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Rev. Vikki Anderson is a special person who has enriched the lives of many with her love, her guidance, her writings and her generosity. Throughout her life, she has been an eclectic learner of all things esoteric and metaphysical. As a metaphysician and astrologer for the past 42 years, Vikki has a solid background in spiritual and holistic health. She is an author, teacher, lecturer, certified hypnotherapist, crystal therapist, certified Advanced Feng Shui practitioner, an interfaith minister, tarot reader and a frequently asked for presenter. She provides personal tarot and astrological readings, teaches adult education classes in many subjects including tarot, astrology, angels, Feng Shui, hypnotherapy, palmistry, pendulums, karmic lessons, numerology, crystal therapy and meditation. She is a frequent exhibitor at holistic, spiritual and metaphysical expositions and conferences. “Totally Tarot: How To Be A Tarot Detective” is Vikki’s first tarot “how to” book. Vikki is currently writing two books: Feng Shui This! (her first Feng Shui how to book) and her second tarot book entitled, How To Be A Tarot Detective, Revised Edition which should be available on line in 2012-13. Razzlefrohm: A Book of Original Fairytales was published in the fall of 2010. Look for them on and many other web sites. Although Vikki has never considered herself a psychic per se, she is intuitive and works with her angels when reading the tarot or astrology. In addition, she writes the monthly horoscopes column for “Inner Realm” since its inception 14 years ago and has written many articles appearing on the web, in newspapers and magazines. She has written an astrology column for a northern college newsletter entitled, “The Rave”, and had fairytales and an astrology column in Modern Collage magazine. She also wrote the astrological comparison column for FIND YOUR TRUE LOVE, a newsletter dedicated to “personals.” Vikki had published her own “It’s Fairy Obvious Newsletter” in 1996, dedicated to spreading light and love about esoteric and metaphysical subjects, including fairies and angels. Many of her articles are now on this website for your enjoyment. Vikki was a Board Member of the Metaphysical Center of New Jersey, where she was Sunshine Chairman for seven years and was the Publicity Chairperson, Website Coordinator, Newsletter Proofreader and Psychic Coordinator for Psychic Fairs and MCNJ Conferences for over ten years. She was also a MCNJ certified teacher of tarot, astrology and numerology. She had resigned from her MCNJ responsibilities to pursue other interests, finishing her books and handling her expanded classes. She had been involved in some capacity with MCNJ for over 30 years under Jean Munzer, Director of MCNJ for over 25 years. Her other memberships include: The National Council for Geocosmic Research, the National Association of Female Executives, the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners, The American Dowsing Association, The National Guild of Hypnotists, The Sanctuary of the Beloved and The Order of Melchizedek and The International Feng Shui Guild. As an Advanced Certified Feng Shui Consultant specializing in home, office and landscape design, Vikki brings a metaphysical perspective to the space to be redesigned or enhanced. Vikki particularly likes to work with realtors to help homes sell quickly by eliminating negative aspects of the structure and space with simple Feng Shui cures. She can observe a space, give her clients easy to understand feedback for changes, bless the space and activate cures. She has four certifications in Feng Shui including Home, Office and Landscape Design, Interior Re-Design, Realtor Staging and China Studies. Vikki is also a Certified Hypnotherapist and helps clients with concerns such as stress, anxieties, smoking, weight, grief and Past Life Regressions. Vikki Anderson is an ordained priest in The Order of Melchizedek and The Sanctuary of the Beloved. This is an order of individuals committed to teach and/or heal the Human Condition as it emerges in to the Age of Aquarius. Because we do not discriminate, everyone is welcome. There is no bias with regard to race, gender or sexual persuasion and many of the world’s religions are represented. There are no popes, bishops, high priests or hierarchies of any kind. We are all equal to serve in freedom. As an Interfaith Minister, she performs a variety of ceremonies from welcoming/baptism to hand-fasting/wedding ceremonies in any setting as well as home, office and store blessings. If needed, she will also help you write your ceremony or perform traditional ones. Ceremonies can be at any location including a park, favorite restaurant, back yard or home, to name a few choices. As a member of The American Society of Dowsers, Vikki brings many practical uses for dowsing to her clientele, students and the general public. Dowsing can be used for a plethora of situations from getting simple yes/no answers, to finding out which decision should be made on very important issues for a positive future. If you have any questions or comments about anything listed on these pages, please email Vikki or call her at 973-492-3110. She will be happy to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about her services.

