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Biden school reopening guidance expected to focus on COVID mitigation, rather than teacher vaccination

Is "normalcy" on the horizon for our schools? 👉http://cbsn.ws/3b05iG6

Guidelines are expected to say that teacher vaccination isn't a precondition for reopening schools.


It's not enough to simply give students extra worksheets. At Tutoring Club, we 💪MOTIVATE🧠 students to become lifelong learners!

pbs.org 02/04/2021

What impact is 'the COVID slide' having on students?

New data on the COVID-SLIDE 👉http://to.pbs.org/2Myh6HD

"So we're seeing evidence and data now that suggests we're looking at students who were behind losing another nine to 11 months. And these are students who entered into the pandemic, as I said, maybe one or two years already behind their peers in terms of learning."

pbs.org The questions around when to re-open more schools for in-person classes remains front and center for millions of Americans. Data show about 42 percent of all students between kindergarten and high school are in virtual-only schooling right now. Christopher Morphew, dean of the School of Education at...

educationnext.org 02/02/2021

Assessment Data Can Help Us Build Back Better

How important are 📝STATEWIDE ASSESSMENTS📝 this year? There are compelling arguments on both sides:

We need assessment data:

Our efforts are better spent elsewhere:

What do you think? Comment below!

educationnext.org Forum: Statewide Assessments in 2021

cnn.com 01/28/2021

Analysis: The reckoning over the nation's schools and Covid is coming

Reopening schools will slow the ever-growing inequality in our education system...and it might actually be safer for our students. Read the latest data here 👉http://cnn.it/3ciQOnc

cnn.com The national reckoning over where and how schoolchildren should be educated as the pandemic drags on is finally here -- or at least it should be.


Can we expect schools across the country to reopen within 100 days?🙏 That's the plan. 👉http://n.pr/3cfM8yC


We're through the holidays...how are those grades looking? 😳 If you're looking to finish the school year 💪STRONG💪, you need to start NOW, not the end of year!

cnn.com 01/19/2021

College Board will no longer offer SAT's optional essay and subject tests

More changes to the SAT ahead 🧐


cnn.com The SAT's optional essay and subject tests have been nixed by the College Board, the latest step away from standardized testing in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.


"The time is always right to do what is right."

npr.org 01/14/2021

Schools Face A Massive Challenge To Make Up For Learning Lost During The Pandemic

The education disparity between students is ⬅️wider➡️ than ever. What is the ripple effect in a classroom where multiple students are up to a full grade level behind?

npr.org Former Education Secretary John King Jr. thinks a national tutoring program would help students make up for lost learning during the pandemic. He talked with NPR about the challenges facing schools.

[01/12/21]   Online learning forced many schools to improve their online communication. 👏👏👏

What are some other improvements you'd like to see continued in the post-COVID era?


Returning to school after a holiday break isn't fun for most students😭...but you can take some of the agony out of the transition! Here are a few suggestions:

- 1 - NO MORE SLEEPING IN! 😴Reintroduce early bedtimes and wake up schedules.
- 2 - SET EXPECTATIONS...gradually! 🤓Communicate the plan progressively rather than switching gears abruptly.
- 3 - LISTEN TO YOUR STUDENT! 🤝Every student adjusts to changes differently, and their feelings are valid! Staying positive, eliminating variables, and showing support goes a long way.

...and if you're having issues, ALWAYS feel free to reach out to us. That's why we're here! Good luck!


New Year but the same mindset! Our students are already back to work to get a jump start on the new semester. Education doesn’t stop! #Tutoring #allentx #mckinneytx #friscotx #planotx

npr.org 12/29/2020

A Quiet And 'Unsettling' Pandemic Toll: Students Who've Fallen Off The Grid

While our education system will feel the aftermath of this pandemic for quite some time, we are consistently INSPIRED by the efforts that our teachers and students put forth day after day. We can get through this together! 👉http://n.pr/3rGmDvl

npr.org "People don't realize how much we need to see these kids," says one teacher, noting they're often the first to see signs of child abuse or food insecurity. The problem spans rural and urban areas.


