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Next Friday we have a very special event coming! We're showing "The Grinch" @ AHS. After the movie, The Grinch himself will be here to meet and greet audiences members in the lobby. Bring the little ones!

Photos from Arlington Community Schools's post 12/06/2023

We can't begin to describe how proud we are each year to see such a STACKED group of budding musicians from ACS who are represented in the All-West Orchestra! These students auditioned for All-West and were identified as some of the top musicians in the region. Some have even been chosen for All-State! Congratulations to these students and their directors for being among the best middle and high school musicians in West Tennessee! You are what makes us a Best Communities for Music Education®!

Photos from Arlington Community Schools's post 12/04/2023

It's almost SHOWTIME for the AHS Choir! The AHS Jazz Choir and Minor Details, led by Director Jeff Chipman, have been working hard preparing for their Winter Concert. We heard a glimpse of them recently...voices of 😇😇.

Come support them this Thursday @ 7PM in the AHS auditorium!

Let’s talk about the state’s A-F School Letter Grade sham 12/04/2023

The Tennessee Department of Education will soon release its long-awaited A-F letter grade system. In doing so, the state will begin labeling schools with an A, B, C, D or F. In the opinion of TDOE Commissioner Lizzette Gonzalez Reynolds, this will give parents across the state a more accurate representation of how their children’s schools are performing. Don’t be fooled. This letter grade system is a sham, and it only serves to further denigrate and attack the public school system in our state.

The TDOE is scheduled to give districts a preview of their schools’ A-F letter grades on December 14th, with it being released publicly on December 21st, just days before a major holiday break. In public relations, that’s called a news dump – a trickery way to limit the public’s reaction and mask the fact you’re announcing something the public wouldn’t like or fully comprehend. It’s also not a coincidence that this program is being rolled out just before the upcoming legislative session that is expected to center on Governor Bill Lee’s proposed voucher expansion.

Take note: this is all an attempt to paint Tennessee public schools as failing, thus ushering in a new era of vouchers for all. The proposed voucher expansion, if passed, will continue to siphon money from public schools to private schools who are beholden to no one. Private schools don’t face the testing standards or accountability mandates as public schools do, they don’t answer to a state education department who is constantly moving the goal posts (re: the 3rd grade ELA retention law), and they’re not even held to the same license requirements forced upon public school teachers. Vouchers will lead to publicly funded private schools with no oversight.

Vouchers are the state’s way of slowly defunding public schools while using your tax dollars to prop up private businesses who are held to zero accountability. As lawmakers begin to push this idea that vouchers will lead to “Education Freedom,” as Governor Lee has been spinning in his current media blitz, they’re manipulating the environment where the public-school system doesn’t stand a chance.

Enter the A-F letter grade sham.

Tennessee’s current accountability model for public schools is broken, and it has been for years. School districts are often unable to decipher the state’s convoluted methodology that determines achievement and, particularly, growth, and the TDOE’s work-from-home business model often makes it difficult for district administrators to find answers. A glaring inadequacy is the fact school districts have yet to receive this year’s finalized formula for accountability, stifling our administrators and teachers from setting worthwhile goals.

Let us repeat. We’re halfway through the school year, and we still don’t know how the state’s 2023-2024 accountability formula will work because they keep changing the rules. The A-F letter grade system will be built on this data. How is it acceptable to punish or reward schools based on withheld, incomplete or non-existent measurements? The letter grade system is based on a formula that, frankly, lawmakers and TDOE representatives can’t adequately explain or defend, yet parents should rely on the results to make informed decisions? Sham.

