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SOS: We May Never Pass This Way Again. Dying cities America. At any point in time we have the power to say this is not how this story is going to end.

SOS: War on Poverty and the dangerous pitfalls of Darwinism and the crisis resulting in the misinterpretation of Capitalism.

We can no longer afford to take Reality at face value – Timeline Michael Crichton

“What is now proved was once only imagined.” -William Blake

Together Everyone Achieves More

No One Would Have Predicted That Within Five Years Their Complacent View Of The World Would Be Shockingly Upended, Producing An Entirely New Conception Of The Universe And Entirely New Technologies That Would Transform Daily Life In The 20th Century In Unimaginable Ways. Now That We Stand On The Threshold Of The 21st Century, The Situation Is Oddly Similar. Once Again, Physicists Believe The Physical World Has Been Explained, And That No Further Revolutions Lie Ahead (Timeline, Michael Chrichton)

So The Rest Of Us Like The Idea That We Live In A Thrilling Epoch Of Transformation. But The Truth Is That We Are Living In A Period Of Stagnation… (And), There Is A Long Time Lag Before They (Innovation, Ideas, Legislation) Begin To Transform The Economy And Daily Life-Michael Lindt Of Time Magazine Writes In His Article Titled: The Boring Age. Who Should We Blame For the Lag? Does the Lag Hinder Our Economic Outcomes and Viability? A Stubborn Government that hinders progress and success is to blame.

We have less than 24 hours to change the world as we know it. We must beat the Lag and prevent it from settling us into complacency and normalcy. There is so much we can do today that can make a difference in the lives of people to alleviate their daily suffering.

A Letter To Villains And Heroes,

SATISFY THE CIRCUMSTANCE. NOT PUBLIC OPINION. NOT QUOTAS. NOT YOUR DOCTORED RESUME. NOT YOUR STUBBORN PRIDE AND EGOS. AFTERALL, WHEN YOU ARE WRONG YOU ARE WRONG. We No Longer Have Time. We Are Being Consumed By Our Problems. We Are Experiencing A Culture Of POVERTY Of The Mind Rooted In Illiteracy And Vanity. We Have Less Than 24 Hours To Change The World To Health To Wealth To Pain Free And Happy Times. It Is Time For Us To Say This Is Less Than What We Expected. We Want A Refund. For Nearly a Century of Bad Politics and Inept Lame Duck Government, we realize that Joe Biden and Politicians Ought to have worked in the Non-Profit World Because it’s the only thing they are good at.

With This Letter I Am Proposing That In A Collaborative Effort This Issue Can Be Readily And Immediately Resolved Towards A Progressive Resolution. I Urge You To Consider This Idea, If Popular Programs Such As ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover Are Able To Popularize The Concept Of Extreme And Rapid By Building Homes Within A Short Period Of Time Then Government Can Copy And Build With The Same Impetus Of Speed to save the nation from declining any further. The Current Reality of Tent Cities America, High Unemployment Rates, and Capitol Riots Pose A Real And Imminent Problem Which Means That Extreme And Rapid Solutions Are Necessary. Most Importantly, They Are Doable. In the midst of a continuing economic problem of which Current Trends in Society are that Corporate Heads and Private Citizens with Status and Influence have been dropped from an Affluent society into a Marginalized society without a safety net And “In the Rounds of job, family and neighborhood, they often seem driven by forces they can neither control nor govern… who accordingly feel that they are without purpose in an epoch in which they are without power”-C. Wright Mills
I'm Appalled Of The Inept And Slow Moving Actions Of Our Government- After All- Lives Are At Stake. At Every 24 Hour Window Period Of Time That Passes, A Person Becomes Displaced, Trafficked, Identity Thefted, Arrested Under False Arrest, Or Dies An Ordinary And Inhumane Death Unnecessarily. For Over 20 Years I've Written Government And Other Agencies And Corporations With The Proposal For A Solution. Surprisingly I Got Little Response And I Find This Surprising Because If The Problem Still Exists Then It Needs To Be Resolved, Right? It’s obvious. We Need To Force Ourselves To Do What We Need To Do- No More Excuses! No More!
When the Country needed them, where were the :Lobbyists, Advocacy Groups, Non-Profit Organizations, and Activists’ groups- While the sons and daughters of the country were being prostituted? And parents were neglecting the needs of their children just to make ends meet to put food on the table while working 2 or 3 jobs
Civilization is an advanced state of existence in human society. It is not just a mere state of modernized existence. Today we are living in a modern existence of a modern world with conveniences. We are not living in a civilized world of an advanced state of existence. Civilization, [ siv-uh-luh-zey-shuhn ] : 1. an advanced state of human society, in which a high level of culture, science, industry, and government has been reached. 2. the act or process of civilizing, as by bringing out of a savage, uneducated, or unrefined state, or of being civilized. Let's work together to change the many things that are wrong in our world.

