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Don't simply take our words for it...
Thank you for this incredibly heartfelt and thoughtful review, Jaidyn!

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The quickest way to improve skin, hair, weight-loss goals & overall health if you're eliminating fat in your diet (especially for woman), is to change just that - don't skip the fat! Here's a summer side dish or snack that brings you healthy fats and fresh, crisp veggies: 🥒

1. Toss the cucumbers with a pinch of salt and lay them in a dish or in a bowl that's lined with a towel. You can layer the cucumbers on top of one another depending on the size of container. Separate each layer with a towel. Let them rest for about 30 minutes.
2. In a bowl, mix together the non-dairy mayo, lemon juice, milk of choice, garlic and black pepper.
3. Stir red onion and dill into the bowl mixture.
4. Once the cucumbers have drained, give them a toss with fresh towel to wipe off any excess liquid/salt.
5. Place the mayo mixture into a large bowl and then fold the cucumber into it until all of the cucumbers are coated.
6. Season with additional salt to taste and enjoy!


Ann has been an Atlas athlete since January 2023.

During her initial consultation she said, “I need accountability for one year.” Her belief and steadfast mindset stood out to us immediately.
Ever hear the phrase, “whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

She knew it would be a challenge.
She knew it would take focused time & effort.
She also knew she could do it.

Ann, here we are only 6-months later, and you’ve
• Lost 25 lb.
• Eliminated pain in your back-shoulder area
• Improved your mental, emotional & digestive health
• Increased strength levels and progressed overall function
What’s more – you’ve
• Clearly defined the vision for your life thus connecting you to your choices & goals
• Learned how to manage difficult situations that otherwise would have caused a setback

Ann shared, “you’ve given me tools that I can use for a lifetime.” I reminded her – look at how you’ve given back to others through your journey! You have been an incredible example to your friends and family in your attitude, dedication, and commitment to your health.

Congratulations on your success story! Keep smiling – you have so much to celebrate!
We can’t wait to continue watching you crush your goals! Yes, we know where you’re headed… so let’s GOOOO!!


“God’s children are not for sale.”

Slavery is higher now than when it was legal. And the slaves are children. The US is among the highest destinations. Turning a blind eye solves nothing.

Support the mission to end human s*x trafficking by seeing Sound of Freedom while it’s in theaters.

Money won’t even be an issue—Claim a free ticket from someone who paid it forward or share free tickets with someone:

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"Detoxification and proper drainage are just an automatic function of my physiology, right?"

Not necessarily. Well, it may not be functioning optimally.

Think of it this way - breathing is something we do. It's not as if we need to consciously tell ourselves to breath in order for it to happen. Yet, many people struggle to breath properly.

Sometimes, due to injury and / or other stressors, we need to unlearn poor habits and take an intentional approach to breathing strategies that focus on what we're trying to achieve. Whether it's to improve spinal stability or mobility, digestion, anxiety, energy, etc., there are many breathing techniques that someone could use to improve health and optimize performance.

Similarly, sometimes our organs need intentional support in their everyday functions.

For example, when the liver and bile duct are backed up an emergency release valve opens sending bile acids and toxins into the blood stream causing whole-body circulation of these toxins. This circulation impacts the skin, kidneys and lungs.

The colon, liver and bile ducts require proper drainage support to prevent this from happening. That said, always support the colon first and move up!

It will always be unique to you based on your full health history which is why we recommend working closely with someone who can provide personalized recommendations. Schedule a complimentary consultation to see if we're a good fit for you!


Be wise in how you sequence your exercises.

As the neuromuscular system fatigues through a workout, one’s awareness of joint position and movement as well as the coordination of muscle activation decreases.

Exercises that are more complex, higher in intensity or power should be performed early in the session while one is fresh.

As fatigue sets in, exercises that are less complex, lower in intensity, or performed slowly may be performed without sacrificing coordination.


Don't simply take our words for it...
Thank you for the 5-star review FoxTall family!


We want a resistant, resilient, and symbiotic gut microbiota.

The first step to get here is to first remove unnecessary stress and create the right internal environment for health. Health must come first for any strength or fitness goal to follow.

When we talk about the microbiome, we’re talking about all the microorganisms that are not only in your gut but also on your skin, as well as other parts of the body.

