Antioch CA Class of 75

Antioch CA Class of 75


Hello Classmates..
Does anyone know the where abouts of Jeannette Hood
If anyone does please pass this on to her ,I would very much like to connect with her.
Thank You
Claudia. Claudia Mercado

A gathering place for the Class of 1975 from Antioch CA High School, to get together and stay in tou

Operating as usual


Thank you Tom Williams for the original post!


Updated 4/26/23 Class of ‘75 alumni who have passed away. So, so sad! Please let me know if you know of anyone else or if you have additional dates or links to obituaries.Thank you! Karen Edson Crabaugh
I also asked Debbie Moore to update Antioch High School Baby Boomers Alumni in Memoriam page. They have a list of deceased from several graduating classes.

Last Name First Name Date passed
Adair, Mel 1/29/2021
Andrews, Donetta 4/27/1998
Berumen, Rosemary 7/27/1991
Biggs, Rick 2/2/2006
Buchanan, Christopher Mark 3/11/1990
Burgess, Rhonda 11/24/18
Chavis, Todd
Copping, Craig 5/17/13
Cowlishaw, Teresa 11/19/22
Coyle, Debbie 5/18/2015
Dalton, Rodney
Evon, Ruben 5/2/96
Gillard, Ben 10/23/16
Glaser, (Sands) Elaine 12/18/2015
Goldman, Dan 3/20/17
Gonzalez, Tony 11/5/2010
Goyer, Mike
Hanlin, Norman 1995
Hargraves, Tina 3/17/23
Hartsell, Ken 5/28/1988
Hernandez, Robert 4/20/2004
Hildebrand, Mike 11/17/2016
Hinojosa, John 10/28/1984
Hurtado, Debbie 5/9/1974
Jackson, Lisa 3/10/2013
Jackson, Ron
Jones, Steve 8/15/19
Kerp, Frank
Kline, Kaj 9/1/2004
Lucido, Mark
Madrigal, Nick 2/23/1992
Maier, Shell
Mayer, Garrett Jon 5/18/21
Mazarakis, Tony 10/2017
McChesney, Jeff 7/21/2014
Miller, Ron 12/23/2011
Navarro, Enrique (Rick) 9/14/2015
Obrien, Tim 4/1995
Ostrander, Karen
Owenson, John (Marty) 1/29/1990
Pantle, Carl 1978
Reano, Tim 6/2021
Reeves, Gary 8/18/21
Reyes, Alex 2/17/19
Reyes, Greg 5/11/2008
Ross, Mark 6/19/1996
Sabedra, Lou 2/19/1980
Sexton, Sunny 5/17/1976
Simpkins, Glenn 4/22/2004
Smith, Lynn Alice 1/28/2013
Swenson, Brad
Tanzo, Daniel (Danny) 3/27/2014
Teitzel, Karin 11/14/1982
Thomas, Debra ( Debi) 9/30/21
Trainque, Steve 7/13/2009
Utter, Randall 6/11/2019
Vigil, Mark 1/1/2012
Villarreal, Joe 6/13/2012
Wills, Donna 3/24/2009
Wilmoth, Thomas 4/2/2019
Woodyard, Bob
Wristen, Rick 7/11/1992

Photos from Antioch CA Class of 75's post 04/10/2023

We have lost another classmate to cancer 😢
I remember meeting Tina at Sutter elementary. She was a small girl with a lot of s***k.
I got to see Tina again a few years ago and she looked in a better place.
Thanks to Vicki Tatro for posting on Tina’s page.


So true...

Timeline photos 02/26/2023

Tip of the day! 🐶


Denise Roberts Thompson is coming to CA in March! We’re going to get together Thursday, March 23rd at 5:30, place TBD. If you’re in the area and would like to join us, please let me know so I can have a count and reserve a table, if needed.


Sorry to share sad news! Teresa (Cowlishaw) Kettle passed away on November 19, 2022. ❤️ She was such a sweet, kind person! 😕 Sad to lose another classmate and friend!


Some of us gals from ’75 got together for lunch at Smith’s Landing today! We were there for almost FOUR hours!! A lot to get caught up on.
Thank you to Dora Gentile (Pierce) for putting this together. It was great seeing everyone. We talked about our parents, kids, gkids, work, retirement, health & Medicare 😊
If you couldn’t make it, or didn’t know; let us know here to get on the list, or contact Dora or myself (Angie Ramirez)
We even started talking about a 3Day cruise to Catalina/Ensenada again in a year & a half! 🚢
🖤💛 Seated: Colleen (Ridolfi) Thompson, Nancy (Diaz) Borjon, Claudia Mercado, Connie Musick.
Standing: Dora (Pierce) Gentile, Marion Harrison, Linda (Mitchell) Justin, Leslie (Mason) Angel, Karen (Edson) Crabaugh, Rosa (Sandoval) Jaureque, Angie Ramirez, Debbie (Graves) Ricker, Debra “Dede” (Salvador) Freitas, Debi(Alaimo) Zwetz, Julie (Leif) Davis, Diane (Avila) Dorn, Kathryn Linscheid, Julianna Hart, Michelle (Hall) Fanucci.


