SMILE, this is your greatest asset and weapon! At Common Ground Etiquette our motto is: Building excellence in the community, and success in the marketplace.

I am an etiquette & protocol, professional & personal development specialist and speaker with exceptional insight in business processes, tools, and concepts to help entrepreneurs, professionals, and small companies develop more effective strategies to grow their businesses or careers. My firm, COMMON GROUND ETIQUETTE, specializes in preparing and empowering via training, mentorship and sharing resources, that assist in achieving the highest potential in the professional and personal arenas.

We offer a plethora of etiquette, business etiquette, protocol, professional and personal development training. For Parents and Children: Seeing that we partner with parents for their children, we also partner with parents to help them achieve and build their parenting skills. We offer a Parenting Series to help you build your parenting skills. Some of the achievements you obtain are: an increase parental in your parental confidence; reduce your parental stress/anxiety; Improve your parenting skills and parent-child relations; reduce child behavior problems and improve child cooperation. Check our FB page for dates and location. We partner with parents as early as age three to make sure children understand in a fun but educational manner the importance of manners and social graces. We further engage them by utilizing all sorts of multi-media, including role-playing, music, power point presentations, video and by carrying out kindness projects. Family is very important so we are the only company in the area that provides “dining etiquette tutorials for the entire family” at home or a restaurant. Please take note that in many instances we become a complement to cotillion classes which are taught farther apart than our classes, and this way we strengthen these important lessons that will help our youth become mindful and successful. Once in College we reinforce real life business and social graces with hands-on training and real-life business coaches. For the Entrepreneur and Small Business: For business people, being it small business staff, management and execs, we carry a myriad of short and extended courses to assist in brushing up, building the in-house environment and also the skills and finesse of excelling at client relations. We also have excellent speakers that will delight and amaze your audience. Tea Parties for Every Occassion: We have a passion for tea parties, therefore, we “have been told” we throw the best tea parties in town for children and adults. Ask us for references and you will be amazed! Our menus are exquisite and our freshly baked scones are simply delish. We enjoy life and want to celebrate it so we have many options from where you can choose from, see below for some of them: �Exquisite Bridal Showers �Delightful Afternoon �High Noon �Breakfast at Tiffany’s �Savvy Mommy �History & Etiquette �Birthday �Theme Teas for Children �Young Ladies “Just Because” �Business �Tea Etiquette Tutorials �Fundraiser For Brides Only (F,B,O.) Yes we offer a variety of training in this area, as well as “day of” wedding coordination services. Lately we have been asked to perform “bridesmaids and grooms” tutorials just make sure the wedding party is all on the same page! Needless to say we have a list of local vendors that we can recommend anytime at no additional cost. Stay tuned for new classes that we continuously post on our page and at our website. Giving Back to the Community: At Common Ground Etiquette we are committed to build a community of excellence, therefore, we offer four complimentary events to give our two cents! Check our community calendar or our page for dates and locations. SE HABLA ESPAÑOL Once again our main focus is to make sure you, your family, or your employees represent themselves in the best possible way. If you have Spanish speaking family or employees and would like to receive training in their native tongue, we have designed great courses to make sure nothing gets lost in translation!

Mission: Our mission is to partner with entrepreneurs, small businesses, individuals and/or parents to build and develop successful and confident individuals with great social skills, self-confidence and manners.

Operating as usual

IKEA designs forts for children in lockdown

Great ideas to create indoor forts for your kids from IKEA! Furniture company IKEA has designed six play houses that can be built with its products to entertain children in coronavirus lockdown.

Even though apart, you are all in our hearts ♥️🌲♥️🌲 Wishing you a

This is something important to do! If you need help ask for it, but get it done today please ♥️

Recently we have had several calls to home fires without any working smoke alarms. Living in a home without smoke alarms is extremely dangerous. People caught in a home fire without smoke alarms are 2 times more likely to die.

We offer free smoke alarms with our free smoke alarm assessment. If your home doesn't have working smoke alarms, request your free smoke alarm assessment today at

How awesome is this? Make sure to see them if you are in Leesburg, VA some time this month!