Since the days of No Child Left Behind, it’s been an almost universally accepted thought that “one test, one day” isn’t an accurate reflection of a student’s learning or the effectiveness of a school. But here in Tennessee, our lawmakers are doubling down on that broken notion. Instead of tweaking the current accountability model to be more representative of a child’s year-long learning, they are using an A-F grading system that will only lead to the demoralization of communities. Very high-performing schools who have built strong cultures of supporting the whole child could suddenly find themselves labeled as a D or F. Imagine for a second the trickle-down effect that will have on teachers, students and parents, not to mention the impact it will have on the greater community: real estate, town governments, the local economy. Meanwhile, private schools are poised to receive millions of taxpayer dollars next school year if the voucher system is expanded without having to actually prove their effectiveness.

Now, this isn’t to say that superintendents and boards of education are against accountability in general. We welcome the opportunity to see how our students and teachers are performing when compared against each other and peers across the state. But to label schools an A-F primarily based on one testing cycle is outrageous. The quality of a school is far more than a school letter grade. Yes, achievement, growth, subgroup data and career readiness are all good measures of success, but we are so much more than that. In Arlington Community Schools, not only are our students high performing academically, but they have access to the highest quality fine arts programs and sports facilities around the region and shine daily. We give students extracurricular choice to grow as individuals and citizens, with nearly 100 clubs and organizations across our district. We have state-of-the-art career and technical programs, more AP and dual-enrollment courses than one could possibly take throughout their high school career, unique learning spaces like outdoor classrooms and gardens, and that’s just the start. The state’s A-F letter grade system will never capture who we are.

By now, you know our opinion. It’s all a sham. But for the sake of the future of public education in Tennessee, we need all parents, educators, concerned community members, local government officials, students even, to call their state representatives to let their voice be known. For far too long, public school communities have allowed their collective voices to be muted. No more. We need your help to Stop the Sham.

Contact your Arlington state representatives to help Stop the Sham:

Rep. Tom Leatherwood - [email protected] | (615) 741-7084

Senator Brent Taylor - [email protected] | (615) 741-3036

Senator Paul Rose - [email protected] | (615) 741-1967

Let’s talk about the state’s A-F School Letter Grade sham ACS Superintendent Mayo & Board of Edu. release joint statement on the state's new letter grade system. In short, it's a sham.

Photos from Arlington Community Schools's post 11/30/2023

It’s opening night of Arlington High’s “The Play That Goes Wrong!”

An unconscious leading lady, a bumbling detective and a maid who mangles her pronunciation try to solve a murder mystery while dealing with a co**se that won’t stay dead and scenery that won’t stay up in this hilarious, laugh-out-loud play within a play. Just how wrong can this show go? Come find out!

The show runs from November 30th through December 2nd at 7:00 pm and December 3rd at 3:00 pm. Tickets will be presold on the AHS GoFan app—$10 for adults and $5 for students. Order tix here:!

📸 Credit: Jennifer Cockroft

Photos from Arlington Community Schools's post 11/30/2023

Donelson Elementary’s spelling bee champ, 4th grader Baylen Bell, wasn't "bamboozled" by the competition! After 13 rounds and more than 120 words, Baylen earned 1st place after correctly spelling the championship word, bamboozled. Noah Castillo followed closely behind as runner up.

Congratulations to all 27 spelling bee contestants for overcoming the nerves by representing their classes on stage! They were the top performers of more than 300 students in the preliminary qualifications!

Shoutout to the spelling bee committee sponsors, Amy Cornelius and Kenzie Kivelle, for another great bee!

Donelson STEM program in the spotlight at LEAD Arlington 11/29/2023

Donelson Elementary's STEM program was on full display at the latest LEAD Arlington, a bi-annual program that brings together town government, school and business leaders to spotlight the latest Arlington happenings. More 📸 in the comments below 👇

This year's LEAD Arlington had participants explore the school's most recent STEM curriculum night, dubbed Catchin' the Code. They were led through various challenges, like a life-size coding floor challenge, robotic coding and using puzzles to create unique, individual codes.