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The Ten of Wands was drawn. This card can be used as a warning of health issues. If you don’t take care of them or pretend they don’t exist, they will get worse and may even be hard to cure. It is also a card saying that you are working too hard and are really being taken advantage of at work and/or school (including formal education, lectures, seminars, workshops, training or learning at home with CDs or DVDs to help learn a new topic or subject). This card has many green mountains behind you which represent good health, prosperity, and abundance, but if you don’t turn around to see them, you won’t get the qualities they represent. The beautiful clear blue sky indicates that if you perhaps start looking for a new position, either within or outside of your company or tend to your education and/or health, your life will start proceeding in the right direction. You are holding onto a wand (a job) that is dying in the card. That means you are afraid to lose this position. The more you hold onto it, the more it will slip away. Of course, if you are constantly thinking negative thoughts about your job, health or schooling, you will get what you spend most of your thoughts upon. Get a bit more grounded and focused on what it is you want out of life right now and start going towards it. You must start planning for your future because of this or if you don’t, you will still remain in the same energy field until next month, March.

Tarot is not set in stone, so make a conscious effort to change what you don’t like in your life, and there will be a different outcome to your story.

Christmas Blessings to all! Have a safe and wonderful holiday!

[12/08/19]   Wishing you the joy and blessings of the season!

[11/03/19]   Mercury went Rx on November 1 and will go Direct on November 21. Don't be discouraged if things go wrong; it's just Mercury forcing you to do what you must and leave other ideas or actions behind for another time. Concentrate on what is most important to you at this time. Or if things are going well, clean out the house, organize papers, start writing Christmas cards, buying or making Christmas presents. Do things that will make you feel happy until Mercury goes Direct.

Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving with Family and Friends.


Both astrology and tarot phone readings are on sale for $100 each. Call to make your appointment so you can save on this discounted rate. 570-215-4223

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[09/24/19]   Akashic Records

I love to think about that great big library in the sky without any discernable walls called the Akashic Records. Many say it was placed there by God to record all successes and failures, life paths, and what needs to be learned or shared in a next lifetime. All the information on the planet and all that has happened since the beginning of time has been recorded in the Akashic Records. Some think that it is the archive that souls from other realities, parallel universes, dimensions or planets, can look into and understand what your soul actually needs in this new reincarnated life.

The premise is that the Akashic Records reside in the fourth, some say fifth, dimension. Other theories suggest the AR resides in the ethers (Akasha means ethers) around our planet and when other lifeforms come to earth for a third dimensional experience, they can go in to the records of the person they will be reincarnating into to find out which lessons must be learned and perhaps what was tried in the past. There is usually one major issue that needs to be addressed in a lifetime until the lesson is fully learned. However, you can get in touch with these records through very deep meditation and relaxation. But the interesting part is that with more understanding and enlightenment on your part and more meditation, you can continue to gain access to different levels of the Akashic Records, so you may be able to tap into the higher dimensions where more information is stored not only on you, your life, and all life successes and accomplishments, but also what may be a good resolutions to your issues, phobias and concerns. It records every action, reaction, good and bad deeds, and then it goes further into all planets, all universes, eternities and dimensions. The more you try to contact these records, the more you will be able to receive messages from guides or angels or just hear an audio message in your head or maybe a song on the radio which conveys a message to you.

Many believe angels and spirit guides, not necessarily those you know, help you find the answers you are looking for. It may seem like a dream or a fanciful astral projection, but the information is there for all to use. The Akashic Records are non-judgmental, it simply records what happens and what you and others have done in and with their lives, relationships, with children, parents, career, ambitions, and dreams. Everything! Some people can just access it in their everyday lives after they had studied the AR and meditated often and can get information on anything they want. It is important to know though that you cannot access anyone else’s information without their explicit permission, for instance, if someone is doing an AR reading for you.

It is believed that some souls decide to stay behind in the Akashic Records to reeducate and reprocess new ascending souls who have lost their way or who have brought misery to the world that it would not let them continue on a destructive or menacing path. People are marked in life, some say with an invisible mark on their backs by an inter-dimensional creature, so that when they ascend, it will be known where they are to go without delay. In this way, all the souls of those reincarnating to Earth will be extremely positive, kind, compassionate, loving, caring and bring hope back into the world. They will make the planet whole and unite others in just causes to help everyone and save the planet. That’s a nice idea, isn’t it?

