Alfred State Architecture Alumni

Alfred State Architecture Alumni


If anyone is looking to get into the BIM field please send me a private message! I have a job opening for a BIM engineer that we would like to fill ASAP. I will send job details if interested. 😀
I have a job opening for anyone who is interested in getting into the BIM field. Please let me know if you are interested and I will send you more details about the position. Remote work is a possibility.
Good Evening ASC Arch Grads. I need some help from those that graduated from the BS program in the early 2000s. I'm hoping someone has a copy of their transcripts they could snap me a photo of. I need the list of classes we took back then as they are different from what students take now, or at least under different names. Any help would be great. I need it for certification exam I am taking for my job.
Disaster relief housing inspiration.
You guys should seriously consider setting up a field trip to the Seneca Nations administrative building in Salamanca- it is really something to see. We are doing some homes in the nation and have had to go on numerous occasions, and I'm like a child in a candy store. It's quite something!!
Everything is ready for the cook out on Tuesday! Remember it's at 5:00 in front of SET. Comment any games or activities you may want to see happening at the cook out. Thanks everyone!
Let me know if y'all ever need a guest critique, I'd be more than happy to, and it would give me the chance to catch up with you professors. Might shock ya with how far I've come lol
QPK Design is looking to expand our award winning architectural design team! We’re activity looking for motivated and talented individuals for all positions (Intern Architects to Project Managers). Please view our website ( and reach out to me with a cover letter and resume if you're interested!

Open to all graduates of the architectural programs at Alfred State - SUNY College of Technology.

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Alfred State Architecture Alumni

A huge congratulations to all of our Arch + Dsgn grads who will be receiving their diploma today at our 2020 Virtual Commencement! #alfredstatearchitecture

Congratulations to all of our ASC Architecture and Design graduates! 🎓

Join us in congratulating Matthew Kiefer on graduating with his BArch. Watch a walkthrough video of Matt's Thesis project at the link below:

Matt says: “I personally liked having access to the large laser cutter and 3D printers, which allowed for a wider range of model making options...” #alfredstatearchitecture

Join us in congratulating Tanaisha Green on graduating with her AAS in Interior Design. Tanaisha will be continuing her education after graduation!

Tanaisha says: “Everyone in the Architecture and Design Department has always been there for me since switching majors. It was hard to adjust because I had no idea what Architecture and Design consisted of, but with everyone’s attentive help and encouragement, I did it.” #alfredstatearchitecture

Join us in congratulating Ethan Smythe on graduating with his BArch. Ethan will be continuing his education in the Masters of Urban Planning program at the University at Buffalo in the Fall and is looking for potential job opportunities while in Buffalo!

Ethan says: “I appreciate the commitment by the Architecture and Design Department to helping its students grow. I am told that what we have here is unique, and having interacted with students from other programs, I believe it. I am confident that envelope as a graduate, I have access to a valuable resource in the department.” #alfredstatearchitecture

Join us in congratulating Zachary Davis for graduating with his BS in Architectural Technology. Zach has accepted a position as an Architectural Designer at Passero Associates located in Rochester, NY!

Zach says: “The dedicated and professional teaching staff successfully prepared us to enter the field as confident and knowledgeable young professionals.” #alfredstatearchitecture

Join us in congratulating Marissa Kowalik on graduating with her AAS in Architectural Technology and AAS in Interior Design.

Marissa says: “My favorite part about the Alfred State Architecture and Design Department is how it’s one big family. We all help and care for each other.” #alfredstatearchitecture

Join us in congratulating Ethan Wiedmer on graduating with his BS in Architectural Technology. Ethan has accepted a position as an Assistant Project Manager at Jay-Kar Contracting located in Southern Pines, South Carolina!

Ethan says: “Alfred’s Architecture program gave me the opportunity to explore the world of design while also giving me key aspects that prepared me for the field.” #alfredstatearchitecture

Join us in congratulating Martin Gomez on graduating with his BS in Architectural Technology.

Martin says: “One thing that I liked most was the diversity of the department and the mixture of experienced and youthful professors providing different project, concepts, thoughts, viewpoints and conclusions...” #alfredstatearchitecture

Join us in congratulating Mikala Smith on graduating with her BS in Architectural Technology! Mikala is also graduating with an AS in Business Administration.

Mikala says: “I like the close knit relationships that we have been lucky enough to have with peers and professors in the department. There is always good advice or a helping hand to be found in our Alfred Architecture family.” #alfredstatearchitecture

Congratulations to our own Brianna Swartz for receiving the SUNY Chancellor’s Award For Student Excellence.

“Swartz, an architectural technology major from Fort Plain, has been recognized for her leadership roles on campus in residence life, study abroad, and student government. As a student leader, she’s been an advocate for student development throughout her time at Alfred State. She’s been lauded for her investment in the local community through field-based research within the Appalachian region, as well as providing architectural design and assistance to communities in need through the college’s Southern Tier Architectural Resource Center (STAR)...The Chancellor’s Award for Student Excellence was created in 1997 to recognize students who have best demonstrated, and have been recognized for, the integration of academic excellence with accomplishments in the areas of leadership, athletics, community service, creative and performing arts, campus involvement, or career achievement.”