Where Do We Begin. Let’s Start With A Basic Premise For Work Production. The more we achieve, the more we ascend.
Community Gardens - Copy.Docx (ctrl+click)
Take A Look At Community Garden Legislation -It Is Piecemeal Like Most Legislation Is And In The End Is A Waste Of Time, Accomplishing nothing and hindering our progress to achieving a high level of culture, science, industry, and government. Take A Look At The Incredible Epic Team And Its Proposal For Community Garden Legislation. It Includes An Environmental Impact Statement Formula For Planning And Design-Including Everything From Land Use Justification To Event Funding Justification. The Current Way Of Legislation Or Community Activism Is Tunnel Visioned And Singular. While Many Actions Are Issued Separately For Singular Problems, They Are Not Inter-Related And Are A Waste Of Time And Money As These Actions Prove To Be Lacking And Not Good Enough. Why? Because They Lack The Important Details And Are Not Holistic In Planning And Design considering all the issues relevant and related.

Part 1: Legislative Agenda
1.Mini Shopping Plazas Every 30 Miles Of American Highway. Made Possible By Citizen Participation In Volunteerism.
2.Building The National Borders To Field The Immigration Problem With National Borderlines Equipped With Resting Parks Of Community Gardens, Mini Hotels, Mini Shopping Plazas, Cafeterias, Restaurants, And Government Offices.
3.Create Community Gardens In Every Town Across The Country And Placing Mini Community Gardens In Every Public Park For Free Produce Distribution
Community Gardens - Copy.Docx
Please See The Slide Show I Have Put Together. Click On This Link.
4.Have A Neighborhood Home In Every Neighborhood (Much Like A Jane Adamm Hull House) A Neighborhood House To Be Built In Every Neighborhood In The Country. It Should Be Govt. And Corporate Sponsored. The Purpose Is To Incorporate Preventative Measures Into The Neighborhood, Bringing Neighborhood Residents In Contact With Official Networks That Will Give Them Social Support. The Neighborhood Community Home Would Include: A Social Hangout With An Entertainment Area, A Telecommunication Hubspot, A Kitchen & Dining Area, Temporary Sleep Stations, A Garden, Arts & Crafts Room, An On Site Nurse, Etc.
Please See The Slide Show I Have Put Together. Click On This Link.
5. Improving Public Parks With Landscaping, Benches, Food And Snack Concession Stands And A Community Garden.
6. Change The Way Prisons, Law Enforcement And The Judicial System Are To The Way They Ought To Be: Rehabiliation Focused With Crime Prevention As A Top Priority. Enforcing Better Pre-Crime Intervention By Promoting & Nurturing Family Values And Civic Behavior Through Community Meet And Greet Fairs And Programs Such As Informational Fairs, Food Festivals, Sports Events, And Luncheons. Prison Itself Is Not The All Encompassing Answer To Crime & Punishment. Prison Is Not Only A Penalty. It Is Also A Place Of Correction, Improvement Of An Individual. Prison Without Correction And Rehabilitation Serves As A Breeding Ground For Greater Violence & Deviancy.
7. Legislating Into Law, Humanity Laws Regarding Death Issues For Strict Regulation Forbidding Cruel And Unusual Practices Such As Live Death Burials And Incineration At Crematories.
8. Legislating Into Law And Implementing Into Action A New Clean Air Act. Immediately Get Air Filtration Systems And Scrubbers Over To NYC And The Rest Of The Country.
9. Legislate Into Law, New Industries Such As Life Plan Writing And Network Building Consulting.
10. Add Commonsense Changes To Healthcare And Dentistry Including Advancement In Aero Vista Technology For Painless Medical Procedures That Would Outdate Current “Under The Knife” Barbaric Practices (See Below Reference Terminology). Adding Accommodations to Healthcare Services such as for in patient services will provide comfort and peace of mind for patients who may be nervous about their surgery. Creative and commonly accepted treatments by the medical field that are underused can make a difference in how the patient feels while awaiting their medical procedure treatment: Music Therapy, Spa Therapy, Aromatherapy, Massage Therapy, Gift Shop Therapy, Book Carts, Movie and Music Selection Expansion, Surround Sound 3D AV, and Expanded Menu Options. Increase the number of recommended check up exams to 12 check ups per year for doctor’s visits and dental visits. Expansion of services and products in prevention medicine and routine examinations such as the inclusion of cardiovascular, neurological, dermatological, ophthalmological, and respiratory health in general examinations as well as food, exercise and nutritional health.
11. Accommodate The Military With Upgrades, Pay Raises, And Advancement.
12. Grant Funding For Businesses That Create And Enact Worker Wellness And Social Programs.
13. Transformation Of Death Valley USA Into An Oases Of Luxury Theme Parks, Luxury Hotels, Lush Community Gardens, Mini Shopping Plazas, Cafes, And Spa Resorts.
14. Regulation Of Violence And Illegal Criminal Activities On The Internet.
15. Expansion Of Homeland Security And Increased Spending For New Federal Law Enforcement Bureaus.