“I think it really is inspiring, and it makes me wish that I had the same opportunities as they did when I was in elementary school,” said AHS Class of 2024’s Sarah Wang, who plans to major in mechanical engineering in college. “Having STEM at such a young age really opens ups the world to you and makes you realize there’s a lot more out there than just the four core subjects. It makes you realize that you can innovate, and you can be a leader. It was actually really amazing to see they could do so much with STEM even though they are elementary aged kids, and it made me happy that they have this opportunity.”

Read more by clicking the link!

Donelson STEM program in the spotlight at LEAD Arlington The program brings together school, town government and business leaders to spotlight the latest happenings in the Arlington community.


THIS WEEK: The Mark E. Collins Theatre at Arlington High School has been hard at work on “The Play That Goes Wrong!” - the only show where practice makes imperfect, mistakes are encouraged, and the show must go wrong!

The show runs from November 30th through December 2nd at 7:00 pm and December 3rd at 3:00 pm. Tickets will be presold on the AHS GoFan app—$10 for adults and $5 for students. Order tix here:

Just how wrong can this show go? Come find out!


Today on PEP Talks, Co-Host Erin Williams describes her experience with lifelong anxiety. What began in childhood has continued throughout her life, as a professional, daughter and even in motherhood as she deals with postpartum anxiety. She's up first up in our "Go First" series where guests talk about their own experiences with an adversity or mental health challenge.

Erin gives her go-to tools for in-the-moment anxiety and practical preventative measures she uses to proactively regulate herself, such as deep breathing, talking with safe people, therapy, journaling and managing her lifestyle through exercise, sleep and nutrition. She also discusses simple tools for "checking in" and ways parents can validate and reassure their anxious children.

Listen on Apple, Spotify or here:


For the first time in nearly 15 years, the President of the Tennessee School Boards Association (TSBA) hails from West Tennessee, and it's our very own Dr. Dale Viox!

Dr. Dale Viox will not only lead the TSBA Board's effort to support public education in Tennessee, but he will be a voting member for the National Consortium of State School Boards Associations, an organization that fights and advocates for public schools, students and teachers in Washington, D.C.

We talked to Dr. Viox after he was sworn in as TSBA President this past weekend. Watch more!

Photos from Arlington Community Schools's post 11/19/2023

We’re here at the Tennessee School Boards Association’s (TSBA) annual convention where Dr. Dale Viox was just sworn in as TSBA President! TSBA represents all the school boards across the state, and as president, Dr. Viox will lead the board as they advocate for laws and policies that support public schools.

Dr. Viox is the first TSBA President from West Tennessee in nearly 15 years, and he’s now in a great position to advocate for students and employees in Arlington and beyond!

Photos from Arlington Community Schools's post 11/17/2023

Members of the Arlington High School baseball team stepped up to the plate when it came to giving back. For weeks, they’ve been reading to elementary schoolers at AES and DES. Philip Chamberlain, who is a proud former AES Tiger was glad to give back to his old school. “It was so fun reading to the kids! I wanted to give back to my community because I went here, and I wanted to see how the kids that followed me were growing up. I just wanted to see how their school year was, since mine were so amazing. I became the person I am today because of this school and the way it helped me,” he said. Not only does this time reading to kids benefit the students, but it also helps members of the team with their presentation skills - a true home run! AES Principal Tonya Hawkins says that the team has a big impact on the students. “When the baseball team comes inside the building with their uniforms on, they’re heroes to our kids. It’s really special to have them come back, and it’s a gift. We love that, and we appreciate their time.”

Story written by Noah Certion, ACS Communications Intern

Arlington schools to waive out-of-county tuition starting in 2024-25 11/17/2023

NEW: The ACS Board will waive tuition for out-of-county students beginning next school year! Our high academic and attendance requirements will remain in place, but this will allow more students to share their talents with us here in ACS!

Arlington schools to waive out-of-county tuition starting in 2024-25 With a decrease in enrollment due to Lakeland’s new high school adding grades, Arlington Community Schools is waiving tuition for out-of-county students.


