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Eco Teaching Resources, LLC, provides products, trainings and workshops for teachers, naturalists an Change How You Teach: Our company, Eco Teaching Resources, LLC, develops and supplies hyper-local field guides for cities, camps, school districts, and more.

We provide customizable, accurate, alternative teaching materials that create heightened learning environments and enhance how people interact with nature. Our vision is a community where people interact with one another, observing the natural world around them. To bring this vision into reality, we build a network of people who focus their educational pursuits, attention and knowledge to their lo

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Timeline Photos 07/03/2021

Timeline Photos

A child's future and the future of the planet are intricately linked. Scientific literature shows that there is also a connection between a child's well-being and the natural world. Read Children & Nature Network Curator, Ruth Wilson's article on the incredible connection between children and nature here:


Lessons from a purple coneflower this #PhenologyFriday: bloom when you're ready; others will follow suit!

Hope you're keeping track of these natural events on your Phenology Calendars -- show us what you're noticing in nature around you this week! 👇

20 of the Best Adventure Quotes of All Time, Courtesy of Author Bill Bryson 06/13/2021

20 of the Best Adventure Quotes of All Time, Courtesy of Author Bill Bryson

20 of the Best Adventure Quotes of All Time, Courtesy of Author Bill Bryson It’s Friday, we could use to some feel-good inspiration, so we dug through our archives to find a list of great quotes for a little breezy early weekend reading. Travel feels just around the corner, doesn’t it? The world is opening back up, the idea of getting on a plane, or a boat, or even […...

Message from Mother Earth | Voice: Jane Goodall 05/28/2021

Message from Mother Earth | Voice: Jane Goodall

Message from Mother Earth | Voice: Jane Goodall

Timeline Photos 05/23/2021

Timeline Photos

Leopold wrote these pointed lines in the mid 1940s. He also wrote that a land ethic isn't something that one can write down on paper—it evolves over time. Each generation must contend with this notion and act in accordance with its own zeitgeist. How is our generation doing with our privileges and obligations 80 years on? #MondayMusings


Some #WednesdayWisdom to ponder and blue skies to enjoy during this rainy Wisconsin week ☀️


Here's to treating the land (and each other) with more love and respect, always ❤🌿 #WednesdayWisdom


We start April 1st! You in?
🌳🐦 🌷🌿

Podcast – David Allen Sibley 03/28/2021

Podcast – David Allen Sibley

Podcast – David Allen Sibley A conversation with the artist and author David Allen Sibley, best known for his eponymous "Sibley Guide to Birds."


Cornell University
Environmental Education Outcomes
5-week Online course
April 5 – May 9, 2021
Is the goal of environmental education to instill pro-environmental behaviors, foster collective environmental action, and/or to develop healthy and productive citizens? Through short pre-recorded lectures, podcasts, readings, social media, and live webinars, this course will help you define your environmental education goals and learn what the research says is the best pathway to achieve them.


One of my favorite quotes.




Happy 73rd Anniversary to the Foreword of A Sand County Almanac! 🎉 On this day in 1948, Aldo Leopold put the finishing touches on what would become a landmark in conservation literature and an inspiration to conservationists across the globe.

Tomorrow we kick off #LeopoldWeek 2021, in which we’ll feature speakers discussing how the ideas Aldo Leopold laid out in his seminal work have changed over time.

What Leopold quote has inspired you in your life? Tell us in the comments below!

Join us in one week to discuss how the land ethic is still relevant today: Green Fire Then, Now, and Tomorrow: Examining an Evolving Land Ethic


Warmer temperatures have us on the lookout for the skein of geese that will work through the March thaw to mark the start of spring 🌱 #WednesdayWisdom

Have you heard cardinals whistling or spotted chipmunks emerging? What spring wildlife are you excited to start spotting? Share your sightings below in celebration of #WorldWildlifeDay!

Register for the #LeopoldWeek event Aldo Leopold, Phenology, and Climate Change to learn more about tracking natural events:

How to Keep Your Older Kids in Love with Nature | Childhood By Nature 03/04/2021

How to Keep Your Older Kids in Love with Nature | Childhood By Nature

How to Keep Your Older Kids in Love with Nature | Childhood By Nature As kids get older they pull away from nature. Here are ways to keep them connected to nature and the outdoors.


