with the talented Britta Watters from Droolist. We have been at many and have had each other’s back always. Thank you for being a great friend and supporter Britta. We love you!

#TBT Today we are celebrating many amazing moments of #CommonGroundEtiquette and the wonderful connections we have made and the lives we have touched and transformed. We are very humbled for this opportunity we have had. In this photo I had the chance to contribute to a blog and enlighten readers. Thank you Mindee Trudell for this opportunity!
#LifeIsGood #EtiquetteRules #WeLoveManners

#TBT a great group of Business Etiquette and Professional Image Class! This was a fun photo of #HowNotToPost. It always makes me smile :)
#BusinessEtiquette #ProfessionalImage #ComeLearnWithUs

Learn the rules of engagement in business networking and become proficient in being a great communicator. Display your #LikeabilityFactor with finesse.
#Etiquette #Manners #Protocol #Networking #ProfessionalDevelopment #ComeLearnWithUs

Happy #TBT
My sissy and I at a #GirlBoss networking event last year at Travinia Italian Kitchen Leesburg VA. Enjoying afterwards and reviewing notes made.

If you have a business and someone does not buy your service or product, be mature enough to know that it doesn't mean they don't like you. It simply is not for them. Don't stop cultivating that relationship for this simple reason. They may support you by sharing your business with others. #NetworkingIsAboutRelationships #MannersAreImportant #Etiquette #Protocol #ProfessionalDevelopment #PersonalDevelopment

Good morning! Don't forget to tell someone today how much you appreciate them for their help, their great work, for anything that you think has made a difference. #Etiquette #Manners #Appreciation #Respect #ComeLearnWithUs

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

As of today the walk to fight suicide is STILL ON at Ida Lee Park. Please check details on the link below. Remember, we walk rain or shine, so please dress appropriately.
Should there be any changes die to the storm, a message will be posted on the walk web page at and on theLoudoun Out of the Darkness Facebook Event Page.
Thank you for supporting the Loudoun Out of the Darkness Walk!

Share your fundraising page on Facebook to spread the word and #StopSuicide!

#Monday is the most detested day of the week, but to me it means a clean slate to start creating and inspiring others. What does Monday mean to you?

[09/09/18]   Rainy Sundays make me want to stay in bed longer!
How about you 😉?

Humankind Stories

Parents, this is one more sign that our children are paying attention to us and everything that we do, and therefore, emulate us. We are their first role models. This little six-year-old I’m sure comes from to loving and selfless human being’s. Let’s not take for granted our children when they’re little they are paying attention... 💕

This little boy saw his mother perform CPR two years ago. He used that memory to save his toddler cousins from drowning.


It takes a village to change the world. Our world is sometimes too busy and we miss opportunities that are actually a direct response to our purpose in life. But it’s not only educators, everybody you speak with, you touch, so we have to be mindful of what we say and do; we have to speak with genuine love and care because they go on with their lives but can feel the effect your words have and pay forward because of how you made them feel. Lets pay attention and simply respond to those opportunities we can have to lend a helping hand or perform a simple gesture of kindness... that’s all. This 👇🏼video says it all. #HappySaturday

She got a message at 2am and dropped everything. Her former student needed her help. (via Humankind Stories)

When I meet with new business owners or people that recently entered into a DM business I ask them: "Who is your target." Many will say everybody with skin or with necks or people that like bling. But seriously, I advocate for narrowing it down, having a niche, a special group of people that may have a need for your service or product and work around it. Otherwise the territory is too wide and you may expend yourself before you actually make a sale. #PlaySmart #PayAttention #InvestInAClass #ICanHelpYou

[09/07/18]   Have fun at this event while supporting this cause. Just make sure you buy your tickets now as Walk-Ins are not allowed. 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️

Rise and Shine! It's #FabulousFriday. What a great month of #September we are having. Let's go through the checklist and make sure we get everything done before COB. #EnjoyTheSunshine #EnjoyTheWeather

SCORE Mentors

So how’s your elevator pitch? Is it stale? Is it the same one at every networking event? Hmmm Here’s 👇🏼some great advice 👍🏼

How to create a memorable elevator pitch that concisely conveys your business's value and generates leads. Read more:

Untitled Album

What type of first impression do you give? A lot of times an initial appointment isn’t set because of a poor first impression, which leads to you losing more business than you realize. Send us PM if you'd like a one-on-one to help you become more polished and attract more clients.
#BePolished #BeMannerly #BusinessEtiquette

About #Networking...
After a networking event, send a thank you card or email to each person that you spoke to. If there is a referral that you can supply include it. #NetworkingTips #GoodBusinessPractices #BusinessEtiquette #RealRelationships #TopPerforming

