SMILE, this is your greatest asset and weapon!

At Common Ground Etiquette our motto is: Building excellence in the community, and success in the marketplace. I am an etiquette & protocol, professional & personal development specialist and speaker with exceptional insight in business processes, tools, and concepts to help entrepreneurs, professionals, and small companies develop more effective strategies to grow their businesses or careers. My firm, COMMON GROUND ETIQUETTE, specializes in preparing and empowering via training, mentorship and sharing resources, that assist in achieving the highest potential in the professional and personal arenas.

We offer a plethora of etiquette, business etiquette, protocol, professional and personal development training. For Parents and Children: Seeing that we partner with parents for their children, we also partner with parents to help them achieve and build their parenting skills. We offer a Parenting Series to help you build your parenting skills. Some of the achievements you obtain are: an increase parental in your parental confidence; reduce your parental stress/anxiety; Improve your parenting skills and parent-child relations; reduce child behavior problems and improve child cooperation. Check our FB page for dates and location. We partner with parents as early as age three to make sure children understand in a fun but educational manner the importance of manners and social graces. We further engage them by utilizing all sorts of multi-media, including role-playing, music, power point presentations, video and by carrying out kindness projects. Family is very important so we are the only company in the area that provides “dining etiquette tutorials for the entire family” at home or a restaurant. Please take note that in many instances we become a complement to cotillion classes which are taught farther apart than our classes, and this way we strengthen these important lessons that will help our youth become mindful and successful. Once in College we reinforce real life business and social graces with hands-on training and real-life business coaches. For the Entrepreneur and Small Business: For business people, being it small business staff, management and execs, we carry a myriad of short and extended courses to assist in brushing up, building the in-house environment and also the skills and finesse of excelling at client relations. We also have excellent speakers that will delight and amaze your audience. Tea Parties for Every Occassion: We have a passion for tea parties, therefore, we “have been told” we throw the best tea parties in town for children and adults. Ask us for references and you will be amazed! Our menus are exquisite and our freshly baked scones are simply delish. We enjoy life and want to celebrate it so we have many options from where you can choose from, see below for some of them: �Exquisite Bridal Showers �Delightful Afternoon �High Noon �Breakfast at Tiffany’s �Savvy Mommy �History & Etiquette �Birthday �Theme Teas for Children �Young Ladies “Just Because” �Business �Tea Etiquette Tutorials �Fundraiser For Brides Only (F,B,O.) Yes we offer a variety of training in this area, as well as “day of” wedding coordination services. Lately we have been asked to perform “bridesmaids and grooms” tutorials just make sure the wedding party is all on the same page! Needless to say we have a list of local vendors that we can recommend anytime at no additional cost. Stay tuned for new classes that we continuously post on our page and at our website. Giving Back to the Community: At Common Ground Etiquette we are committed to build a community of excellence, therefore, we offer four complimentary events to give our two cents! Check our community calendar or our page for dates and locations. SE HABLA ESPAÑOL Once again our main focus is to make sure you, your family, or your employees represent themselves in the best possible way. If you have Spanish speaking family or employees and would like to receive training in their native tongue, we have designed great courses to make sure nothing gets lost in translation!

Mission: Our mission is to partner with entrepreneurs, small businesses, individuals and/or parents to build and develop successful and confident individuals with great social skills, self-confidence and manners.

Yesterday we began our day with a great smile. Today we start the week with a little laugh and a serious matter 😉 It’s #FluSeason let’s wash 🧼 our hands constantly and avoid touching our faces and eyes 👀 #HaveAGreatWeek

Make sure you talk to yourself with the same love and respect you show others 😉

Bruno Mars Marry You flash mob proposal Shant and Lina @ Buena Park High School on 1.27.17 - Updated

Lets start this Sunday full of smiles and joy for this couple. There is nothing like a marriage proposal 💗 and this one is definitely #Epic!

Hi everyone, Thank you for all the heart warming comments regarding our proposal video. Thanks to our great video production teacher Mr. Flores and Class of ...

Baby Boy With Down Syndrome Becomes Model For OshKosh B’gosh

Love the #Inclusivity! It was about time 💗 Asher Nash has been making headlines since his mom took to social media to discuss him never being offered modeling auditions because he is a special needs child. When her post went viral, OshKosh B’gosh contacted her and wanted to meet with the family. They instantly fell in love with little Ashe...