[09/17/19]   Feng Shui for Autumn by Vikki Anderson

Autumn is a wonderful time to clean out your house of all the things you no longer need, want or like. Many garages or yard sales are going on in local neighborhoods and you can make some extra cash by getting rid of your “treasures.” You never know what people are looking for and you may just have that odd piece of furniture, kitchen accessory/appliance or accent piece they have been looking for. This is also a great time to make room in your home, garage, basement, and attic for the upcoming holidays. Remember, with the weather getting cooler and eventually colder with snow, your family needs room to relax, read a book or magazine, write out the bills, enjoy each other, watch TV or play video games, and do homework. They need a comfortable and organized living space.

With the new energy of the season, it is important to clear out the summer energy and have a more relaxed and calming environment. Many people rearrange furniture, change bed linens to glorious fall colors and change curtains in every room. Any alterations bring a change of energy with them so be sure that you feel comfortable, happy, relaxed and stress-free after you redecorate or update your room’s look. If you are tired of the same old curtains or comforters, change them. If the same worn-out throw pillows are a sight for sore eyes, perhaps going to flea markets, garage sales or local stores who are having sales would be a good alternative. It will make you feel re-energized as you bring in new energy of the item and the color into your home.

Be sure to have your wooden deck or porch power washed and water sealed before the heavy snow of winter. Snow can easily erode wooden decks. Be prepared to have a new, fresh-looking deck in the spring. Many people have asked if I had built a new deck after I do this every two years. It looks that good.

Check and double-check all outdoor sensor lights. Make sure they are where you want them for the winter keeping in mind that you may have to shovel a driveway or walkway and pile the snow high on the lights. They may even be broken when shoveling as you can’t always see them in the high snowdrifts. Make sure you place them where your guests and family members can see the driveway and walkway clearly in the dead of winter.

Put all outdoor furniture away in the garage or basement. If this is not an option, be sure to buy covers or tarps and wrap up all the tables, chairs, BBQ and other equipment if they are going to be exposed to the upcoming harsh weather.

Start raking the fallen leaves a little every weekend. If you are lucky to be home (retired, work from home, etc.), you can rake the leaves or use your mower with the leaf attachment any time you wish. Do this at least once a week so you don’t get behind on this boring task.

Get all the fall/winter curtains, bedspreads, blankets, and afghans dry cleaned or washed so that they will be ready when the cold winter nights are upon us. With everything fresh and clean, you are free to change the linens and curtains whenever you are ready.
Steam clean wall-to-wall carpeting so that as the crazy holidays approach, this is one less thing you have to do. (Some people actually steam clean their rugs after the holidays so that it stays fresh and clean right through spring! That’s a thought!).

Give your home a good “fall” cleaning and get rid of items you no longer need, like or want. Declutter. Organize.

Have a garage sale and make some money with all of the “treasures” you no longer need OR bring your items to a charity and get a tax write off.

Check all of your Christmas (or holiday) supplies and decorations. This could be Christmas tags, wrapping paper, tape, money holder cards, tins for your cookies, tissue paper for your gifts, gift bags, etc. All decorations and Christmas lights should be looked at and be sure they are in good condition. Check your Christmas lights so that you won’t be disappointed after stringing them on the tree and finding out many lights no longer work.

Get everyone’s holiday list and find out when and where major holiday sales will take place. You will have your holiday shopping done in no time and you’ll save money too.
Don’t go out on Black Friday. The stress level of that day is not worth it. By now, you will have had purchased many of your presents. If you still have shopping to do, try to order online and have it delivered to your door. No-fuss or waste of time, energy and gasoline.
Talk to the family and find out who will be hosting which holidays so there is no confusion.

Organize lists for food shopping, guest lists, invitations, and/or phone calls. Delegate responsibility so that everyone has a chance to help with the holiday festivities.
Be sure to bring all of your plants in pots indoors. This can be in the basement or garage or in a sunny window. Read about what your particular plant needs and try to accommodate that plant. Many plants can be ready for the springtime and bloom again. Saving money by not having to buy other plants to replace them is a good thing.

This is a lovely time to clean out and organize the attic as well. The temperature is still moderate or slightly chilly, but pleasant to work in. Keep or toss Christmas decorations while decluttering your attic. (Your attic represents “the future” in Feng Shui, so be sure it is organized with limited amounts of junk or unnecessary clutter. You wouldn’t want your future filled with junk or unnecessary things, would you?). Items that should be in your attic are holiday decorations, luggage, seasonal clothing and bedding/curtains. Always box other items that you truly feel you need to store. A better place for a lot of items is in your basement since the basement is “your past” so anything in the basement cannot hurt you in the future. Be aware of flooding. I personally put wedding albums in my basement and when Super Storm Sandi hit, the Rubbermaid bins floated, rolled over on its side and opened. I lost a lot of stuff; however, I realized I was supposed to let go of the past and it didn’t bother me. Be careful how you store things in the basement.

