AlfredState students/grads who are pioneering NonTraditional career paths!

Mission: To encourage kids to pursue non-traditional studies. Mainly focusing on females in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) and men in nursing! This page is for all age groups to learn more about the non-traditional careers Alfred State has to offer!

9 Women Construction Leaders Share Their Best Career Advice

A good read for anyone in the industry or thinking about pursuing a construction-related career! 👷‍♀️🛠

"Jobsite spoke to nine construction leaders who are paving the way for future generations of women in the building industry. The women, who range from a project manager to CEO, offer sage advice for women of all ages who are interested in a career in construction." In 2005, the number of women in construction numbered 1,079,000. A little more than a decade later, that number dropped to 939,000. Today, women only makeup 9% of workers in construction. What gives? It’s time to take a serious look at how to shift the perception that construction is best left for...

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7 women in science who will inspire you to get serious about STEM These NASA specialists, entrepreneurs, and Nobel Prize winners have shattered stereotypes.

One of our #AlfredState #constructionmanagement #graduates is on a job where the backflow preventer needs to be replaced on a water line. This device is used to protect the main water supply from being contaminated due to backflow.

The project has strict #safety requirements as it's considered a "confined space." This means the work area has limited/restricted access and is not meant for continuous occupancy.

#construction #confinedspace #womeninconstruction #WomeninSTEM 👷‍♀️

Electrician’s tale: Ben Bailey is a debt-free 26-year-old with a house and two cars - Buffalo - Buffalo Business First There are plenty of good careers in the skilled trades. Just ask Ben Bailey.

Alfred State Construction Management

Learn everything you could ever want to know in CIVL 1013 your freshman year at Alfred State College in our BS Construction Management program.

#Sketching is an amazing tool for an #architect to have that someone has to practice. It is even more of a skill to be able to sketch something and turn it into a reality. This is an amazing tool that is being taught at #alfredstate! #SUNY

Career Development - Alfred State, SUNY College of Technology

It is time to start prepping for our fall career fairs! #alfredstate #updateyourresume #pumpkinspiceupyourlife #fallfocus on #careerdevelopment

In 1969, she helped put a man on the moon. Today, Katherine Johnson turns 100.

Happy birthday to an extremely remarkable woman! 🚀🎈 Stories that connect us and sometimes even change the world.

The Best Advice I’ve Received as a Junior Engineer - enggirlproblems

@ enggirlproblems Olivia Gillis shared a great article about 3 great pieces of #advice as a junior #engineer! Things to keep in mind to start the new semester right...
#AlfredState #PioneeringPaths #STEM Very recently, I received three pieces of advice from my boss that really stuck.

We're excited to welcome this year's freshman class to #AlfredState!! Good luck this semester pursuing your #careergoals!

#SUNY #WeekofWelcome #freshman #college

A female mechanical engineering student grinds out the supports on her 3D printed final project. #alfredstate #womenengineers #STEM #SUNY

More pictures from the dam project on Collins Correctional Facility property

#AlfredState #ConstructionManagement can score you some cool jobs like this dam rehab project! The 100 year old walls are being tied back for improvements. In order to keep the debris from washing down the stream, gates in the lake were installed to keep the water level down

One of our #AlfredState #graduates / #PioneeringPaths mentors started her full time job this week! This morning she was on site at the #renovation of the Tonowanda Indian Community House 👷‍♀️

#womeninconstruction #adulting #SUNY @ Akron, New York

Edith Clarke worked as an engineer for #GeneralElectric. In 1921, she received a patent for her "graphical calculator." This device was used to solve electric power transmission line problems. #pioneeringpaths #STEM #womeninengineering #WomeninSTEM #calculator

Alfred State Construction Management

With all the #technology taking over, here are some jobs that won't be going out of style any time soon! #AlfredState has great #constructionmanagement and #constructionsupervision programs that will help you get a job in these fields!

#SUNY #Construction #jobsearch

Looks like your future job is safe from automation!

Conceptual structure details for design studio 6. #architecture #suny #alfredstate #sketching #prismacolor #conceptualdesign

A senior female #mechanicalengineering #student is applying photoresist to a silicon wafer in a spinner. It's one of many steps in making a MEMS (micro electro-mechanical system) device on a silicon wafer. #alfredstate #pioneeringpaths #SUNY #STEM #womenengineer #WomeninSTEM

This metal detector was used in Alcatraz to prevent the prisoners from leaving the cafeteria with silverware. However, some silverware still went missing from the cafeteria. #controlsystems #STEM #PioneeringPaths

Due to Pennsylvania's massive and constant rainfall, being creative with water flow can be an excellent part of a design. Here is a rainvail, which draws all the water to fall into this stone to create a beautiful #waterfall while it is raining! #architecture #SUNY #Alfredstate #rain #design #womeninarchitecture #STEM

Every semester #alfredstate faculty invites a few #architecture students to an American Institute of Architects (AIA) meeting. Here we have five students who attended the meeting this past semester and made some great connections! #AIA #AIArochester #architecture #SUNY

By working with mealworms, Nettie Stevens was able to correlate the X and Y #chromosomes with males and the X chromosome with females. #pioneeringpaths #alfredstate #SUNY #STEM #womeninengineering #biology #dna

This device is a #binary conversation. It converts angles to the corresponding binary numbers. #alfredstate #pioneeringpaths #STEM #engineering #SUNY #WomeninSTEM

Alfred State Construction Management

Alfred State draws amazing young people to our program and we can't wait to see you this Fall!

