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Your 2019 #CWFIMA Logistics Section... thanks for everything you do behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly. You are truly the “backbone” of the Academy!

Academy Coordinator Wendy Fischer was presented with a challenge coin from CorDell Taylor, Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests (GMUG) Fire Management Officer at the After Action Review for the 2019 Summer #CWFIMA in Montrose. Thank you to the GMUG for hosting this summer’s Academy!

We had the pleasure of escorting a group of preschoolers around the campus this morning. The kids were especially impressed by the Montrose DFPC engine and enjoyed playing in the sand table props. #CWFIMA #DFPC

Any Daniels, Training Specialist, was recognized for her contributions to #CWFIMA at this morning’s operations briefing

This week #CWFIMA Academy is auctioning items donated by participants and participating partners for the Colorado Wildland Fire & Incident Management Academy (CWFIMA) Benefit Fund. The Benefit Fund assists fellow firefighters, emergency responders, and their families who are dealing with illness or injury and in financial need.

A huge THANK YOU to the following individuals and companies for their support of the silent auction:

Peter Barth, Hotchkiss Fire District, Bob and Nancy Kittridge, Troy and Jessica Mueller, Janell Ray, Blackboot Coffee, Border to Border, City of Montrose, Kinsco, and Supply Cache

Another interesting course here at #CWFIMA is the S-290 Intermediate Wildland Fire Behavior class, where students learn how weather factors into the fire environment. Meteorologist Tim Mathewson guides students through an actual weather balloon deployment.

For fireline operations to succeed, emergency communications equipment must be in good working order and frequencies assigned. The Communications Unit is charged with setting up and maintaining portable radios and repeaters, radio links, and remote radios. Eric Simmons, #CWFIMA IT Support Specialist and Communications Unit Leader, keeps all Academy communications running smoothly!

Today's issue of Spot Fire News, hot off the press!

The Exercise Explained

As #CWFIMA students prepare to step into leadership roles they learn about solution-based thinking. They are encouraged to evaluate a current problem or situation and determine a reasonable, practical plan to attack that problem or situation. The L-280 Fireline Leadership class at the summer Academy is always a popular class.

Classroom Break

Sometimes learning is all fun and games. See what happens as students worked through a ropes exercise during the L-280, Followership to Leadership course taught by Bob and Nancy Kittridge. This course, a primer on leadership, exposes firefighters to the basic concepts and theories supporting leadership in high risk work environments.

Tuesday’s #CWFIMA Golf Tournament raised more than $800 for the Academy Firefighter Benefit Fund! Congratulations to Chad Ray, Jori Ernst, Matt Russman, and Eric Lanford for 1st place wins! Chad Ray also won longest drive, and Jori Ernst won closest pin. The award for longest put went to Peter Barth.

Another great day of learning all around! Youth from the Boxelder Job Corps Civilian Conservation Center set up spike camp and provided support for Monday's #CWFIMA S130/190 field day operation. The S-130/S-190 is the basic wildland fire training course required of all firefighters before they can work on the fireline. The Job Corps provides free-of-charge education and vocational training to young men and women ages 16 to 24.

Morning briefing. It’s a beautiful day at the Academy! Over 500 students from 24 states will be attending 13 classes today. #CWFIMA

UTV Driving Course @ Summer 2019 CWFIMA in Montrose, CO

For the first time in CWFIMA's 25-year history, the Summer Academy in #Montrose hosted a UTV training course consisting of classroom and field exercises.

Take a look at one of our students tackling the off-road driving course. He's making it look easy!

Students traveled from across the Rocky Mountain West to attend the CWFIMA UTV course in #Montrose, Colorado.

Want to go for a ride? Let us know in the comments!

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Colorado Wildland Fire & Incident Management Academy

Stop by the cafeteria to check out the latest "Spot Fire News" - the CWFIMA daily newsletter created by your Academy PIOs & Trainees. Inside you'll find announcements, coupons, tips, tricks, articles, and photos...

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PIO trainees visited the S131 class today while they were plotting scenarios using the sand tables.

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Attention all Summer 2019 CWFIMA attendees! Prizes are now available for redemption with the points you earned on the Event app! Go to the "prizes" tab in the app to scroll through available prizes. More will be added throughout the week, so keep checking back! There you will see the number of tickets and coins you have earned. Tickets can be used towards raffle items and coins can be used to purchase smaller items. To cash in your tickets and coins, visit Eric or Wendy in Room 503. We love all the photos being posted! Keep earning points, there are lots of cool items being given away!

S-212 Wildland Chain Saws

ERFPD Engineer Scott Pottratz is instructing the S-212 Wildland Fire Chain Saws class during the 2019 #CWFIMA in Montrose

Don't forget to stop by concessions and visit the Montrose High School Softball team. They have some delicious treats available for sale to support travel and equipment for their team (cash only)!

