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Eco Teaching Resources, LLC, provides products, trainings and workshops for teachers, naturalists an Change How You Teach: Our company, Eco Teaching Resources, LLC, develops and supplies hyper-local field guides for cities, camps, school districts, and more.

We provide customizable, accurate, alternative teaching materials that create heightened learning environments and enhance how people interact with nature. Our vision is a community where people interact with one another, observing the natural world around them. To bring this vision into reality, we build a network of people who focus their educational pursuits, attention and knowledge to their lo

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The 10 Most Useful Backpacking Knots 07/27/2022

The 10 Most Useful Backpacking Knots

The 10 Most Useful Backpacking Knots Headed to the backcountry? Here are the knots every hiker should know how to tie.


Think about it...

Range Plants of North Central Texas 07/15/2022

Range Plants of North Central Texas

Range Plants of North Central Texas Ricky J. Linex, 1450 photos, 324 plants, emphasis on leaves, flowers, fruits, and details to aid in identification. Identification tips, value, and management.


When Spanish explorer Coronado trekked through the Great Plains in 1541 he wrote "There is not any kind of wood in all these plains, away from the gullies and the river, which are very few"(Bragg and Hulbert 1976). Historically, the Great Plains was a grassland savanna type ecosystem abundant with herbivores such as buffalo, pronghorn, elk, and deer. It also had a natural fire regime that helped to keep woody plants like Eastern Red-cedar confined to river bluffs, slopes, and bottoms (Blewett 1986).

Over time as settlers arrived in the Great Plains region, the number of grassland herbivores and natural fires began to diminish. Subsequently, with no fire and no herbivores to keep the woody plants in check, it didn't take long for the woody invaders to start spreading like their own wildfire. This dramatic increase of woody plants has taken off in the last 100 years and has been shown to effect the hydrology, biodiversity, production, and overall nutrient cycling of rangelands (Archer et al. 2017).

However, ranchers are far from backing down from this fight of woody plant encroachment. New tools and techniques have been developed to help kill and prevent these woody invaders from spreading such as prescribed burning, patch-burn grazing, and pyric herbivory. In addition, non-profit organizations such as the Prairie project have been created that help share the latest knowledge and solutions to help combat woody plant encroachment.

To read more on the woody invaders and solutions you can navigate to



Yes! 1,000 times yes!!

(Via: Earth Based Fun)


EarthFest is back this year from 10 AM to 2 PM, Saturday, April 23 at the Allen ISD STEAM Center, 1680 Ridgeview Dr, Allen, 75013. Bring the family for hands-on activities, explore nature trails, learn from local environmental experts, and more! This event is FREE!


Late fall through early spring is the perfect time to plant tree seedlings in Texas! This is because the cooler temperatures allow trees much needed time for root development and acclimation to their new environment without the added stress of the hot Texas sun.

When planting a tree, it is important to remember: Right Tree, Right Place! This means that you should always consider the mature size of your tree and its needs before planting it. You want your tree to have plenty of room for the canopy and roots to grow - you never want it too close to a house or under power lines.

To successfully plant a tree, follow these 6 easy steps:

🌱1. Dig a hole that is at least 2 times wider than the diameter of the root ball but not so deep that the tree’s root flare (where the trunk flares out to the roots) is below soil grade.
🌱2. Remove tree from container and work the roots to ensure separation. If roots are curled in the shape of the container, ensure that you break them up and try to straighten them out a bit.
🌱3. Place tree into hole, ensuring that the root flare is slightly above the natural grade.
🌱4. Gently fill the hole with the same soil that came out of the hole. Do not add soil amendments. While you want to remove air pockets, do not pack down the soil tightly as this can damage fine roots.
🌱5. Mulch around the tree at least out to the drip line. Mulch only needs to be 2-3 inches deep and should not touch the trunk.
🌱6. Water the tree deeply and thoroughly. This will help settle the soil uniformly around the roots as well as reduce transplant shock. Water regularly for the first two years but make sure not to over water. A newly planted tree requires 6-8 gallons of water per diameter inch of trunk every week total. This includes precipitation and added water. An infrequent soak is better than light frequent watering.

Always try to protect young trees from animals and lawn equipment such as weed eaters because these can easily wound and kill your tree. It is typically better not to fertilize your tree within the first year as too much nitrogen can burn roots therefore growth and delaying growth and establishment.

Check out this video to learn more on properly planting a tree:

Timeline photos 01/01/2022

Timeline photos

Every year is a new opportunity to learn about the land and from the land. Wishing you all a happy new year!

Pictured: compass plant blooming near the shack circa the 1940s.


