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Hello, can anyone tell me about Snow Days at Browne??
Looking at the possible snow this week and wanted to be prepared just in case.
Looking for Franklin who was in the 1st grade back in 1989.
Thankful Thursday post from our Browne Academy student!
I am trying to contact the head or marketing director of your camp. If you could have them email me ([email protected]) I would greatly appreciate it!
What's the Browne Academy Bruin doing at the Luau?! So much fun!
I am trying to contact the director of your camp. If you could have them email me ([email protected]) I would greatly appreciate it!
I'm looking for a good photo of the Greystone building and campus. Does anyone have one they could share with me? All I've been able to find so far are images of just the Greystone building alone.

Welcome to Browne Academy, a preschool through grade 8 coeducational, independent school βœοΈπŸ“š

Browne Academy is a diverse independent day school committed to developing the whole child through extraordinary teaching, exceptional academic programs, and a nurturing community. We empower students to be critical thinkers, inspired innovators, engaged peers, and ethical leaders prepared with the confidence to thrive in a dynamic world.

Operating as usual

Photos from Browne Academy's post 08/24/2023

We are so excited to announce that the construction on our new play space has begun! πŸ₯³πŸ‘·β€β™‚οΈπŸ¦Ί A big thank you to all of our donors who has made this dream a reality! Watching the construction process unfold makes us all the more excited to see our bruins playing in the new space once it is complete!

Photos from Browne Academy's post 08/11/2023

The best way to spend the last day of Browne Summer Camp is with a smile!!😁🀩 A Big thanks to all of our campers, counselors, lifeguards, camp directors, assistant staff, and more who all made the 2023 Browne Summer Camp a blast!! Here is to the best Summer ever!πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ


Browne Academy is hiring Afterschool counselors! We are seeking enthusiastic and qualified applicants to join our Auxiliary Services Department in the After-Care Program. The ideal applicant is someone who enjoys working with children, ages 3-13 years of age. Applicants should excel in supervision, activity planning, and reliability. The core schedule is Monday-Friday, 3:00-6:00PM. Scan our qr code to learn more about our afterschool program!


Showtime at BSC was a hit! What was your favorite part?? If you missed the first half, we have a treat for you πŸ€—

The full recording will be available for viewing next week! BSC families will receive the email on Monday morning. Comment your email & your campers’ name below if you’d like to receive the link too πŸ₯³

Photos from Browne Academy's post 08/03/2023

Sports are always so much fun with your friends to cheer you on! βš½οΈπŸ€βšΎοΈ Our amazing campers and counselors make the best teammates and cheerleaders! Campers love learning all about different sports each week during Browne Summer Camp!

Photos from Browne Academy's post 08/01/2023

Last week's Friday Showcase was full of amazing performances! πŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊπŸ€― We are so lucky to get to see our campers shine on stage! It is always so much fun to get up and dance with the campers!

Photos from Browne Academy's post 07/27/2023

Today we are feeling creative!πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ¨πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ¨ Throughout their adventure at Browne Summer Camp, our campers create some amazing arts and crafts projects! Campers love showing off their creations to their councilors and friends each time a project is finished!

Photos from Browne Academy's post 07/25/2023

Dance the day away at Browne Summer Camp!πŸ’ƒπŸ•ΊπŸŽΆ Our amazing campers and counselors love learning how to groove, it is one of our favorite activities at camp!

Photos from Browne Academy's post 07/21/2023

Campers can build whatever they imagine with Browne Summer Camp's amazing Blue Blocks!πŸ§±πŸ”΅πŸ€“ We love to see the crazy cool structures our campers create and each new build is unique from the last. Keep us the amazing creativity campers!

Photos from Browne Academy's post 07/18/2023

Campers have had a great time exploring the creek during these summer days!πŸ πŸŸβ˜€οΈπŸŒ» We love seeing what the campers can find on their explorations!

πŸ“·: Creek walks are a Browne Summer Camp tradition and a great way for campers to learn about the natural world around them. Campers love exploring the waterway in order to find the prettiest rocks and the coolest aquatic creatures!