Source: #alfredstatearchitecture

Adirondack Eco-Camp
Promoting Sustainable Tourism in the Adirondack Wilderness

BArch Thesis Student: Katy Swank

The Adirondack Park has not been immune to the growing trend of wilderness tourism that has been seen throughout the world over the past decade. The number of tourists to the park spiked sharply in 2016 and has continued to increase steadily. Increased tourism has led to the designation of the Adirondack Park as a hotspot of human activity by the Center of Outdoor Ethics in 2019. This designation indicates that the resources of the park are under severe strain as tourists fail to practice Leave No Trace principles and set out into the wilderness ill-prepared for the challenges at hand. The development of an Eco-Camp would create a destination that allows tourists to continue to enjoy the wilderness and beauty of the Adirondack Park, while also encouraging environmental education and promoting sustainable practices. The thesis explores the development of a single Eco-Camp in the Adirondack Park and the effects it could have on the surrounding region. If successful the Eco-Camp could be replicated in other areas of the Adirondack Park and anywhere that tourism has begun to degrade the beauty of the natural wilderness. #alfredstatearchitecture

Caribbean Climate Resiliency Outpost: Equity, Safety, and Sustainability in Rural Dominica

BArch Thesis Student: Sarah Aitchison

September 18, 2017: Hurricane Maria devastated the Caribbean island nation Dominica. In the wake of total destruction, the government pledged to rebuild the country into the first fully climate resilient nation. Almost two years later, progress has been made to fortify infrastructure and develop climate resilient systems. However, rural villages remain challenged by inadequate resources to rebuild infrastructure, energy sources, and communication to a standard providing safety, survivability, and sustainability. The need for resiliency during future hurricanes linked with the issue of inequitable distribution of resources can be solved by the construction of a climate resiliency outpost in rural Dominican villages by serving the community in the following ways: performing as a hub for communication and warning systems, a self-sustaining hurricane shelter, and a center for resource management for infrastructure fortification and ecological restoration. The Caribbean Climate Resiliency Outpost will empower Dominican communities to survive and sustain a continuity of life during the most powerful storms through which humanity has ever sheltered in place. #alfredstatearchitecture

The Architecture of Exhibition:
An Investigation of Museum Architecture

BArch Thesis Student: Molly Kase

This architectural thesis investigates how museum architecture and architectural design, within its sphere of influence, can optimize the ability of a museum organization to benefit society. The thesis aims to identify a canon of Good Design Practices for museum architecture which will be formalized in a handbook for museum architecture intended to be used as a reference during the architectural design process of future museum projects. The handbook will then be used in a prototypical redesign of the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY to evaluate the usability and effectiveness of the handbook during the design process. #alfredstatearchitecture

Hudson River Boating and Wildlife Preservation Center

BArch Thesis Student: Matthew Kiefer

Designing a multi building riverfront facility for Riverkeeper to conduct all their current and future functions while inviting the public to learn about the effects of pollution on local waterways, such as the Hudson River. Riverkeeper is a not-for-profit organization that focuses on informing and involving the public in the overall condition of the Hudson River and its estuary and tributaries. Riverkeeper is currently functioning at three different locations across the Hudson Valley. Bringing all the functions of Riverkeeper to a single location that has enough room for visitors and the general public to explore and learn about the effects pollution has had on the Hudson River. If Riverkeeper has a centralized location to host all current and future needs with immediate access to the Hudson River, then spreading awareness of issues caused by pollution will motivate the public to advocate for effective solutions leading to reduce and end pollution in the Hudson River and ensure safe drinking water for the future. #alfredstatearchitecture

Cultivating Hemp Through Modular Architecture & Building Products

BArch Thesis Student: Stephen Spisto

Throughout the last eighty years, the United States has evolved methods for manufacturing products utilizing non-sustainable materials. Harmful chemicals through production has been negatively impacting the environment leading to the exploration of cultivating hemp and utilizing hemp as a raw material. A proposed location determined revitalizing an abandoned train station to bring industrial applications to the City of Middletown, NY. #alfredstatearchitecture

BCT community Hub & Paderewski Vocational School

BArch Thesis Student: Raymond Hutchison

The object of this thesis is to investigate the feasibility of adaptively reusing the derelict Buffalo Central Terminal in Buffalo NY into a community center and vocational school. The Buffalo Central Terminal was once the heart of the local Broadway and Fillmore community until the decline in rail traffic and its closure in 1979. The reuse of the terminal would focus on re-developing the historic building into a vocational school focused on historic preservation which would aid in preservation of the local Broadway and Fillmore historic district . The Community center concept of this design would help reflect the cultural history of Buffalo and history of immigration to the area throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries. This would include event space and a museum to communicate the areas importance. The redevelopment would ,in theory, help gain interest in the local area and the communities revival. #alfredstatearchitecture

Buffalo Universal Design Learning Center (BUDLC)