Today, we’re remembering the life of entomologist Edward O. Wilson who died yesterday at the age of 92. Wilson spent part of his childhood in Washington, DC where he explored the natural world by dividing his time between our museum, the National Zoo, and Rock Creek Park. He would go on to study social insects like ants; conduct pioneering work in biodiversity; and author more than 30 books and hundreds of scientific papers.

Painting: National Portrait Gallery

© 2006 Jennie Summerall

Timeline photos 12/27/2021

Timeline photos

We are deeply saddened to share the passing of E.O. Wilson. Known as 'Darwin's natural heir', Dr. Wilson was a preeminent scientist, naturalist, author, teacher, and our inspiration. "His gift was a deep belief in people and our shared human resolve to save the natural world,” said Paula J. Ehrlich of the E.O. Wilson Biodiversity Foundation. A tribute to his life is planned in 2022.
Read the statement:

Timeline photos 10/14/2021

Timeline photos

Join us in celebrating this fall weather by reading October in A Sand County Almanac!

Timeline photos 10/14/2021

Timeline photos

👀 So many of you said in Monday's post that the first bird you saw was a Northern Flicker! So many, in fact, that today's post is about just that bird :-)

🍎 In North America there are two kinds of Northern Flicker: Red-shafted and Yellow-shafted. Red-shafted are found mostly in the West while Yellow-shafted are found mostly in the East. There are some differences in facial coloring between the two morphs, however the real difference is in the flight and tail feathers as shown here!

💛 These Flickers have such variance in feather color because they process carotenoids differently. Carotenoids are the chemicals present in red and yellow vegetables, fall-colored leaves, and any yellow or red bird! Birds can not produce yellow/red pigment on their own so they need to eat carotenoids and make the color from there! Eastern Flickers, for whatever reason, process carotenoids into yellow pigment while western ones get red pigments.

📖 I have a whole paragraph about carotenoids and their relation to health in birds on page 163 of What it's Like to be a Bird if you'd like to learn more!

Perspective | How a focus on nature is changing therapy for kids 10/14/2021

Perspective | How a focus on nature is changing therapy for kids

Perspective | How a focus on nature is changing therapy for kids With ecotherapy, kids spend structured time with nature to improve mental health during stressful times.

Orion Magazine - Trees of Mystery 09/24/2021

Orion Magazine - Trees of Mystery

Orion Magazine - Trees of Mystery Survival is at the core of any living being.

The Bravery of Rachel Carson 09/20/2021

The Bravery of Rachel Carson

The Bravery of Rachel Carson With 'Silent Spring,' she became one of the founders of the environmental movement.


Timeline photos 09/04/2021

Timeline photos

It’s , and this week, Monarch Butterflies begin their migration to Mexico! Monarchs are the only species of butterfly known to make a two-way migration and they use thermals and air currents to aid them on their 3,000-mile journey!

Have you seen any Monarchs stopping over near you?

Timeline photos 09/04/2021

Timeline photos

🦖 If you're ever been embarassed to say you're going birdwatching, don't be! You're really Dinosaur watching ;-)

🦕 There is more and more evidence coming out suggesting that MANY of our favorite dinosaurs likely had feathers or "protofeathers" on portions of their bodies. Here's an article about just that from the UK Museum of Natural History:

Finding Joy Discovering America's Scenic Byways 09/04/2021

Finding Joy Discovering America's Scenic Byways

Finding Joy Discovering America's Scenic Byways From winding canyon roads and vast desert straightaways to historic routes and serene oceanside drives, the U.S. is home to some of the most awe-inspiring roads in the world. So e compiled 25 of the best byways—each loaded with joy-inducing adventure, scenery, and history.



The 25 Best Fall Trips in the World 08/09/2021

The 25 Best Fall Trips in the World

The 25 Best Fall Trips in the World Leaf peeping in Colorado. Surfing the Azores. Cruising Alaska’s Inside Passage—yes, Alaska, in fall. We scoured the world to find epic adventures and stunning destinations to satisfy your autumn wanderlust, especially this year, when we all have a little cabin fever.

Timeline Photos 07/28/2021

Timeline Photos

Infinite curiosity and an open mind are two qualities required of any conservation-minded citizen. Ignorance prevents us from recognizing the important role played by each member of a biotic community.

What other qualities should conservation-minded citizens have?

Bonus: This photo was taken in the Shack Prairie, the second oldest prairie restoration in the world. Can you identify the plant?

Timeline Photos 07/03/2021

Timeline Photos

A child's future and the future of the planet are intricately linked. Scientific literature shows that there is also a connection between a child's well-being and the natural world. Read Children & Nature Network Curator, Ruth Wilson's article on the incredible connection between children and nature here:


Lessons from a purple coneflower this : bloom when you're ready; others will follow suit!