The genetic material is approx. 150x greater than the human genome. There’s more genetic material in your gut than genetic material in your entire body! So, let’s talk about the gut microbiota, specifically.

Resistant: it can take a lot of stress before it’s even going to start to change
Resilient: can take a greater amount of stress before that change becomes subpermanent or permanent.
Symbiotic: a gut microbiota that’s healthy for us. It’s contributing to our health and we’re contributing to it.
Pathogenic: opposite of symbiotic; gut microbiota is doing fine living off us, but it’s hurting us.

Pathogenic microbiome = Dysbiosis (dysfunctional gut)

With more people having a dysbiotic gut, we see increasing numbers of people suffering from allergies, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, depression, anxiety, obesity, autism, and other neuropsychiatric disorders.

While even a symbiotic microbiome has “unhealthy” microorganisms, there’s so many healthy ones, that they’re limiting the growth of the unhealthy. Simply put…You have both “good bugs” and “bad bugs.”

So, which bugs in your microbiome are winning?

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It’s so important to blend the emotional work with the physical work, and all of it means nothing if the body’s physiological systems aren’t ready.

Have you ever felt like you’ve done all the “right” things for your health, yet you’re not feeling better?

We get it. And we empathize. Truly.

It may be time to take a deeper look.

Do you have an ongoing struggle with:
energy needs? skin issues? brain fog? mood fluctuations? stomach / GI disturbances? chronic illness and / or muscle & joint pain?

Ever wonder about:
mold, EMF or heavy metal toxicity?
drainage VS detox?
bodily responses to full moon or lunar cycle? Ya know, are “the weirdos out”?
parasite or fungal infection? Yes, happens in humans too (not just your pets).

We’re beyond ecstatic to announce Atlas Strength & Wellness is officially a CellCore Biosciences Practitioner!

Now that we’re in partnership with the leader in root cause solutions, we can now offer our clients more thorough assessment, education and products that help everyone find optimal wellness.

Contact us to learn more about our health coaching services and upcoming small-group opportunities.


Yes, I like beer. 🍺
Yes, my dad makes the best whiskey old fashioned and there's wine glasses in my kitchen.
Do I have one every time I’d like one? NO.

Alcohol is pro-inflammatory. Period.

I live clean so that I can enjoy this calculated beverage of choice on occasions that matter most. I look at the calendar & literally think:
•Why do I want it?
•Short-term goal & long-term goals (knowing it WILL negatively affect my body so what state am I in & how long will it take to recover?)
•Is it worth the sacrifice?
•Do I still want to participate?
If so…
•How much?
•What kind? What substitutions or healthier options are available?
•Do I need to bring my own options?

Maybe you can adopt this practice (whether it's a beverage or something else entirely). The truth is...the discipline to say “NO” to instant gratification is worth it later.

So, how do you stay on track with your fitness goals when you want a cold one?

Comment below & raise a hand 🙋🏼‍♀️if you want a tasty, no-sugar margarita, mixed-drink OR mocktail recipe for a better option!

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"I dip, you dip, we dip"! 🙃

Bring this super easy dip to your next social gathering! OH MY - it is delicious!! What do you like to dip in your buffalo chicken dip? I'll be pairing with fresh bell peppers or grain-free crackers.

PRO Tip: Make extra if you want enough for snacks or other lunches this week!

I cooked chicken first in Instant Pot. While chicken cooks, Mix together other ingredients as best as possible. After draining pot and shredding chicken, add the wet mixture to Instant Pot. Leave on "warm" setting to help melt ingredients. Mix well & serve warm. You could also use a crockpot or bake it if you don't have an Instant Pot.

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Congratulations to ALL the 2023 Winners! 👏 As a young, small business, we're beyond flattered and thankful to have been a Top Nominee this year! Special thanks to all who voted for us. 🫶 It's truly an honor to stand alongside the other candidates. Well done everyone!


Jaidyn and Shayd are successful, professional woman committed to taking care of themselves despite the workload that comes with their job roles. Supporting each other along the way, even when unforeseen challenges arose, Jaidyn and Shayd stayed the course.

