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Kimel 4-H Club


The updated version of https://Il.4honline is now open. To help you navigate through the new system 4-H families were emailed some helpful documents. Please check your family email and look over the helpful documents before trying to re-enroll.
Here is Ella Hays demo video!
Week 3 of the #virtual4hchallenge!
Ella Bull “The Sun”

The Kimel 4-H club was founded in 1925 at the Old Kimel School,Aledo, IL. This page is for past & present members to stay connected to their 4-H roots.

Operating as usual

[10/10/21]   Reminder: Meeting tonight at 5 at the Fairgrounds.

Photos from Kimel 4-H Club's post 10/08/2021

Thank you to Hays Family, Haun Family, and Aubrey S. For taking the time to doing the Kimel scarecrow display for National 4-H Week!!! Great Job!!!

[10/08/21]   Meeting Sunday at Mercer County Fair Grounds at 5:00. Hope to see you there!

[09/19/21]   Meeting tonight at 5 at the Mercer County Fair Grounds.

[09/19/21]   Meeting today! Sunday, September 19th at 5 pm. See you at the Mercer County Fairgrounds!

[09/16/21]   Meeting this Sunday, September 19 at 5 at the Mercer County Fair Grounds!

Timeline Photos 09/04/2021

Timeline Photos

New project alert!

Our first project spotlight of the 4-H new year is all about quilting! Did you know that quilting is an artform that has been a part of American culture for centuries?

In this project you'll learn basic quilting and piecing techniques like selecting the appropriate fabrics and quilting equipment; options for finishing quilts, tie quilts, bindings and machine quilts; and exploring the unique patterns and history associated with the art of quilting. This project is perfect for someone with sewing experience.

To view our full selection of projects, head to


This is one of the many reasons 4-H has so many volunteers. It's about the kids and our future.

So God Made a 4-H Member…

God looked down on the earth he created and said, “I need someone will keep the agriculture industry growing for years to come”;

So God Made a 4-H Member…

God said, “I need someone who will work all year, getting their steers, heifers, and pigs ready for that one show day that doesn’t even last all day”;

So God Made a 4-H Member…

“I need someone who will have the leadership skills to run a meeting at a young age,
Someone who knows the Pledge of Allegiance and
the 4-H pledge like the back of their hand,
Someone you can count on to finish the job they started,
even if it means staying later than planned”;

So God Made a 4-H Member…

God said, “I need somebody to teach the public about all the wonderful things agriculture provides for us.
Someone who will let young children pet their calf while at the fair.
Someone who volunteers for their community any chance they get.
Someone who knows that there will always be a bright future for agriculture, because without it we would be naked and hungry.

So God Made a 4-H Member…

God had to have someone who can have fun when given a deck of cards and a bale of hay. Someone who can be best friends with their toughest competitors;

So God Made a 4-H Member…

God said “I need someone who knows how to deal with hard work, pain and sweat
for long enough to finish the last load of hay and still push through until chores are done.

So God Made a 4-H Member…

It had to be someone that had a passion for livestock and beyond; somebody who can sew, cook, show, take pictures, plant crops, care for animals, make things out of wood, bake, write, knit, volunteer, fix things, problem solve, all while still having fun.
Somebody who would be able to handle not getting first because at the end of the day it isn’t all about the number of trophies or ribbons you have, it’s about the friendships and memories that will last a lifetime.

So God Made a 4-H Member…

Written By: Sara Griswold


Please join us in celebrating Jim Mayhew who is the Mercer County 2021 4-H Hall of Fame Inductee! Many of the members that Jim influenced with his swine expertise have gone on to have careers in the swine industry. Jim is a quiet leader who leads by example, compassion and sincerity and has taught 4-H members that difficult decisions must be fair and all-inclusive. We appreciate all that he does for Mercer County!

We are so excited to honor Jim along with all of the individuals who contribute their time and talents to work with our young people across the state to help guide them, give them a sense of belonging, and to help them explore their interests. Thank you to these outstanding volunteers!

The full ceremony can be viewed here:

The Illinois 4-H Foundation established the statewide Hall of Fame in 2005 to honor and celebrate extraordinary 4-H alumni, volunteers, and former 4-H staff. Those inducted have a track record of exemplary service to 4-H or outstanding career and community achievement and were nominated by either county University of Illinois Extension staff or by the Illinois 4-H Foundation Board.

Timeline Photos 06/22/2021

Timeline Photos

Fourteen Illinois 4-H teens will be competing at this year’s National 4-H Shooting Sports competition in Grand Island, NE June 20-25, 2021. Hundreds of 4-H shooters from all over the country will compete to make the best better. Good luck team!