This is a reminder of how you want to be perceived and how you really are. #YouNeedToShine #BeYourBestSelf
#NeverStopLearning #FindWaysToBeBetter
#ImpressWithYourSelf #NeverStopTrying #CivilityRules #FinesseIsAGreatQuality #CommonGroundEtiquette #ProtocolAndEtiquette #BeYourBest #TheTimeIsNow #Decorum #Poise #Success ##Professionalism #Leadership #Authentic #TheRealDeal #BeSolid

Over a year ago, at one of Bella’s #KindnessRockPainting events, a connection was made between Irene’s Prom Closet founders and a special lady who dropped in one night to paint rocks.
Little did we know that this year she would suggest her employer that Irene's PROM Closet be the nonprofit selected by their giving back to the community program. Her employer listened and we are so happy they did. Thank you, Molly Murphy! 💗

Irene’s Prom Closet was the proud recipient of a drive made by #SMSDataProductsGroup Headquarter’s in Tyson’s Corner this past Thursday. The donation consisted of prom gowns, suits, jewelry, shoes & more. SMS is a dynamic, systems integration firm providing professional services and IT solutions to the Federal Government throughout the nation, and in many countries around the world. Kudos to SMS for giving back to the community! We are so appreciative they chose us as their recipient for the drive💕

Awesome #GNO at @belfortfurniture #Fashion #Couture #RunwayReady @ Belfort

Wonderful #BelfortGNO #BelfortGalentine #BelfortGiveBack making new connections and enjoying the great setting for this event💗
#Valentines #Galentines #Friends #MakeNewFriends #BeNice #MixNMingle #BusinessAndFriendsMix #StopAndSmellTheRoses

As many of you know Irene's PROM Closet is celebrating it’s 5th Anniversary this coming Friday, February 14th! We want to thank all our page members your support since day 1!💗 We are gearing now for Prom 2020 Season. #CommonGroundEtiquette is committed to assist #IrenesPromCloset serve the community.

Always willing to meet with community leaders and partnering for a good cause! Last night our Founders Maria Del Rocio Vallarino, Belinda Vallarino Cermola “Bella” and Yoly Vallarino had the opportunity to meet with The Salvation Army of Loudoun County Virginia Officers Mr. Cesar Watts, Operations Manager and Ms. Laurie Broglio, Board Member. What a blessing they are to our community. #IrenesPromCloset is looking forward to working close with them!

Good morning 🌞 This is a great opportunity for LCPS students to explore careers and apprenticeship! Please share with others 🤗

The LCPS Career & Apprenticeship Fair is now open for student registration! Curious about who's participating? Check it out! #FindYourFuture

Good morning! Does your family use a Home Assistant? How do your children command these useful devices can have an impact on others. What are your thoughts on this?

Happy Friday - Who was raised like this? 💕

Here’s a reminder we need every now and then...

Treat Employees like Assets - Not Liabilities!

This article translates to all areas of our lives not only work related. Treat people with respect, kindness, help them a lending hand in becoming better or successful, and add a little humor for good measure 😉 and care for them. They won’t want to leave 💗 Enjoy! Employees are a company’s greatest asset. Yet many companies treat their employees poorly.

The Kelly Clarkson Show

Parents take over their teen’s cell phone and social media account as punishment #Brilliant and #Hilarious

GENIUS PARENTS 🙌 When 15-year-old Madelynn was caught sneaking boys into an all-girls sleepover, her parents gave her two options for punishment: give up her phone for a month or let her parents take control of her social media accounts for two weeks. Madelynn chose option 2, and well... 🤣

Couple Opted to Swap Out Traditional Flower Girls for All 4 of Their Grandmothers

Who doesn’t love Weddings? 💗 This article is just lovely because it has a twist when a couple asked their grandmothers to be part of their big day 🤗 What do you think? One Tennessee couple decided to make all four of their grandmothers their flower girls for their wedding.

Who’s in? #KindnessRockPainting
Join us Wednesday January 29th at Ridgetop Coffee 🎨 from 5:30 til 8:30 PM for #Kindness Rock Painting!
Bring your own R O C K S!
We supply everything else. This is an adult event only. This is always a free event to spread kindness, build our community, and have some great fun. 🤗
PS: We start cleaning up at 8:20 PM so any kind assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated! 😉

"Self-Taught" Movie Screening

Attention Loudoun Parents: Andrea Cubelo-McKay from the Embark Center for Self-Directed Education invites you to the #FreeScreening of the documentary “Self-Taught: Life Stories from Self-Directed Learners”. It explores what self-directed education means and the impact it has had on the lives, ambitions, work and beliefs of six amazing and successful individuals. Don’t miss it!

