FitzU Fitness Coaching

FitzU Fitness Coaching


Got my FitzU workout in this morning before Cozumel. 3rd workout of the week. Definitely needed to balance the consumption side. 😳
Walking up stairs is rough today!
Are we back on usual schedule this week mate?
I sure wish I was working out like that.... I could use a good tone-up.
Debating btwn Wed and Thurs morning workout.... Any takers?
Do you think you'll be adding this Monday since Field Day is now indoors? If so, I'm there!!
You will NOT be disappointed by Shawn. He is an awesome trainer, motivator, coach, mentor and much more! No matter your goals or abilities, Shawn will find a way that works for you to drive you to success. I have a debilitating disease that requires me to use a walker and Shawn was able to find exercises I was capable of doing and even when I struggled at some, he found a way for me to master it with a little bit of help.

Even though I hated to see him leave St. Louis, I am fortunate to now work with his sister, Lisa, who is just as equally awesome!

I highly recommend you let Shawn be your coach for any or all of your fitness goals!
Go Shawn! You're the best!
After changing many peoples lives in St. Louis and helping so many people reach their health and fitness goals, I'm forever thankful that Shawn Fitzmaurice is not only helping me follow my dream but that he now gets the opportunity to help many others in the Dallas area. He's definitely way more than just your personal trainer- he becomes your guide, your rock, motivator extraordinaire, holds you accountable AND is able to make exercise enjoyable. Whether you are looking to get started on a program, take it to the next level with your exercise or eating habits, get past that injury, or train for that upcoming event- I'd argue he's the best there is. Yes, some might say I'm saying this because I'm his wife - but these are the words of someone who has trusted him to whip her into shape for 16 years now, even now at 5am :).
Congratulations - please come to VT and whip your cousins into shape :)
Congratulations Shawn!!!! I knew it wouldn't take long before you started whipping your Texan neighbors into shape!!! Good luck!!!! You did a great job here & I know you will continue your awesome journey there!!!! We all miss you, Jen, & Hope sooooo much!!!! Take care!!!!

FitzU's mission is to provide you top tier health and fitness tools through training, education and

Operating as usual

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FitzU remodel 2022! Fully climate controlled and professionally designed at home training studio in Allen TX. Come discover and uncover a stronger, leaner and healthier U with our 45 min. group training classes!! Hiit training, functional fitness, Tabata workouts and much more!

Group training days/times:
Tues/Thurs 5:45am and 8am.
Cost $15/session.

Not the group type?
No worries! Partner training and Private training sessions are also available by appt.


Rise and Grind Gang! Happy Monday! Let’s make it a great week!👊🏼😎

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This morning’s group 11 strong definitely found their next gear today!! Just look at the calorie burn.. So Good!!!!


Follow the white cap. #WinningWednesday

I’m always telling you to “find your next gear”. This is what I mean. Happy Friday FitzU crew!!


Wrecked ‘em??!


Harsh conditions don’t keep away dedicated individuals!! Hard Work and even sweat in this warm-ish garage this morning!! Proud of my 5:15am FitzU crew! 😎


This girl sums up every woman's thoughts on the gym! 😂

Home based boot camps are way better than gyms! 😎


12 Days “Reversed” was a mad hit!! Make it a great weekend gang!!!😎


Great job to the Friday FitzU crew getting after it today!! “Active rest” Tabata is always a “good time”... Make it a great weekend Gang!😎


Great work put in this morning by the FitzU crew!! Hoping everyone has a fantastic Labor Day Weekend!! 😎👊🏼


You're never too young to start doing deadlifts... Especially if you've got those crazy "Wolk strong" genes!!

Timeline photos 06/27/2017

Great work to the 9am crew this morning and the little ones who lead their own group in the driveway!! 😎👍🏻

Instagram post by Fitzmaurice Performance • Jun 17, 2017 at 3:14am UTC 06/17/2017

Instagram post by Fitzmaurice Performance • Jun 17, 2017 at 3:14am UTC

Great getting back to Fitzmaurice Performance this week. I enjoyed torturing the group (Tabata "Dirty 30");) and hanging with my little bro, Brian, that I started FP with back in 2000. Brian has been a passionate coach, mentor and positive role model for countless young athletes through these 17 years. Happy Fathers Day to this young man and all the other fearless Dads out there making a difference everyday!! Leading with passion. Leading with purpose...