Does anyone have contact info for
Sarina Aiello? I would love to reconnect. Thanks


To the AHS Class of 75, I have bad news to pass on this morning. Debra Rauch (Thomas) has passed this morning from liver cancer that passed to her brain.

She and her husband Ed started taking a shipping trip around the world not long after our last reunion. They posted lots of pics of their trip. They are now in Malaysia.
I’m glad she made it to our 40th and we got to visit again.
Til we meet again Debbie 🙏🏼


Sorry to share that Garrett Mayer has lost his battle with cancer! What a great guy! Always fun to be around! 😢 I didn’t find his senior picture in the yearbook, for some reason. So post away if you have pictures.

Photos from Antioch CA Class of 75's post 05/08/2021

Hi friends, I have a bit of sad news. Per Rosa Sandoval-Jaureque, our friend and classmate, Gary Reeves is battling Leukemia and is in ICU at John Muir, WC. He is in the latter stages and Rosie would like to brighten his days, and asks that we all send him cards, with our well wishes. Include some of your memories of Gary. Please send cards to his home @ 1951 Chestnut Street, Antioch, CA 94509.

Gary Reeves, grad pic, 25th Anniversary and at a concert with Rosie! Send him some love! ❤️🙏🏼❤️


Updated 2/24/2021 ‘75 alumni who have passed away. So, so sad! Please let me know if you know of anyone else or if you have additional dates or links to obituaries.Thank you! Karen Edson Crabaugh
I also updated on Antioch High School Baby Boomers Alumni in Memoriam page. They have a list of deceased from several graduating classes.

Last Name First Name Date passed
Adair Mel 1/29/2021
Andrews Donetta 4/27/1998
Berumen Rosemary 7/27/1991
Biggs Rick 2/2/2006
Buchanan Christopher Mark 3/11/1990
Burgess Rhonda 11/24/18
Chavis Todd
Copping Craig 5/17/13
Coyle Debbie 5/18/2015
Dalton Rodney
Evon Ruben 5/2/96
Gillard Ben 10/23/16
Glaser (Sands) Elaine 12/18/2015
Goldman Dan 3/20/17
Gonzalez Tony 11/5/2010
Goyer Mike
Hanlin Norman 1995
Hartsell Ken 5/28/1988
Hernandez Robert 4/20/2004
Hildebrand Mike 11/17/2016
Hinojosa John 10/28/1984
Hurtado Debbie 5/9/1974
Jackson Lisa 3/10/2013
Jackson Ron
Jones Steve 8/15/19
Kerp Frank
Kline Kaj 9/1/2004
Lucido Mark
Madrigal Nick 2/23/1992
Maier Shell
Mazarakis Tony 10/2017
McChesney Jeff 7/21/2014
Miller Ron 12/23/2011
Navarro Enrique (Rick) 9/14/2015
Obrien Tim 1995
Ostrander Karen
Owenson John (Marty) 1/29/1990
Pantle Carl 1978
Reyes Alex 2/17/19
Reyes Greg 5/11/2008
Ross Mark 6/19/1996
Sabedra Lou 2/19/1980
Sexton Sunny 5/17/1976
Simpkins Glenn 4/22/2004
Smith Lynn Alice 1/28/2013
Swenson Brad
Tanzo Daniel (Danny) 3/27/2014
Teitzel Karin 11/14/1982
Trainque Steve 7/13/2009
Utter Randall 6/11/2019
Vigil Mark 1/1/2012
Villarreal Joe 6/13/2012
Wills Donna 3/24/2009
Wilmoth Thomas 4/2/2019
Woodyard Bob
Wristen Rick 7/11/1992


I just found out that Mel Adair has passed from Covid today. Please say a prayer for his family 🙏🏼

Photos from Antioch CA Class of 75's post 06/14/2020

Class Song: We May Never Pass This Way Again
Senior Ball Theme: The Long and Winding Road.
Graduation: June 6, 1975
I think there were over 600 seniors but I estimated 528 listed in the Commencement Program. (I only counted one row and multiplied by 6. 😂)


Our 1975 AHS
Class Song -
“We May Never Pass this Way (Again)” ~ Seals & Crofts


Wow! 45 years ago we graduated! Who knew we’d be on hold for our Reunion due to a virus?☹️ Stay Safe!


Belshaw Elementary school 6th grade
Bottom row:
Marty Owenson, Larry Padilla, Rick Wristen, Scott Armstrong, ?
Middle row:
Ada Missakian, ?, Norma Ledford, Lois Tulis, Patti Bozarth, Sherry Waldrop, Kathy Cunha, Colleen Ridolfi, Jeanette Purvis
Top row:
Angie Ramirez, Sherry (or Terry) Taylor, Allison?, Stefeni Luman Bruno, ?, ?, Greg Banks?, ?, ?, Gary Crowell?