Photos from Browne Academy's post 07/14/2023

Smile if you're a camper at Browne Summer Camp!😁 There's nothing better than getting to spend your summer days in the pool, and our campers agree!

πŸ“·: There are always so many exciting activities going on at camp, but the pool is a fan favorite! As our campers always say 'pool time is the best part of the day!'

Photos from Browne Academy's post 07/12/2023

There is nothing quite like soaking up the summer fun at Browne Summer Camp! 😎🌞 Campers love spending time in the great outdoors with their friends!

Photos from Browne Academy's post 07/10/2023

This summer the pool is the place to be!πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈπŸ§œπŸ§œβ€β™‚οΈ Our campers love learning how to swim like expert merpeople!

πŸ“·: Adventures at camp never end! Each week, campers get to learn all about swimming from our fabulous councilors and life guards. At the end of each week, all the campers get to enjoy free swimming with their group to show off all the cool swim strokes they learned throughout the week!

Photos from Browne Academy's post 07/07/2023

Today we enjoyed a special frozen treat in the summer sun! 🌞 What a great day to be a camper at Browne Summer Camp!

Photos from Browne Academy's post 07/05/2023

Browne Summer camp's most recent weekly assembly celebrated Africa!πŸ₯³βœˆοΈ The crowd went wild with star worthy performances from each group! Great job campers!


Happy Pride Month Bruins! β€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ

Photos from Browne Academy's post 06/23/2023

Browne Summer Camp's first weekly Assembly was a huge success!🀩 This week our world traveling campers visited Asia.

Our global explorers put on amazing show, we are so proud of our talented campers! They had such a fun time learning all about the beautiful continent of Asia.

Photos from Browne Academy's post 06/22/2023

Look who is excited to be at camp today! The rain won't stop our summer fun!! 🌧😎

Photos from Browne Academy's post 06/20/2023

Let the adventure Begin!! ✈️Happy first day of Browne Summer Camp!! πŸŽ‰πŸ˜Žβ˜€οΈ


Happy Juneteenth!

Also known as Freedom Day, Juneteenth commemorates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans. This pivotal moment in American history occurred when news of freedom finally reached the last group of enslaved individuals in Galveston, Texas.

On June 17, 2021, the United States Senate unanimously passed a bill to establish Juneteenth as a federal holiday. President Joe Biden signed the bill into law the following day, on June 18, 2021. This national recognition underscores the importance of this historical moment and its ongoing significance in the fight for freedom and equality.

Juneteenth is now celebrated and observed across the nation, offering an opportunity for all Americans to reflect on this critical chapter in the nation's journey toward equality and freedom. For more information about Juneteenth and its history, you can visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture's Juneteenth page here:

Photos from Browne Academy's post 06/13/2023

Congratulations to the class of 2019 who are off to college in the fall!πŸŽ‰ Our alumni will be attending Arizona State University, Boston University, Duquesne University, George Washington University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Syracuse University, Temple University, Tulane University, University of South Carolina, University of Texas Austin, University of Toronto, University of Virginia, University of the District of Columbia, Washington University in St. Louis, Vassar College, Virginia Tech, and William and Mary University. We are so proud of you Bruins, we wish you all the best on this grand adventure!

Work at Browne Academy. 06/12/2023

Browne Summer Camp is looking for a health officer! Virginia Association of School Nurses - thanks for spreading the word to your members! This is a great opportunity for a health professional who wants a fun, rewarding summer gig in Alexandria, VA. Job info here:

Work at Browne Academy. We seek candidates who will inspire students to meet the challenges of our academic programs and to grow as engaged global citizens.

Photos from Browne Academy's post 06/12/2023

Congratulations to the class of 2023! πŸŽ‰ We had a beautiful Graduation Ceremony with alumni guest speaker Andrew Lazarski from the class of 2019. We are so proud of our Bruin Graduates and sad to see them go, but we are excited to see how their next adventures will unfold!

