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Pet pigs are misunderstood animals, and I love mine to the moon and back. Support my small business ventures and follow Leine and Heine���

I got my Mini Potbelly Pig a little over a year ago, I quickly learned that he was an amazing creature which caused me to do tons of research! I understood he would never stay about 25 pounds and he is now probably close to 100 and I love him more and more every day. I have learned since then that people that buy these lovable little guys think they are going to stay the size of a teacup for the rest of their life and that doesn't hold true. So you know what then happens? People get rid of them, they end up in shelters and sancutarys. Some even get sent to slaughter. They are not cheap animals to tend for and I want to help out! This started my journey of making T-shirts for the pig lovers out there. I will donate $3 dollars from each T-shirt to a non profit to help care for abandoned pigs and those that need help with vet bills Lets help out these poor piggy babies

Welcome to Dazzling Pig Acres Tom and Jerry

I wanna give a huge shout out to DVC for keeping this nervous pig mama in the loop while my boys recovered.

I will definitely be back and put you on the "mini" pig approved vet Clinic list!!!

Thank you for all you have done❤❤

My two boys are going to a new vet today for a pigacure and tusk trim.

Last time Leine was sedated he didn't do well. After some talking with the new vet about what happened last time I feel confident they will not harm him.

Still nervous though.......

These boys are my livelihood next to my mini me.


[06/10/18]   Anything purchased from the Aubri-Kade pet line, a portion of the proceeds will go back to Perfectly Pigs, Inc.

Thanks for supporting our dream!

Animal friendly!
All natural!


Aubri-Kade is proud to pronounce the first product. Bug Away.

Safe for all ages as well as pets!!!


BIG news coming soon!!!!

Perfectly Pigs, Inc.

Non profit. Helping mini pigs in need. We advocate for the health, wellbeing and happiness of mini pigs along with educating future pig parents.

Meet Dazzle the new face of DPB


Hello hello. Tick season is upon us and our little piggy's need the best of the best! No more chemicals. Fight ticks all season long!!

Hello hello!!!

I don't use any products on myself I can't use on this guy. He absolutely approves of this new product


Perfectly Pigs will be hosting an online auction soon!!

A $20 donation will get you a free shirt and it is a tax write off!!

Help those piggies in need today and contact me if you would like to help

100% pig friendly❤

I will own stock in this soap! Ask me how to get yours

Let's talk sedation, tusks and hooves.

Prior to my husband passing, I would cut his hooves myself. He enjoys tummy rubs and that requires an extra hand so that I can trim his hooves. Needless to say they got over grown and I needed the vets help.

Even though he looks really happy, he honestly has no clue.

Pigs do not do well under sedation.

On Friday I had my vet come out to do a tusk and hoove trim, he decided sedation was a good idea and sedated him for 100lbs. What they don't warn you is how heart breaking it is to watch your baby try to wake up.

Leine didn't respond well to the sedation. I sat in the yard with him for 45 minutes trying to keep him propped up and be there to help him stand. We are talking a 150lb pig who has no clue why he feels the way he does. Not to mention I was covered in dog poop and blood.

At about 1 hour post sedation he attempted to get up and he could not so he scooted himself around the yard on his side, running into everything all while I kept rerouting him from obstacles . He ran into the house and the fence leaving his snout pretty messed up. His poor legs got road rash before he finally made it to his feet and he was covered in poop. Once I got him to the porch I figured I could get him to lay down....nope he insisted on going in the house and that required him to go up steps. He could barely hold himself up, so therefore I had to pick him up and help him. I finally got him to his room and my mom came to help. We spent 2 hours sitting on the floor in his room keeping him from running into walls and holding him. I got him comfortable and let him sleep. I have never been so scared in my life of losing my baby.

The next morning he was moving so slow, he wouldn't come to the kitchen to eat let alone go potty outside. By day 3 I finally got him to eat in the kitchen and go potty outside. At day 3 he finally stopped being mad at me and cuddled. Pigs are very human like and they do have feelings.

Please think twice before sedation and make sure you know some of the effects on your pig babes. Each pig is different, but it is likely they will not do well.

Gas is the safest form of sedation however where I live the vets don't see many pet pigs let alone use gas as a form of sedation.

This is why it is so important to do your research before ever owning a pet pig.

Help support a great cause. Every $20 donation to Perfectly Pigs gets a t shirt.....this is a great way to help those animals in need

Let's talk about pigs for a moment

Meet Leine and Heine...these 2 are amazing....when I got leine he was 2 lbs and now close to 200. Guess what he is a micro pig!!! Heine is a different breed of pig...he is much smaller. But there is no telling how big he actually will get..

When you are shopping for that adorable teacup pig just remember they grow up....they can range from 50-300lbs as adults. If you can't handle that then teacup pigs are not for you.

If anyone is interested in getting a pig. Let's chat. I can educate you on the shenanigans these little love bugs bring me

Dazzling Pig Acres

[12/04/17]   Actively working on new t shirt designs for the upcoming new adventure


Fleas and ticks are a pain. I refuse to use harsh chemicals on my family....this includes the dog and pigs.

Lemongrass is an all natural bug repellant. No harmful chemicals and it has keep the piggies tick free all summer 🐷🐷

Hello fall! Pig friendly products

This guy. My everything

Going to place an order for 20 more Mini Pig Mommy. Which color would you like to see. Vote now :)

[05/25/16]   I have a favor of my Piggy Friends, share this page with all of your piggy friends, if you bought a T-shirt leave a review :)

I would like to have a nice donation to a non profit to save all these misunderstood babies!

Dazzling Pig Acres

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