Riding High Farm

Riding High Farm


It was lovely meeting you yesterday at the Moorestown Car Show. I'm the lady that was looking at your work and inquiring about the butter bell.
Why did the horse cross the road? Because someone shouted Hay! (Find out why I’m telling a hay joke 👇)
This handsome man had a great first session. I was told he can be a bit fiesty, yet after 15 minutes he was barely keeping his eyes open 😴
He has a very important job as a therapy horse and does a wonderful job taking care of his riders
It was a nice balmy morning Riding High Farm. This is a great facility that helps many riders through equine assisted therapy. As always, it’s so rewarding to give back to the horses that give so much to us 💕
Do you want to give back too?? Check out @ridinghighfarm to donate a bale of hay for the horses! ($9) ! Hayyyy
#giveback #givebacktothecommunity #therapyhorse #equineassistedtherapy #equinemassage #equinebodywork #mastersonmethod #mmcp #beyondhorsemassage #mastersonmethodcertifiedpractitioner
Riding High Farm is a not–for–profit therapeutic riding center for special needs individuals and groups of all ages. They offer equine and barn management day training program for developmentally disabled adults.
The link for the RHF KEEP Collective fundraiser is STILL OPEN! Right now you can get $25 for every $50 that you spend!

Remember, the holidays are just right around the corner so remember to shop small and support RHF!

Check out aghelpusa.com for seasonal or year-round farm help. Thank you!

Equine Assisted Activities and Therapy (EAAT)
Horses helping People

Operating as usual


We collected over 50 backpack and additional supplies for the Children of Ukraine BACKPACK BRIGADE
Thank you so much to everyone that donated


##downsyndromeawareness #worlddownsyndromeday2022 #rockyoursocks

March 21 is World Down Syndrome Day so be sure to rock your socks to raise awareness :-) 🐎🐎🐎


Shout out to POULIN GRAIN
For the on going support to our AMAZING herd of horses
Our herd ages run from 42+ to 8yrs old and Poulin Grain has kept them healthy, shining and fit for the work they do
Thank you to Shelly M C Facto for always guiding us with our herds nutritional needs 💕
Poulin Grain


Riding High Farm
145 Rt 526
Allentown NJ 08501
Has a drop box located in the barn for donation
9-1 or 4-7pm
Donation accepted until March 21,2022


Join us for a fun filled event at the farm


Congrats Tina the winner of our Valentines fundraiser


Argo and Brandon enjoying the calm after the storm


“Farm work doesn’t make you stronger. It doesn’t make you anything. It reveals you.
There’s gym strong and then there’s farm strong. They’re mutually exclusive. The toughest women you’ll ever meet spend their days on a farm.

There are more uses for twine than you can possibly imagine. You can tie up a hole in a slow feeder, fashion a tail strap for a horse’s blanket, mend a broken fence and use it as a belt.

“Well that certainly didn’t go as planned,” is one thing you’ll say quite a bit.
Control is a mere illusion. The thought that you have any, at any given time, is utterly false.
Sometimes sleep is a luxury. So are lunch and dinner. And brushing your hair.

If you’ve never felt your obliques contract, then you’ve never tried stopping an overly full wheelbarrow of horse manure from tipping over sideways. Trust me, you’ll find muscles that you never knew existed on the human skeleton to prevent this from happening.

When one of the animals is ill, you’ll go to heroic lengths to minimize their discomfort.
Their needs come first. In summer heat and coldest winter days. Clean water, clean bed, and plenty of feed. Before you have your first meal, they all eat.

When you lose one of them, even though you know that day is inevitable, you still feel sadness, angst and emotional pain from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. And it’s a heaviness that lingers even though you must regroup and press on.
You’ll cry a lot. But you’ll never live more fully. You’ll remain present no matter what because you must. There is no other option.
You’ll ask for so many miracles and hold out hope until the very last.

You will, at least once, face-plant in the manure pile. You’ll find yourself saying things like, “we have maybe twenty minutes of daylight left to git ‘er done” whilst gazing up at a nonspecific place in the sky.
You’ll become weirdly obsessive about the weather.
You’ll go out in public wearing filthy clothes and smelling of dirt, sweat and poop. People will look at you sideways and krinkle their noses but you won’t care.
Your entire day can derail within ten seconds of the rising sun.
You can wash your coveralls. They won’t look any cleaner, but they will smell much nicer.

