SUA Young Founders

SUA Young Founders


If any alumni needs to get away for a weekend and wants to stay in my guest room in San Diego, it might be possible if I'm not booked up with other guests at that time. My place has become grand central station as of late, with vagabond from all around the world.
Reduced. Important. Spirituality initially. WHO are we? WHENCE came they? WHERE are we going? We have lives, then what is in the soul, destiny, path to the God-man. Trust the soul, the fate of their. The faith of Nations, races into a Single Deity, will unite Earthlings. Deity is Love, His Creation of love. Love is feeling of soul, love in the Council does not need. We love it thanks and contrary to reason. Love brings great joy and happiness and the bitterness of loss, fate brings and separates us. Deity is the Creator of Worlds, professions person does not comply, it is not necessary to ask God about it, and to give thanks for what we have. Praise Him. An angel given by God to help You lives from centuries. With the help of an angel, the person finds his interest to inform the Field of land Systems . Dear You with the help of an angel, can know more of Gods Creation. Deities of 306 individuals, including the creators of the System Lands, Their 68 from 17 races. Systems 48, they do not crumble. It serves as the headquarters 4974 lands. The earth resource, crumbling slowly moving to another orbit. The transition in normal mode. Apocalypse will not. The land is similar, more than 15 times. Preparing new and ruined land, their 6386. In our System, milled 3 earth, 2 the earth is shaped new. Our land, milled 6 times and Mars 1 time, it will be updated through the 2.7 L. mlard the rest of the resource of our land 82 thousand 800 years, the world will not End. No matter Who, when, What were the lives of All the people goes into the God-man. The world of the God-man placed on inform-Box 31733 planets, they do not crumble, are formed new. Largest planet from earth in 854 times. The life of a God-man is excellent from people in nature and their mission, read about it on my page. - Essence of death: the Function of the Creator, is the beginning of new lives through reincarnation on the spiritual and energy level inherent in the soul. The God of the dead does not happen, the body is perishable, the soul is eternal. Man is always simultaneously on all levels of life. This is the essence of Eternal life. All the science of humans, study of Gods Creation of the Worlds. And someone else's study, and its not forget. T. Shevchenko. -No dearer, God gave us this Land, where he walked bare feet, your. -All the time. No eternal friends and enemies. There is a perpetual interest which unites us. Is God hoping to help themselves. Know from the middle of good and evil expect. God forgives and tells us. -Killing people is not poverty or wealth, and consumed with envy and greed. People on the eternal path of divine men, carrying the mission of the Creator of civilizations on the lands of the Worlds, leaving his creation to his heirs, in the lands of others. The patron Muse of Yours keeps You safe from centuries. The angel carries information about the civilizations of the land Systems, their technological progress. All about man diagnostics, destiny, of his creation lives. Mystery man can not save, will not be able to deceive the angel will answer, he is telling the truth or not. The angel gives the answer to Your questions. The angel to the spirits, do the spirits of the earth, don't touch them they will not touch You. Communicating with angel, gaining the skills you will find the understanding. Without the help of an angel to know God's Creation is not given. Carry information of the angel to the people, the spirituality to help them. On my page the manner of communication with the angel and about the mission of divine humans. The interest information of the angel, the professionals, ptsu, Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims, hare Krishnas, and other Nations. Info angel in Ukrainian, English and Russian summary. And classmates - in contacts - Ivan Yakovenko Poltava, Ukraine. Page opened people. share with friends..
How to Personalize Learning in Higher Education Moves to personalize learning in higher education The quality of a higher education institution is measured by the success of its students. Many institutions are now embracing the fact that every student is different and in order to give the maximum chance for each student to reach their very best, there is a need to personalize the learning experience. To reach this goal, traditional methods of delivering educational services should be supplemented according to each student’s personal needs. The use of CRM to personalize learning is the most innovative solution to date. Any higher education institution can easily implement a CRM system for an improved student learning experience.
Hope you all can make it out!! Lunch will be served!

Soka University of America's Undergraduate Program proudly has 1300+ alumni members representing 45+ countries, residing in 41+ different countries.

We currently have 22+ alumni studying in doctoral programs as well as 3 alumni who have already earned their Ph.D. degrees. There are 87+ alumni in Master's programs, as well as 93+ alumni who have already earned their Master's degrees. We also have some alumni who have completed their law degrees. Many of the SUA alumni have joined the workforce in fields including eduation (faculty positions at Tufts University & Wellesley College), government, non-profit organizations, finance, and film and entertainment at such companies and organizations like Goldman Sachs, Deloitte Consulting, Honda, JET, Free the Children, World Bank and the Walt Disney Company.

