ASU C.A.S.A. Center fosters an environment that promotes learning, celebrates cultures, develops leadership and student success with a global perspective.

C.A.S.A. is the acronym for Cultural Awareness Student Achievement VISION: A house that feels like HOME. Programs: Hispanic Association for Colleges & Universities (HACU) ( HACU National Latino Leadership Conference HACU Scholarships HACU Internships ASU C.A.S.A. House Wednesday Wellness Program ASU C.A.S.A. House Latina Leadership Program ASU C.A.S.A. House Mentor-ship Program ASU C.A.S.A. House Green House Project Denver Scholarship Foundation Please visit the C.A.S.A. Website (

Come shake them hips and get loose !!! Body Tune Up Gym on 420 State St. 8PM!!!

Check it out! Professional International DJ RJ is all set up and will rock the house with ASU DJ Kierstin Medina!

Tonight 8 PM to 11 PM at Body Tune Up gym on 420 State St. Parking in the back or on the side street. Carpool if you can!

Bring your song requests, your phones or your iPods and the DJs will play your favorite music!

It’s time to rock the house!

[11/30/18]   Here We go its FOOD FIX FRIDAY!! Before we dance then night away tonight at the Body Tune Up Gym Tonight stop by the CASA House at 12noon taste today's Food Fix, Which is, Gumbo with Jambalaya rice!!!

and This meal is again brought to you by our wonderful friends and supporters from Student Support Services!!

So get here fast!! Its perfect weather for a warm hearty dish!! See Y'all Here !!

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FREE Dance events this weekend!

It is time to get your groove on and “de-stress through dance”!

This Friday night, November 30 from 8 to 11 PM CASA’s favorite DJ Ron Swarsen (DjRj) will be spinning Latin tunes and ASU’s Kierstin Medina will be spinning Hip-Hop, House and Pop dance tunes at Body Tune Up gym on 420 State Street!!! Light snacks provided!


Saturday, December 1, from 1 to 3 pm Latin dance instructor Oneyda Maestas will be offering a FREE two hour Dominican-style Bachata Dance workshop also at Body Tune-Up Gym. It is a lot of fun, great exercise, and you don’t even need a partner.

No Partner, No Problem!

Oneyda recently traveled to the Dominican Republic specifically to attend Dominican-style Bachata workshops. She was able to train with the National Bachata Dance Champion from Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic and she did extensive research regarding the culture and the roots of the dance!

Oneyda danced with the locals, captured their rhythm, and is bringing the warmth of the Dominican republic to you through this dance workshop!

The Dominican-style Bachata workshop will include whole group instruction, small group instruction to learn the footwork and partner dancing. After the workshops we will travel to Juanitos’s Mexican restaurant to enjoy free appetizers and practice what was learned in the dance workshop!

Please see the attached poster for further details.

Good Morning Grizzlies!!! WELCOME BACK!!! Just to prepare you for the finals we have some amazing events coming your way...
Come Muevete/Move and dance with the SLV Community November 30th and December 1st...Two nights to get loose and get down before you hit the books!!!

Nov 30th, 8:00 - 11PM Dance Mixer: Pop and Latin Dance night @Body Tune-Up (420 State Ave); a special treat from 8:00-9:00 pm there will be free lessons of Reggaeton, Salsa, Merengue, y Batchatata!!

On Dec 1st 1:00 - 3:00PM Dominican Style Bachata Boot Camp @ Body Tune-Up Gym (420 State Ave.) and then at 3:30PM we move to Jaunitos Mexican Kitchen (1019 6th St.) To dance the afternoon away !!

Your Hips are Talking they want to move and GROOVE listen to them!!! Free for all bring Friends, Family ... anyone you know!!! LETS GET DOWN Y'All!!

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Grizzly Great Morning to you all!! Thanksgiving break is almost here! But before you head out FOOD FIX FRIDAY is TODAY!!!