Farm work is difficult in its simplicity.
You’ll always notice just how beautiful sunrises and sunsets really are.
Should you ever have the opportunity to work on a farm, take the chance! You will never do anything more satisfying in your entire life.”

-Author Unknown

Photos from Riding High Farm's post 01/30/2022

Snow day on the farm


Some Willis snuggles on the chilly morning

THE BLUE BEARS Special Meals 01/20/2022

THE BLUE BEARS Special Meals

Blue Bears is a cafe with amazing french American food. It was started by parents of two sons who have down syndrome. They hire an inclusive staff to include people who have special needs on the team.
301 N Harrison Street Space 210�Princeton, New Jersey 08540

THE BLUE BEARS Special Meals


COVID Home Tests | USPS


You can receive a set of 4 free tests per residential address right to your home at no cost to you via USPS.

Here is the website: https://special.usps.com/testkits

Thank you! Have a great day!

COVID Home Tests | USPS COVID Home Tests | USPS

Pay Riding High Farm using PayPal.Me 01/17/2022

Pay Riding High Farm using PayPal.Me


Pay Riding High Farm using PayPal.Me Go to paypal.me/RidingHighfarm and type in the amount. Since it’s PayPal, it's easy and secure. Don’t have a PayPal account? No worries.


PAYPAL: [email protected]

Wouldn’t it be GREAT if RIDING HIGH was flooded with donations in Ms. Betty White's name. That would be a WONDERFUL gesture for what would have been her 100th Birthday. America, please, let's do this for her. We all know her love for animals and taking care of them was her life mission. Just a thought. LET’S DO THIS!!! 🐾❤️🐾❤️
PAYPAL: [email protected]


✨Say hello to our 2022 local @cmnhospitals Champion, Colbie! Be sure to keep an eye out for Colbie, at your local @costco , @dairyqueen , @ihop , @walmart and so much more throughout the year! 

To read Colbie’s inspiring story, and why she’s a champion, click the link in our bio! 💛

#cmnh #cerebralpalsy #changekidshealth #kids #champion2022 01/12/2022

✨Say hello to our 2022 local @cmnhospitals Champion, Colbie! Be sure to keep an eye out for Colbie, at your local @costco , @dairyqueen , @ihop , @walmart and so much more throughout the year!

To read Colbie’s inspiring story, and why she’s a champion, click the link in our bio! 💛

#cmnh #cerebralpalsy #changekidshealth #kids #champion2022

Congrats to a very special young lady Colbie is part of the RHF family and always puts a smile on everyone at the farm face when she arrives
Children's Miracle Network Hospitals


✨Say hello to our 2022 local @cmnhospitals Champion, Colbie! Be sure to keep an eye out for Colbie, at your local @costco , @dairyqueen , @ihop , @walmart and so much more throughout the year! To read Colbie’s inspiring story, and why she’s a champion, click the link in our bio! 💛 #cmnh #cerebralpalsy #changekidshealth #kids #champion2022

Photos from Riding High Farm's post 01/07/2022

Snow clean up underway on the farm .⛄️🌨❄️


Riding High Farm 2022

Hello and welcome to another year at RHF!
As a nonprofit, we strive on donations and fundraisers to keep this enriching program open. Here is a list of monthly events that Riding High has placed together as well as dates the program is closed for Holidays.