16. Job Referral Systems in the Work Place So That Upon Firing, A Job Referral System Will Promptly Work Like a Staffing Agency So You Transition From Job To Another and HR Departments will be able to promptly place their employees into needed positions elsewhere. State Unemployment Offices Will Be Renamed to Employment Offices and Operate Like a Staffing Agency and with a Jobs Training Program.

17. Library Redesign and Reconstruction Everywhere to Include an expansion of an audio visual center and a Snack and Refreshment Cart or Café.

18. Health Snacks and Refreshment in School Classrooms: daily healthy meals with generous serving size and daily class-time snacks of milk or juice and fruit and cheese in every classroom in America. That a nondiscretionary application of legislation accommodate every student from Pre-school to College and does not limit recipients of good action by income level and does not require enrollment into a program.

19. Heat Wave Emergency Protocol: Every State should have an emergency plan to cope with the problem of heat waves for immediate relief to the public, including water stations, designated public buildings that are air conditioned for the public relief, sidewalks and other public spaces with misting systems,

What Needs To Be Done?
Start-Up A Nation-Wide General Meeting That Will Be Inclusive Of All Relevant And Possible Participants To Brainstorm And Plan For A Gameplan That Can Be Doable.
1. Planning And Set Up Of The General Meeting Will Take 3 Weeks With 5 Months Notification For Participants For A Total Of 5 Months And 3 Weeks Amongst:
The Whitehouse, Congress, Media Outlets, Publishers, Farmers, Law Enforcement, Military, Theater Groups, Movie Production Companies.
*Use Mini AV Production To Sell The Idea
*Watch “W.P.A. Change The World In 24 Hours” Movie
Implement The Gameplan
After The General Meeting, The Gameplan Will Implement In Local Towns Across The Nation.
Assign Local Area Teams With: A Function, Value, Role, And Location Site, A Delegation Team, Communication Team, Ambassador Team, A Liaison Team, A Management Team, A Proctor Group.
· Schedule Meetings For Local Area Teams For Initial Orientation And Dress Rehearsals
· Local Area Teams Initial Orientation And Dress Rehearsal
· Orientation And Training (35% Classroom And 65% Hands On) (2 Weeks)+scripted volunteer lines for more engaging customer service
1st Dress Rehearsal (1 Week)
· 2nd Dress Rehearsal (1 Week)
***All Meetings and Volunteer Events Must Include The Following:
• Must Include Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
• Must Include A Formal Snack And Refreshment Table
· Must Include Food Trucks
· Must Include Kiosks For Souvenir Or Other Items
· Air Conditioned Tent With Seating And Tables For Dining
· Air Conditioned Tent For Lounging With Tv And Stereo System
· Magazine, Book, And Board Games Rack
· A Surround Sound Outdoor Stereo System
· Large Screen Holographic TV’s
· A Theater Stage With Live Theater Performances
· A Stage For Live Music Performances
· A Playground Area
· Props, Scenery, And Lighting Throughout Location Site
· Game Station Mobile Vehicle Units And Spa And Salon Mobile Vehicle Units
Daily Pep Rallies
Scripted Volunteer Lines for More Engaging Customer Service
Total Time=8 Months, 2 Weeks