Jeff Horton and Student Support Services are putting on a THANKSGIVING FEAST complete with a Deep Fried Turkey and all the Thanksgiving accouterments!!!

So see you all here at CASA house 12Noon!!!

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Hello Grizzlies Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and to celebrate that before you head off to Thanksgiving break there will be a Thanksgiving Dinner Served tonight at the La Mesa Dining Hall in the Student union building and this is open to ALL ASU Community, you don't have to have a meal plan to come eat the first 50 people without a meal plan will be able to come in for FREE!!!

Then after that for Food Fix Friday on Friday, 16th, Student Support Services and Jeff Horton will be throwing down in the kitchen for another Thanksgiving feast...Jeff will be DEEP FRYING TURKEY...that's right DEEP FRIED TURKEY!!!!!

So see you all TONIGHT at the La Mesa Dining Hall from 5:45 - 8PM and then TOMORROW at 12 noon at the CASA House

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Happy Food Fix Friday!!! Today our food fix is brought to you by Adams State Adventure Program; "Around the world in dutch oven"

But that is not all they are doing, they will be be teaching all of us how to cook in a dutch oven in camp setting

Get over here between 9:00am - 12noon to get some tips and tricks on how to be successful using a dutch oven and then at 12noon time to EAT!!!!!!

See y'all here
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Here we go here we go!!! Happy Wednesday and you know what that means 2 more days until Food Fix Friday!!!

And this weeks food fix is provided to us by the Adams State Adventure Program who will be cooking outside providing us food from around the world, “around the world in a Dutch oven” if you will!!

So join us Friday Nov 9th 12noon here at the CASA house!!!

See y’all there!!!

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Grizzly Great morning to you all today is an IMPORTANT day it's Election day!

Go out and vote if you are able!!

There will be FREE transportation to the polls for any students/faculty/staff that need a ride. There will be shuttles all day (7:00am-7:00pm).

Pick up will be in the Loading Zone half circle between the REX and the SUB. (near the Ol’ Mose Grizzly Statue.) Remember to bring your ID with you. You can bring the ballot that was mailed to you, or pick a new one up if you don't have one.

I'll see you all there!!!

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[11/04/18]   Hello ladies and gentlemen remeber there will be a FREE van service to Walmart, Dollar Tree, City market and Safeway!
Today from 2-4PM meet at CASA house!!!

If you know of someone that will benefit from this please let them know!!!!

See y'all at 2pm !!

Grizzly Great Morning Y'all its getting colder out side so for

This weeks FOOD FIX FRIDAY students form Student Support Services will be serving up Red Chile from the Jemez Pueblo Cooked by Jazmine Chosa, tacos and also some homemade fry bread!

So I will see you all here at 12Noon!!!!!

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[10/19/18]   Grizzly Great Morning to you all!! It has been a busy week here at C.A.S.A..but guess what?!?!.....ITS FOOD FIX FRIDAY and this Friday we are celebrating OKTOBERFEST!!! 12noon today at CASA house!

This weeks Food Fix features local sausage from Gosar Ranch in Monte Vista and let me assure you these are some AMAZING sausages. Plus we also have an assortment of dessert for you to enjoy!!!!

This is a special Food Fix Friday for we have some special guests coming... CIELO (Community for Inclusion, Equity, Leadership & Opportunity) they want to get to know and talk to students so please bring friends and come meet them!!! Let your Voices be heard!!

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Good morning Grizzlies!!!! The weather is a changing and we at CASA have amazing events heading your way.

As the leaves change we are preparing for Dia de los Muertos! To kick of this wonderful celebration we will be showing Disney Pixars COCO!!!!

October 16th in Richardson Hall at 5:30 PM along with Food Friends and our very own Mariachi Corazon del Valle.

Our goal is to FILL Richardson to the brim!! Lets get all the seats filled with wonderful people!! Spread the word and lets make it happen!!!!!