Victorian Carolers will be strolling the streets of historic downtown Leesburg singing some good old fashioned Christmas carols.
Saturday, December 5th 4-6PM,
Sunday, December 13th 1-3PM,
Saturday, December 19th 4-6PM

Irene's PROM Closet

UPDATE: The Turkey found a new home! Happy Thanksgiving!
Anyone knows of a family that could use a turkey? Glad to Bless someone!

The Salvation Army of Loudoun County Virginia

It’s that time of year again! We are doing Angel Tree and we have many Angels that need to be adopted. If you have the ability and means to adopt, we would love to have you be a part of this amazing program. This is a great opportunity to bless the families within our community and a fun activity for your family during the holidays.

This year it is easier than ever to adopt angels! To adopt an Angel online please visit

Once you are on the website you are easily able to choose which angel you would like to adopt. If you have an interest in adopting 10 or more Angels or have any questions, please contact our office at 701-771-3371 or by email at [email protected]

Check this out Loudoun County! Great organization 👇🏼

Team VA Mizuno Shakir14U in Loudoun County, VA has 4 players aging out to 16U at and are looking to add three to four strong, driven and talented players that want to play at the next level.

Team VA Mizuno Shakir 14U just closed out a successful Fall 2020 season. We finished #3 in the USSSA State Power Ranking and #38 in the Country. With two 2nd place finishes in the Breast Cancer Awareness and the Maddison Small Tournaments. We will look to play several 14U Open and 16U B tournaments in the Spring of 2021.

If you're looking to join a competitive team with a talented group of girls and coaches that will help develop your skills for the next level, reach out to Coach Shakir at; [email protected]. You can schedule a time to work in at one of our practices or to schedule a private tryout.

Have you seen these? Well these little snacks made us smile 😊 We all need reminders from time to time. Choose one today 👇🏼😉

Good morning Loudoun County 🌞 This is great info to have readily available for today and perhaps to save in our phones as well for future references. Be safe!

Ahead of #Isaias - please have these phone numbers on hand as power outages are possible. Flooding is also likely in our area, please monitor all road conditions before traveling.

For Dominion Energy call 1-866-366-4357. Dominion also provides updates through Facebook and Twitter.

To report NOVEC Energy Solutions power outages call 1-888-335-0500.

Washington Gas
Phone: 800-752-7520 or 703-750-1400

Columbia Gas of Virginia
Phone: 800-544-5606

TTY Phone: 800-231-3238

You can monitor traffic incidents at and road conditions through 511 Virginia at

The LCSO in partnership with Waze provides real-time traffic incident information to the app.

You can also learn information on Road Conditions/Closures by dialing 511 and report road closures by calling 800-367-7623.

Only call 9-1-1 in a true emergency. For non-emergency situations in Loudoun County call 703-777-1021.

[07/17/20]   Happy International
"Emoji Day"!
What is your fave emoji? Ours is in the comments 👇.

What a beautiful story! Love is inclusive. Such a warmhearted story 💗

“Tracey did all the things a big sister would do. She always called me ‘Nut.’ She helped me wash my hands, and brush my teeth. We rode bikes and played in the sandbox. Maybe our parents didn’t punish her as much. But other than that, nothing seemed different. I didn’t have a clue. Then one day a boy in our neighborhood called her ‘a retard.’ I remember running home and asking my dad what that meant. He stared at me for a moment, like he didn’t know where to start. And from that day on life was different. It’s not right to say that we weren’t equal anymore. But I went from innocent and not knowing, to feeling like I needed to protect her. Whenever I got invited to slumber parties, she didn’t. Unless I insisted. And she wasn’t invited to prom, but we got her a dress and brought her anyway. When Tracey got out of school at 21—there wasn’t much else for her to do. We didn’t have many programs in our town. So she stayed at home with Mom and Dad while I moved on with my life. Big changes were hard for her. She’d always say, ‘Why does God make us different? It’s not fair, Nut.’ She cried when I went to college. And I think my wedding was hard for her, even though she was the maid of honor. It’s not jealousy. It’s just that she wants to live a normal life too. When I had my two children, I was thrilled to watch her become their best friend—the same way she’d been mine. I always say that we raised them together. She loved my children more fiercely than a mama ever could. But once again, I watched them outgrow her and graduate through life. But Tracey taught them things I never could. My children never blink when people are different. She’s taught us all so much. She just loves everyone. And she rolls with things better than we give her credit for sometimes. Dad passed away in 2018. It was hard on all of us, but I know it was especially tough on her. I watched her during the entire funeral. She was greeting everyone and shaking their hands. And I remember thinking: ‘Wow, this must be so much for her.’ When the last person had left, I walked over and put my arm around her. And told her how proud I was. She just gave me a hug, and said: ‘Love you Nut.’”