If We Don’t Do This Now, Everything Here Is What Is At Stake, And If This Goes On Any Longer, In Which Case We All Might As Well Commit Su***de Before Punchline NYC Circa 1989 Happens Again. And If You Don’t Know What That Means Do Your Research Well .
Here, I’ll Start You All Off:

The Forgotten America And Dying Cities America”

”To Appraise A Society, Examine Its Ability To Be Self-Correcting When Grievous Wrongs Are Done
Or Endemic Suffering Exposed, When Injustice Is Discovered Or Opportunity Denied, Watch The Institutions Of Government And Business And Charity. Their Response Is An Index Of A NATION’S HEALTH AND OF A PEOPLE’S STRENGTH-David Shipler’s Forgotten America The Working Poor

“Tired Of Wishes, Empty Of Dreams.” (Carl Sandburg)
The Man Who Washes Cars Does Not Own One. The Clerk Who Files Cancelled Checks At The Base Has $2.02 In Her Account. The Woman Who Copyedits Medical Textbooks Has Not Been To A Dentist In A Decade. This Is The Forgotten America.
"It Is Time To Be Ashamed," Concludes David Shipler At The End Of The Working Poor, An Indispensable Survey Of The Forgotten Millions Who Toil Around Or Below The Poverty Line. The Shame, In This Case, Comes From The False Notion That Hard Work And Prosperity Go Hand-In-Hand In America, And That Social Advancement Is Possible For Anyone Of Good Character Who, To Put It In Political Rhetoric, Pulls Themselves Up By Their Bootstraps. Of The Issues At Play In The Upcoming Presidential Election, The Economy Is Front And Center, But Poverty Rarely Gets A Whisper, Partly Because Booms Tend To Skip Over The Poor, But Also Because Neither Party Wishes To Acknowledge The Problem. While Low-Wage Workers Perform The Vital Services That Help Drive The Economy, Their Absence From The National Dialogue Speaks To A Disturbing Irony: That A System Meant To Extend Opportunities For All Actually Works To Reinforce Poverty Over The Course Of Lives And Generations.

Truth Without Reasonability Is Just Wasted Truth. Should We Let Deception Point Win? …Probably Not. And This Is Why, A Reality Of Unreasonable Truth Does Not Deal In Salvation- Tom Clancy's Bear And Dragon. So with the heightened political climate, we can choose to remain and argue or we can do something more effective like choosing to move the talk and argument into good action that is productive and useful. Arguments and talks are wasted time. So eliminate the talking. “Talking clogs roads, doing moves people” IBM Ad. Choose instead to follow this rule: Ignore, Abort, Retry, or Directory.

Believe Me The Minimum Wage Needs To Be At A Bottom Base Of No Less Than $500. Do A Cost Price Sheet Of Projected Expenses For The Average American And Be Realistic. Remember, This Is The United States Of America. This Is Not Mexico where the minimum wage is $2. And For Crying Out Loud We Want The Minimum Wage To Be Far Ahead Of The Curve Than Mexico. Also, Remember That Amidst Dying Cities, Capitol Riots And Tent City America-That We Need To Pull Ourselves Out Of A Slump After Existing On 5 Articles Of Wardrobe In Our Closet For Most Of Our Lives, Scrimping And Scraping on $4.25 an hour in 1982 or $5.75 an hour in 1985 or $10 an hour in 2017. And Barely Being Able To Afford A $10 Mcdonald’s Combo Meal. So, In Your Calculations, Don’t Forget To Include 5 Days A Week For Fast Food Lunches Everyday valued at no less than ($15), Dinners At The Local Diner Once A Week valued at no less than ($35), Fine Dining Once A Month ($85), Wardrobe And Makeup For A Month valued at no less than ($700), Jewelry And Flowers For Valentine’s Day valued at no less than ($150), Gifts To Friends For Occasions And Holidays valued at no less than ($35 Per Gift), Unexpected Events Like Luncheons Or Parties valued at no less than ($70 Per Event), Social Clubs Like Sierra Club Yearly valued at no less than ($350) And Calculate For Socialization In Different Categories, Travel Money For Vacation valued at no less than ($6000), Emergency Travel Money For 2 Emergencies valued at no less than ($10000 Per Emergency), Emergency Money For Small Events (Sports Injuries, Small Damage To Vehicle, Damage to Home and Property, Damaged Wardrobe, Etc..) valued at no less than ($150,000), Emergency Money For Big Events (Natural Disaster-Flood, Home Replacement, Car Replacement, Etc…) valued at no less than ($750,000), Etc…