Woohoo!!! Our students deserve a visit from Santa this year!🎅🤶 Have a wonderful break!

nytimes.com 12/17/2020

How to Do School When Motivation Has Gone Missing

Do you know the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation? Both forms are incredibly important for fighting burnout. 👉http://nyti.ms/2J3tyNU

nytimes.com Here’s what teenagers can do to equip themselves to move forward during this difficult and frustrating time.

tutoringclub.com 12/16/2020

Sports & Education Webinar | Tutoring Club

For those that missed our Sports + Education webinar, you can check out the full interview(s) here 👉https://www.tutoringclub.com/blog/sportseducation/

THANK YOU once again to 🏆 Christina, David, Travis, and Drew!! 🥇

tutoringclub.com Are you an ATHLETE wondering what life looks like AFTER HIGH SCHOOL? On December 2, 2020, we were joined by four top athletes who leveraged their love of sports into successful careers. Check out the videos to: LEARN about recruiting, eligibility, academics, school selection, and everything else inv...

npr.org 12/09/2020

New Report Offers Clearest Picture Yet Of Pandemic Impact On Student Learning

The data is in—see how the pandemic has affected student learning 👉https://n.pr/3gtJK7l

Hint: ➕➖➗✖️😭

npr.org A new report offers the clearest picture yet of pandemic learning loss among U.S. students. But researchers warn that many of the nation's most vulnerable children aren't represented in the new data.


Christina Wear

A HUGE thank you to everyone who joined us for the 🏀Sports + Education📖 Webinar, especially our amazing guest athlete panelists!

We'll post the full webinar in the future...but for the time being, here are some fantastic words of wisdom from 🏀Christina Marinacci Wear🏀 on things high school athletes can be doing to keep improving, even with COVID-related restrictions!


IT'S TIME!! Join us on Zoom for our Sports + Education Webinar, going live for the next hour!



Want to get better at writing? Just like any sport or hobby, writing is a skill you can develop with PRACTICE!


DON'T: include an apostrophe in "Veterans Day".
DO: take the time to honor our veterans today!


We work with THOUSANDS of students each day, and each day we're encouraged by the effort, tenacity, and positivity they've maintained throughout this hectic year.

☀Education is the future, and the future is bright!☀


Want to make the future brighter? Turn the election into a learning experience for your kids! This is an excellent time to give teach them about civic duty, geography, and government.

Just remember, kids can easily misinterpret tension and anger, causing fear and confusion. This can manifest itself in unwanted ways—be sure to stay POSITIVE, keep the dialogue open, and emphasize that this can be a sensitive topic for others! For more details, check out this article 👉https://n.pr/3oWd3mX


🎃Happy Halloween!🎃 Stay safe and have FUN! 👻👽💀

apnews.com 10/29/2020

Can I celebrate Halloween during the pandemic?

Still looking for ways to 😷safely😷 celebrate Halloween with your kids? Creativity and common sense can ensure minimal risk and maximum fun! 👻🎃 https://bit.ly/3kzj4mT

apnews.com Can I celebrate Halloween during the pandemic? Yes, but probably not like you normally would. Health experts say some Halloween traditions like crowding on doorsteps for candy and inching...


TC works hard to provide ➕POSITIVE➕ experiences for both students and parents! Hear what others are saying about us! 👏👏👏


Ways Parents Can Help Encourage Their Kids to Read

📚Reading📖 should be an ENJOYABLE experience. Here are some ways to help encourage your kids to 🤓read more!🧠


Studies are showing that even occasional tutoring helps students recover from the effects of the COVID slide. 👉https://bit.ly/37eoT5q


👩‍🎓Is your student getting left behind? 🧐 Large classroom sizes leave teachers with few mechanisms for identifying underlying skill gaps in students.

Tutoring Club offers comprehensive 📝assessment tests📝 that precisely reveal what areas need improving. Don't let problems with the fundamentals snowball out of control!


🎃Halloween🎃 is right around the corner! 👻 Be sure to check what safety measures your city is implementing (some areas are canceling trick-or-treating). The CDC also has some great recommendations on how make this Halloween FUN and safe! 👉https://bit.ly/3jWUFYb


Improving grades isn't about giving them more 📝worksheets.📝 We teach our students the study skills that will help them stay MOTIVATED and reduce burnout!🎓

edutopia.org 10/06/2020

With Stress in Schools Increasing, Simple Strategies to Stay Calm

😡Is your student's stress turning into anger?😡 Frustration can hijack the part of the brain that allows a student to learn.