Instagram post by Fitzmaurice Performance • Jun 17, 2017 at 3:14am UTC 54 Likes, 4 Comments - Fitzmaurice Performance () on Instagram: “Good to see my big bro in town from Dallas on vacation. For those of you that don't know,…”

Timeline photos 06/06/2017

So when clients get stronger, they want to really show you how, and being the big kid that I am, I'm up for anything.. most of the time. 😎

I just donated to Carry The Load! 05/29/2017

I just donated to Carry The Load!

In honor of a great man, Jason Arwine, on this Memorial Day..

I just donated to Carry The Load! Join me in honoring our heroes all year long .

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GREAT work on GOOD Friday done this morning!! Minute mayhem Tabata plus kiddos doing some Jeepin'!! Have a fantastic weekend FitzU crew!!😎

Timeline photos 03/17/2017

Happy St Patrick's Day FitzU crew!! This lucky leprechaun is having a great day. Hope you are as well!!! 🍀

Photos from FitzU Fitness Coaching's post 02/18/2017

They enjoyed beautiful weather this morning with a killer "12 days" outdoor workout!! Great job FitzU crew! 👊🏼

Photos from FitzU Fitness Coaching's post 02/11/2017

Awesome work put in today by the FitzU crew "Dirty 30" style!! Have a great weekend gang!!😎

Timeline photos 01/27/2017

I gotta "hand... stand" it to em.. 🤣FitzU crew rocked the workout this morning!!! Happy Friday FitzU family!!


Merry Christmas and happiest of holidays to our FitzU family!!🎄


Welp... I said I was going to do a 450lb deadlift 4.5 times on my 45th birthday.. So here it is. No "can'ts" here.. 😎🤘🏻I wanted to keep going heavier but Jen cut me off.. I always say she balances me perfectly... Happy Labor Day FitzU family!!!

Timeline photos 07/23/2016

Make it a great weekend FitzU nation!!😎

Photos from FitzU Fitness Coaching's post 04/22/2016

Great job to the Friday crew!! Julie Ratcliff and Jen Clark won 3/4 of the "Buddy Block" challenge!! But they couldn't hold off the "Dark horses" Becky Eason and Mica Tipton!! Strong efforts from all today!! Y'all deserved your lay down at the end!Happy Friday FitzU Family!!

Timeline photos 04/07/2016

What a blast all of us Dads had last night (and Lisa) ;) with our Indian Princess daughters!! Sweat, smiles, and smoothies after!

Timeline photos 03/17/2016

Happy St Patty's Day FitzU family!

Timeline photos 01/30/2016

Enjoy the weekend FitzU family!

Timeline photos 01/22/2016

This bear was an absolute beast at workout today! Happy Friday FitzU crew!!

Timeline photos 01/13/2016

A HUGE shout out to some of the rockstar FitzU crew parents and kiddos!!! Thanks so much for participating in my "Family 15" workout demonstration at Family Fitness night at Green elementary last night. I met lots of new folks who had already heard great things about me and that's because of my awesome FitzU crew...

Timeline photos 01/09/2016

Great job to the Saturday morning FitzU crew! Make it a great weekend everyone!!

Timeline photos 01/05/2016

Great job to the 5am crew who crawled out of their warm beds to do what they needed to do today!! Make it a great day FitzU family!

Timeline photos 12/25/2015

Timeline photos

Timeline photos 12/07/2015

Schedule your workouts, eat good foods, think positive thoughts and be great this week FitzU family!

Timeline photos 12/04/2015

Great STRENGTH workout today to the Friday FitzU crew!! They're already talking about bikini bod prep for 2016. Putting in the work pays off for sure! Happy Friday FitzU family!

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