The “dynamic duo” took their DUO training head-on. To complement their exercise efforts and “jump-start” progress, they even participated in our Atlas Solutions workshop where they began applying healthy behavior changes in areas of sleep, hydration, nutrition, stress management, etc.

Well gals, your perseverance has paid off! Congratulations on all your health & fitness improvements—both subjective & objective!

In just 8-weeks alone they lost 9% body-fat with noticeable improvements in focus, energy, and mood. Their dedication to the whole process has also brought improved stability and increased function in a variety of movements.

“When I joined, I thought it would just be an hour going to the gym, but what it was, was life changing.” –Shayd

We’re so proud to be working with you both and can’t wait to continue watching you crush your well-being & fitness goals! Thank you for allowing ATLAS Strength & Wellness to be a part of your journey, Shayd and Jaidyn!


Have you developed your anatomical weight-belt?

When the diaphragm is engaged upon inhalation, it will move downward, the abdomen will move outward toward the front and the lower ribs will move outward to the side.

Stabilization is achieved when the activation of the diaphragm is combined with the drawing in of the abdominal wall (transversus abdominus) against the resistance of the pelvic floor. This process increases intra-abdominal pressure which helps stabilize the spine and trunk. Think of this as your "anatomical weight-belt."

Signs of dysfunctional breathing pattern
- Inhalation begins with lifting of the rib cage
- The lower ribs do not expand on inhalation
- Breathing through the mouth rather than nose
- Forward head posture
- Stiffness in the mid and upper back (thoracic)
- Shallow and rapid breathing

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We're back! Had a wonderful time in the Kettle Moraine beachin’ 🏖️ hikin' 🥾 & campin' ⛺️

Palpable health improvements in an instant! Nature is so important for all of us. Get around those negative charges (too much positive charge =👎). barefoot, be yourself, just BE.

Here's a bit from our amazing time away to recharge & be back better than ever! 👊

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Who's a seafood fan? 🫵 This one's for you! This dish has many herbs🌱 and other ingredients making it full of flavor and health benefits!

⚠️Keep in mind it's so very important to make sure you're buying wild caught (specifically labeled as such) seafood sources. If you have any concerns about seafood, we suggest substituting the shrimp in this meal for chicken.

Here's the preparation instructions if you want to “dive in"🌊:⁣
1. Sauté (or grill) wild caught shrimp until cooked. If not precooked, cook as per instructions on package. You could cut shrimp into 3 bite-size pieces if preferred. Set aside.
2. Blend ginger, onion powder, garlic powder, white pepper, parsley, dried cilantro, basil and salt.
3. Next, add in liquids: lime juice, lime zest, raw honey, white wine vinegar, coconut liquid aminos, chicken broth and arrowroot mixture.
4. Set aside the finished mixture.
5. Sauté green onions (or sliced sweet onion) and garlic cloves in sesame oil.
6. Cut broccoli into small pieces and add to onion/oil pan. Sauté for 1-2 minutes before adding rest of vegetables since broccoli will take longer to cook.
6. Next, add in carrot, celery, zucchini and mung bean noodles to pan. Sauté to desired consistency.
7. Add herb & seasoning mixture to pan until well blended.
7. Lastly, add in cooked shrimp (or chicken) to warm it up and not to overcook.


Don't simply take our words for it...
Thanks for your kind words, Keli! We're so glad you feel supported!

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Still receiving great feedback from Saturday’s event! 🗣️ We truly had a BLAST! Thank you to all who came & participated in our Open House + 3-yr. "Atlas birthday" celebration! 🥳

Special thanks to our super star volunteers who made everything run so smoothly and to our generous sponsors who donated exciting prize giveaways! 🌟

Here’s a quick recap of the fun 📸


Kirby Ketola has a heart of gold and now has won his “first double gold” and we’re ecstatic!!

A quality that sets Kirby apart is his desire to learn along with his relentless passion to train while inspiring others, including his daughter who also trains in the martial arts.

Kirby came to us committed to overcoming a long history of injuries and pain, eager to compete again. Few people have shown a matched commitment to understanding the human body and the correct application of strength, stabilization, and conditioning. It’s great to see him succeed as a result of such dedication. He has truly succeeded.

“Doing what I love to do is priceless.” …And we think you clearly do it like a champ, Kirby!