Air Rifle: Gloria Bremer, Madison Co. and Braden May, Massac Co.
Small Bore Rifle: Grace Shepard, Effingham Co.; Morgan Drozs, DeWitt Co.; Winnie Quiram, McLean Co.; and Marissa Hughes, McLean Co.

Shotgun: Cole Haynes, LaSalle Co.; JB Bremer, Madison Co.; Derek Sample, Franklin Co.; and Zachary Skurat, Franklin Co.

Recurve Archery: Ben Snider, Mason Co. and Michael Perkins, McHenry Co.

Air Pistol: Justin Pierard, McLean Co. and Collin Haney, Woodford Co.

Timeline Photos 06/21/2021

Timeline Photos

Sing the National Anthem at State Fair!

We’d love to hear your voice on the stage representing Illinois 4-H this August. To be considered, please submit your information and a 30 - 60 second singing audition clip using this link:

Please submit by June 24th, 2021 and a panel of judges will make a final decision on the winner the following week.

Event Details: Need to be available the afternoon of August 12th, 2021 with transportation to the State Fair Grounds in Springfield. Specific timing details to follow. Must be a 4-H member to audition.


Kate Jungmann shows us her Computer Generated Art project. Great job, Kate!


Landon McPeek shows us how to mix calf milk replacer. Great job!


Brady McPeek talks about his goats kidding in the winter. Thanks for sharing, Brady!

[06/13/21]   Planting flowers at the fairgrounds today. Starting time 4 pm. See you all then!


Take a look! Meg Fowler shares her Beef project with us. Great job, Meg!


Katie Curry takes us on her “4-H Journey.” What a trip! Thanks for letting us come along for the ride! Here is Katie’s talk.


Katie Curry 2021

Katie Curry takes us on her “4-H Journey.” What a trip! Thanks for letting us come along for the ride! Here is Katie’s talk.


[05/26/21]   Don't Forget to Make Your Mercer County 4-H entries! Due June 1.

Photos from Mercer County 4-H and 4-H Alumni's post 05/26/2021



Check it out! Three Mercer County 4-H members, Tyler Barrington, Ingrid Hays, and Jack Jungmann, will advance to the State 4-H Public Speaking Contest in June! Great job, good luck at the state contest!

[05/12/21]   Fair is open!!! Make your Mercer County 4-H entries today!!

[04/30/21]   Meeting this Sunday night at 5:00 at College Avenue Presbyterian Church. Members....time to do talks and demonstrations!!


Even with the horrible rain, the 4H club did a great job cooking pork chops on Saturday! Their grand total was $942.58!

[04/11/21]   Reminder: Meeting tonight at 5:00. Hope to see everyone there!


It was wet and cold, but we did GREAT today! THANK YOU to everyone who came out and supported us. The members and leaders of Kimel

It’s raining, but we’re at Mercer Market cooking pork chops! Let us make lunch! Come see us!


It’s raining, but we’re at Mercer Market cooking pork chops! Let us make lunch! Come see us!

It’s raining, but we’re at Mercer Market cooking pork chops! Let us make lunch! Come see us!

[04/10/21]   Rain or shine we are doing the cooking today at Mercer Market from 10 to 1.

[04/09/21]   Let us do the cooking tomorrow! We'll be grilling pork chops at Mercer Market.
Stop by and see us!

[04/06/21]   Kimel 4-H Club will be cooking this Saturday at Mercer Market.


4-Her's don't forget to check out the Public Presentation Contest! Your videos need to be submitted by April 17th! Check your emails for more information or contact McCala at [email protected]!

Timeline Photos 03/19/2021

Timeline Photos

How will you make your mark?

There are so many ways to make your mark on the livestock industry ~ whether it's identifying disease, branding a steer, or developing a new feed ration. The Youth Livestock Conference provides leadership and team building activities as well as exciting hands-on opportunities built around the science and disciplines of livestock production and exhibition.

In order to hold this event in person, participant numbers will be reduced and the conference will be offered on April 24 and then repeated on April 25. Register for your choice of day here: This conference is open to all youth in the 7th, 8th or 9th grades.

COVID protocols and accommodations information are available through the event registration link.

Illinois Farm Bureau


Calling all youth interested in learning about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) careers!

Join accomplished STEM professionals for a fun-filled Saturday on April 10th from 10am-Noon complete with breakout rooms, activities and a Q & A session.

Head here to learn more or to register online:

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Katie Curry 2021
What to do with all this snow? Westin and Easton have an idea.
Aeryn Making Pretzels with Almond Bark
Alysse  DeBlock
Macy DeBlock
Learn how to wash a chicken from Bodie Salmon. Great job!




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