When: Sun, January 26, 2020
Time: 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Where: Rust Library, Leesburg Through the stories of six extraordinary individuals, Self-Taught explores what self-directed education means to them and the impact it has had on their lives, ambitions, work and beliefs. Whether Artist, Scientist, or Entrepreneur, they all have one thing in common: their belief that a true educati...

Lets take responsibility for our actions so we can infect this world with kind words; terse behavior; maximum efforts; understanding; patience; affirmative vision and manifestation; and smiles, lots of smiles! #ThisWorldNeedsABetterYou

Our friend Anjali Bector Gulati from We Rock the Spectrum - Loudoun is having a very special Valentine's Dance for 12 and older with special needs. All abilities/disabilities are welcome!

Space will be limited. Tickets are $12/person and one caregiver or family member is free. You can purchase tickets @:

Good morning 🌞 Parents, below is some important information about an upcoming event on “Managing Bumps in the Road: Building Resilient Relationships with Your Teen”. This is a free event next Tuesday, January 21st at the Loudoun County Public Schools headquarter in Ashburn, VA.
The Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) Department of Pupil Services will present “Managing Bumps in the Road: Building Resilient Relationships with Your Teen” from 7 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday, January 22nd, at the LCPS Administrative Offices at 21000 Education Court, Ashburn, VA 20148.

JJoin Dr. John Walker, supervisor of LCPS Student Support Services, to discuss parent-child relationships during the middle and high school years.

Register by calling 571-252-6540 or go to

This presentation will be streamed live at

This presentation will be recorded and be available within 10 business days on the Parent Resource Services page on the LCPS website,

If, due to a disability, you need assistance to enable you to participate in this workshop or if you need an interpreter, call Parent Resource Services at 571-252-6540 at least five working days prior to the seminar.

Make sure you surround yourself by the best! Just #friends meeting friends! No agendas just connections to build strong #friendships and become #allies to one another. So blessed for this long table of #talent, #love, #authenticsouls and #tenacity! May we grow a bigger table each day in our lives💗
#ThankYouForBeingMyFriend #2020HereWeCome
#ItAllStartsWithHello #FriendsMakingFriends #StrengthenYourSurroundings #MakeANewFriend #BuildConnections #BeAPeopleBuilder #StayPositiveWithPositiveConnections #FriendshipCircles

How wonderful to find inspirational
post by Principal Ballet’s Alexia Redick Bartlett 💗 We will make sure we share yours if it’s as #OnPoint as this one!
#BeKind #ShineYourLightToOthers

Good morning ☀️
Do you make it apoint to disconnect from your cell when gathered with the fam ? We’re so hooked to technology it seems we forget to devote our full attention to others, when we are gathered, especially family. #LetsMakeAnEffort #LookUp

Masters of Flavor

What a great idea for a #HighNoon Tea ☕️ Party 🎉 I cut my cucumbers 🥒 thin though and shave the skin. What delicious things do you serve when you have or attend a #TeaParty?

Attention #Sewers your assistance is greatly needed on Sunday, January 12th. Lets spread the word 📣 and get them some volunteers😉
Days For Girls Loudoun County

In The Know Daily

This passenger has arms and hands and is scrolling the movie screen with her foot on her flight. Would you do this?

Watch: Airline passenger was caught on video swiping the TV screen with her bare feet 😮 😰

Gentlemen, a reminder to never button your waistcoat/jacket bottom button, its a fundamental! IDC how “in” they say it is nowadays. 😳 #ModernManEtiquette #LearnYourSuitEtiquette #SuitBible 😉

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to brush up on your fine dining skills, master the art of small talk, and every day etiquette skills, then this is the perfect workshop for you. After attending this workshop you will be much more confident in both professional and social skills to make sure you shine! Check details below. Call/Text 571.989.3108 to register or if you have any questions. #Polished #Professional #Prepared #ComeLearnWithUs #Etiquette #Protocol #Code #Civility #Decorum #LearnTheRulesOfEngagement

#Winter #Manners and #Leadership classes for ages 5 to 17. #ScrollToTheLeft to check new dates! At @commongroundetiquette we are preparing the future leaders of America! Text 571.989.3108 to register.
#PartneringWithParents #MannersClasses #LeadershipClasses #LifestyleClasses #PreparingFutureLeaders #Ages5To8 #PreTeens #Ages9To13 #Teens #Ages13To17 #KidsMannersClasses #PreTeensMannersClasses #Etiquette #Civility #TeensLeadershipAndMannersClasses #Decorum #ComeLearnWithUs #CommonGroundEtiquette #BeYourBest #Kindness #GiveYourBest #KindnessWins #Ashburn #Sterling #Herndon #Fairfax @ Ashburn, Virginia