BIG CONGRATS on dominating at the International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation Chicago Tournament in both your weight class and the bluebelt open class, bringing home 2 Gold Medals!

Well done and thank you, Kirby, for allowing ATLAS Strength & Wellness to be a part of your journey! We’re so proud to be working with you and look forward to what’s next!

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Proud & SUPER excited to announce our partnership with LMNT! 🤩

• Electrolytes conduct electrolyte charges in your body. Every message sent through your nervous system (including your brain) involves electrolyte transmissions - or nerve impulses - between cells. You need electrolytes, especially sodium and potassium, in order for nerve impulses to fire.

• Electrolytes also regulate fluid balance, help you produce energy, and strengthen bones.
• Sodium, potassium, and magnesium:
- Regulates fluid balance (blood flow)
- Regulates blood pressure
- Helps conduct nerve impulses
- Promotions the release of vasopressin (or antidiuretic hormone) which helps you sleep through the night
- Aids in energy (ATP) production
- Contributes to DNA synthesis
- Regulate blood sugar levels
- Help muscles contract (including your heart)
- Increases the absorption of certain nutrients through the gut



Don't simply take our words for it...
Congrats on YOUR success stories you two and thank you for the sparkling 5-star review! ❤️


Atlas Strength & Wellness is honored to be included in the UW Oshkosh Alumni Owned Business Directory!

Kaitlyn graduated from UWO with a degree in Kinesiology (Exercise Science & Health Promotion) + Strength & Conditioning. During her time at UWO, she taught many group fitness classes at the Student Recreation & Wellness Center (SRWC) and worked as a front desk attendant. She was also on the Executive Board for the Kinesiology Club.

Search the directory for business' like ours that proudly provide UWO alumni a "client perk" or discount as a way of giving an alumnus HIGH FIVE! 👏👊


“In the past I thought I needed to control my body. I did that by pushing it HARD for years, in many ways, especially when it came to my nutrition and fitness. This resulted in not only physical pain in multiple areas of my body, but also mental and emotional.” -J.S.

Inches and pounds lost but best of all—a smile on her face! Jenna has been dedicated to her goals in a way that shines. We’re so happy and proud to highlight her achievements!

The behavioral changes necessary to overcome pain and reach healthy body composition goals will only be short-term until the client is ready to take an honest look inside. Jenna is a warrior who faced and embraced it all! She was persistent in her action steps even with life’s distractions, temptations, and hardships.

Now, she’s leaner, pain is gone, and she’s achieved impressive progress in several exercises that used to feel impossible!

“It is amazing how something as simple as seeing and knowing my body is holding itself in proper form whether it be, sitting, standing, or working out, will put such a huge smile on my face.” -J.S.

Congratulations, Jenna! We’re looking forward to what comes next for you & your fitness goals! Keep going!


Fun. Fresh. Fitness.
3-year’s strong + New location = PARTY TIME!
We’re excited to invite you to an event that’s fun for the whole family! Enjoy a workout (or two😉), yummy refreshments and stick around to win prizes when we do several drawings. You don’t want to miss this one!

Here’s what’s packed into our party:
Cardio Kickboxing - 11:00-11:50am
Zumba - 12:00-12:50pm
Tai Chi - 1:00-1:30pm
Tropical Smoothie Café snacks/drinks, socializing & prize drawings throughout!

With over a decade of instructor experience, you can expect nothing but the BEST classes led by your Atlas founders! 😊

Sounds AMAZING right?!? We agree and can’t wait to see you!

Special thanks to our sponsors Tropical Smoothie Cafe, massage therapists and Appleton Massage Therapy Associates, LLC - Massage Time, homemade craft artist and Suess Electronics

*No cost to participate *Must be present at time of drawing to win


A power exercise is any movement you can do in less than or equal to one second (time). Whether it's a jump, hop, kettlebell swing or barbell power clean - it's all about the speed or velocity behind the movements.

Often these are the fun, fitness exercises that make you feel like a warrior when you're done with a set.

That said, poor exercise selection can lead to your Weekend Warrior funneling into Mr. or Mrs. Couch Potato. Make sure you have the strength and stability needed to perform power movements so that your warrior takes the win!

