Mathnasium of Allen

Mathnasium of Allen


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Math Learning Center serving the community of Allen.

Operating as usual


May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Join us in honoring these communities who have made an impact in the discipline of and who have positively shaped our culture. 🙌🌟

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​⭐​Another A+ Testimonial for Mathnasium​⭐​
"We’re seeing him go from a student far behind grade level to excited for math and growing in his understanding, confidence, and grasp of concepts that has directly impacted his schoolwork and attention in class." - Matt S.

Mathnasium of Allen

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Happy to all the and figures out there. We respect, appreciate, and love you. for all of the big and small things you do to make life more beautiful! 👩❤️


Beating the doesn't have to be a dreaded chore. At , your child will engage in math-focused fun! The result? A confident student ready for the fall! Sign up today to help them get ahead this summer. ☀️😎



It’s ! From educating and molding young minds to personal cheerleading, the influence of a good teacher can never be erased. Join us in showing love and appreciation for everywhere — this week and always! 📚🍎


It’s the 5th day of the 5th month… in other words, ! So put those 5s to use… whether it’s observing instances of 5️⃣ or high-fiving everyone around you. Find a way to incorporate five(s) into your day, then come back to tell us about it in the comments! 🎉


It’s ! And we can’t help but be drawn into its “gravitational field.” 😉 Sooo… if inquiring minds want to know: which is your favorite movie of the franchise — and why? Tell us in the comments! 🌌✨


students know that our learning centers are not just about , but also FUN! Our CMO shares his favorite element of creating the perfect environment for kids, including his son! Check it out, and then schedule your child's first visit today! 🤩🙌



Ahoy! If you're looking for an experience like no other for your child, an academic is the way to go. Sail over to our Number Sense Blog for the 5 questions YOU should ask before choosing a program, and make this one to remember! 🤩☀️



⚡ ! ⚡ Harrison bought a box of 52 art pencils for $26 and a pack of 48 jumbo crayons for $20. Which costs more, a single art pencil or a single crayon? 🖍️

✔️ Bonus: Selena says less than half of Harrison's coloring utensils are crayons. Is she right or wrong?


Today is . May this holy festival bring life, light, and joy to all who celebrate. ! 🌙🙏


When complemented with expert and caring instructors, can be an adventure! Find out how we can set your child up for success, and follow us for more math-spiration! 🌟



The Wild family checked out and LOVED what they saw. From a customized learning plan prepared just for Alex to a cool rewards wheel, mom and son were left super excited! Contact us to experience the same with your child today! 🤩🙌



It's ! Whether in math, in school, or in life, the sky is the limit. So take the opportunity to reach a little higher toward your goals and dreams. You never know where it will take you. 🚀😎


It's the middle of the week… time for another ! Cruise on over to our Number Sense Blog and give a a go with your child. You never know when these will come in handy! ✏️🤓



At , we believe the possibilities in life are endless when you have a solid foundation. Contact us today to unlock the potential in your child and set them up for ! 🌟



“April showers bring May flowers.” So we’re sharing a colorful umbrella to help you weather this unpredictable 2023 weather. Solve for “?” and give us your answer in the comments. And, hopefully, the sun will peek out again soon! 🌧️☔


April is Mathematics and Statistics Awareness month — a time to shine a light on these two indispensable subjects. Visit our Number Sense Blog and learn more about incorporating math and stats into YOUR family’s life today! 📅😃



According to Mike Davis, CEO, nothing compares to math-induced smiles. Hear what he has to say on this topic, then contact us to help put a smile on your child’s face! 🤩🙌



Did you know that dragonflies are mathy? It’s true! Most dragonflies display “reflection” or “bilateral symmetry.” If you were to draw a line down the middle, the two wings on the left would be mirror images of those on the right. Isn’t amazing? 🦋😍


Sure, it’s , but don’t let that stop you from being awesome! Be confident in your abilities, know you can succeed, and cruise through the week, remembering that even little achievements add up over time. You got this! 😎💪


We love what we do because of stories like this! Watch alumnus, Shaoxu Bing, MD, share his journey from struggling in math to finding professional success. Then contact us to enroll your child today! 🤩🙌



Today is the first day of . May those participating have a and rewarding month ahead! 🌙🙏


Written in the month-day-year format, 3️⃣.2️⃣0️⃣.2️⃣3️⃣ is a ! Can you guess why? A palindrome reads the same backward and forward, giving us the numeric we see in today’s date. 😎


The grand finale to any great Mathnasium is to pie our instructors in the face 😂❤️🥧😶‍🌫️

Mathnasium of Allen
(214) 361-2277


Great job to our Champions! Dhruvi memorized 47 digits of pi and Alexandros memorized 28 — INCREDIBLE!

Mathnasium of Allen
(214) 361-2277


It’s , and we’re celebrating the occasion with some shamrock ! So fire up those mental math muscles and tell us your answers in the comments. With a “wee bit o’ luck” and a whole lot of skill, we expect you’ll get things right! 😉☘️


Have you ever solved a simple math expression, only to find out you were WAY off because of the ? Well, no more! Today's Number Sense blog article outlines everything we need to know about PEMDAS. Check it out! 🤩🌟



, math’s most popular day of the year, is finally here. And we’re stoked! We’ll be celebrating with food, activities, rewards, and fun! So contact us for party details, and join in the excitement today! 🥳🎉


starts this Sunday in most areas of the country. Are you ready to “spring forward”? We can’t wait for longer days and summer fun — how about you? Drop a 👍 or 👎 in the comments! ⏰⏩


It’s . Join us in lifting the voices — and celebrating the achievements — of women (and girls) everywhere. Drop an SO in the comments for a woman you want to honor today! 🤩🙌


It’s , so we’re recognizing with this feature on Katherine Johnson! Check it out to learn more about this American mathematician who helped NASA discover a whole new world in space. 👩🚀


Whatever your child’s skill level in , can help them make tremendous strides in comprehension, confidence, and grades. Contact us today to schedule an assessment — and put them on a path to lifelong success! 😃🌟



, math’s most popular day of the year, is only two weeks away — and we’re celebrating BIG! So contact us today for details, and join us on March 14 for food, activities, rewards, and fun! 🥳🎉



The best part of our day is witnessing "aha!" moments with our students. John Bianchette, VP of Education and Training, shares more about these impactful instances. Take a look, then contact us to help your child arrive at their “aha” moment! 🤩🙌


Allen, Texas’ Math Tutoring & Enrichment Center

Mathnasium is a math-only learning center that offers math tutoring and enrichment, homework help, and test preparation services for students in grades 2-12. Mathnasium’s core program is built around the Mathnasium Method.


All Mathnasium students start by taking a customized assessment which pinpoints their learning needs. We meet them where they are and take them where they need to go. Mathnasium’s unique assessment process determines (with great accuracy) exactly what each child knows and what they need to learn. Our assessment reveals each specific skill area that needs to be mastered so kids aren’t wasting time reviewing concepts they already know.Assessments continue throughout your student’s Mathnasium instruction. These assessments are regularly given to ensure progress and that your child retains the skills they’ve learned.

Customized Learning Plan

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Success usually starts with a good attitude, and words of encouragement can help. Here are some of our favorites to get ...
Parents and kids agree: summer learning at #Mathnasium gives them the skills and confidence they need to start the schoo...
At #Mathnasium, we see the greatness within each child and provide customized learning plans that shore up weaknesses an...





845 W Stacy Road #120
Allen, TX

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Monday 2pm - 7pm
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Saturday 10am - 2pm

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