• Talk to your family and friends about the issue.
• Find an organization in the community you can talk to about the issue
• Find out what pro-active steps you can take to getting the minimum wage rate raised.
• Find out how you can contact your local political leadership about the minimum wage rate

Deadspots: Dead Shopping Malls
10 American Cities That Are Dead Forever By 24/7 Wall Street Sept. 2010
Business Insider Https://Www.Businessinsider.Com/10-American-Cities-That-Are-Dead-Forever-2010-9#For-More-Recession-Analysis-Check-Out-11
Researchers At The Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Did A Study Of What They Described As America’s 150 Forgotten Cities. The Municipalities On Their List Were Medium-Sized And Ranked By Measurements That Included Poverty. The Reason For Their Demise Largely Match The Cities On The 24/7 Wall St List. The MIT Research Work Goes Beyond A Mere List Of Statistics And Points Out Reasons Why Some Of These Cities Will Never Recover. In Almost Every Case, Tax Bases Have Disappeared, Which Has Undermined The Ability Of Local Governments To Spend Money On Revitalization. Abandoned Areas Of These Cities Have High Crime Rates, (They Are Dying Cities. Dying Cities. Dying Cities. SOS! 911! Hello People! Contact Your Elections Board And Stop The Election From Going Through. Ask for an impeachment. Ask for a new President. Then Contact Your Legislators And Ask Them For Change. Ask them to quit their jobs. Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For The Change Needed. Do Not Accept Their Answer Of Political Rhetoric. Rather, Calmly Prepare A Researched List Of Need And Solution And Present That To Them.) Most Of America’s Ten Dead Cities Were Once Major Manufacturing Hubs And Others Were Important Ports Or Financial Service Centers. The Downfall Of One City, New Orleans, Began In The 1970s, But Was Accelerated By Hurricane Katrina. Are Tent Cities On Their Way To Becoming Dead Cities? Do You Remember NYC In 1988? Do You Remember What NYC Looked Like Then? Taxi Cabs Were Making Left Turns From Four Lanes Against Traffic Lights. Homeless Car Washers Lined The Street And Were Begging People In Cars For Money For A Cheap Car Wash With Dirty Water. The Town Was Overcast With Dark Gray Skies. People Were Walking About In Morbidity And Despair. Desperate For A Cheap Buck, Men Lined The Sidewalks Near The Statue Of Liberty And Sold Cheap Jewelry They Stored In Their Tattered Trench Coats.
Malls Are Dying. The Thriving Ones Are Spending Millions To Reinvent Themselves. - The Washington Post
Tucker Investigates Seattle's Tent Cities - Bing Video

All this time, I can't believe I couldn't see
Kept in the dark, but you were there in front of me
I've been sleeping a thousand years, it seems
Got to open my eyes to everything
Without a thought, without a voice, without a soul
Don't let us die here, Don' let us die here, Don't let us die here
There must be something more
Bring me to life

Don' let us die here in Dying Cities America.

Time Don't Run Out on Me
Anne Murray, Carole King
Time, don't run out on me
Gotta make you love me the way you used to do
Gotta get back the feeling and put wind in my sails
And chart a course that gets me back to you, back to you
Oh, the lonely days, the lonely nights lookin' back in time
Time, don't run out on me
I've gotta get back to where we used to be (where we used to be)
Time, don't run out on me, don't run out on me
There's one more thing I gotta do before I pack it in
Gotta make the right moves
Say the right thing to change your mind
And find a way to get you back again, back again
All the wasted time, the lonely nights lookin' back in time
Time, don't run out on me
I've gotta get back to where we used to be (where we used to be)
Time, don't run out on me
Let us pray for President Joe Biden and the Democrats that they will be enabled by the Spirit of Governance and Providence.