#Winter #Manners and #Leadership classes for ages 5 to 17. #ScrollToTheLeft to check new dates! At @commongroundetiquette we are preparing the future leaders of America! Text 571.989.3108 to register.
#PartneringWithParents #MannersClasses #LeadershipClasses #LifestyleClasses #PreparingFutureLeaders #Ages5To8 #PreTeens #Ages9To13 #Teens #Ages13To17 #KidsMannersClasses #PreTeensMannersClasses #Etiquette #Civility #TeensLeadershipAndMannersClasses #Decorum #ComeLearnWithUs #CommonGroundEtiquette #BeYourBest #Kindness #GiveYourBest #KindnessWins #Ashburn #Sterling #Herndon #Fairfax

Our January 2020 classes are #SoldOut but we have new classes rolling in! Check our FB page and look for services to find new dates. #PartneringWithParents #RaisingLeaders #RaisingKindKids #RaisingDecentHumans #FutureLeadersOfAmerica #KidsRule #OurAmericanYouth #Success #Empowerment #MannersAndLifestyle #Ages5to8 #PreteensAges9to12 #TeensAges13to17 #Polished #Civility #MannersClasses #SuccesAndLeadershipClasses #KindnessRules #Ashburn #Sterling #Leesburg #Herndon #Reston #Fairfax #Purcelville #WellRoundedKids

Good morning! Our Jan/2020 classes for children & youth are sold-out but we just added new dates. Check our #Services for additional information. We’ll also be sharing throughout the day as well. Thank you 😊

[01/01/20]   Happy New Year! We are so grateful for you🤗
May you be continuously blessed in 2020 💗

#HappyNewYear2020 All the best for all of you! thank you for being part of our family! #HNY #HNY2020
#AllTheBest #KindnessWins #BeKind #BeProsperous #BeSuccessful #BeHappy #BeYourBestYou #BeAmazing #BeStellar #BeEmpowered #BePrepared #BePolished #BeReadyForSuccess

What a great way to end 2019 with a great crowd at Ridgetop Coffee for #Kindness Rock Painting! We met wonderful people, spent time with great friends and had a fantastic time. Thank you to all that made it out. We will do this again in #January2020 stay connected for the new dates. There is a lot of talent here 🤗#KindnessRocksGallery

Hello FB Family, Join me TONIGHT 12/30/2019 from 5:30 to 8:30 PM at Ridgetop Coffee for #Kindness Rock Painting. COMMON GROUND ETIQUETTE is supplying all the materials we need as a way of saying #ThankYou for your support in 2019. **This is a zero stress activity to build community and have fun** Just arrive whenever you can and have some good ol' fun! Kids are welcome to join us tonight! Hope to see you later, Bella #BeBlessed 💗

This 👇🏼 made me super smile 😊 Merry Christmas wonderful people! Blessings to all 🤗

‘Twas the night before Christmas, a little after 11…

A Loudoun Sheriff’s Deputy was running RADAR on Old Route 7…

When the beam caught a hold of something neither far nor near…

The speed indicator ran high and out of nowhere came eight tiny reindeer…

A sleigh full of toys followed and flew over in a flash…

The deputy ducked and waited for the sound of an enormous crash…

But the sleigh remained flying high and in such a hurry, that the deputy rubbed both eyes to ensure they were clear and not blurry…

In the final report the deputy wrote- all I could hear…

Was the Voice of a jolly old man exclaiming Happy Holidays and have a safe new year!!!

Find out if Santa is near you here:

Merry Christmas 🎄 🎁

and it doesn’t stop tomorrow! 🎄 ❤️

becoming minimalist

Christmas is all about #Giving but not the commercial kind... this story explains one type of special giving. Perhaps we can all go out of our way and bring a little bit of Christmas giving of ourselves to others. #GiveTime #GiveJoy #GiveFriendship #GiveSupport #GiveLove #12DaysOfKindness

I think this story is brilliant. And important.

Power of Positivity

What time is it? it’s #TimeToHug the kiddos 🤗💕

If you have kids, you need to read this...

Mother Goes Viral for Creating Seat Belts to Alert Emergency Services

So many can benefit from this simple but so important item! I think Droolist can make them and @BükaRides Moms can sell or offer to their clients. Mother Goes Viral for Creating Seat Belts to Alert Emergency Services December 18, 2019 A mother-of-five has been inundated with thousands of requests on social media after sharing a snap of the $12 seat belt covers she created for children who have disabilities The cover is designed to alert author...