Belshaw Elementary School Kindergarten (I think)

Photos from Antioch CA Class of 75's post 03/24/2020

Since most of us are at home now, why don’t we get out our Antioch elementary schools class photos?

Let’s see if we can guess who some of these kids are from 50+ years ago....

Post your pics with grade. Name who you can, and we’ll see if the rest of us can fill in the blanks.

And if you mess up (like I’m sure I did), help out and let us know who to add or correct.

This should be fun during this time and those that joined us at JHS/AHS, will have a blast seeing these kiddie pics too!

I’ll add more classes as I find them. Thanks for sending to me Jann Galey Anderson!


Sad to say, due to Covid-19; our planning for our 45th Reunion has been suspended. We had already planned on it being late Summer/Autumn, but we’re unable to check on venues now.
As soon as things are clear, we’ll pick up where we left off.

In the meantime, Stay Safe!! 🖤💛


Three songs that remind you of HS or JHS. What are those memories?


Well, I did try and learned you cannot just turn a FB Page into a Group. So a Page it will stay.

That just means we need to be diligent of our members. If you’re not sure of a name, just let us know. We’ll look into it. Some people are here accidentally.

Also, please remember to ask your friends to join if you don’t see them listed here.

Thanks ~ Angie


This will become a Private Group. Some on here that do not belong. Luckily, spam has been few and far between, but why sift thru that?

Allowed will be:
Those that did graduate in this class
Those that went to grade and/or JHS that would’ve been in AHS
Siblings and Spouses of classmates
Class members of 74 & 76

I’ll try to ask people why they’re here before removing if they don’t look familiar. Maybe ask some questions for new members.

Please forward people to join this group. Facebook will be our only social media forum. Also, no website. Sorry, it’s just too time consuming for us.

We’ll keep posting updates as needed. As Karen said, we just started. It does look like we will do this in Fall again. The main reason being the East County Summertime HEAT!!

We discussed how everyone enjoyed our last one. We hope not to disappoint! 🖤💛


We’re in the early planning stages for a 45th reunion. Spread the word and mention this page, as much of the info is on Facebook! Please private message me (Karen Edson Crabaugh)your Names, addresses, phone number and email. I’m continually working on our class list. Also, if you know other classmates, friends or relatives, please send their info, too!Thanks! Karen

Timeline photos 01/13/2020

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Re Bob Woodward-
I looked the other day and didn’t see anything. Today I found this on Higgins Chapel website.
For Dora Gentile and others wanting info in his services....


From Steve Jones and his wife’s page....
No details listed.
RIP Steve....
It’s been a hard month.

~ Angie Ramirez


Copied from another page:

Bob Woodyard
April 19, 1957 - August 9, 2019
Requiescat in pacem ~ Rest in Peace
We pay our respects to Mark Woodyard and all of the family with our sincere sympathies on the loss of Bobby. Thank-You Debra Norgol for sharing her sad news on the loss of a dear family member, with our condolences.
May tender memories soften your grief, may fond recollection bring you relief, and may you find comfort and peace in the thought of the joy that knowing your loved one brought. For time and space can never divide or keep your loved one from your side. When memory paints in colors true, the happy hours that belonged to you.

Viewing - Friday September 6, 2019
Higgins Mortuary
Graveside service - Saturday, September 7, 2019
Oakview Memorial Park 18th St Antioch CA
Celebration of Life Lunch - 12:00 noon
VFW Hall, Wilbur Avenue Antioch CA
~Angie Ramirez


How about some good news....something to look forward to! We’ve started talking about having a 45th reunion next year (probably fall). I’m still compiling a list of contact information, from scratch, since we were unable to retrieve the actual class list from the previus committee. Please private message me name (maiden and married), address, cellphone number (optional) and email. You can also send it by email to [email protected]. Also, we’d love to have more help on the reunion committee, let us know if you’re interested.Thanks, Karen (Edson) Crabaugh. 😍


So sorry to bring you all more sad news. Tonight I was informed that Bob Woodyard passed away, last night, apparently heart related! We dated after high school. 😍 So, so sad! 😭


Another classmate taken too soon! RIP Randy Utter. We lost Randy in a motorcycle accident on Tuesday, 6/11. 😢 Prayers for his family and friends! ❤️🙏🏼❤️

Photos from Antioch CA Class of 75's post 02/13/2019

I posted this on my page today. I’m adding here.


Of course we can.


I was just informed that we have lost another classmate. Rhonda Burgess passed on 11/24/18, per Jessica Passafiume (class of ‘76). I’ve updated our list below. 😢


Let’s get this page active! Tell us a great memories from high school days, whether it be in school or just hanging out with friends........Careful...LOL! 😍

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