Free The Capitol Rioters:
“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, …” Charles Dickens A Tale of Two Cities

44 million unemployed….Tent City America…Capitol Riots…Former 911 NYFD Unfairly Arrested at Capitol Arrests…Former Olympics Gold Medal Winner Arrested Unfairly at Capitol Riots… The Worst Depression Since 1929…911 WTC….Columbine….Okalahoma….Watts….Ferguson…

Free the Capitol Rioters!

1. FBI Asks FDNY To ID Active Or Retired Firefighters At Capitol Riot (Nypost.Com)
How The FBI Is Unpatriotic And Ridiculous! As****es. Remember 911 And Never Forget. They Couldn’t Get Proper Equipment That Would Protect Them While In Duty And Service To Their Country In 911 Forever Scarring Them With Respiratory Problems And Terminal Illness. Hemmorhaging Themselves To Death In Cough And Gag Because The Government was too cheap to get them proper equipment.

Indicator 10
A Financial Crisis And Corporate Bankruptcies
The Bankruptcy Of Lehman Brothers In September, And Congress' Initial Rejection Of A Bank Bailout Later In The Month, Both Caused Huge Drops In The Market.
The US Economy Cratered In 2008. Here's How Far It's Come (Cnn.Com)
2008 Financial Crisis: Causes, Costs, Could It Reoccur (Thebalance.Com) The 2008 Financial Crisis Was The Worst Economic Disaster Since The Great Depression Of 1929. It Occurred Despite The Efforts Of The Federal Reserve And The U.S. Department Of The Treasury. The Crisis Led To The Great Recession, Where Housing Prices Dropped More Than The Price Plunge During The Great Depression. Two Years After The Recession Ended, Unemployment Was Still Above 9%. That Doesn't Count Those Discouraged Workers Who Had Given Up Looking For A Job.
World Com, Swiss Air, Enron, Kmart, Arthur Andersen, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Royal Bank Of Scotland Group, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines, Aloha Airlines, Etc..
Yes. The Sky Fell Out Of The Sky. All Of America Was Worried. What ARE We Going To Do? Do These Names Sound Familiar? For Awhile The Past Seemed A Distant Time Away. As I Am Researching And Typing This I Realize I Have A Gap In My Memory-I’ve Been Hacked, And The Chaos Of The Past Reality Frightens Me Once Again.

This Beloved Burger Chain Is On The Brink Of Bankruptcy (Msn.Com)
To President Trump And Congress, Thanks For The Cares Act. We Need To Do More Now And Move On To The Next Stage $999,999,999 Vigintillion 911 Stimulus For 1 Year. Thereupon We Will Start A New Chapter Of Our Lives In A New Economic Structure And Endowment Funding. Hope Springs In Redemption.
(S.O.S.) Sounds Of Silence -

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend I've Come To Talk With You Again Because A Vision Softly Creeping Left Its Seeds While I Was Sleeping

(911 WTC, Warning News - Machine Vs. Man, Nature Vs. Man, Threat Of An Ailing Economy Could Leave The United States Behind In Economic And Military Dominance-The United States Is Already Featured For Solicitation Of Charity In A World Vision Charity Catalog Alongside Africa. It Lags In The Rankings On Important Ratings Like Healthcare And Mortality Rates Which Are Indicators For The Wealth And Strength Of A Nation: Thou’rt slave to fate , chance, kings,and desperate men - John Donne, “Death.”)

And The Vision That Was Planted In My Brain Still Remains Within The Sound Of Silence….
In Restless Dreams I Walked Alone …..

Simon and Garfunkel
Songwriters: Paul Simon
For non-commercial use only.
Data From: Musixmatch

At Any Point IN Time We Can Say That This IS Not How The Story Is Going To End.

Need to Haves
A proposal to Fast How fast can you start up a business and an entire Gameplan for Community Building?