BArch Thesis Student: Alex Roberts

People require more than just access. Equity for people of all abilities requires an environment which is both accessible as well as usable. Attempts in the twenty-first century to redefine what disability is, and to establish equity for people of all abilities, have focused on adapting our built surroundings so that they may accommodate all people. The design proposal for The Buffalo Universal Design Learning Center intends to prove that a public facility can exhibit and educate on how to make our world work for everyone. #alfredstatearchitecture

Bringing Back the Boulevard: A Redevelopment of the Boulevard Mall

BArch Thesis Student: Josh Thomas

The Boulevard Mall, located in Amherst, NY, like many suburban shopping malls, is a struggling mall. The Retail Apocalypse had made its way to the Boulevard Mall in 2017, in March the department store, Sears, closed their doors within the mall for good. A few months later, in October of 2017 Macy’s Men’s also closed their store in the Boulevard Mall. As of today, the two anchor stores are still empty with no plan of what or who will replace the former tenants. Currently, the metro rail in Buffalo is planned to get an extension, which would pass right by the site of the Boulevard Mall. Having the rail directly adjacent to the site would benefit the area by allowing it to become a transit-oriented development, maximizing the amount of retail, residential, and leisure spaces within the area. Overall, this thesis has looked at how redeveloping a “dying” mall can stimulate economic, mental, and social health within the community and what is needed to do so. #alfredstatearchitecture

Technology Assisted Learning: Increasing STEM Literacy

BArch Thesis Student: Billy Hunderfund

“Utilizing technology, schools can implement technology centers that appeal to multiple learning styles and create more active learning methods that engage students in self-driven learning.” #alfredstatearchitecture

Strong Roots Project: A Vision for Connecting the Natural and Human Resources of Maine

BArch Thesis Student: Ethan Smythe

A lifeline for many Maine communities is the forest products industry—and adversity in the industry is felt by such communities. The Strong Roots Project aims to unite communities from across Maine and assist them in developing strategies for resilience—all while elevating the downtown area of Bangor, Maine's second-largest city. Key elements of the proposal include design solutions for business incubators, offices, and worker housing, strategies for floodplain hazard mitigation via allotment of the site-at-grade to pedestrians, and consideration of light industrial uses serving as unique cultural amenities in dense urban environments. #alfredstatearchitecture

[04/16/20]   Thesis presentations are coming up! Any alums that are interested in participating as a critic for thesis reviews, please let us know! :-)

Introducing our new department Social Media Logo!

AIA Rochester

College students - it's time to think about your summer internship (and beyond) right now! Firms are already sharing co-op opportunities on our Classifieds page.

AIA Rochester's Career Fair is a free opportunity to share your resume and portfolio and meet with 11 area firms.

RSVP by February 7! See the participating firms and register on our website

[01/23/20]   A thought-provoking lecture by architect Duo Dickinson...

Allegany County Office of Development

Welcome to a place that awakens the soul and fulfills a wild longing on the inside. A place where the soul goes wild and the wild soul finds rest. Where there's freedom to be adventurous, creative, and experience nature. We're excited to share our new brand with you! Take a look at what it means to #LiveDeliberately in the Western NY Wilds!

Rochester Chapter Event - Amerks Hockey Game | Alfred State

Any A-State Architecture grads going to the alumni event in Rochester next week?

Congratulations to our very own Ryan McDowell, Anthony Funicella and Kyle Taylor on their AFGR awards! We are proud to call you our students!

In 2019, our sister organization The Architectural Foundation of Greater Rochester (AFGR) awarded over $15,000 to seven local students attending or entering architectural studies at NAAB accredited programs. It was the largest sum yet awarded. Scholarships were provided in conjunction with AIA Rochester, The American Institute of Architects, Bergmann, The Family of Myron Starks, AIA, and Women in Architecture.

Recipients in 2019 included Anthony Funicella (Alfred State), Diana Heliotis (RIT), Michael Hoover (SUNY at Buffalo), Ryan McDowell (Alfred State), Leah Przybylski (RIT), Rebecca Gregg (Rensselaer Polytechnic), and Kyle Taylor (Alfred State).
Many of our honorees either remain in or return to Rochester to enrich our community.

Scholarships are open to high school seniors and college students continuing their education. Applications for next year's scholarships will be available in early 2020 on our website and through AIA Rochester's social media.

In addition to gifts and grants, our annual Golf Tournament raises a significant portion of our scholarship fund. To donate to our scholarship fund, visit To sponsor the Golf Tournament (held each September), contact Linda at the AIA Rochester office.

#aiaroccentennialtop12 #12daysofarchitects #aiaroccentennial #aiaroc #aiarochester #centennial Alfred State College Architecture RIT Architecture University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning @rensselaerarchitecture

Architecture at Alfred State

A career-focused, project-based education integrating theory and practice with a strong multidisciplinary foundation that draws upon an institutional heritage of building and technology. Emphasizing core values of leadership, professional preparedness, and work ethic, experienced faculty offer personal instruction and guidance to students as they collaborate with real people to explore real challenges across the region and beyond.

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