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Send Hope


What a glorious day of following Jesus as Suncreek celebrated “All Church Serve Day”! We had over 100 people ages 1-81 serving together at Send Hope packing meals for Kids Against Hunger and beautifying our church home. Huge shout out to Kate Fimbel York, Deb Conway and the entire Discipleship Team, and Joyce Voss and our amazing trustees for a job well done!
Thank you for all you do for the people of Honduras. Your book is on the way. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
CCM Celebrates the Holidays with Giving

Every year in December, the CCM staff celebrates the holiday season by making donation deliveries. For the past few years, we have donated to the Little Elm Area Food Bank and Send Hope, Inc., two very worthy organizations. We stocked the Food Bank with pounds and pounds of peanut butter, and Send Hope received diapers of all sizes. In addition, the CCM staff delivered monetary donations to these organizations.

We are thankful for YOU and all of our tenants. It's because we have a marina full of wonderful tenants that we are able to make charitable donations like this throughout the year.

Happy 2019! We look forward to seeing you on the water.

Learn more about the organizations:
The Little Elm Area Food Bank - since 1984, LEAFB has provided short-term emergency food supplies to Little Elm area residents needing assistance. Click here for more.

Send Hope is a 501c-3 non-profit organization that Dr. Tom Brian started to help the people on the Moskito Coast of Honduras by meeting their medical, nutritional and educational needs. Click here for more.
Fortified rice from Kids Against Hunger is in the House! And IVA students are happy!!! It has been 3 months without this delicious, life-giving rice and we are all grateful for its return! Thank you Send Hope for generously sharing with our students and staff! Kids Against Hunger/Freedom Foods- World Headquarters. Send Hope
Thank you First-United Methodist Church and Send Hope for packing 39,130 meals during Change the World weekend and donating those meals to Trusted World.
Last Thursday was our favorite day of the off season. We made holiday donations to the Little Elm Area Food Bank and Send Hope.
House of Hope truly brings hope to many in Honduras. Thanks to Tom & Sharon Brian and other volunteers.
Awesome crew !!!! Thanks to all !!!
Another container off to Hondours!!!
The CCM crew spent Thursday making donations to two of our favorite charities - Send Hope and the Little Elm Area Food Bank. We followed this with our Christmas party at PINSTACK. Thanks to all of the CCM tenants who make it possible for us to support these groups! (Not pictured: Jenn, who held down the fort at CCM and Joe, who was traveling to Lubbock for his son's graduation.)
God Bless you and Tom for all you have done and all the people you have helped.
Are you sending a shipping container to Honduras anytime soon? I have some kid-sized soccer goals that the kids may like. The goals fold up for easy transport.

Also have some men's and women's clothing to donate if there is a need.

Send Hope supports and assists over 1,500 children in the remote area of La Mosquitia through the House of Hope children’s home and Katrina Engle Nourishment Program.

Send Hope is a 501c-3 non-profit organization that helps the people on the Moskito Coast of Honduras. Send Hope focuses on four main areas:
-short term medical, dental and construction trips
-providing items such as food, school supplies and clothing
-helping children with medical needs in Honduras and the U. S.
-helping students achieve their educational goals

Operating as usual


Only FIVE more kids need sponsors! All 4 of the girls are $100/month and Bryan, one of our university students is $300/month.

Bryan is studying to become a professor of technology and has two years left in his studies before a yearlong internship.

The girls are all residents of the House of Hope and sweethearts.

#houseofhope #sendhopesponsorships #SendHope #HouseofHope


An important part of living here is learning to be flexible and be able to change plans at a moment's notice. Kim, our cook, is great at adapting to the needs of the organization. Sometimes that means cooking lunch over an open flame because the butane ran out.


Time flies! Saul is in Pre-K and doing homework. How does this happen so quickly?

It is a joy to watch him get excited to put his backpack on and head off to class each morning ❤️


Check out this awesome project some of our 11th graders did for English class. Love seeing them learning and creating ❤️

Photos from Send Hope's post 02/27/2022

We’re at FUMC Allen this morning with our sponsorship board. Stop by the Missions Cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee and learn more about our sponsorship program!
#sendhopesponsorships #houseofhope #sendhope


We have a resident at the House of Hope that was born with spina bifida and requires the use of adult diapers and our supply is running critically low. We don't have anymore in the warehouse stateside to ship down and they are very, very expensive to purchase here in Honduras. We are looking for donations of medium and large depends to send on the next container. If you'd like to contribute funds, donations can be made through our website with a memo "depends".


Update! Last July, Yair, joined the House of Hope family at 6 months old and weighing in at 6 pounds. The picture on the left shows him in a preemie diaper that is swallowing him up. Now, almost 8 months later, Yair is chubby and healthy. He still hasn't started crawling but loves cruising around the house in his walker. Thank you everyone for the prayers and encouragement while we worked so hard to nurse this sweetie back to life.



It has been a lot of fun getting our sponsorship program up and running. Kids have received pictures of their sponsors and most have written their first letters. If you're interested partnering with us to invest in these young lives and their future, send us a private message or contact Lauren Hosack.

We have 11 opportunities left for sponsorship. Sponsorships are $100/month (pre-k through 6th grade), $125/month (middle school and high school) and $300/month (university).


Everyone is officially back to school 💜! Enjoy the pictures of (almost) everyone.
How is it possible with all these kids we don't have any 3rd or 8th graders?! What was your favorite year of school?


Letters were mailed out to sponsors today!!

We have 11 more children/youth that are eager to have sponsors. If you are interested, send us a message. Sponsorships range from $100/month (pre-k & elementary) - $300/month (university).

#SendHopeSponsorships #SendHope #HouseofHope


First day of 7th grade!! These three are making the big transition to middle school 💜 Share your best advice for these youth as they enter this new stage.