In regards to color, bold color brings in more vibrant and dynamic energy. The pastels bring in the energy in a softer, more harmonious plane. Remember that these colors also work if you are wearing them as clothing or accessories.

The bold color brings in more vibrant and dynamic energy and you could change your environment or space around quickly. The pastel color brings in the positive energy in a softer, more compromising and yet harmonious level but it is very soft energy which means it will take a concerted effort to move towards your goal of changing your surroundings. Remember that these colors also work if you are wearing them as clothing or accessories. If a particular color touches your skin, they are absorbed into your auric or energetic field for the day and you would be surrounded by that color and influence for the entire day. Be careful of the color of clothing you purchase and wear.

The easiest way to get colors into a particular gua (or area) is by placing art work into that area. Flowers, gardens, an outdoor café lined with colorful umbrellas, a meadow scene with lots of wildflowers all can bring many colors into a particular space. The ultimate idea is to bring all colors into every part of your house, apartment, condo, townhouse or room. It does not have to be so blatant that everyone knows that this is the black or red area, but be discreet by putting pillowcases, linens, curtains, sheets, tablecloths, napkins, dinnerware, etc. with a hint of these needed colors.

Of course, scatter rugs or entry runners may also add color into the area as well as wall color or shades.

Color References

Most teens wear black and now we know why they act the way they do! Black represents depression, upset, negativity, sadness, restrictions, limitations, obstacles, concerns, issues and feeling out of place or without a connection, despair, misery, hopelessness, dejection and melancholy. If you must wear this color or decorate your home with this color, you need to accent it with positive strong colors to balance this negative energy.

This soothing color helps you express emotions, empathy, sympathy, compassion and sensitivity. This is a nice calming color for an adult or child’s bedroom or any area of the home where you would like to bring tranquility. Blue also means clear sailing, harmony, peace and going into the right direction.

This color is not recommended for rooms (but may be used for a neutral rug or window treatments). Gray represents fears, doubts, worries, anxieties, being over whelmed, stressed, confused, lost, procrastinating tendencies and indecisiveness. You feel as if you are on a foggy road and cannot read the signs which would guide you to your destination, so you just keep on going and going until someone saves you or helps you find your path.

This is a beautiful, peaceful and calm color. This color brings in prosperity and abundance, financial security, fertility and growth. It gets projects “growing” in the right direction; it is a nurturing and supportive color.

This refreshing and uplifting color brings harmony, peace, joy, self confidence, love, happiness, self esteem, relationships, partnerships, friendship, prosperity and everything that will make you happy.

This is the most spiritual color which has the highest vibrational rate. Purple brings in esoteric interest and study, philosophy and honors all cultural, spiritual and religious traditions. Metaphysical or spiritual knowledge is brought through this color for you to use or to pass along to others who could use the knowledge and insight from Above. Many psychics surround themselves with this color or see this color when they are meditating.

What an assertive, dynamic, passionate and energetic color. Red usually motivates people who are procrastinators and helps them bring their never-ending list of things to do to an end. This color brings vibrant energy, makes one self motivated, active and lively. It gives them much motivation and drive to accomplish whatever they feel is important in their lives. Too much red can cause temper tantrums and anger. This is not a color that is recommended for a young child’s room. I do not recommend this color if you are looking for a restful or peaceful environment.

This section includes beige, mauve, orange, and khaki as well. This is a very grounded, focused, stable and organized color. Tan, etc., brings a good foundation and is very secure. It helps you stay connected to Mother Earth, keeps your feet on the ground and makes one very persistent. It also helps you prioritize your life in a very analytical way so that you can accomplish your dreams and ambitions in a positive manner.

White is the sucker color. It brings the energy of being too good, caring, loving, kind, generous, honest, trustworthy and doing everything for others and in return, no one does anything for you. Eventually, you will become a doormat or have no life of your own since you are too busy helping others. Set some boundaries and limitations and stick with them. Stop falling for sad stories. Stop lending money which you will never see returned. I tell my students never to wear white underclothes as your foundation for the day is to be a sucker and have everyone take advantage of you! Wear more beige! You will become more grounded and strong and would certainly never let anyone take advantage of you ever again!

The powerful and alive color of the sun stimulates the mind. It activates intelligence, logic, analytical and methodical thoughts and is a great color for a library, place where children study and where common sense is required.

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