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GIDEON Math and Reading Center - SOUTH RIDING/CHANTILLY/ALDIE, Virginia

Program Focus • Math Skills • Math Word Problems • Reading Vocabulary and Comprehension • Grammar Program Advantages • FREE Placement Testing • Individualized Programs • step-by-step approach in building confidence & focus • daily practice • self-paced Welcome to Gideon Math and Reading: A program that helps children catch up, keep up, and stay ahead. Whether parents are looking for remedial, foundational work or needing enrichment for their students, we can help. From New York to California, Gideon centers are providing the tools for academic success. The Gideon program is designed to provide mastery learning in both math and reading comprehension. Building confidence and developing focus step-by-step, Gideon centers create a solid foundation for all children. After your child's starting point is determined, she will attend the center once or twice a week for class and take work to be completed at home, much like piano practice. A few minutes of disciplined study each day really pays off. Our goal is to develop independent learning skills in preparation for middle school and high school. Parental involvement is essential for success in Gideon. Children need encouragement at home to make sure the work is completed. Together we can all help your children get to the top of their class.

Mission: Catch up. Keep up. Stay ahead!


We are at the center between 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Thursday.

Gideon Parents & Students.....Please come in to the office to pick up the work. Also, please bring the completed books for correction......we will keep you posted about the revised accommodations during Phase - II too!

We are ready ......
😷 MASK is a MUST!
🧤 GLOVES would be GREAT!

Thanks & Stay safe,
GIDEON Math & Reading Center - Aldie, VA

Happy Memorial Day -2020!

Gideon Math and Reading-SW McKinney

Meet Aanika! She is doing her Gideon work along with keeping up with e-Learning from her school. I'm very proud of her!

Gideon Math & Reading Center

During the COVID-19 crisis, our students and teachers are thinking, reading, and talking together in daily, virtual classrooms. We started off our classes and had a wonderful day and plan to continue on this platform for the next few days!

Yes, was a long day but It was nice meeting you all virtually today!

We are enrolling and continuing!


GiDEON Math & Reading Center - Aldie, VA has scheduled material pickups and online classes for the students! We come home to our students!

Check your emails and WhatsApp messages to be well informed !

Catch Up, Keep Up & Stay Ahead!

Message from Gideon's Founder Wendy Coppedge


GiDEON Math & Reading Center - Aldie, VA has scheduled material pickups and online classes for the students! We come home to our students!

Check your emails and WhatsApp messages to be well informed !

Catch Up, Keep Up & Stay Ahead!

A quick message from Wendy about Gideon's plan to deal with kids at home for the foreseeable future.

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

Enjoy reading!

This video was created for educational purposes. The Atlantic White Shark Conservancy does not own the rights to this book. We recommend this story for all young readers who are interested in sharks and ocean life.

The Library Standards addressed through this story hour are: AASL I.A.1, I.B.1, II.A.1, II.C.2, V.A.1 &2
The MA Science and Technology standards addressed through this story hour are: 1-LS1-1 and 1-LS3-1

Tomorrow's (Tuesday 3/17) story is "Manfish - A Story of Jacques Cousteau" by Jennifer Berne. If you have this book, please follow along!

[03/11/20]   Keep the kids busy and ahead! - March 2020

Enroll this month and get $10 off the registration! (Offer ends March 31st, 2020)

[03/04/20]   March 4th - National Grammar Day
Enroll this week and get $10 off the registration! (Offer ends March 14th, 2020)

Please remember if your child is too sick to go to school please reschedule their appointment. We would be happy to work out a different day for them to attend class.

Brave Parenting

We’ve met lots of parents over the past five years of our organization. Time and time again we hear about the REGRET parents feel for allowing the phone (or social media/video games) too early or too much.
We have YET to meet a single parent who regrets waiting....who wishes they gave the phone earlier...who feels that holding off was detrimental to their child.
The bottom line is that you will NEVER REGRET waiting. Yes, it will be hard. Yes, you must be brave enough to take this stand while those around you cave. But it can be done!
#brave #noregrets #waitingisloving #braveparenting

When Teachers Are Tough Graders, Students Learn More, Study Says

Yes, we know why we take pride in it! A new study from the Fordham Institute argues that "the mindset that says 'everybody gets a gold star' does more damage than good."

Gideon Math & Reading - Central AR

This is why it’s important to know how to read. 😀

Gideon Math and Reading - Frisco

After School Math and Reading Programs that make School Easy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 2019 Newsletter!

Our students and families love the new location & the center! Stop by at 24585 Stone Carver Drive, Suite 150, Aldie, VA 20105 & check it out!

Grand Opening! Kids loved it!

Thank you for the “Nice n Cookies “, for the delicious and beautifully designed cookies! I really appreciate the love you poured on to the cookies you made! It was an amazing addition to the grand occasion! Thank you!

Grand Opening!

Gideon Math & Reading - Coppell, TX

Phonics is best! 🔡✅ "The skilled readers could instantly recognize words without relying on context. Other researchers have confirmed these findings with similar experiments. It turns out that the ability to read words in isolation quickly and accurately is the hallmark of being a skilled reader."