Bella Ballerina Studios

This is such a wonderful initiative from Bella Ballerina Studios 💗

We are so proud to bring this Limited Edition “Together” collection to life! As part of a response to the social climate, we are doing our part in supporting diversity in the arts by committing our efforts in a number of ways. Read more about our commitment to diversity and shop the TOGETHER COLLECTION by preordering your products by July 11th! All orders over $50 ship free! Join us in celebrating this initiative with our beautiful leotards, shirts and stickers all featuring a print that highlights all skin tones 🖤🤎🤍💛🧡 all proceeds from this collection benefit @browngirlsdoballet

#inclusion #representationmatters #reccomendedreading #bellaballerina #inclusivity #ballerinadreams #braveballerina #standtogether #weareallone #understanding #acceptance #allskincolors

Very clever idea now that Phase III is allowing more contact with larger groups! Thanks to The Marketing Management Group for sharing!


As we move into Phase III, and we are allowed to have more in-person events, meetings and networking, this is an excellent way for people to feel comfortable with distancing!

Logo'd bracelets also make a great keepsake for your event!
Email [email protected] today!

Good morning 🌞 Don’t forget to wear your smiles today and be welcoming especially if you are having a community event! Building community is so important, yet smiling and making people feel welcome, is a kinder and warmer way to leave a much bigger imprint ♥️

Northern Shenandoah Valley Financial Education Program

So many have been impacted by COVID-19... Please check this post/video and share in your pages so people can stay informed. Thank you!

Some people are receiving their Economic Impact Payments on a Prepaid Debit Card from MetaBank. This is not a scam! You can take the card to your bank and ask them to transfer the entire balance into your account. For more information watch the video and visit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau link here:

Good morning! We thought there may be parents out there looking for some free STEM related programs for their kids 🤗 This 👇🏼 seems like an exciting opportunity and it is free of charge.

This free of cost program was designed to engage children in exciting STEM-related activities, like fun science experiments and projects. Our main goal is to allow children ages 8-12 to learn through self-exploration with our guidance and peer feedback, rather than teaching them in a traditional school manner. For more information, please feel free to visit our website, email us at [email protected], send us a message through Facebook Messenger, or visit our Instagram page @nova.esstemtials. There are less than 15 free spots remaining, so register your child today! Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we will be holding fun virtual activities, like ZOOM meetings and online game-shows! We can’t wait to work with everyone to provide an esSTEMtial leap into the fields of STEM!
Register using this Google Form:

Good morning FB Friends 🌞 It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood! Lets be more accepting and kind to others. This ☝🏼 never goes out of fashion 😉 Have a wonderful week!

In 1969, when African-American citizens in the United States were not permitted to swim in community pools along side white people, Fred Rogers brought a African-American police officer to his television show and invited him to cool his feet with him in a small, plastic wading pool. Mr. Rogers then helped Officer Clemmons to dry his feet.

Mr. Rogers never openly preached on his show, despite being an ordained Presbyterian minister. Yet he preached volumes in this simple act of love.

In a world where you can be anything, be a Mr. Rogers.

‘More Than Peach’: Virginia Girl Makes Art Kits With ‘Skin-Colored’ Crayon Options

We just learned about some new beautiful shades of color that Crayola is offering. All thanks to a child in Loudoun County who created this change. ❤

Info on Loudoun Student: Bellen Woodard was in third grade when she came home with a question. “My friends, they always called the peach crayon the skin-colored crayon,” she recalled. Why? She handed over the crayon but it made her feel “weird.” Her mom suggested that next time she hand over the brown crayon, “bec...


In case someone is still wondering... 🤨 Please read below 👇🏼

Should you wear a mask? What kind is best? And how effective is it really? This doctor and biochemist is here to answer all your mask FAQs

National Memorial Day Concert (PBS)

This Sunday don’t miss the 2020 National Memorial Day Concert on PBS!