Retail Boutique Psychotherapy Presentation.pptx (CTRL + Click)

A Worthwhile Homeless Shelter for the Crisis

Realizing that the everyday worlds of Life’s events: Economics, Business, Government, Healthcare and Community Life, Synchronize and Affect One Another, All Must be Funded, Sponsored, Realized, Included, and Experienced. In thinking about redesigning the landscape of the country for holistic gains in change, it is important that we understand that very concept. Why? Piecemeal change does not create worthwhile results. Holistic change creates worthwhile results. No Reservations. What We Can Do Today To Make Tomorrow Great:
We also need to
1. Start Up Charm School and Beauty Schools across the country. Access Should Be available all the way down to the smallest town in America for the Life of Etiquette and Grace
in this country.
2. Organize Pageants of various levels of pageantry across the country. Access Should Be available all the way down to the smallest town in America for the perpetuation of style and trend and to provide everyone with the opportunity for pageantry.
3. Resting Stops Every 30 Miles of American Highway with Mini Shopping Plazas, Restaurants, Mini Hotels, and Mini Community Gardens.
4. A Brigade of Food Trucks Stationed Across the Country,
Including the Oscar Meyer Wienermobiles, the Good Humour Ice Cream Truck, a Mcdonald’s Food Truck, a Coca Cola Truck, and a Planters Peanuts Truck.
5. Cities with Convention Centers Booked Every Day of the Week with a Useful Program such as Large Events Such as Informational Fairs, Trade Show Fairs, Job Fairs, etc… and Smaller Programs such as Cooking Demonstrations, Arts and Crafts Demonstrations, etc…
6. Amassing a Volunteer Base of 7 Trillion Volunteers: Trained, Rehearsed, and Included in the Format of WPA Change the World in 24 Hours to Health, to Wealth, to Pain Free and Happy Times.
7. Employ America the Beautiful Renewal Programs across the Country.
8. Airlines with expanded services and safety features. Every Airplane should be equipped with individual parachutes per person, inflatable boats, inflatable storage box of emergency food and water. Airlines should offer the options for purchase of cozy socks, magazines, and snacks.
9. Multi-Purposed Parking Lots and Shopping Mall Parking Lots Across the Country.
“In Boulder, Colorado, Park Plus technology transports cars via robotic dollies, which transfer them to small cubby spaces in the garage’s storage vault.
The Willoughby Square project in downtown Brooklyn has also made automated parking part of its plan. Beneath a one-acre public park will be a subterranean garage capable of accommodating 700 vehicles.

Drivers will pull their cars into one of twelve entry rooms, where plasma screens, mirrors and laser scanners help direct the vehicle into the correct position, writes Julie Satow, The New York Times.
Light sensors and cameras will record the car’s dimensions before it’s lowered into a tightly designed parking vault. To exit, a series of automated hoists will return the vehicle from the bay.
In many cities, solar canopies have been constructed parking lots, allowing for the ability to charge electric cars on the spot, generate energy, and cut down on the urban heat island effect generated by miles of blistering tarmac. Green paving solutions, such as porous asphalt, allow water drain into the soil below, reducing polluted run-off and erosion.
Parking lots and garages are also being transformed into multi-use cultural spaces. In London, the Peckham Multi-Storey Car Park has been re-purposed as an art gallery, rooftop bar, and event space. Lisbon’s Park Bar is located on the roof of an active parking garage, and New York City has ‘Shakespeare in the Parking Lot.”
10. Trend Restaurant and Retail Store Groups Across Shopping Malls and Communities in the Country: With a Theme of Speed, Trending Such Groupings As: Super Sonic, Applebees, Wendy’s and Quizno’s, might be a good idea.
11. Realize that housing p**s and dung in our bodies could be toxic to our health, we should be a zero waste society and just say no to p**s and dung and the AMA that supports and funds it.
12. Elimination of Reincartions and resurrections to animals, infants, toddlers, insects, things, elements…and anything that is not of
a. Standardized height
i. Male: No Shorter Than 5’7”
ii. Female: No Shorter Than 5’5”
b. Standardized Weight
i. Male: No Less Than 121 Pounds and No More Than 158 Pounds
ii. Female: No Less Than 114 Pounds and No More Than 135 Pounds
c. No Less Than Standardized Body Shape, standardized anatomy
d. No Less Than Standardized Facial Features
i. No Pointy Shaped Faces
ii. No Elongated Shaped Faces
iii. No Short Shaped Faces
iv. No Round, Square, Rectangular flat Shaped Faces.
v. Nose Shapes Of standardized Shapes; No flat noses, no wide based noses. No hairy or slimy noses.
vi. No Overly Massive and Bulky Bodies
(i) No Pear Shaped Bodies
(ii) No Barrel Shaped Bodies
(iii) No Overly Muscular Bodies
(iv) No Bulky Pop Out Veins