Mission: Soka University of America's mssion is to "Foster a Steady Stream of Global Citizens Committed to Living a Contributive Life."

Operating as usual

Soka University Peace Gala 2020 Invitation

Please join us for our virtual Peace Gala on Saturday, October 10 from 5-6pm PT.

Because of your generous support, one hundred percent of our students receive financial aid. SUA is deeply grateful for your gifts that allow us to continue turning our bold ideals into courageous global citizens using their wisdom to compassionately improve society.

Agenda includes entertainment by Paul Williams and experiences from our very own alumni.

Event is free to attend, but donations are gratefully appreciated.

To register:

Watch the promo video:

Please join us for Soka University of America’s first online Peace Gala. Your participation will fund student scholarships. This is an opportunity to invite ...

Join us on Zoom for SUA's annual dialogue on "building the culture of peace" on Friday, October 2 at 7pm PT. Our speakers this year include four alumni who will share how SUA's education contributed to their respective engagements in "building a culture of peace" and how they seek to embody the virtues of global citizenship in their personal ways at this unprecedented time of change in 2020 and beyond. You must register by October 1. Link to RSVP:

As Sohokai we committed to providing Implicit Bias training for any members of the Sohokai who would like to participate. Please mark your calendar for a virtual Implicit Bias and Cultural Competency Awareness Workshop, taking place on August 22 and August 23, 2020. SUA is sponsoring this opportunity for our alumni.

Please note that you must RSVP by August 15 to participate in the training.

There will be two 2.5 hour sessions open to all alumni. These workshops will be facilitated by Dr. Bryant T. Marks, Sr., from the National Training Institute on Race and Equity. His biography is included below.

What is Implicit Bias Education?

Implicit Bias education is designed to increase understanding of differences and their value to a respectful and civil society and to actively challenge bias, stereotyping and all forms of discrimination. An anti-bias approach fosters positive relationships and an inclusive, welcoming environment for all members of the community.

This workshop is meant to be an opportunity for our alumni community to self-reflect, challenge our assumptions, and begin learning a new vocabulary for how to engage in respectful, culturally competent conversations. No matter what continent or cultural context we may live in today, this training will have relevance for us all.

Repost from @sokauniv
Please swipe to read key initiatives as announced by President Feasel in today's email to the SUA community. If you did not receive the email DM to update your info. #Sohokai

Please join us for our 4th annual Soka Educator's Group Meeting this Saturday at 9:00PM Pacific Time! Check your email for the RSVP link or DM us and we'll send it to you! #Sohokai

Beautiful message from our university founder sent to the Class of 2020! #Sohokai

We are excited to announce that we recently received a commencement message to the Class of 2020 from Soka founder Daisaku Ikeda! In his message, Mr. Ikeda addresses the uncertainty the class of 2020 faces upon graduation: "As we send off our beloved graduates into a world stricken and staggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, it pains me deeply to think of the immense ordeals that surely await each of you."

Rather than resignation, however, Mr. Ikeda encourages students to recognize the profound historical turning point this moment presents:

"In coming together to confront the specter of an unseen pathogen, humanity today may be entering a truly transformative time, one in which we return to and redraw sustenance from the great earth of life that lies within us all. By drawing from the veritable “fountain of Good” innate in every human being on the planet, the time has come to unleash that limitless potential for good in each of our lives so that we may overcome any ordeal and secure the path to happiness and peace for both ourselves and for others. And it is you, the young founders of Soka University of America, who must persist in awakening people as leaders of global citizenry who toll the bell of this truth."

To read Mr. Ikeda's message in its entirety, click the following link:

3 days until our virtual alumni meeting! Will we see you there? Don't forget to RSVP! Need the link? DM us! #Sohokai

Just 4 days remaining for our first-ever 100% virtual alumni meeting taking place this weekend! #Sohokai check your emails and don't forget to RSVP. Didn't receive the email? DM us and we will send you the link!

#Sohokai around the world let's gather at our first ever virtual alumni meeting! Read the full email through link in bio and RSVP for zoom info. See you all next weekend!