Congratulations to the following students for being selected to the newest class of the Jr. High All-West Choir! They represent some of the most talented singers in the area and will go on to represent Arlington in the choir. They're continuing our legacy as being as Best Communities for Music Education®!

The AMS Chorus is led by Director Jeff Ivey.

Two students earn Global Seal of Biliteracy for studies in Spanish 11/15/2023

For the first time in Arlington High School history, two of our students have earned the Global Seal of Biliteracy by being literate in both English and Spanish! Luis Aparicio and Andrew Spann, two Class of 2024 seniors enrolled in Kelly Robinson’s Spanish class, achieved this accomplishment after several years of diving into the Spanish language.

In earning the Global Seal of Biliteracy, an internationally known credential that recognizes a person’s level of proficiency in two or more languages, Luis and Andrew have gone further in their Spanish-speaking abilities than most. Many students have earned the State Seal of Biliteracy, but this global recognition goes one step further.

“They are both ambitious and on task,” Robinson said about the students. “Once they get their minds on something, they make sure that they get it done correctly.” Luis says he’s always taken Spanish class seriously. He actually spearheaded the effort to look into earning the global seal. “I have a passion for the Spanish culture,” he said. “I’m Hispanic myself, so this certificate just shows all my hard work.”

This certificate will take them well past their high school careers. It’s a powerful tool to earn college credit, scholarships or stand out in job future applications. It could even help them become translators to bridge the language gap between people – something Andrew hopes to get out of this. “I hope I can further connect with people,” Andrew said. “I don’t think language should be a barrier in the 21st century.”

While Luis and Andrew are the first Arlington High students to carry out such a major feat, they hope this trend will continue for other students for years to come.

Story written by Noah Certion, ACS Communications Intern

Two students earn Global Seal of Biliteracy for studies in Spanish The seal is an internationally known credential that recognizes a person’s level of proficiency in two or more languages


It's time to announce our 2023-2024 Teachers of the Year! We couldn't think of a better way to tell them than by busting into their classrooms to let their students celebrate with them. 🤩 Watch their reactions!

Congratulations to our Teachers of the Year!

🥳 Laurin Willoughby - AES
🤩 Jennifer Powers - DES
⭐️ Jennifer Harvey - AMS
🕺🏽 Cameron White - AHS

Photos from Arlington Community Schools's post 11/14/2023

One pillar of the Portrait of an ACS Graduate is Lead with Empathy, and a recent Veterans Day project by the AHS French Club fits that tenant to a T.

As a way to honor AHS Veterans, the students made shirt pins that represented blue cornflowers, known as “Le Bleuet de France," in French. Following WWI, it was the only flower to bloom in the fields of France that were otherwise destroyed during the war. It became a historical symbol for their country, representing solidarity and honor for those who died in the war, and to this day, Bleuet de France pins are still sold in the name of that very cause.

For Veterans Day, AHS French Club students surprised AHS Veterans with homemade pins as a way to honor and thank them for their service in our nation’s military. 🥹💙

The AHS French Club is sponsored by Madame Stephanie Altman.


Tomorrow on the PEP Talks podcast, by popular demand, we explore ADHD with Temetric Reeves, who is not only an expert on the subject but also happens to be a mom whose son is diagnosed with ADHD. Throughout this conversation, Temetric describes ADHD from a strength perspective and both encourages and educates parents on how to help their students thrive with ADHD.

Subscribe on Apple, Spotify or anywhere you listen to podcasts so you'll know when new episodes drop. While you wait for tomorrow's episode, check out earlier shows here:

Photos from Arlington Community Schools's post 11/11/2023

Your AHS Tiger Marching Band just competed in the semifinals of the Bands of America National Competition!! The Tigers are up against some of the best bands in the country and are repping Arlington so well! To make semifinals, they had to be in the top 30 bands. There were 92 that competed in the preliminary round.