Gideon Math and Reading-Custer 121 SW McKinney

Thank you for having us Kenneth Rex Talley Elementary School @Talley Elementary PTA

Gideon Math and Reading Las Colinas

Motivational Monday:

"Opportunities don't happen, you create them." --Chris Grosser

Gideon Math and Reading Las Colinas

Motivational Monday:

"Opportunities don't happen, you create them." --Chris Grosser

Gideon Math and Reading Las Colinas

The Gideon Math and Reading program prides itself in its design to achieve the mastery of computational skills. We believe that speed + accuracy = mastery!

Gideon Math and Reading Las Colinas

Kids are back at school! Have you redeemed your coupon for discount at Gideon?

Gideon Math and Reading Las Colinas

Happy Independence Day from our family at Gideon to your :)

From janitor to assistant principal: Local woman shares her inspiring story

Amazing journey! BATON ROUGE - As teachers and staff at Istrouma Middle put the finishing touches on their classrooms for the start of school tomorrow, assistant principal Pam Talbert could not be more excited.

Dr Ben Lynch

It’s not every day your son smiles while beating up his Xbox.

Theo literally enjoyed it.

We tried many ways to regulate gaming time. It was always a source of arguments.

Finally, I unplugged it yesterday after thinking about doing it for over a year.

Not only did I unplug it, I broke it.

My son didn’t know I busted it. He saw me take it out of his room.

Later he asked me if I broke it. I said yes.

Honestly, he seemed relieved. He wasn’t upset at all.

We had many conversations about how addictive these games are.

I told him I’m not mad at you. I’m mad at how addictive these games are.

It’s not his fault he can’t walk away and it’s not his fault his attitude went to sh#t after playing.

Yes some kids can handle them. I say not many.

I had to step in and free Theo because he wasn’t able to moderate his gaming despite all the systems I thought could limit him. He hacked them all.

Parents: Join Theo and me. Have a conversation about how you’re not mad at them but at the strategically designed gaming companies who are holding your kids hostage.

Bust out the hammer. Drop it off a second story or higher.

Just be sure to not break it down to little bits and expose all the circuit boards as they’re full of heavy metals.

Beat the outer casing all you want!

Wash hands thoroughly afterwards and ideally wear gloves.

Tag your photos and stories #xboxmeetshammer or #mykidisfreeagain or whatever you think is best.

I’ll tell you it wasn’t easy taking the Xbox away. I truly felt like a jerk dad.

Now I feel like a Hero.

But I’m not the Hero.

Theo is.

Save your kids.

Gaming increases dopamine in your brain in a big way. If you are born with susceptibility to lower dopamine, you run the risk of gaming addiction -and other addictions. I talk about this in my book, Dirty Genes.

The Fast COMT and Fast MAOA genotype and/or phenotypes are at risk for gaming addictions.

You HAVE to help yourself and your children here - they cannot pull themselves away. It's not possible without intervention.

Learn more about genetics and dopamine levels - and what to do about it - by reading Dirty Genes:

#happykid #brokemyxbox #myxboxretired #gamingaddict #gamingaddiction #goodbyexbox #goodbyefortnite

Gideon Math & Reading Center

Gideon Math and Reading Las Colinas

At Gideon, we believe that your best teacher are your mistakes. However, without learning from your mistakes, they just remain mistakes. Come to Gideon to learn how to grow from your mistakes 🌱

Gideon Math and Reading Las Colinas

Our instructors are leaders who teach our students to become leaders 🧠

Gideon Math and Reading Las Colinas

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. -Pele

Gideon Math and Reading Las Colinas

With hard work and effort, you can achieve anything!

Gideon Math and Reading-Custer 121 SW McKinney

We’ve covered all 10 of the Secrets to Gideon Success! To help you remember, click on its picture below. Print it out, keep it on fridge, and refer to it as needed.

Gideon Math & Reading

"According to study findings, the most effective instructional practice that first-grade teachers could use for students with MD (math difficulty) was to provide them with routine practice and drill opportunities to learn mathematics."

Let them do it themselves!

The hard way. My dad used that phrase a lot. "There are certain things I can't teach you," he would say. "You're going to have to learn them the way everyone else does - the hard way."

In retrospect, I realize he was, once again, right on the mark. Some of the most valuable lessons in my life have been learned courtesy of face striking figurative pavement, although the figurative has often been more bruising, and therefore more instructive, than the real thing.

By and large, today's parent seems to think that letting a child fall flat on his face when the fall could have been intercepted is not only irresponsible, but downright cruel. The prevailing attitude has it that if you, the parent, see the fall coming and do nothing to prevent it, then you are responsible for the results, not the child.

I call it "Parenting by Helicopter," a phrase I coined in the mid-80s. The upshot of all this obsessive hovering is that many of today's children never learn to accept responsibility for their behavior because other people are doing a fine job of accepting that responsibility for them. But responsibility isn't the only thing at stake.

Learning is accomplished through trial and error. If you prevent the error, you prevent the learning. By making mistakes, one learns what works and what doesn't. Eventually, after a period of failure, the task is mastered.

Standing back and letting that failure occur, in a supportive but non-interfering way, gives a child room to develop initiative, resourcefulness and numerous problem-solving skills. It also lets the child come to grips with the frustration inherent to the learning of any skill - social, academic, emotional, etc.

That's how children learn to persevere, and perseverance, as we all know from experience, is the main ingredient in every success story.

Gideon Math and Reading Las Colinas

Better late than never! We are still continuing our Star students of the month. Congrats to Sanjana and Krithik for being our January students of the month at Gideon!!

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