Save The Dates 2022

All Events Are Subject To Change; notices are given out a month before event date

Jan 2022
1st: Program is closed for New Years Day
Event: Coupon Book Sales

Feb 2022
Event: Be My Valentine 50/50 date

March 2022:
Event: Mothers Day Flowerpots- Sat, 19th 2:30-4:30 PM
Summer Fan Gear Sales

April 2022
Event: Vol Appreciation Month
17th: Closed for Holiday

May 2022
Event: Gift Basket Sales date

June 2022
Event: Cupcake Wars-Sat, 11th 2:30-4:30 PM

July 2022
July 3-9th 2022 Closed For Summer Break
Event: Tye Dye Sat 16th- 2:30-4:30 PM

Aug 2022
Event: Holiday Card Sales date

Sept 2022
5th: Program Closed
Event: Annual Photo Contest

Oct 2022
Event: Halloween Bash, Sat 29th- 6-8 PM
16th: Special Olympic Horse Show

Nov 2022
Event: Winter Fan Gear Sales
24th: Program Closed

Dec 2022
24th-31st: Closed For Winter Break and Holidays

Event: Snowy Fundraiser
Event: Holiday In The Barn and holiday cookie exchange Sat 17th, 2:30-4:30 PM


Sunrise at the farm this morning


No BUTTS about it the mare’s love the new feeding station we had built with a grant we received
Makes feeding much easier and ensures everyone gets the proper diet and no one shares 

Photos from Riding High Farm's post 12/18/2021

Holiday in the barn fun for staff . Volunteers,clients and families
Happy Holidays


Christmas tree gnomes for Donation at Riding High farm if anyone’s interested stop out and pick yours up today
***min donation
required $5.00**

Barn hours
Sunday 9-3
Monday 8-11 or 4-7
Tuesday, Thursday or Friday
Wednesday 4-7
Saturday 9-3

Can you spare a minute to help Robyn Struz? 12/05/2021

Can you spare a minute to help Robyn Struz?


Can you spare a minute to help Robyn Struz? Calling all animal lovers! Don't let PennVet's New Bolton Center get defunded!!

@ridinghighfarm | Linktree 12/03/2021

@ridinghighfarm | Linktree

Friendly reminder:

- our online holiday wreath fundraiser ends on December 4th; all funds will go towards Brody's vet bills. Order a wreath or gift from Lynch Creek Farm and 15% of the sale will go to our program.

- Our Bonfire tee-shirt sale will end on December 5th. Use promo code GIVE2BRODY to save 10% on our RHF herd tee.

All shopping links can be found here: linktr.ee/ridinghighfarm

thank you for supporting our program and our GIVE2BRODY Campaign

@ridinghighfarm | Linktree Handicapped High Riders Club, Inc. A registered 501c(3) & EAAT service provider

GIVE2BRODY Campaign 12/02/2021


Again, thank you for your donations to Brody's #GivingTuesday2021 Facebook fundraiser! We have a few hundred dollars left to raise before we meet our $1800 goal. For more information about our GIVE2BRODY Campaign, you can visit this link, available until December 31, 2021:

GIVE2BRODY Campaign  

Riding High Farm is creating a community where all riders are equal in the saddle | Patreon 12/01/2021

Riding High Farm is creating a community where all riders are equal in the saddle | Patreon

We are excited to announce that we have launched a page on Patreon, a platform that allows supporters to make monthly donations to their favorite creators and organizations. We currently have three tiers available to subscribe to ($5, $25, and $100); two of these tiers include exclusive fan gear and a promo discount with our Bonfire Store.

Check it out!


Riding High Farm is creating a community where all riders are equal in the saddle | Patreon Become a patron of Riding High Farm today: Get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators.


Thank you to everyone who supported our #GivingTuesday2021 fundraiser, "GIVE2BRODY." We have raised approximately $1200 to go towards Brody's vet bills, we hope to raise an additional $600 to help us reach our goal of $1800. Thank you to everyone that has donated and shared our fundraiser, we appreciate your support! Our Facebook Fundraiser is still available for donations but the GivingTuesday match period is closed. You also help us to raise funds for Brody by clicking the link in our profile. Click the link and look for the "GIVE2BRODY" buttons.


We still have $730 to go to reach our $1800 goal for our #GivingTuesday2021 GIVE2BRODY fundraiser. Select the pinned post at the top of our page to begin donating. Every penny helps!


Hello, all! Today is #GivingTuesday and this year we are raising funds for Brody.