Friends, we are excited to announce that the educational version of our award-winning documentary “Kiss The Ground: For Schools” has been released for free to millions of children and teachers across the world!

This version contains new scenes not in the feature film, including a series of interviews with Rosario Dawson, and featuring Tony Tenfingers, a Lakota Elder, who shares the importance of the once-prevalent buffalo to Native American peoples. It is available as a digital download and/or a DVD, both with subtitles in 18 languages.

Join us to share this far and wide to every teacher, educator, school, community organizer and home school-er so they can claim their copy for free and begin experiencing the very first climate change curriculum focused on drawdown and regeneration.


Dreaming of your next garden? Make those dreams a reality with our newly redesigned Garden Planner! Try it free for 7 days!

A Simple Plan to Get Your Family Outside More Often 02/20/2021

A Simple Plan to Get Your Family Outside More Often

A Simple Plan to Get Your Family Outside More Often An ambitious new project is based on a straightforward and very attainable goal: to help kids spend as much time outdoors as they do in front of screens


How will you be a good member of the land-community today? #WednesdayWisdom

Timeline Photos 02/06/2021

Timeline Photos

E.O. Wilson shows curiosity is timeless. Harvard University is the latest institution that thinks Dr. Wilson's book "Tales from the Ant World" should be on every nature-lover's shelf.
📷 : Andrea Patiño Contreras

The Key to Better Students Is Getting Them Outside 01/16/2021

The Key to Better Students Is Getting Them Outside

The Key to Better Students Is Getting Them Outside The best schools know that kids learn when their noses aren't shoved in textbooks all the time

Timeline Photos 01/16/2021

Timeline Photos

🦉 A lot of you said the bird you most wanted to see in 2021 was "an owl.... ANY owl" 😅 And I understand, they can be tough to find. Here are 3 tips to help improve your chances or seeing or hearing an owl in '21.

First, this is important with all birds but especially with owls: be respectful, watch from a distance, and do not disturb them!

1️⃣ In daytime most owls hide in dark places like cavities or the dense foliage of an evergreen tree. Be alert for signs of an owl's presence, especially droppings and pellets under a habitual roost site, or the mobbing calls of chickadees, jays, robins, etc. This is when you have to be very careful to avoid disturbing the owl.
2️⃣ At night owls are most active in twilight. Find a likely place to walk or just sit and listen after sunset or before sunrise. An open area next to woods is ideal, where you have a chance of seeing a Great Horned Owl perched up high and silhouetted against the sky.
3️⃣ Be patient. As the great Rich Stallcup would say "We're not going owling, we're going for a walk in the dark". Enjoy the experience, take it all in, and maybe someday you will meet an owl.


Aldo Leopold Foundation


Texas Children in Nature

It's not too late to join in on #GivingTuesday. Give today to help us continue to bring you great programs like family nature walks, teacher workshops, webinars, regional collaboratives and so much more!


North Texas Master Naturalists

Anyone for some bison History?

How did bison get to the Americas? By the Bering Strait approximately 25,000 years ago, and were twice the size of modern bison, weighing 5,000 lbs with a 6 foot horn span.

In the 1700s, there were over 60 million bison, (some have estimated as many as 100 million) extending over much of North America, from Canada to Mexico, and from New York west to the Rocky mountains.

During the western settlement of the United States, some U.S. government officials actively destroyed bison to defeat their Native American enemies who resisted the takeover of their lands by white settlers. American military commanders ordered troops to kill buffalo to deny Native Americans an important source of food. "Buffalo" Bill Cody, who was hired to kill bison, slaughtered more than 4,000 bison in two years.

In 1905, zoologist William Hornaday formed the American Bison Society to re-create more wild herds. President Theodore Roosevelt persuaded Congress to establish a number of wildlife preserves. Together, they stock a number of preserves and parks. This organization supplemented the existing herd of about 20 bison that lived in the newly formed Yellowstone National Park.

In 1967, Yellowstone was limited to 397. After the removal of restrictions, the heard was more than 4,000 in 1990, and today, 3,000 bison. In North America, it is estimated that there are 150,000 to 200,000 bison on farms and protected lands.

According to the Texas Bison Association, bison are much more gentle on the land and grasses than cattle, and bison meat, is now a healthy farm raised option for modern day Americans.