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[10/05/18]   Good Morning Grizzlies!!! Since its homecoming Food Fix Friday is gonna be at the Japanese along with the homecoming BBQ 12Noon - 2PM see you there !!!!!!

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[09/28/18]   Good morning ya'll Get ready for Food Fix Friday Today 12noon be there or be hungry

[09/25/18]   Grizzly Great Morning to you All!!! Remeber to go register to vote today at the Student Union Building in the Solaruim or at the Nielsen Library from 10 am - 3 pm! Let you Roar be Heard

[09/24/18]   Good Afternoon Grizzlies!! As members of this society and this nation we must remember that our duty is to speak out, stand for what we believe in the hopes of making this nation a better place for ALL.
A wonderful way to do that is to VOTE and in order for you to VOTE you must first register.
Voter Registration Day is TUESDAY, September 25th. Adams State will be hosting two voter registration sites on campus where students, faculty, staff and community members may register.
These sites can also share information about registering here in Colorado or in students' home towns.

Site #1: Student Union Building Solarium, 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.. hosted by the Alamosa County Clerk's Office

Site #2: Nielsen Library, Second Floor Reference Desk, hosted by library personnel.10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

So make sure to register so that your Roar will be heard!!
For more information contact the Office of Civic Engagement at 791-587-8105 or email them at [email protected]

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Happy Monday to you all grizzlies!! We have amazing opportunities coming your way!
Interested in STUDYING ABROAD!!
Well in collaboration with the Art Department we will be doing just that we are offering a STUDY ABROAD IN SPAIN!!!
That's right in Spain May of 2019 so if you are interested there will be a information meeting TODAY at the CASA house at 12noon a long with free PIZZA!!!
Bring your friends and anyone who might be interested!!
(See poster for more information)

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Food Fix Friday-Cuisine from Spain
Tortilla Española, paella, arroz negro, gazpacho, salmorejo, Spanish olives....delicious Mediterranean cuisine!

[09/14/18]   Good Morning Grizzlies! There will NOT be a Food Fix Today. Our wonderful CASA students along with the CoRE student leaders are on a leadership retreat in order to improve our department and provide you the content and student leaders we can. BUT never fear Food Fix Friday will resume next week!!!!! See You then!!!

[09/07/18]   You know it's a great day if Empanadas are in the near future! Noon at CASA!

Grizzly Great Morning to you all!!! It is now Thursday one day until Food Fix Friday.
Just a reminder this weeks Food Fix are Cuban and South American Empanadas.

So bring your friends, your family, your mail person, EVERYONE!! This Friday CASA House 12noon - 1:00PM!

See y'all here!!!

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[09/05/18]   It is now Wednesday Grizzlies and you know what that means....Food Fix Friday is approaching.

For this weeks Food Fix we will be traveling to South America! There will be Cuban and South American Empanadas for you all!!

So put in your planners, set yourself a reminder we will be here at CASA House this Friday, Sept 7th from 12-1 to fill your bellies. SEE Y'ALL HERE!!

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GOOD MORNING GRIZZLIES!!! Guess what today is....
Today's Food Fix: Frito Pie, Summer Salads and DESSERTS!!! Brought to you by our friends from the Nielsen Library
Here at the CASA House 12 Noon -1:00 PM

Bring your friends, family and stomachs!

See y'all here!!!

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Grizzly Great morning to you all!! I just want to greet y'all a happy Wednesday and congratulations for making it through the first week. Exciting things to look forward to especially FOOD FIX FRIDAY!!!!

This weeks food fix will be brought to you by our friends in the Nielsen Library who will be serving an assortment for fresh homemade delicious dishes and of course there will be DESSERT!!!

SO as usual I'll see yall here Friday, Aug 31st , 12 - 1 PM!!