Join us live from the 2020 National Memorial Day Concert (PBS) in honor of our men and women in uniform, their families, and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. #MemDayPBS

Irene's Prom Closet Giveaway for 2020 Seniors

Doesn’t everyone deserve prom photos? Irene’s Prom Closet and Patty Schuchman Photography have partnered to make this possible for our seniors. Do you know any senior that you’d like to nominate? Big hearts Making a Difference!💕 Doesn't everyone deserve prom photos? Do you know someone that needs or wants prom attire? Nominate them at Irene's Prom Closet's page via PM..names and requests are confidenti

CU Summer Camp

Do you have child that is keen on Civics, personal growth and community building? Summer Camp Applications are open for Civics Unplugged (CU) Summer Camp a 10-week online camp. Nominate your kid and he may win a spot! CU Summer Camp is a completely virtual and free 10-week summer program geared toward civic-minded high school students who are currently in grades 9-12 as of Spring 2020 and deeply committed to personal growth and community building. → Camp starts June 1st, 2020. → Applications are due May 10th,...

Irene's PROM Closet

Kindness... It’s all about being kind and respectful.

As governors are trying to figure out how to ease back in to a new normal, please remember:

🛑 Some people don’t agree with the state opening.... that’s okay. Be kind anyway.

🏡 Some people are still planning to stay home.... that’s okay. Be kind anyway.

🦠 Some are still scared of getting the virus and a second wave happening....that’s okay. Be kind anyway.

💰 Some are sighing with relief to go back to work knowing they may not lose their business or their homes....that’s okay. Be kind anyway.

👩🏾‍⚕️Some are thankful they can finally have a surgery they have put off....that’s okay. Be kind anyway.

📝 Some will be able to attend interviews after weeks without a job....that’s okay. Be kind anyway.

😷 Some will wear masks for weeks....that’s okay. Be kind anyway.

💅🏻 Some people will rush out to get the hair or nails done.... that’s okay. Be kind anyway.

❤️ The point is, everyone has different viewpoints/feelings and that’s okay. Be kind anyway.

We each have a different story. If you need to stay home, stay home. But be kind anyway.
If you need to go out, go. Just respect others when in public and be kind!
Don’t judge fellow humans because you’re not in their story. We all are in different mental states than we were months ago. Be kind anyway. 😘
#repost #kindnessiscontagioustoo #humankindness

In The Know Daily

Another heartwarming story about parenting while we are 🏡 staying at home!

Their kids wanted to go out for ice cream, so they made an ice cream shop at home🍨🍦

Daddy and Mommy Restaurant in the UK

Good morning ☀️ Today we bring you a wonderul treat of how creative dads and moms all over the world are dealing with their littles 😉 We wish you a spectacular Tuesday!
#InThisTogether #FlattenTheCurve

Now that you've got time... Why not write all those positive messages on a note you mentally wanted to send but got lost in the shuffle of life? Did you know that receiving a handwritten message makes people feel special and improves relationships? Let's get started today, for personal or business, make a mark on someone's life today. Or just reach out to a friend or potential client. Show that you care 🙂
#LetsDoThis #ABetterYou

About "Mental Well-Being.". Writing by hand improves mental well-being: It makes you feel better. Research has linked expressive writing to a better mood, reduced stress and improved overall sense of well-being. That’s why journals are a powerful tool for therapists.

We're All In This Together | COVID-19 Song for Kids | JemmaRoo

Good morning ☀️ Happy Easter 💗 Here is a cute song to play to our littles and try to validate their feelings! We hope it helps. Sending hugs 🤗

A gentle song to help ease anxious young minds during the Coronavirus pandemic

Happy Friday Parents and Grandparents! Maria shared this with us and we wanted to post here so starting next week we’ll practice this routine and post pictures here. #InThisTogether #FlattenTheCurve #YesWeCan

Parents, here are moore ideas to survive COVID-19 Quarantine starting next week when online classes begin!
#FlattenTheCurve #YesWeCan #LetsDoThis #StayHome

Animated match-burning video shows how social distancing can stop the spread of Covid-19

In case you are still wondering if social distancing works... check this video 👇🏼 #InThisTogether #StayHome #SocialDistancing Subscribe to our YouTube channel for free here: Spanish graphic designer Juan Delcan created an animated video to demonstrate...