Morning operational briefing, with comments by Tanner Hutt, DFPC Battalion Chief for the Gunnison River Region, and Randy Chappell, Deputy FMO for the SW District Office of the BLM

IC discussion with PIO shop regarding expectations for the dissemination of information

Command & General staff meeting takes place every day at 0900. Things are going well and we’re looking forward to a great remainder of the week!

Stop by the vendor area and check out some of the awesome items they have available #CWFIMA

Instructors Jerek Bickford and Clay Crossh*te teaching S-270 Basic Aviation #CWFIMA

Instructors Rich & Nicole Palestro guided academy students through a review of their S-130/S-190 online training. As a part of the class review and field day, students practiced deploying their fire shelters and learned various tactics to ensure their utmost safety in the event of an actual wildfire deployment. #CWFIMA

Looking for coffee, soda, water or snack on your class breaks? Stop by concessions on the south side of the gym. Open 0900 to 1500 daily. Cash only.

Provided by Montrose school athletics and band!


Today's newsletter for your viewing pleasure! #CWFIMA

The 25th Annual Summer Academy has officially kicked off! Incident Commander Dave Carter addresses students & instructors at the morning operational briefing #CWFIMA

Sign up today for our annual golf tournament, which supports our benefit fund! These funds are used to assist firefighters and their families in times of need.

No experience necessary, and being a great golfer is not needed. Just come have some fun and support a great cause.

We do need to get registrations in as soon as possible so we can give the golf course a count of folks for meals. You can sign up as an individual and be put on a team or round up a team of your own. Help us make this a success and we hope to see you there!


‎The Event App by EventsAIR

Colorado Wildland Fire and Incident Management Academy has a mobile app for your convenience.

From the Academy's mobile app you can view classroom maps, driving locations, local area information, and receive alerts for schedule changes and much more!!

The biggest and most popular portion of the new app is the GAMES platform. GAMES will allow you to participate in gamification and will offer you points to reach goals for some very nice gifts, prizes and accessories each day. You will also be entered into the scholarship drawing for a free CWFIMA future academy scholarship at the end of the academy. Some nice vendor prizes will also be given away.

As you play you will earn points for attending briefings, evening events, visiting the vendor booths, answering trivia questions and posting photos and comments of your classroom experience. You will also earn points for completing the overall academy survey. You will earn your first points for downloading and logging in to the app now and we will start posting information for the 2019 CWFIMA Academy to get you prepared for your arrival.

1: Please choose one option to install and launch from your mobile device or search for the following and install:

iOS (Install) The Event App by EventsAIR:

Android (Install) The Event App by EventsAIR:

HTML5 (Install and Launch):

2: Open the App

3: Enter the Event App Code: cwfima

4: Select Login and use your email and password you used when you registered. If you don?t remember your password enter your email and select RESET PASSWORD/GET PIN.
A link with a password reset and 4-digit PIN number will be emailed to you. You can use the PIN number as your password.

Any questions please contact [email protected]


[05/17/19]   Please note: the following classes have been cancelled due to low enrollment. If you were enrolled in one of these classes, we encourage you to explore other class options.

L-962 - NIMS All-Hazards Planning Section Chief
L-965 - NIMS All-Hazards Resource Unit Leader
L-967 - NIMS All-Hazards Logistics Section Chief
FI-210 - Wildland Fire Origin & Cause Determination
S-211 - Pumps & Water Use


Fixed Wing Parking Tender (FWPT) and Ramp Manager (RAMP) class

This class will give the participant an overview of the roles and responsibilities of these positions; aircraft safety and communications; hand signals, radio use and ground operations SOPs; hazard and risk assessment; and aircraft anatomy, types, capabilities & limitations as it pertains to ramp operations.

Students in the Fixed Wing Parking Tender and Ramp Manager class can expect to have a comprehensive understanding of ramp operations and the responsibilities and requirements of a Fixed Wing Parking Tender and participate in a number of tasks outlined in the FWPT/RAMP combined taskbook with hands-on activities and marshalling live aircraft. They should come out of the class as competent and confident trainee Fixed Wing Parking Tenders.

Participants should be prepared for outdoor activities on the ramp - Long pants, closed-toed shoes, and eye protection are required, and weather appropriate outerwear recommended.

DATE: June 4-5. 2019

LOCATION: Grand Junction Air Center
2774 Landing View Lane
Grand Junction, CO 81506

COST: $158 (includes breakfast & lunch)

Hotel: Arrangements are being made with the Double Tree
(Finalizing paperwork, please wait for email before calling)


FOR INFO CONTACT: (719) 589-1400 OR EMAIL [email protected]

Retardant Crew Member (RTCM) Mix Master (MXMS) class

This class will give the participant an overview of the roles and responsibilities of these positions; explore the equipment, products and processes involved in acquiring, mixing, testing and delivering retardant into an aircraft; environmental impact management policies & best practices; and an introduction to aircraft types and loading systems. All training will focus on safety around large & small fixed-wing aircraft, ground operations & communication.