Hope you're keeping track of these natural events on your Phenology Calendars -- show us what you're noticing in nature around you this week! 👇

20 of the Best Adventure Quotes of All Time, Courtesy of Author Bill Bryson 06/13/2021

20 of the Best Adventure Quotes of All Time, Courtesy of Author Bill Bryson

20 of the Best Adventure Quotes of All Time, Courtesy of Author Bill Bryson It’s Friday, we could use to some feel-good inspiration, so we dug through our archives to find a list of great quotes for a little breezy early weekend reading. Travel feels just around the corner, doesn’t it? The world is opening back up, the idea of getting on a plane, or a boat, or even […...

Message from Mother Earth | Voice: Jane Goodall 05/28/2021

Message from Mother Earth | Voice: Jane Goodall

Message from Mother Earth | Voice: Jane Goodall

Timeline Photos 05/23/2021

Timeline Photos

Leopold wrote these pointed lines in the mid 1940s. He also wrote that a land ethic isn't something that one can write down on paper—it evolves over time. Each generation must contend with this notion and act in accordance with its own zeitgeist. How is our generation doing with our privileges and obligations 80 years on?


Some to ponder and blue skies to enjoy during this rainy Wisconsin week ☀️


Here's to treating the land (and each other) with more love and respect, always ❤🌿


We start April 1st! You in?
🌳🐦 🌷🌿

Podcast – David Allen Sibley 03/28/2021

Podcast – David Allen Sibley

Podcast – David Allen Sibley A conversation with the artist and author David Allen Sibley, best known for his eponymous "Sibley Guide to Birds."


Cornell University
Environmental Education Outcomes
5-week Online course
April 5 – May 9, 2021
Is the goal of environmental education to instill pro-environmental behaviors, foster collective environmental action, and/or to develop healthy and productive citizens? Through short pre-recorded lectures, podcasts, readings, social media, and live webinars, this course will help you define your environmental education goals and learn what the research says is the best pathway to achieve them.


One of my favorite quotes.




Happy 73rd Anniversary to the Foreword of A Sand County Almanac! 🎉 On this day in 1948, Aldo Leopold put the finishing touches on what would become a landmark in conservation literature and an inspiration to conservationists across the globe.

Tomorrow we kick off 2021, in which we’ll feature speakers discussing how the ideas Aldo Leopold laid out in his seminal work have changed over time.

What Leopold quote has inspired you in your life? Tell us in the comments below!

Join us in one week to discuss how the land ethic is still relevant today: Green Fire Then, Now, and Tomorrow: Examining an Evolving Land Ethic


Warmer temperatures have us on the lookout for the skein of geese that will work through the March thaw to mark the start of spring 🌱

Have you heard cardinals whistling or spotted chipmunks emerging? What spring wildlife are you excited to start spotting? Share your sightings below in celebration of !

Register for the event Aldo Leopold, Phenology, and Climate Change to learn more about tracking natural events:

How to Keep Your Older Kids in Love with Nature | Childhood By Nature 03/04/2021

How to Keep Your Older Kids in Love with Nature | Childhood By Nature

How to Keep Your Older Kids in Love with Nature | Childhood By Nature As kids get older they pull away from nature. Here are ways to keep them connected to nature and the outdoors.


Friends, we are excited to announce that the educational version of our award-winning documentary “Kiss The Ground: For Schools” has been released for free to millions of children and teachers across the world!

This version contains new scenes not in the feature film, including a series of interviews with Rosario Dawson, and featuring Tony Tenfingers, a Lakota Elder, who shares the importance of the once-prevalent buffalo to Native American peoples. It is available as a digital download and/or a DVD, both with subtitles in 18 languages.

Join us to share this far and wide to every teacher, educator, school, community organizer and home school-er so they can claim their copy for free and begin experiencing the very first climate change curriculum focused on drawdown and regeneration.


Dreaming of your next garden? Make those dreams a reality with our newly redesigned Garden Planner! Try it free for 7 days!

A Simple Plan to Get Your Family Outside More Often 02/20/2021

A Simple Plan to Get Your Family Outside More Often

A Simple Plan to Get Your Family Outside More Often An ambitious new project is based on a straightforward and very attainable goal: to help kids spend as much time outdoors as they do in front of screens





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Allen Gifted is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to supporting gifted and talented education in Allen, Texas.

Kinder Bilingüe Kinder Bilingüe

Bilingual resources are hard to find! Let me connect you and show you where all those resources are. You will find materials for your bilingual class and for your gifted and talented students!

AHS Environmental Awareness Team (EAT) AHS Environmental Awareness Team (EAT)
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AHS Environmental Awareness Team (EAT)

Marion PE/Wellness Marion PE/Wellness
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This is the page for the Physical Education and Wellness department of Marion Elementary.