Stacey Flint Photography 2023

Photos from Browne Academy's post 06/09/2023

Last night, the 8th Graders had a heartfelt goodbye dinner full of laughter (and a few tears) to celebrate Graduation. 🍽 The 8th Grade students, along with many of the faculty and staff who have taught them throughout the years, gathered at the Belle Haven Country Club to commemorate their Browne Academy journey. As a long standing tradition, the 8th Grade teachers did an amazing job coming up with limerick poems for each student. The night concluded with a beautiful video highlighting each 8th Grader's journey which was produced by our very own Mr. March! Congratulations class of 2023! ❀🐻


Congratulations to Browne Academy’s graduating class of 2023! πŸŽ‰ We can’t wait to see how they continue their educational journeys as critical thinkers, inspired innovators, engaged peers, and ethical leaders.

This fall, our 8th graders will head off to new adventures at , ,, , , , St. John's College High School , St. Stephen's and St. Agnes School , Thomas Edison High School of Technology , and .

Photos from Browne Academy's post 06/06/2023

Nurse Naik absolutely loved the story 2A wrote for her, what a special surprise! ❀️❀️

πŸ“Έ: In 2A, students just finished reading Gooney Bird Greene. In the book, a second grader teaches her classmates how to tell exciting stories. We used all of Gooney Bird's writing tips to create our own creative class story. The students selected Nurse Naik as their main character. After working to add interesting details and engaging dialogue throughout the beginning, middle and end of the story, they illustrated it and presented it to Nurse Naik as a gift. The kids loved hearing her read their story aloud!

Photos from Browne Academy's post 06/06/2023

Last week we honored our departing 8th graders and celebrated the upcoming class of 2024 in our annual Burgundy Shirt Ceremony! πŸŽ‰ Here at Browne, our 8th Graders get the special honor of wearing burgundy uniform shirts and it is our tradition to have our departing class gift the next graduating class with their first burgundy shirt. Many of our 8th grade students decided to get creative with their passing of the baton (burgundy shirt), some high-fived, some twirled, some embraced, and we even had one knighting! We will always cherish the lasting friendships between these grades!

Photos from Browne Academy's post 06/05/2023

Congratulations to Grace and Olivia for winning the yearbook art competition this year!πŸ₯³ Their artwork is featured on the front and back of the 2022-2023 yearbook!

Photos from Browne Academy's post 06/05/2023

This year's 8th Grade trip was a blast and a half!! πŸš€ 8th graders went to Charleston, South Carolina where they learned all about the history of the area. They visited the USS Yorktown and the Vietnam Memorial at Patriot Point. They ventured to the Boone Hall Plantation, had a tea party at the Charleston Museum, and so many more cool experiences!

Photos from Browne Academy's post 06/03/2023

Way to go Class of 2023! 🀯 For 9th grade Nate will be attending Bishop O'Connell High School , Jefferson will be attending Thomas Edison High School , Logan will be attending Gonzaga College High School , and Connor will be attending Bishop Ireton High School . We are so proud these schools will be receiving such awesome students!

Photos from Browne Academy's post 06/03/2023

What an honor it was to have Zach Lowe, the Education Resource Specialist from C-SPAN, visit Browne today to recognize Ariella Braun and Connor Stehn on their C-SPAN StudentCam documentaries. Both won an Honorable Mention award in this year's national competition. In addition to C-SPAN, Connor and Ariella were also congratulated by Fairfax County Supervisor, Rodney Lusk, who was here on campus, and Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jeffrey C. McKay, who sent a video message. We are so proud of Ariella and Connor!
Learn more here:

Photos from Browne Academy's post 06/02/2023

Congratulations to our class of 2023!🀩 Chance will be attending Veritas Collegiate Academy , Charlie will be going to Commonwealth Academy , August is off to Mercersburg Academy , and Brooke is headed to St John's College High School ! We are so proud of the you have become!