Students in the Retardant Crewmember & Mixmaster class can expect to have a comprehensive understanding of the responsibilities and requirements of each role and participate in several of the tasks outlined in the RTCM/MXMS combined taskbook with hands-on activities mixing and testing retardant and loading aircraft. They should come out of the class as competent and confident trainee RTCM’s & MXMS’s.

Participants should be prepared for outdoor activities on the ramp - Long pants, closed-toed shoes, and eye protection are required, and weather appropriate outerwear recommended.

DATE: June 6-7. 2019

LOCATION: Grand Junction Air Center
2774 Landing View Lane
Grand Junction, CO 81506

COST: $158 (includes breakfast & lunch)

Hotel: Arrangements are being made with the Double Tree
(Finalizing paperwork, please wait for email before calling)


FOR INFO CONTACT: (719) 589-1400 OR EMAIL [email protected]

[05/10/19]   CWFIMA offers a number of State G courses, ICS, fire investigation along with All-Hazards DIVS, PSC, RESL and LSC and many NWCG course 100-300 level.

***New addition are classes meeting the SEAT Manager prerequisites – Fixed Wing Parking Tender (FWPT) & Ramp Manager (RAMP) and Retardant Crew Member (RTCM) & Mix Master (MXMS).

Early registration ends today!

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PLEASE NOTE: The following classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment numbers. If you are interested in any classes in this list, sign up today to avoid missing out.

Classes on the watch list are:
FI-210 (Wildland Fire Origin & Cause Determination)
G-191 (ICS/EOC Interface, sponsored by DHSEM)
L-960 (NIMS All Hazards Division Group Supervisor)
L-962 – looks promising (NIMS All Hazards Planning Section Chief)
L-965 – looks promising (HIMS All Hazards Resource Unit Leader)
L-967 (NIMS All Hazards Logistics Section Chief)
S-211 (Pumps & Water Use)
S-270 (Basic Air Operations)
S-330 (Task Force/Strike Team Leader)
S-339 (Division/Group Supervisor)

The cancellation deadline is today and late registration begins tomorrow, so if you are looking to sign up for classes, don't delay!

Register now at before the rate changes!

Date: May 9, 2019

Contact: Tracy LeClair, CWFIMA Lead PIO
(970) 471-5284 / [email protected]


Montrose, CO – This June, the Upper Arkansas Valley Wildland Fire Foundation returns to Montrose to host nearly 500 emergency responders during the week-long Colorado Wildland Fire & Incident Management Academy (CWFIMA). From June 1 - 7, 2019, the Academy will offer 40 courses and exercises related to all-hazard incident management, wildland fire, and leadership. This nationally-recognized Academy is one of the largest wildland fire and incident management training events in the United States.

Since its inception in 1994, the CWFIMA has worked collaboratively with local, state and national agencies to deliver training to over 30,000 students. This is the fifth time the Academy has been hosted in Montrose; the last Academy in Montrose took place in 2013. Western Colorado is no stranger to wildfires, and students attending the Academy will be gaining invaluable operational and incident command knowledge and experience just prior to the start of the 2019 summer fire season.

“We are excited to be returning to Montrose,” said Academy Coordinator Wendy Fischer. “It’s a gorgeous area, and the community is so welcoming. It couldn’t be a more perfect location.”

Expect to see numerous fire agency vehicles and personnel at Columbine Middle School, as well as at local hotels and restaurants. During the week of the Academy, Public Information staff will be available to provide tours and to set up interviews with key academy personnel and attending students.

Twice annually the Academy hosts several hundred emergency management personnel from around the nation and from abroad. In addition to the courses being offered, the Academy also provides opportunities for students to train in specific job functions related to emergency response and the Incident Command System.

“Responding to emergencies, from single incidents to large-scale disasters, requires cooperation between multiple agencies and individual emergency responders,” explained Academy Incident Commander David Carter. “Interagency Training is an essential pillar supporting our cohesive system of fire resources that effectively respond to any size and complexity of incident.”

The CWFIMA continues to seek monetary donations to provide local firefighters with free tuition to attend classes. The CWFIMA is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization and has remained committed to providing quality and affordable training. The value of incident management training has been reinforced numerous times during unprecedented wildfire seasons such as 2018. Colorado responders also served throughout many all-hazard responses like hurricanes Harvey and Irma, where the Incident Command System served as the model for both response and recovery.


For more information about the Academy or course offerings please visit: or follow us on Twitter @CWFIMA

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Sawing is like golf
XL-15 Flame Thrower
S- 130/190 Students practice shelter deployments
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