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We hope you had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday filled with faith, family & blessings! Coming off of this weekend we learned some exciting news - We're in the final voting round of Best of the Valley 2023! It's an honor to be in the top 6! 🤩🥹

We would LOVE to win Best Fitness Center/Gym, but we need your help again! 🙌

Voting is open until April 24th. Votes can be placed once per day, EVERY day until then! All you have to do is go to the Sports & Fitness category, tap Atlas Strength & Wellness under Fitness Center/Gym section then enter your name and email to complete the registration. Registration is required for your vote to count, but you only have to do it the first time around! 🎉

Here’s the link: #/referrals/46ce4405-69e5-466f-9cd8-639187055ec2

We're grateful for all your support! 🫶

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HIP, HIP, CURRY!!😋 ...was that a stretch? 😜Ha! Let us know how you like your curry - over cooked quinoa? Greens? Riced cauliflower?

1. Place ¾ of the chili pepper in a food processor with the ginger, garlic and most of the parsley.
2. Puree into a rough paste, adding a splash of water if needed.
3. Heat oil in a frying pan and brown the chicken for 1-2 minutes.
4. Add the peanut butter and chicken stock.
5. Bring the sauce to a simmer and cook for an additional 10 minutes until the chicken is cooked through.
6. Stir in the yogurt of choice.
7. Scatter the rest of the parsley on top with the remaining chili pepper.
8. Serve over a ½ cup of cooked quinoa, millet or bed of greens.


Already feeling much leaner and stronger! They’re:

- fitting into clothes they previously couldn’t.
- both are no longer struggling with bloating and poor digestion.
- Dorothy is considerably less anxious.
- Tony’s blood sugar is consistently lower, averaging < 120.
- Tony’s gut is healing and is no longer getting the acid reflux that was occurring with his high blood sugar. Currently setting goals for his A1C.

“If only I could lose weight. If only I could eat better. If only I could be more athletic. These are the common mistakes that we made for 20 years with our health. We thought that if we just did one of these things our health would be better. Atlas Strength and Wellness has taught us that it isn't about just one of these things but rather a combination of all of them and more.” ~Dorothy

We LOVE to hear that because that’s what it’s about— making it a lifestyle!

We want to congratulate Tony and Dorothy for taking some BIG steps in their extremely busy lives. Those steps have truly impacted their health! Steps like improved nutrition and eating habits, hydration, sleep hygiene, and doing the right exercises for them.

Many thanks for choosing ATLAS Strength & Wellness to be a part of it all. We look forward to what comes next for you both!


Just because you can get through an exercise doesn’t mean you’re stable or using the correct muscles in the proper way to minimize injury.

For starters, do you know how your joints should be lined up simply standing? What about under load? How about during your favorite gym exercises?

Stability has much to do with posture and joint alignment during movement which is influenced passively by the structure and actively by the nerves and muscles.

It must be trained. Practice, practice, practice…

It’s important to be mindful of how your joints are lined up as you’re doing your pushing, pulling, bending, etc.

Yes. Every repetition matters.

We need to practice proper activation of muscles, producing the proper alignment, to stabilize the body through movement.

Slow down and focus. It will be worth it.


Don't simply take our words for it...
Thank you for the 5-star review, Jennifer!

Photos from ATLAS Strength & Wellness's post 03/15/2023

Have you ever heard of the "super-food" called maca powder? It comes from the maca root which, according to my source, "has been used for nourishment and healing by Andean societies for thousands of years". It’s a great nutrient-dense source of amino acids and minerals.

That said, it's an energy-packed, on-the-go option that you could have ready for those rushed mornings or gym-bag stash. Our young athletes and our niece give it a thumbs up so you know it's teenager approved too!


“You can’t age well if you can’t detox well.”Thank you, Dr. Dee, for this awesome lesson on these powerhouse antioxidants! So proud to be able to offer such amazing lines of science-based products to our clients & customers! 🍃

workshops « Atlas Strength & Wellness 03/02/2023

workshops « Atlas Strength & Wellness Life isn’t rigid or predictable, and your weight-loss solution shouldn’t be either. Our comprehensive educational workshop is custom-made to fit you and your unique lifestyle. Whether you want to improve your overall health, lose excess fat, or increase your athletic performance, ATLAS Solutions...