Brody, AKA Pocket Prince, is a registered Appaloosa. He was a rescue with quite an impressive resume. For many years Brody worked as a search and rescue horse. He retired and was given a new home with a family; unfortunately, they had to give him up as they too went into retirement. Brody joined us a couple of years ago as he entered his next career as a therapy horse. Brody enjoys working with our clients and has proven to be an excellent therapy pony.

Brody hasn't been feeling well recently and he is receiving veterinary care. Our goal is to raise $1800 with this year's #GivingTuesday2021 FACEBOOK fundraiser, to go towards Brody's medical expenses. Donations received at 8 AM (or soon after) will be matched by Facebook.

Remember, every dollar counts. If all of our followers could donate just $5 today- we would reach our goal in no time!

#ridinghighfarm #GIVE2BRODY #fundraiser #nonprofit #therapyhorse #vetcare


#givingtuesday #fundraiser #veterinarycare #givingtuesday2021 #therapyhorse #vetcare #ridinghighfarm We will be accepting donations via a Facebook Fundraiser, our Eventgroove page (which you can access from the link in our bio), cheque's, PayPal, Venmo, and in-person cash donations. Our fundraising goal is $1800, stay tuned for fundraiser updates!

Riding High Herd Campaign | Bonfire 11/22/2021

Riding High Herd Campaign | Bonfire

Brody hasn't been feeling well recently; he is receiving veterinary care.

Save 10% off on our extra special #BlackFriday / #GivingTuesday #Sale (the sale ends December 5). Use promo code GIVE2BRODY when you purchase our official RHF "herd" style t-shirt or water bottle. All proceeds will go towards Brody's vet bills.


Riding High Herd Campaign | Bonfire PROMO code GIVE2BRODY to save 10% thru Dec. 5, 2021 and help us raise $1800 for Brody.. We are raising funds to support Brody, one of our beloved therapy horses. Brody...

Photos from Riding High Farm's post 11/22/2021

We hosted a birthday party for a very special young lady
Pony Rides, birthday cake, pizza and ton of fun..
thank you to our amazing team of volunteers that helped make this day great


Winter coat drive for homeless
Winter coats,Boots, hats and gloves accepted

Drop off at the farm
Weekdays 9-12 or 4-7
Weekends 9-3pm


Thank you for your service to all that served this country

About us...

Riding High Farm incorporated as Handicapped High Riders Club, Inc., is a 10 ½ acre farm, indoor riding facility and stable, organized in 1979 as a not-for-profit 501c(3) corporation, dedicated to providing special needs riders with recreational and therapeutic instruction. Riding High Farm is situated on 145 Route 526, Allentown, New Jersey on the border of eastern Mercer and western Monmouth County, midway between the City Trenton and Township of Freehold in Central New Jersey. The organization seeks to enrich the lives of physically, cognitively and emotionally challenged persons through riding instructions that engage special needs individuals in a mainstream recreational and athletic activity and by improving therapeutically through the modality of the horse both physical and cognitive functioning.

Riding High Farm cooperates and maintains accreditation with PATH, Intl., formerly known as the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (NARHA) and strives to maintain the highest standards of care, safety and instructional benefits for special needs riding. Increasingly reaching out and extending our programs, we provide individual therapeutic riding and group lessons to school districts that require physical education for special needs students. Our goals include the integration of the able-bodied with the special needs population in our inclusive children’s summer camp program to enhance social skill development, as well as the recruitment and training of volunteer and community service workers to assist our professional staff in conducting riding lessons, maintaining our horses and facilities, and assisting in fundraising.

Paypal your tax-deductible donation to [email protected], please include a “note to seller” with your donation to specify that your payment is a donation.

Videos (show all)

Holiday Fan Gear Fundraiser
About Us
EAAT Riding Lesson



Riding lessons, field trips, day skills program, Wounded Warrior Project



145 Route 526
Allentown, NJ

General information

Riding High Farm cooperates and maintains accreditation with PATH, International and strives to maintain the highest standards of care, safety and instructional benefits for special needs riding.

Opening Hours

Monday 4pm - 8pm
Tuesday 4pm - 8pm
Wednesday 4pm - 8pm
Thursday 4pm - 8pm
Friday 4pm - 8pm
Saturday 8am - 4pm
Sunday 8am - 4pm

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