This is the first time the Tigers have performed in BOA Grand Nationals, so the fact they’re semifinalists is impressive. Go, Tigers!!


Even after serving in our nation's military, these heroes continue to give back to our community by investing their time and careers in public education. Thank you to our ACS Veterans for your service and commitment to our families! 🇺🇸

John Block (AHS) - Army
Ed Ducey (Central Office) – Navy
Melissa Humphries (AHS) – Air Force
Tamico Johnson (AHS) – Army & Marine Corps
Casey Nelson (AHS) – Air Force
Joseph Piper (AMS) – Air Force
Jeffrey Snyder (AHS) – Army
Michael Wiles (AHS) – Army

Photos from Arlington Community Schools's post 11/10/2023

🇺🇸 The 5th Grade DES Choir, led by Greg Sims and Jennifer Zwissler, did an AMAZING job with today's Veterans Day musical program! They sang and performed with confidence and made us !

We also heard from Senior Chief Steve Flannagan, an active-duty Navy Diver and Hospital Corpsman of 21 years. He has completed two combat deployment overseas to Afghanistan and holds several awards, including two Joint Commendation Medals, four Navy & Marine Corps Commendation Medals, three Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medals and a Combat Action Ribbon. Thanks for talking to our students, Senior Chief Flannagan!


We couldn't end this week without giving a dedicated shoutout to our psychologists, Susan Knight and Laura Potts, for National School Psychology Week!

Susan and Laura serve all students in Grades PreK-12 by using their expertise in mental health, learning and behavior to help children succeed academically, socially and emotionally. They are vital members of our ACS team!

"The compassion and understanding that Mrs. Knight and Mrs. Potts bring to their roles creates ripple effects of positivity throughout the schools," Special Education Supervisor Carolyn Weirich said. "Their presence is truly a gift to our students and staff."


Wow! We are so grateful for the support shown by everyone who participated or sponsored this year’s Arlington 5K! This week, the Chamber of Commerce presented the Education Foundation (Arlington, TN) with a $7,500 check that will be given back to our schools via teacher and classroom grants. This money goes such a long way in helping provide resources to our teachers.

Thank you to Chamber Director Tonia Howell & AEF President Lee Mills for always supporting ACS!


Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood - about 29,000 units of red blood cells every single day. That’s why this award is particularly meaningful. Arlington High’s Kaitlyn Scherffius has been awarded the 2023 Vitalent Blood Drive Coordinator of the Year for her efforts in finding donors.

Kaitlyn won this award after organizing two blood drives last school year. She exceeded 100 percent of her initial goal for each of the drives, inspiring more than 140 donors to give blood. She’s not stopping either! She’s already coordinating the school’s next blood drive on November 30th.

Photos from Arlington Community Schools's post 11/09/2023

Arlington Middle's annual Veterans Day program never fails to give us a sense of pride in our students, musicians, employees and community. The AMS student body came together today to honor those who have served in our nation's armed forces, with performances led by the band, choir and orchestra.

Students also heard from Captain Robert Paynter Jr., the director of the Navy Reserve Community Management and Bureau of Navy Personnel, about his service and the life lessons he learned from the military.


We have to take a moment to brag about this incredibly unique opportunity! Arlington High School was one of only a handful of schools in the ENTIRE WORLD to present at Apple’s Leadership Academy! As part of being an Apple Distinguished School, Arlington High’s Crystal Uhiren was asked to present during the Innovation Showcase of Schools for the inspirational teaching and learning taking place in our classrooms by teachers and students. AHS was among schools from Brazil, Mexico City, Canada and more!

Check out Crystal’s presentation she gave this morning in Orlando, Florida. It features students and student work, so see if you can spot anyone you know and tag them!

