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Licensed in home. Open Monday- Friday 730 -430 pm. accepting children 6 weeks to 5y Basic learning, I know! I've done it! He has inspired me to open my daycare.

As parents, leaving our children with someone else so we could go to work can be heartbreaking. Nothing brings a smile to my face more than watching my son interact with other children. I don't want to miss a minute of his growing up! I feel I have raised a smart, polite, fun, and loving little man, and would love to be able to have a positive impact in other children's lives. At 2, Zach knew his

Operating as usual

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Dirty floors? Hire us! 😂


Miss Kimmie gets it 😂

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This week was extra busy with lots of crafts, coloring, painting, and a visit from the Easter bunny! Some were unsure how to feel about it, others were super excited, but no one panicked and everyone got to take home a bubble wand!


Come see the Easter bunny!

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Whenever Dug lays down and puts his arms up….. we do too. 😂


Got ‘em all looking at the same time!!!!


When Marilyn Manson becomes daycare appropriate 😂😂

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Yesterday we took our first field trip in two years to get pumpkins for Halloween! Next week we will paint them and take them home.


We smell children!!!!


Another one growing up on me!!! ❤️

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Starting with my son (with the hat), then my daughter (with the bow), I’ve found it fun to give birthday photos and more recently, custom tshirts to match the theme of their parties as gifts instead of more “stuff”. They aren’t perfect, the conditions aren’t always ideal with a small house managing other kids, working with bad lighting and trying to get the kids positioned, and be at the camera to snap the pic before they run away, all at the same time, but I always managed to get at least one that is adorable! It’s bittersweet watching all these kids grow up! Another set up coming in about a month and a half! (Edited to add hers too!)

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The Easter bunny stopped by today!!! Some were ok with him, others liked him but had better things to do than sit in his lap, and others were smarter than our “sit them down and snap a pic before they notice they hate him” method. But we had fun either way!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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Christmas festivities from this month!! Today is Christmas pajama day!! Have a happy healthy holiday season everyone!!

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Halloween party day!


It has been 2 years since my last full inspection. They’ve been here for partial inspections and supply drop offs, but full inspections take much longer, and depending on who it is, can be as thorough as making you open every cabinet and drawer including your underwear drawer. Some inspectors like to nit pick about every little thing, and others understand that we are human and this is our home, and NO two inspectors have the same information. I’ve had so much anxiety over all the new regulations and updated paperwork and 56 + COVID memos with new information that they threw at us constantly changing rules and regulations. It never fails, They always come during the transition from lunch to nap, or smack in the middle of nap, and the whole schedule gets thrown off. naptime is always an anxious time for me fearing they’re going to come and wake everyone up. Today there was a knock on my door at 845. I had just finished feeding the baby his bottle and everyone was happy and settled. I could not have asked for better timing. And even with all the changes and new paperwork I passed with no violations. I had one safe sleep regulations paper that should have been posted where parents could see, in my daycare folder instead, but since I don’t allow anyone inside during business hours she understood and just told me to stick it out somewhere, and I didn’t have the original start date on a paper for a child who has been with me for 2+ years, but she let me figure that out and add it on. Other than that, zero concerns and everyone was awesome. Huge relief.


Messy fun for inside while we wait for the weather to clear up. Bubble foam!


Happy Easter from our very own Easter bunny!


I am VERY excited to announce that as of March 19th, our regulations now allow 2 under 18 months! Any child over 18 months will now count towards my 6! This is huge and I am very grateful!


Bubble foam makes a comeback! Nothing beats good clean play

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Halloween party day!

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Usually we go to the pumpkin patch this time of year, but this year its out. So I made my own little patch complete with "hay ride" and "pony ride" zach was in class when we picked our pumpkins so he made it a class trip and took them with him. Haha


When someone gives you a new toy for the kids and you HAVE to test it out yourself....... Judge me. I dare you


How To See Germs Spread

Great way to see how germs spread! Wash your hands!! LOTS!


Getting ready to take the giggling pig art class! Love that they are doing this!

Mobile uploads 03/17/2020

In the middle of all of this panic there are some really amazing things going on right now! Mo willems, the author of the elephant and piggie books, will be offering a drawing lesson for kids daily at 1 pm called lunchtime doodles.

The giggling pig is doing live art lessons daily at 11 am.

Also look into art boxes from the giggling pig! My kids were gifted them today. Hand delivered by the giggling pig themselves, the package was colorfully wrapped and full of everything they need to create beautiful paintings!

Some of our favorite educational or get moving things to do here on YouTube on rainy days or while the babys sleep include, cosmic kids yoga, go noodle, have fun teaching, (our super favorites are the planet song, alphabet song, and the watercycle), Jack hartmann, and just dance (got that power)

Stay safe everyone. If you know of any fun stuff online for kids please share in the comments.

We are starting our free online art classes tomorrow at 11am. You can get ready for these by having your Facebook on to Our Shelton page and we will be streaming live. The lesson will be on drawing so be ready with your pens, pencils and markers. We are looking forward to giving you daily free lessons on all kinds of subjects from famous artists to creating collages and working with watercolor. Don’t miss these fun lessons. Please share this post and help us spread the word.


Valentines celebrations! These kids have been working hard the last few weeks lesrning this song. ❤❤


Lol! Isnt this the truth!

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Hot toy of the day.... A piece of foam I cut to make into a doll bed. Its been a bridge, a trampoline, a bed, and a jump rope so far. I have to say I'm loving their imaginations!!



Potato sack races while the baby sleeps!!

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Good lord I dont keep up on here as much as I should! Here are just a few things we did over the past 2 months. Field trip to my sons school for his christmas concert, our annual christmas pajama party where we each made our own gingerbread house and a few of the girls practicing writing letters, and of course my little buddy bundled up outside on the warm sunmy day we had!

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Cosmic kids Frozen yoga to celebrate the release of Frozen 2 today!! They've all got big plans to see it asap!

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Its sick season! So today we found a clean way to play! Bubble foam!


Snuggy warm while outside in this chilly fall weather! (Him too haha)

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Halloween Pajama party! We watched spookily the square pumpkin and colored him, did our halloween nails (fingers AND toes), and some Halloween songs. Later we will read room on the broom, carve a pumpkin, get some munchkins and play a few games


Looking for dinmer ideas? Tomorrow Zachs school is having a fund raiser at Italian pavilion. Order in or take out! Delicious food while helpimg a local school. Mention mead school to give us credit. Thanks!

Don't forget to plan Italian for dinner tomorrow night! Mention our school when you order and share with your friends and family. Thank you again for your continued support!

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My hard searching paid off! Welcome this monstrocity to my livingroom! Not sure who is more excited me or the kids!

Photos from Bright little stars / Jaimie's Daycare -ansonia ct's post 09/25/2019

Today we search for buried treasure!

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When Marilyn Manson becomes daycare appropriate 😂😂





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