Hey...I think I know those people! 🤪😆 We're honestly so excited to be invited on Julie's Expert Series - what an incredible honor! 🫶


Barb’s initial focus was to learn and create better eating habits. She liked the idea of the "Atlas Solutions" 8-week workshop and snagged her spot in class.

After successfully meeting her goal to learn & create better habits (plus dropping 10 unwanted pounds plus several inches), she set out on a vacation to Mexico. Barb recently reported back that it was much easier to transition back to her WI hometown “reality”. In the past, she “wouldn’t have had the awareness” that she has now.

We LOVE to hear that because that’s what it’s about— making it a lifestyle for you!

Thank you, Barb, for allowing ATLAS Strength & Wellness to be a part of your journey. We look forward to what comes next for you in your health & fitness goals! Keep going! 😎

Photos from ATLAS Strength & Wellness's post 02/20/2023

Thanks to our nutritionist friends & allies at Integrative Health & Wellness, LLC , try this healthier take on the classic Sloppy Joe! Let us know when this balanced meal is "Kid-Tested, Parent-Approved" in your home. 😋

1. Brown the ground beef in a large pan over medium-high heat and add the onion. Drain any excess grease.
2. Reduce the heat to medium and add the green pepper, apple cider vinegar, dijon mustard, garlic, dried parsley, and salt. Mix well.
3. Meanwhile, in a separate small pot, bring 2/3 cup of water to a boil and add the dates. Boil 30-60 seconds, just long enough to soften the dates. Remove the dates from the pot (reserving the water for later).
4. Place the dates into a food processor or blender, then add tomato sauce and tomato paste. Blend well then add to the ground beef.
5. Add 2 tablespoons of the reserved date water to the pan of beef.
6. Serve sloppy joe mixture on top of baked sweet or russet potato and garnish with green onions (or organic parmesan cheese as pictured).


Don't simply take our words for it...
Thank you for the powerful client review!


We are on a MISSION. A mission to educate & empower you in knowing your body! 👊By blending lifestyle coaching & corrective exercise techniques WITH strength & conditioning, we aim to improve each client’s quality of life while helping them reach the next pinnacle in their personal journey.

👉If it’s in your heart to do so, please consider nominating Atlas Strength & Wellness so that the BEST kept secret gets OUT & we can share our small but MIGHTY mission with many others! 🤗🫶

This is the perfect time to support your favorite small businesses in Fox Valley, WI! This exposure and recognition helps small businesses in a BIG way! 💥

-Type the name of your fav small business in each category you see fit.
-Enter your name and email to complete the registration.
-Registration is required for your vote to count, but you only have to do it the first time—that said, you can nominate your fav businesses once per day, EVERY DAY!
-Nominations accepted now through February 28th.
That’s it! ✅

Those with the most nominations make it into the top 5 for each category, thus moving them forward into voting FINALS come April.

Now, let’s show others some love as well because we all know, it takes a community to positively impact lives! 🥰🤩 Comment below with some of your favs!

Here's a few of our fav local businesses that we’re nominating:
Salisbury Clinic of Chiropractic Salisbury Clinic of Chiropractic, LLC
Hair by Kisha Aron Hair By Kisha Aron
Body Innervation Body Innervation Massage
Callie Huft at the Chiro Advantage
Happy Bellies
Alba Birthing Center Alba Birth Center
Crunch Fitness Crunch Fitness
The Meat Block
Brownies Carpet Cleaning Brownies Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
Katie Lynn Photography Katie Lynn Photography, LLC
The Free Market
Natural Health Concepts Natural Healthy Concepts
Hobby Lobby
Just to name a few...😀
(Voting link also in bio for IG users)

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SNEAK PEAK AT OUR OPEN HOUSE GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAYS!!🏆Special thanks to Body Innervation Massage and Appleton Massage The...
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Renée offers instruction on piano, trumpet, trombone, french horn, baritone/euphonnium, tuba, pop/j

Christian Cooperative Preschool Christian Cooperative Preschool
326 E North Street
Appleton, 54911

Since 1966, we have provided a Christian preschool experience that gives parents an opportunity to b

St. Edward School St. Edward School
N2944 State Road 47
Appleton, 54913

St. Edward School is a Catholic School serving Christ in grades PreK-5, including PreK classes for 3