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Good morning GOOD MORNING GOOD MORNING! In preparation for this afternoons festivities we will have some horno bread and Capulin Jelly here at the CASA house at NOON for you to devour and enjoy!!! So come try it out!! 12 noon at the CASA house see you here!!! Lers get the word out!!! Like and share!!

C.A.S.A. Intellects

Photos from ASU CASA House's post

[05/04/18]   I'm sad to say there will NOT be a Food Fix Friday today...But you should get excited....

CASA in partnership with Nielsen Library is cooking up some amazing plans for finals week....I'm sure you will get your food fix all next week!!

Get pumped, Get excited and Go get them GRIZZLIES!!!

Hey Grizzlies!!! TODAY we will be doing ZUMBA on Campus Green @5:30 so be there or be square!!!!
Also bring a friend!!!!

Lets get the word out lets do this!!!!

Campus Life Focus Groups: Select only your 1 most preferred time slot to participate.

Good Afternoon Grizzlies. We have a wonderful opportunity to improve ASU, since CASA is part of Student Life we need to hear YOUR VOICE !!!
This Friday May 4th.There will be multiple focus groups and multiple chances to get YOUR VOICE heard throughout the day.

This is your chance to share your experience here at ASU and to help make improvements for the future. Your input is valuable to this campus and to this community!!!

Click on the link below to schedule a time for the focus groups all current students, faculty and staff are welcome to participate!

Grizzlies let your ROAR be HEARD!!!!

***Don't forget to smile today and like and share this post lets GET THE WORD OUT!!!*** Share your voice with us about the future of ASU Campus Life! What is a focus group? These groups will be small facilitated discussions with your peers about your experience, feedback, and life at ASU. The information gathered from these focus group discussions will directly be utilized in pla...

Happy Happy Thursday everyone y'all need to get excited for tomorrows Food Fix Friday!!!!

For this weeks Food Fix the mentors from Student Support Services are throwing down some TACOS with all your favorite stop by Tomorrow April 27th from Noon to 1pm at the CASA House!!

See yall there!

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Hello grizzlies food fix Friday is on!!!! Get your empty stomachs here!!! We are having enchiladas!!!!!

Let's go grizzlies !!! It's cold outside, it's windy come to CASA for some heart warming red chili with home made tortillas!!!! Come Now!!!! Get your fix on !!!

Dolores Huerta at the César Chávez Day March for Justice

Watch our CASA students in action during the La Marcha de Justicia this past weekend! Right behind Dolores Huerta! What an Honor!! Can you spot the CASA Students????

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Dolores Huerta leads the César Chávez Day March for Justice in Albuquerque, Saturday, April 7, 2018.

25th Annual César Chávez Day 4-7-18

This past weekend a number of CASA students were honored to march with THE Dolores Huerta during the Cesar Chavez Fiesta at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque NM.

Each the fieasta features a march… La Marcha de Justicia to honor the life and legacy of Cesar Chavez. This years march lead by Dolores Huerta herself and right behind her our very own CASA students.

Below is a link to the Dolores Huerta speaking and the Mayor of Albuquerque, Tim Keller speaking at the Fiesta!!!

***Remember to smile today; like and share this post let's get the word out!!!! ***

Mayor Tim Keller and keynote Speaker Dolores Huerta

Hey Grizzlies, how is the wind treating you? Anyways guess what tomorrow is?!?!... its FOOD FIX FRIDAY!!!!

For this weeks Food Fix our very own Jazmine Chosa will be throwing down in the kitchen. She will be serving up Traditional Native American Jemez Pueblo Red Chili with beef, potatoes and Red Chili directly from Jemez Pueblo accompanied with home made tortillas!!!

Jazmine is making this from scratch from roasting the chilies to making the tortillas!!! This meal will be coming right from the heart and into your stomach.

SO make sure to stop by Tomorrow April 13 from 12 noon- 1:00PM !!!

See Y'all There!!!

***Remember to smile today; like and share this post let's get the word out!!!! ***

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Click here to claim your Sponsored Listing.

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