Students From Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley Give Free Tutoring To K-12 Students

Great news for parents and students while we continue at home 👇🏼 Check this out 😉 #InThisTogether #Tutors #HelpingStudents *Learn how to get your free lessons at the bottom of this article.

Our Story

Common Ground is the dream of two sisters to share about civility, etiquette and 21st century skills to go hand in hand with great education and careers. Our firm’s consulting side took off successfully and we slowly but surely added workshops and mentorship sessions as our clients’ needs arose. After a brief hiatus, we are back in 2018 with yet a plethora of Manners & Etiquette; Business Etiquette; Professional & Personal Development workshops and mentoring for individuals; small businesses; executives; staff; college students; children and youth. Maria and I have come together to continue serving you and feel very blessed in doing so!

We partner with parents as early as age three to make sure children understand in a fun but educational manner the importance of manners and social graces. We further engage them by utilizing all sorts of multi-media, including role-playing, music, presentations, videos and by carrying out kindness projects for the community.

Family Dining: Family is very important so we are the only company in the area that provides “dining etiquette tutorials for the entire family” at home or a restaurant. Once in College we reinforce real life business and social graces with hands-on training and real-life business coaches.

COMMON GROUND ETIQUETTE, specializes in preparing and empowering via training, mentorship and sharing resources, that assist in achieving the highest potential in the professional and personal arenas.

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Ashburn?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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Daddy and Mommy Restaurant in the UK
Good Morning FB! Have a fun Monday and week




44200 Waxpool Rd Ste 186
Ashburn, VA
Other Schools in Ashburn (show all)
Kids Quest Club Kids Quest Club
20608 Gordon Park Sq
Ashburn, 20147

Kids Quest Club provides opportunities for the kids to explore STEM education, financial management, leadership development and public speaking skills.

Okoh-Tisch Music Studio Okoh-Tisch Music Studio
21424 Glebe View Dr
Ashburn, 20148

We are a private music studio with over 40 years of combined music teaching experience in piano, voice, cello, and beginner violin.

LCPS Parent Resource Services LCPS Parent Resource Services
21000 Education Court
Ashburn, 20148

We are part of Loudoun County Public Schools and are a resource for parents.

Eye Level Learning Center of Ashburn South Eye Level Learning Center of Ashburn South
43150 Broadlands Center Plz, # 178
Ashburn, 20148

Eye Level, the global leader in self-directed learning, nurtures and promotes effective study practices for lifelong academic goals.

Loudoun County Public Schools - Adult Education Loudoun County Public Schools - Adult Education
21000 Education Ct
Ashburn, 20148

LCPS Adult Education Division provides quality adult education programs for Loudoun County residents.

Vamos Learn Spanish Vamos Learn Spanish
40384 Milford Dr
Ashburn, 20148

Located in Ashburn, we at VLS are committed to teaching Spanish to children through high-quality learning methods that help them learn in a fun way.

20443 Cherrystone Pl
Ashburn, 20147

CISSP Education updates

C3 Cyber Club C3 Cyber Club
44710 Cape Ct Ste 118
Ashburn, 20147

💻 Computer Classes - Virtual & In Person 📋 IT Certifications - Youth & Adult 🏕️ Camps - Virtual & In Person 🎉 Birthday Parties

LCPS Employee Health, Wellness and Benefits LCPS Employee Health, Wellness and Benefits
21000 Education Ct
Ashburn, 20148

The George Washington University School of Nursing The George Washington University School of Nursing
45085 University Dr
Ashburn, 20147

GW Nursing drives innovation in health care by educating compassionate nurses, educators and researchers, entrepreneurial leaders and policy experts.

Orphan Care: The Al-Amal School Orphan Care: The Al-Amal School
44121 Harry Byrd Hwy
Ashburn, 20147

Orphan Care is dedicated to funding, developing and assisting The Al-Amal School, a non-profit organization serving Somali orphans.

Ashburn lightsaber academy Ashburn lightsaber academy
44110 Ashburn Shopping Plz
Ashburn, 20147

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