Happy 19th Birthday SUA! 🥳🎂🎉🎈🎁Go to @sokauniv to see the full campus! #sokauniversity

Alumni on the frontlines
Erika Noel
Class of 2010
Honolulu, HI
Pediatric Resident
From Erika: Right now, everyone including healthcare workers are experiencing a tremendous amount of fear. Being an SUA graduate, I learned the importance of being able to instill hope during this critical time. The highlight of work every day is to not only make my sick pediatric patients laugh, but also their parents and loved ones as well. #sohokai #covid19 #alumnionthefrontlines #worldhealthday

Thank you #Sohokai for voting! Karla Meier has been elected as the new Sohokai Board of Representative. Please join us thanking Kusho and Josie for their passion and vision to run for the Board.

03/31/20: Vote! 2020 Board Rep Candidates

Voting begins today! #Sohokai we encourage you to read each candidates' application. Remember, your vote is your voice!

One of the three candidates running for Sohokai Board of Representaties, Josie Parkhouse is hosting a facebook live Q&A session tomorrow and wants you to join! #Sohokai

TUESDAY MARCH 31, 10am PST, 1pm EST, 6pm BST... See what time it is in your time zone:

Josie's Facebook profile:

Josie's campaign video:

Sohokai election page:

SUA officially launched a COVID-19 account. Please follow for updates and highlights including students, staff, faculty and alumni news. @sokacovid19 #covid19

Our #Sohokai Board member Natalia is completing her term! We would like to thank her service and support throughout the last three years. Board candidates have been announced. Have you read their applications yet? Voting begins March 31.

[03/25/20]   2020 #Sohokai Board of Representative candidates have been announced! Please read their applications by clicking on the image of each candidate before our election starting Tuesday, March 31.

03/21/20: COVID-19 Update

An update regarding COVID-19 to our #Sohokai. We know that many of you and your family members have been impacted by the recent COVID-19 developments that took place since our last communication. We hope that you are doing well amidst all of the challenges you must be facing.

To Our OC Sohokai

To our local alumni, LA & OC Regional Reps are coordinating support for SUA students. #Sohokai. As sent out by the Sohokai Board earlier today, as the LA and OC Regional Chapters we want to elaborate on how we hope  to support SUA students amidst this challenging time. With COVID-19 rapidly developing, there is much uncertainty as to what will happen next. For the safety of all students and t...

03/17/20: COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update for our #Sohokai around the world. We hope this email finds you well amidst everything that is going on. With COVID-19 rapidly developing around the world, there is uncertainty as to what will happen next. We wanted to first reach out and ask, how are you doing? We know that some of you or your family members have limited access to d...

Go Tahereh '09! #Sohokai

ALUMNI HIGHLIGHT: Tahereh Mafi (pen name), Soka University of America Class of 2009, is featured on the "Reading Between the Dunes" blog as one of six great women writers! GO TAH!

Go Akiko '14! Proud #Sohokai

ALUMNI HIGHLIGHT: Akiko Toya, Soka University of America Class of 2014, has been promoted to Program Officer at the Climate Change unit of the World Bank HQ in Washington DC. Akiko manages financial portfolios in the Africa region by supporting the implementation of climate and disaster risk management projects and international donor coordination. She writes: "My team is leading the global agenda for climate adaptation and disaster resilience. This has been my dream job since I wrote about the impact of natural disasters on development for my capstone in 2014 with the great support of my favorite professor/mentor Hong-Yi Chen." GO AKIKO!

BREAKING NEWS: Connect Soka is Almost Here!⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
We are excited to share with you that, as a concrete step in solidifying the Sohokai Alumni Association's professional development services, we will adopt a platform called Connect Soka. Connect Soka will be a professional networking platform exclusive to SUA alumni. We will launch to alumni next month - keep an eye on your inbox for the official invitation!

On January 12th, Kansai Sohokai held the annual gathering at Alumni Hall of Kansai Soka high school. Over 30 Sohokai and their families came from all over Kansai to deepen their bond as Soka family.