Theodore Roosevelt established the National Bison Range in 1908:

Bisons predicted historic range:

Bison story map:
"On the Trail of the North American Buffalo"


Cornell Lab of Ornithology

New Online Course!
Owls are some of the most charismatic and enigmatic birds out there. Once you reach beyond the mystery and learn about their remarkable sensory powers, hunting techniques, lifestyle, and diversity, they become even more fascinating. Learn more:


TAMU Quail Decline Initiative 11/27/2020

Taken by Trees: 8 Ways to Love the Trees in Your Life Climb a tree, collect some leaves, go ahead and hug a tree: 8 great ideas to help your family celebrate Earth Day, Arbor Day, or any day!


Texas Children in Nature

Take a chance to take a nature walk today and #optouside . Go for a walk today someplace new to you.

Nature can be what is around you, no need to go far away to find it. You can find nature near you at Nature Rocks Texas: 11/27/2020

10 Ways to #OptOutside on Black Friday Whether it's going for a walk with your llama pal, cleaning up the local park, or eating leftovers outside, get inspired to #OptOutside on Black Friday! 11/20/2020

Outdoor classrooms reenergize kids during pandemic When the pandemic forced his school to go to online learning, fifth-grader Bergen Manzella spent six hours a day staring at his computer screen. His mother found an outdoor class that allows him to explore nature, learn and do a digital detox.


North Texas Master Naturalists

Today is National Take a Hike Day! So what are you waiting for? It's a beautiful day! Here is a handy list of North Texas nature parks and the kind of activities and attractions you'll find at each. Enjoy! More about National Take a Hike Day here:


David Sibley

🎁 More gift options! Starting today you can order my new Backyard Bird Jigsaw Puzzle everywhere from Amazon to Ebay! The puzzle is 1000 pieces and comes with a matching poster to decorate your space with some bird-loving décor.

Link to order ➡️


Sterling College

The Wendell Berry Farming Program is tuition-free and provides future farmers with an education in agrarian thought and practice that is holistic and place-based. Our curriculum applies Wendell Berry’s writing to learning – and is designed to serve students from generational farm families, rural communities, and urban agrarians around the nation. Now taking applications! Learn more :


David Sibley

🎁 Looking for a gift for the bird-lover in your life? I wanted to let you know that until December 1st you save 25% off every order of these 10 greeting cards! Each one features artwork from my new book, What It's Like to Be a Bird, and has an excerpt from the book on the back. Plus the cards and envelopes are made with recycled paper so you're helping reduce your waste at the same time!

☝️ Order yours here ->





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Spanish Learner Enthusiasts: Let's learn Spanish in a super fun, unique and efficient way. Private and group lessons available for locals in North Dallas.

Allen Gifted Allen Gifted
1314 W McDermott Dr
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Allen Gifted is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization committed to supporting gifted and talented education in Allen, Texas.

Kerr Elementary PTA Kerr Elementary PTA
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PTA Mission - To make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. Kerr PTA Mission - Reaching out, communicating effectively and embracing diversity to build community at Kerr.

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Learning to Do, Doing to Learn, Earning to Live, Living to Serve.

Send Hope Send Hope
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International Explorers Camp- Collin County International Explorers Camp- Collin County
Allen, 75013

International Explorers Camp provides elementary/middle school kids and families with educational, cultural, and fun local summer vacation experiences.

VisorCraft VisorCraft
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VisorCraft offers e-learning courses for students, teachers and anyone interested in figuring out how websites work.

Campus Visit Experts Campus Visit Experts
PO Box 423

Founded in 1997, Campus Visit Experts is the leading provider of college campus visits in the U.S. and an authority on college preparation.

Foundation Outreach International Foundation Outreach International
101 N Greenville Ave, Ste C #42
Allen, 75002

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to a world of good. We support teaching, education, community development, and service projects globally.

Jamming with Jennifer Toddler Music Time Jamming with Jennifer Toddler Music Time
1530 Summerfield Dr
Allen, 75002

45 minutes of awesome music fun for ages 2-4!

AHS Environmental Awareness Team (EAT) AHS Environmental Awareness Team (EAT)
Allen, 75002

AHS Environmental Awareness Team (EAT)

Allen Toastmasters Allen Toastmasters
100 East Main St ( SE Corner Of Main And Railroad Track)
Allen, 75002

"Where Leaders Are Made"