When entering new business/social arenas your dining skills become very important. Mastering your way around the table is only the start. #DiningEtiquette #BusinessEtiquette #DiningSkills #DiningTutorials #CommonGroundEtiquette

#TBT #CherryBlossoms 2016! We'll see them again in 7 more months... Care to share a #TBT with us? #HappyThursday

Good morning, let's stop for a minute and be thankful for one more day to be our best selves. #ShortWeek #TomorrowIsFriday #SeptemberIsAwesome

In Business, it not only is important to dress professionally but also it may be time to check your briefcase and change it if it is scuffed. First impressions count and then some. #LetsPlayThePart
#BusinessEtiquette #ThoseDetailsWeMayForget

[09/04/18]   When doing business, keep your correspondence formal, even if it is your best buddy. #BusinessIsBusiness #BusinessEtiquette

[09/04/18]   The use of proper grammar and spelling are part of business etiquette. Don't be fooled...
#BusinessEtiquette #BePolished

#HappyTuesday! Short week ahead! May it be fruitful and may you manage it efficiently. Thank you for being part of our Common Ground Etiquette family.

Good Morning! Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves. Lets speak words of #kindness and #encouragement to ourselves because our subconscious is listening...


#Kindness moves mountains!
#HappyFriday #LetKindnessGuideYoy

“Do you want to help me?” These six words led to a “miracle in action." (via Humankind Stories)

Power of Positivity

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but sadly, there are many rotten apples among us that want to disrupt us in a negative way. #BullyingIsACrimeAtAnyAge

She has so much more than just good looks. True beauty!


In a world that is so busy, we need the respite of people like this amazing lady that won’t take no as an answer, knows what she is doing, and what really works for her rural community. Let’s get out of our comfort zones and not only share, but also care!
#GoodMorning #SharingIsCaring #GiveInPerson #LoveThyNeighbor

She's the community grandma, filling hungry little bellies with goodness. (via HooplaHa - Only Good News)

Power of Positivity

You are the only one that has a say in your happiness and success. You are the only one that can really make then decision to better yourself; to be bitter or better. We hope you choose the latter. #Professional #Polished
#Knowledgable #Poised #Successful

This brought me to tears. What a powerful lesson!

Fun times with your loved one are #Priceless 💕 #IWouldMarryYouAgain

Irene's PROM Closet

Good morning! Let’s help our LCPS students and get to Homecoming. Support our cause tonight!

Hi- just a friendly reminder of today’s live event at Ridgetop Coffee in Sterling promoting our August fundraiser with Touch Stone by Swaroski. It starts at 6:00 pm and ends at 9:00 pm. It is a Free event. You will be able to see the new Fall bling Angie Kolbe will have in display. Drop by and support our cause. This is a family friendly event. See you tonight!

#Thursdays are for #Kindness posts! Good morning ☀️ Share one of your favorite memories of kindness bestowed upon you bellow this post. Our wishes for you today is that you and yours be showered with kindness everywhere you go 💕

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44200 Waxpool Rd Ste 186
Ashburn, VA
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Behavioral Momentum, LLC Behavioral Momentum, LLC
44933 George Washington Blvd, Suite #115
Ashburn, 20147

Behavioral Momentum, LLC, is an ABA therapy practice based out of Leesburg, Va that focuses on improving the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Potomac Driving School Potomac Driving School

When it’s time to learn how to drive, trust the experienced and dedicated driving instruction of Potomac driving School. Driving a car offers fantastic freedom but, without the proper training, cars can be dangerous.

Blue Ridge Middle School Blue Ridge Middle School
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Offering the most comprehensive array of weight management and athletic performance testing services in Northern VA.

Cooking with Fun Cooking with Fun
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Offering cooking and gardening classes for kids & adults. Learn where real food comes from and how to cook it.

Mommy Bootcamp Mommy Bootcamp
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The official Mommy Bootcamp Page! We offer fitness classes for moms at all stages of the game!

The Braining Center The Braining Center
Ashburn, 20147

Coming to a Senior Living Center near you!

Afternoon Adventures Afternoon Adventures
43531 Bowmantown Bridge Ct
Ashburn, 20148

Curriculum includes academic and fun activities that build creativity, teamwork, critical thinking, reasoning & analysis, all while having fun!

NLP World Institute NLP World Institute
Ashburn, 22102

NLP World Institute provides internationally recognized NLP Practitioner certifications, workshops, programs and coaching.

EarthDay@Loudoun Family Festival [email protected] Family Festival
42920 Broadlands Blvd
Ashburn, 20148

LEAP - Loudoun Education Alliance of Parents LEAP - Loudoun Education Alliance of Parents
21000 Education Ct
Ashburn, 20148

LEAP is an independent, all-volunteer, non-partisan parent network promoting interaction between parents, teachers, local leaders & LCPS administration.