Agenda included MC by Yoko Kumano ('16) and Shohei Sekine ('16), welcome by Kansai Reps Tenji Takino ('09) and Saki Tomita ('08), and experience by Mayumi Itatani ('05). Takayuki Izaki ('09) also shared a report on his 10-Year Reunion which he attended last summer. Small group discussions followed creating a warm and organic environment for networking.#Sohokai

Apply for SUA's MA in Educational Leadership and Societal Change! The application deadline is February 15, 2020.
The program answers the need for global leaders with the practical skills and experience, foundational knowledge, and ethical commitments necessary to achieve lasting and effective societal change within the field of education, including but not limited to the classroom-learning environment. For more information, contact @soka_graduateschool_

SUA Young Founders

Go Anushe '12! #Sohokai

ALUMNI HIGHLIGHT: Anushe Shoro, Soka University of America Class of 2012, has recently joined NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) and is working to bring mental health resources to college campuses in Orange County, California. As Special Events Coordinator, she is planning storytelling events and Tedx talks to promote mental health awareness in the community. GO ANUSHE!

Happy New Year #Sohokai ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
We are excited to see where this next decade will bring us together as a part of your alumni network. Cheers!

Ryosuke Ishii Europe Regional Rep (right)⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
After graduating in 2010 as a member of the 6th class, I worked and studied in New York, Tokyo and LA until early this year. I currently live, paint, illustrate and do graphic design in France. Last month I held my first art exhibition in France and was supported by my Sohokai sisters and brother from the neighboring city of Geneva. I am also in the process of finishing a 3 year project with Dr. Jafari to publish our first book in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine and should be available early next year. Since moving here I have been particularly motivated to create bonds with fellow Sohokai throughout the continent and could not be happier to work alongside Amy Samuels in taking on the challenge of representing the growing number of European Sohokai. We will do our best! Shout out to the board, and especially Josie and David for paving the way!

Professor Highlight- Diya Mazumder
Did you know that Professor Mazumder's inspiration to work comes from the national anthem of India? This song encourages her to make environmental issues the focus of her studies in economics. Read her full story on SUA Founders here:

Amy Samuels- Europe Regional Rep (top left) ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I'm Amy from class of 09. It's been 10 years since we graduated and in July, 09 went back to SUA for our reunion. It was surreal to be on campus living in dorms with almost my entire class again, but beautiful to see everyone's faces and catch up on our lives. And to party like it was 2005. I came back to London where I live now with a new sense of gratitude for my Soka experience. Less than a year after graduation, I went to Japan to study Japanese further and ended up staying for over 4 years. I trained as a translator with Buddhist organization SGI, then decided to come home to the UK to do a MA in Translation at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London. After studying, I worked for a Japanese company in London doing some serious “character building." Years later, I left the company in April and have been working from home as a translator since.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Ryosuke and I are looking forward to taking the baton from David Laumann and Josie Parkhouse - our first European reps- who built the foundation for us (Thank you!). And I look forward to create strong bonds with my European Sohokai brothers and sisters (as a defiant anti-Brexit statement)!! Please get in touch if you're ever in the region!

[12/24/19]   We L.O.V.E. you #Sohokai ! Happy holidays from us to you 🎉#ourfirsttiktok

Alumni can reserve one ticket for FREE on a first-come first-serve basis! Comment here or email [email protected]. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
With wisdom and insight, psychotherapist, three-time Emmy Award-winner, and Culture Expert on Netflix's Queer Eye, Karamo Brown acts as a guide to connect us to the hidden parts of ourselves that have until now held us back. Learn how to unearth and integrate various sides of our personal identities and energize our lives with greater authenticity, happiness and sucess.

Happy weekend to all the #Sohokai. Shout out to Tokyo Regional Chapter and congratulations on your gathering!

SUA appointed Edward Feasel to Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. Ed has been with SUA since 1998 and was instrumental during the initial phases of development of the university, serving as one of the founding faculty of the undergraduate program, as Dean of Students in 2001, as Dean of Faculty in 2005, and as Vice President for Academic Affairs in 2015.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Ed has also continued to maintain his responsibilities as Professor of Economics with two books recently published entitled Japan's Aid: Lessons for Economic Growth, Development and Political Economy and Exports, Trade Policy, and Economic Growth in Eras of Globalization.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
As the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, he will oversee all academic and administrative aspects of the university. He will also continue in his role as Chief Academic Officer.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Read more updates like these in our monthly newsletter! Link in bio. #Sohokai

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The mission of the SUA Sohokai Alumni Association is to treasure and strengthen the lifelong friendships formed among graduates of SUA in order to foster an enduring connection to the University and its mission, to reaffirm the humanism of Soka Education, and to create new value as forever young founders.
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