Check out these "rapid resets" that can help your student stay calm and allow them to focus on school! 👉https://edut.to/2Gpr2QO👈

edutopia.org In North Carolina, a program offers 'rapid resets' to help teachers and students calm their minds and bodies and get back to learning.


Why Did You Start Going To Tutoring Club?

What are students saying about Tutoring Club? 😃📣

Better grades = a more positive outlook on school!

edutopia.org 09/22/2020

8 Teachers Reflect on the Start of the New School Year

We know how parents have 😩felt😩 about distance learning...but what about our teachers? Here are a few insights:

edutopia.org We conducted interviews with eight teachers from a wide range of school types and grade levels to see how they were coping on the cusp of the new year amidst the pandemic.


Don't wait for progress reports to find out if your student is struggling! Our 📝academic assessment test📝 show you precisely which of your student's skills are ahead or behind what's expected for their grade level.

👉Call or message us to set up an assessment!👈


Happy Monday! The first month of school is wrapping up, check in and ask “how is the school year going so far?” It’s never too late to ask about tutoring and get the help your student may need or want to finish this semester STRONG! ⁣

New customers, sign up before 9/30/20 and get 10 hours FREE towards any program of your choosing! We are here to help! ⁣

Call us today at 972-649-7912 to learn more about our tutoring program and schedule an assessment today! ⁣

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Happy Monday! The first full month of school is wrapping up, check in and ask “how is the school year going so far?” It’s never too late to ask about tutoring and get the help your student may need or want to finish this semester STRONG! ⁣

New customers, sign up before 9/30/20 and get 10 hours FREE towards any program of your choosing! We are here to help! ⁣

Call us today at 972-649-7912 to learn more about our tutoring program and schedule an assessment today! ⁣

#Allen #McKinney #Frisco #Plano #SupportLocalBusiness #Education #Tutoring #Student #Development #College #ACTPrep #SATPrep #SmallBusiness #CollegePrep #Academic


We are happy to offer an abundance of services such as: homework assistance, SAT/ACT and College Essay Prep, I’m addition to assistance in subjects such as: Math, Reading, Writing, and Science. We are a one stop shop for your student(s) educational needs and are here to help! ⁣


Call us today at 972-649-7912 to learn more about our tutoring program and schedule an assessment today! ⁣

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We are the #1 Tutoring Service in Allen, Texas for a reason. We give specific and personalized programs to each child for their individual educational needs is what sets us apart and why we continuously receive 5 star reviews such as this! ⁣⁣
Call us today at 972-649-7912 to learn more about our tutoring program and schedule an assessment today! ⁣⁣
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Happy #MondayMotivation! Regardless if you are at home or in school, you are capable of greatness anywhere! We’ve helped send hundreds of students to college and we don’t plan on slowing down now! 📈📖⁣⁣
Call us today at 972-649-7912 to learn more about our tutoring program and schedule an assessment today! ⁣⁣
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Tutoring Club of Allen is currently back open for business at limited capacity to keep in accordance with social distancing mandates. The health and well-being of our students and staff are of utmost importance to us and we will continue to keep updated on new developments of COVID-19. ⁣

We are here and ready to help your student(s) get back to the new norm, homework help, SAT/ACT prep, getting ahead or getting caught up. Our in person and online programs are specially designed specifically for your student’s need in mind. 📚✏️⁣

Call us today at 972-649-7912 to learn more about our tutoring program and schedule an assessment! ⁣

#Allen #McKinney #Frisco #Plano #SupportLocalBusiness #Education #Tutoring #Student #Development #College #ACTPrep #SATPrep


We are back open for business!!


We have gone online with our programs, but are still conducting in person assessments for our summer program!


So much fun at the Eagle Run!!

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Tutoring Club of Allen is a year-round tutoring center designed to get your child to their grade-level goal faster than any other program on the market. After an initial assessment, your child begins his program(s) at his/her tested level, then progresses forward. The Tutoring Club system provides a posititve, motivating environment which improves self-esteem and confidence. Our programs may be used to catch up or get ahead. Staying ahead of the problem is the best defense.

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