Photos from Arlington Community Schools's post 11/08/2023

Superintendent Jeff Mayo had the opportunity this afternoon to give his yearly address to the Arlington Chamber of Commerce, a time to showcase our amazing students, teachers, employees and programs. He spoke about our 10th anniversary and the legacies we've forged since 2014, including academic achievement, advancing technology, providing an A+ customer service experience and making connections. You'll be able to read more soon in The Daily Memphian!

Thanks to all the business and community leaders who were able to attend - we're happy to serve Arlington with you!


This week on the PEP Talks podcast, Let's Get Physical! Dana Viox, the district's Coordinated School Health & Nursing Supervisor, discusses how physical activity plays a role in child health.

She speaks about the benefits of movement related to physical health and beyond, including increased executive functioning skills, emotional regulation, social skill development and more! Listen on Apple, Spotify or here:

Dr. Allison Clark selected as ACS Supervisor of the Year 11/07/2023

JUST IN: Help us congratulate Dr. Allison Clark for being nominated and selected by her ACS peers as the district's Supervisor of the Year!! 🥳🎉

As the Chief of Human Resources, Dr. Clark oversees the employee experience, from recruiting and retainment efforts and onboarding to health benefits, retirement and everything in between. As a former principal, she may not be in the school building any longer, but students continue to keep her grounded in understanding the needs of employees.

Click the link to see how Dr. Clark is indirectly serving students by supporting a strong workplace culture!

Dr. Allison Clark selected as ACS Supervisor of the Year As the Chief of Human Resources, Clark oversees the employee experience, from recruiting and retainment efforts and onboarding to health benefits, retirement and more.


Arlington, your AMS Dance Team is the STATE CHAMPION!! The Tigers competed this past weekend at the TSSAA/TMSAA State Dance Championship and walked away with the top award after competing against a field of talented teams. Way to go, Tigers!! See the girls' reaction below 👇

Head Coach: Candace Wright
AMS Sponsor: Marilyn Goad

Tonya Hawkins named ACS Principal of the Year 11/01/2023

🎉 It's official! Arlington Elementary's Tonya Hawkins has been named the ACS Principal of the Year by her peers and the district's executive staff!! 🎉

“Mrs. Hawkins is one of the hardest working people I know,” Superintendent Jeff Mayo said. “She’s very competitive and has just the right amount of grit to always push for what she feels is in the best interest of AES. She has grown leaps and bounds as a principal while taking advice and mentoring from others. It has been so inspiring to observe the energy that she brings as a leader. Her first focus is always on what’s best for students, and that shows as she readily adjusts AES’s academic programming and priorities, not to mention leading her school to Level 5 status. I couldn’t be prouder of Mrs. Hawkins and can’t wait to see what she does next.”

We caught up with Mrs. Hawkins to learn more about her philosophy as a leader, and we learned it's all rooted in "doing the work 𝙩𝙤𝙜𝙚𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙧." Read more by clicking the link!

Tonya Hawkins named ACS Principal of the Year In addition to representing ACS as the district’s Principal of the Year, Hawkins will also be submitted for the TN Principal of the Year competition.


It's one thing to learn about something from a book, but it's totally different to practice it in real life! Arlington High School's HOSA Club is doing just that by performing health screenings for students all throughout ACS. Blood pressure readings, height and weight measurements, vision checks and more – they do it all!

We peeked in on their screenings at Arlington Elementary as they got to experience what it’s like to work in the medical field. Watch more in this video edited by Noah Certion, ACS Communications Intern.

Photos from Arlington Community Schools's post 10/31/2023

Even staring down a breezy 42º and a postponement due to weather, y'all showed up big time for the 2nd annual Track or Treat! More than 3,000 of you came through to trick or treat at our 30+ club and organizations and Arlington business booths. So many costumes, soooooo much candy. 🎃

We were also proud to partner this year with the Arlington Relay for Life to raise awareness for the ongoing fight against cancer. We ended the night with a luminaria ceremony to honor cancer survivors and those we've lost.

We're already looking forward to next year!

Want your school to be the top-listed School/college in Arlington?

Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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