Perhaps today I made this suggestion of our #12DaysOfKindness as a reminder... Sometimes our loved ones may be testy and that may rub you the wrong way. So today just breathe, focus on the bigger picture, mind your manners, be patient, and don’t sweat the small stuff! #LetItGo and continue counting your blessings 💗 #ShareTheLove #ShareTheJoy

Our Story

Common Ground is the dream of two sisters to share about civility, etiquette and 21st century skills to go hand in hand with great education and careers. Our firm’s consulting side took off successfully and we slowly but surely added workshops and mentorship sessions as our clients’ needs arose. After a brief hiatus, we are back in 2018 with yet a plethora of Manners & Etiquette; Business Etiquette; Professional & Personal Development workshops and mentoring for individuals; small businesses; executives; staff; college students; children and youth. Maria and I have come together to continue serving you and feel very blessed in doing so!

We partner with parents as early as age three to make sure children understand in a fun but educational manner the importance of manners and social graces. We further engage them by utilizing all sorts of multi-media, including role-playing, music, presentations, videos and by carrying out kindness projects for the community.

Family Dining: Family is very important so we are the only company in the area that provides “dining etiquette tutorials for the entire family” at home or a restaurant. Once in College we reinforce real life business and social graces with hands-on training and real-life business coaches.

COMMON GROUND ETIQUETTE, specializes in preparing and empowering via training, mentorship and sharing resources, that assist in achieving the highest potential in the professional and personal arenas.

Business Dining Skills. Your image matters, especially when you're in a business environment. All it takes is one wrong move to jeopardize your professional image. The truth is, appropriate table manners are significant indicators of a polished person who is at ease with business dining – the kind of person who plans to move forward in the corporate world and who can be counted on to represent their company in a way that will promote relationships and advance company goals. Once you master some basic rules of etiquette dining, you will dine with confidence and guile.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Ashburn?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Good Morning FB! Have a fun Monday and week





44200 Waxpool Rd Ste 186
Ashburn, VA
Other Schools in Ashburn (show all)
Dragon Yong-In Martial Arts, Ashburn Dragon Yong-In Martial Arts, Ashburn
43150 Broadlands Center Plz, Ste 188
Ashburn, 20148

Taekwondo-Afterschool-Seasonal Camp-Day Camp -———Hapkido-Gymnastics (In Purcellville)———-

We Care ChildCare We Care ChildCare
Ashburn, 20148

"We Care Child Care offers a safe and nurturing environment and is a loving and fun place for kids to play, learn and discover something new every day.

Ravat Institute Ravat Institute
Elden Street
Ashburn, 20170

Ravat Institute provides Software Testing Training for freshers & experienced professionals. Know more:

Broad Run Athletic Booster Club Broad Run Athletic Booster Club
21670 Ashburn Rd
Ashburn, 20147

The Broad Run Athletic Booster Club provides support for ALL athletic programs at Broad Run High School in Ashburn, VA. See our website, and Boosters for more information.

Huntington Learning Center Huntington Learning Center
44031 Ashburn Shopping Plaza Unit 107
Ashburn, 20147

We offer students grades K - 12 tutoring in: * Reading * Writing * Mathematics * Study Skills * Phonics * Vocabulary * Test Prep * High School Entrance Exam preparation * SAT/PSAT & ACT preparation

St. Theresa Auction St. Theresa Auction
21370 St Theresa Ln
Ashburn, 20147

Komodo Ashburn Komodo Ashburn
44190 Waxpool Rd, Ste 162
Ashburn, 20147

Abacus Mental Math, Grade Level Math & Language Arts (Creative Writing) classes for kids 5-12 years. Visit our website for details.

Kids Quest Club Kids Quest Club
20608 Gordon Park Sq
Ashburn, 20147

Kids Quest Club provides opportunities for the kids to explore STEM education, financial management, leadership development and public speaking skills.

Mighty Oaks Tutoring Mighty Oaks Tutoring
Hay Road
Ashburn, 20147

Mighty Oaks Tutoring provides one-to-one tutoring catered to the student's location and time.

The Compass School, Ashburn Virginia The Compass School, Ashburn Virginia
44128 Navajo Dr
Ashburn, 20147

We are a Reggio Emilia inspired early childhood school located in Ashburn, Virginia serving children aged 6 weeks through 12 years old.

Stone Bridge Rowing Club Stone Bridge Rowing Club
Ashburn, 20147

SBRC provides students from Stone Bridge High School in Loudoun County, Virginia the opportunity to learn and compete in the sport of Rowing.

PM Training Class PM Training Class
20130 Lakeview Center Plz
Ashburn, 20147

At PMTC we are committed to ensuring that we provide the Best Certification Training Classes available.