Here you can see the facade of a building is being supported while the main structure is being rebuilt. Typically this is done with older buildings to preserve its historic look. Swipe to see the view from the other side!!
#constructionmethods #engineering #historic #stem #construction @ Paris, France

One of our #ConstructionManagement mentors is visiting #London this summer! So far she has experienced a large variety of architecture in such an old city that is continuing to grow and build. Among the old style buildings are lots of more modern, contrasting buildings, many of which were designed by Italian #architects! @ London, United Kingdom

#Architecture and #ConstructionManagement students commonly take #structures their junior year. In this class, they often play around with self supporting structures like this one!
#SUNY #AlfredState #design

In this picture, rods are being press fit into a gear rack for a senior project. To accomplish this, the racks were heated to expand the steel, then the rods where pressed into the holes. Once everything is at room temperature, the pressure and friction between the two parts will keep everything secure. #STEM #WomeninSTEM #MaterialScience #PioneeringPaths #engineering #SUNY #AlfredState

Alfred State College

Congratulations to one of our Pioneering Paths mentors on receiving the Orvis Award at #graduation this year!! Carina Scalise (2nd from the left) graduated this spring 2018 with a BS in Construction Management Engineering Technology #womeninconstruction #constructionmanagement

#AlfredState applauds Orvis Award winners and dean’s list students

Six women, including Betty Jean Jennings was one of the world's first “computers” (a job title, not a machine) hired by the university. At the time, the computer was used to calculate ballistics trajectories for World War II. #womeninSTEM #PioneeringPaths #STEM #SUNY #alfredstate #computer

Structural section model proposed for the heating plant renovation project!

#womeninarchitecture #SUNY #alfredstate

Here is a 3D model of a #knifeplate. A knife plate is used to connect a steel structure to a wood structure by cutting a slit into the wood and fitting it together like a puzzle! #structure #architecture #suny #alfredstate

Pictured is a piece of cold rolled steel before and after being put in the torsion machine. The machine holds each end of the bar and twists it until failure. The lines on the bar are straight originally, you can see in the second picture how it was twisted.

#SUNY #AlfredState #steel #torsion #STEM #materials @ Alfred State

Creating a weapon that can fire automatically is only half the challenge. The other half is deciding how to cool the gun without increasing its weight or burning the soldier using it. As a result, the Browning Model1919 A6 .30 caliber machine gun is air cooled. #HeatTransfer #MechanicalEngineering #STEM #PioneeringPaths

One of the requirements for the senior #architecture students was to make a walkthrough for their class. The walkthrough uses a software that places you inside of the building you designed and allows you to walk through the space like you are really there! #technology #alfredstate #walkthrough #womeninarchitecture #suny

A finished 3D printed model of an engine block business card holder. Check out the program she used on our post April 18th! #alfredstate #SUNY #STEM #WomeninSTEM #pioneeringpaths

The scaled down model of #MountRushmore was changed multiple times before construction even started. It was changed to account for the mountain size, cracks in the rock, and to capture the lifelike features of each president. #Architecture #STEM #PioneeringPaths

In #architecture, models are nice to show the representation of the design before any work is actually completed. This is because the actual size with the same material can be costly, and sometimes there is only a limited supply of materials, giving the designer one chance. This model is of the presidential heads at #MountRushmore we talked about yesterday. #STEM #PioneeringPaths

#MountRushmore is famous for its 60 foot heads of the four presidents which took 14 years to create. This was accomplished by using a 3 point system with a model of the creation. As a result, it allowed precise details to be made into the mountain. The main struggle was not to take away too much stone as it can never be replaced. #Architecture #EngineeringMarvel #STEM #PioneeringPaths

A female #mechanicalengineering student is testing the resistance a boron resistor. It was created through the many steps of adding and subtracting layers to a silicon wafer to create a MEMES device. #alfredstate #pioneeringpaths #STEM #WomeninSTEM #SUNY

Eero Saarinen, a Finnish American architect, designed this famous ice rink for #Yale University! It's called David S. Ingalls Rink, but is nicknamed "The Whale" for its design.

#architectureeverywhere #traveltheworld #thewhale #alfredstate

A square #waveform created by a #mechanicalengineering student in Instrumentations. This waveform was created through a program called LabVIEW. In LabVIEW the amplitude and frequency of the waveform can be changed.

#engineering #STEM #womenengineers #WomeninSTEM #SUNY #AlfredState

A female #ConstructionManagement student is using a planimeter to finish a #surveying class. #alfredstate #pioneeringpaths #STEM #SUNY #WomeninSTEM

Over in #Italy the #studyabroad junior #architecture students are traveling and utilizing their time in Europe! Here is a #sketch one of them did of The #Louvre. Keeping their skills sharp and their pencils sharper!

#SUNY #AlfredState

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