Here's to a wonderful start to the school year for all students and educators!


It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Puerto Lempira.

Post your (icy) view today in the comments and tell us how you're doing!

Photos from Send Hope's post 02/02/2022

Last week we had our FIRST annual parent meeting! The school year is about to kick off in Honduras; it's an exciting time of year filled with anticipation.

Over the past six years we have worked hard on building relationships with the children and their families. We were excited to host our first ever parent meeting to kick off the year. Important conversations were had about how to best help our residents succeed. After the nitty gritty parts like rules, expectations, and privileges we were able to share a meal together.


While Christmas is over, we are still collecting Christmas gifts for the residents of the House of Hope. A link to an Amazon wishlist is in the comments. We are shipping a container in the coming days, please have items delivered by the 13th of January! 11/30/2021

Remember Send Hope and the House of Hope today on #GivingTuesday
Donate at

Photos from McKinney Rotary Club's post 11/20/2021

Photos from McKinney Rotary Club's post

Photos from Send Hope's post 11/11/2021

Today was the last day of school; we celebrated with pizzas, cokes, s'mores and an outdoor movie! It was a great night to close out the school year.


October was a busy, happening month here at the House of Hope! If you want to read all about it, send us your email.


On Saturday, Carla, Josue, and Maria Antonia took the entrance exam for 7th grade at Abundant Life Institute! How is it possible that they'll be headed off to middle school in February?

Photos from Send Hope's post 10/23/2021

Jeyzon (11) created a kite out of an trash bag, sticks, and string. It flies better than any kites we've had. We're so impressed!

Photos from Send Hope's post 10/21/2021

The container arrived yesterday! Within minutes of it's arrival we were unloading and getting the Nourishment Program office stocked. As soon as we got Kids Against Hunger meals into the office, our program administrator was distributing meals to program participants that had been awaiting it's arrival.

It took us 3.5 hours with the help of all of our teens and pre-teens to unload the entire container. We are grateful to Dr. Marianne for bringing us two additional helpers about half way through, they gave us the an additional energy boost that we desperately needed on a very humid day.

Today was sunny and hot so we decided to indulge in some ice cream cones! A special little treat did us all good as our bodies recover from our workout yesterday.


The Katrina Engle Memorial Nutrition Program ran out of Kids Against Hunger meals on Friday. The boat pulled into port yesterday and we’ll be receiving our container with over 1,100 boxes of meals in a couple hours. 🎉🎉


In September, Glaisy, Marisol, and Milenny (not pictured) took the entrance exam for the public Honduran university. We expect to have the test scores towards the end of October. Whatever the result of the exams, we are excited about the future for each of these three young women!


One of the first big projects that Piter when he joined the House of Hope was to get our outdoor wood burning stove up and running. It was in a state of disrepair and while we were making it work, it wasn't the safest. Today, we are cooking beans on our repaired, beautiful, and safe fugón.


We'd like to introduce you to Piter! Piter joined the House of Hope in September as our new Operations Supervisor. We are very excited to have him on our team, please help us in welcoming him.

First United Methodist Church FUNDRAISER - Martyn Lucas - World Piano Man 10/03/2021

First United Methodist Church FUNDRAISER - Martyn Lucas - World Piano Man

Tune in at 2pm for some great music and to support Send Hope!

First United Methodist Church FUNDRAISER - Martyn Lucas - World Piano Man First United Methodist Church FUNDRAISER - Martyn Lucas - World Piano ManMartyn Lucas - World Piano Man - LIVEThe channel is supported & funded by TIPS with ... 09/22/2021

Thursday, September 23rd, is North Texas Giving Day.
Please give directly to Send Hope through our website


Welcome to Saturday Snapshots, meet Nancy! Nancy is an intelligent and funny little girl that needs a good long while to wake up in the mornings. She loves watching Doc McStuffins and thinks it would be a lot of fun to be a doctor when she grows up. Her favorite color is black and her favorite food is pancakes. Nancy loves to spend quality time reading, coloring, or taking a walk together.

Nancy is already sponsored but if you are interested in sponsoring a great kid, send us a message. If you’re interested but need more information, just let us know, we’d love to chat with you!

Each Saturday we will be showcasing one of the residents of the House of Hope. The children have helped us create these snapshots and all information is provided by them. Nothing is shared without their permission.


200 years of independence! Happy Independence Day, Honduras!



Welcome to Saturday Snapshots, meet Marisol! Marisol is finishing up her last year of high school; next year she will be studying in university in Tegucigalpa. She has a laid back, easy going personality and can get along with anyone. An ideal meal for her would be a nice big plate of fried chicken with pico de gallo and rice followed up with ice cream or chocolate. She enjoys many genres of movies (super heroes, action, animated, etc). In her free time, Marisol enjoys listening to music, drawing, and reading her Bible. Her favorite class is art and she hopes to be an artist in the future. She’d also like to travel to Colombia and Brazil.

Marisol is already sponsored but if you are interested in sponsoring a great kid, send us a message. If you’re interested but need more information, just let us know, we’d love to chat with you!

Each Saturday we will be showcasing one of the residents of the House of Hope. The children have helped us create these snapshots and all information is provided by them. Nothing is shared without their permission.

Photos from Send Hope's post 09/11/2021

Day of the Child! Our local firefighters brought 3 bounce houses that all kids (ages 2-19) enjoyed. The Honduran Military brought a piñata, lunch, cake, sodas, and huge candy bags for everyone! For our part, we gave out presents and didn’t even get to do our piñata and goody bags because everyone was already so sugared up 😂. It was a great day celebrating our top favorite 30 kids ❤️❤️


It’s Day of the Child here in Honduras, we’re getting ready to go live to share our celebration with you!


Happy 19th Birthday, Marisol!

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