This Wednesday we honored Browne’s amazing volunteers at our annual volunteer reception. Thank you for the many ways in which you gave back to make Browne a truly special place to learn and grow. Congratulations to Christine Kaskela, recipient of the 2023 Volunteer of the Year Award! Christine chaired the Bruin Benefit two years in a row, served on multiple committees, and was always willing to lend a hand in support of the students and teachers. Thank you, Christine for the many ways in which you make Browne such a special place!

Photos from Browne Academy's post 06/01/2023

We are so proud that Jax, Ariella, Imran, and Sammie from our graduating class of 2023 are all attending Flint Hill School ! Congratulations grads!πŸ₯³

Photos from Browne Academy's post 05/31/2023

Our class of 2023 students Devika, Grace, Khalid, Mitchell, and Nadia are all attending St. Stephen St. Agnes for 9th grade! They may soon be but they will always be too! 🐻❀️

Photos from Browne Academy's post 05/30/2023

On Y day, we wear Yellow! πŸŸ¨β­οΈπŸπŸ’›πŸ‹β˜€οΈπŸŸ‘ Preschool had a super special yellow day to learn all about the letter Y! They wore yellow clothes, ate yellow food, and played with yellow toys!

Photos from Browne Academy's post 05/26/2023

The 7th grade students did a fantastic job giving tips on being successful in 7th grade to our current (soon to be 7th) 6th grade class!πŸ—’βœοΈ Pro tip: don’t let your assignments pile up!

Photos from Browne Academy's post 05/24/2023

Students in 7th and 8th grade choir, 5th and 6th grade Handbells, and Advanced Orchestra members had a blast at Kings Dominion last Friday!🎢🎡🎒

πŸ“Έ: Our students went as part of the "Music in the Parks" competition. As part of the day's events, they perform for judges to receive a rating and comments as well as a rank against the other ensembles for that day. While the scores have not come in yet, we are still incredibly proud of their performances and all the hard work they have put in this year. Congratulations to the students for a great year and we look forward to keeping the momentum going next year!

Photos from Browne Academy's post 05/23/2023

We are so proud of our ! πŸ’ͺπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

πŸ“Έ: Girls on the run is a 10-week program for 3rd-5th grade girls that combines running with social/emotional lessons focused on recognizing individual strengths and how to better communicate and collaborate with peers. The season ends with a celebratory 5k hosted by Girls On The Run of Northern Virginia. All the girls completed the run and crossed the finish line with a big smile on their faces! They did an awesome job!

Photos from Browne Academy's post 05/22/2023

There are so many adventures everyday here at Browne Academy! πŸ§­πŸ—Ίβ›ΊοΈPreschool was learning all about the letter "X" by doing a treasure hunt on campus. And, Ms. Schoolcraft's Junior Kindergarten class was having special reading time in a tent! These learning adventures were so much fun for our young Bruins!

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Thanks to the amazing technology in our classrooms, our ClearTouch board provided our kindergartners with a fun and inte...
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This year's Emotional Appeal kicks off our ambitious three-year plan to transform Browne's outdoor play and gathering sp...
This year's Emotional Appeal kicks off our ambitious three-year plan to transform Browne's outdoor play and gathering sp...
We hope you'll join us at the #BrowneonBroadwayAuction and raise your paddle to help us transform our outdoor play space...
We are excited to announce that tomorrow, Browne Academy student Rania will take over leadership as head of school for t...
Nurse Naik Appreciation Day ❀️🌼Our students, faculty and staff hosted a day full of celebrations in recognition of all t...
We are so excited to kick off our auction season with this video revealing the 2022 auction theme! 🀩🎀⭐️If you have frien...
The 7th graders have been studying homeostasis, which is when the body maintains a stable internal environment. It does ...
Happy New Year, Bruins! πŸ»πŸΎπŸŽ‰
πŸ»πŸΎπŸŽ™ #AnnualFundinActionThese microphones purchased through the generous donations to the annual fund were used by two st...
Your gifts to the Annual Fund make it possible for Browne's faculty and staff to take advantage of enriching professiona...




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