e. Elimination of Course Thick Hair and Hairiness and Balding
i. Needs to be of a reasonable medium thickness -not too thin and not too thick
ii. Hair is limited to the scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes
f. Elimination of skin that is darker than cream.
g. No Mole marks, protrusions, etc…
h. No acne
13. Elimination of the Marriage Penalty. Strong reassessment of the institution of marriage.

The Recurring Nightmare that is our Aggregated Stumbling Block to Progress, Peace and Happiness, Is the problem of Politics As It Is Today. The Power Elite of Society or the “Planners”, “Producers”, “Administrators”-Whatever you Want to Call them-Punish society and its leadership whenever a problem goes unresolved or important actions remain uninitiated. Meanwhile, to make matters worse, is the issue hinging overhead: The “Power Elite” do not want integration (Coalition building to erect Political and Social Networks for Political Power) and are happy for society to exist with what little it has. They hold society hostage to unfair negotiations at the bargaining table with not much having been accomplished but a waste of time. Why? As Society and its leadership fail to accomplish the long list of items of everyday responsibilities, ”The Power Elite” retaliates and repays the unfairness of irresponsibility in governance. They know all too well that “Evil Prevails when good does nothing.” Edmund Burke. And “Time Runs Short When There Is So Much To Do.” What is further irritating to the “The Power Elte” is that When given a chance, society and its leadership fall short of the glory of success having been sedentary for so long in minimalized action and mindset - And therefore don’t know how to perform when it is time to shine for showtime. And In every deed and action with insular thinking, only affecting change in small micro actions, concentrating on specific issues, not linking the relevancy of issues to their related relevancies or not producing results in poor performance. The only explanation that can be explained for the dereliction of duty and the snail’s pace of progress for a failing society in repeat failures is the conspiracy theory that Darwinists are in overage in the population causing an overpopulation of the wrong stuff.

Part 2: The Economy
Ok, Let’s Stop Talking About It And Let Us Just Do It! Let’s Start With The Big Picture: A New Economy With New Valuations For Currency; Endowment Funding; An Increased Minimum Wage Of $35 An Hour, $72,800 Annual Pay; $50 An Hour, $104,000 Annual Pay; $500 An Hour, $1,040,000 Annual Pay.

GAMECHANGER: Just Say No To Darwin!

In order for the game change to occur, you must create a price cost sheet of expenses you currently have and would have if you had the funding. Label them accordingly as Neccessities and Luxuries. Create 3 categories: Item, Cost, and Reason. For Example: Item-Car Seat Cover, Cost-$25, Reason-Longevity of car seat, Protection against heat, and Comfort and Ergonomics. Make sure you do not skimp on costs. You need to be honest about what you need. Remember, this is a projected price cost sheet of all your needs so you can understand the true cost of life. It may be surprising to you how much life really costs!

1. We Will Need A New Economic Structure. One That Is Based On Traditional Valuations. Other Valuations Will Need To Be Considered And We Should Use Our Imagination To Think Up All Possible Ideas For It, Such As: Information And Productivity, Precious Gems And Stones, Patents, Copyrights, Building Capability And Land Development.

2. A Minimum Wage Of + An Hour, $72,800 Annual Pay;$50 An Hour, $104,000 Annual Pay; $500 An Hour, $1,040,000 Annual Pay
3. We Will Start Up Two New Industries: A Life Planning Industry And A Network Building Industry.

4. A Concept Called Renewable Endowments Will Take Place In The New Economic System. Renewable Endowments Will Subscribe To The Theory That Each Individual, Government And Corporate Entity Should Be Entitled To Financial Establishment And Whose Purposed Driven Life Is To Invest And Create Financial Gains In Their Lifetime. No One Should Be Left In Financial Despair. The Endowment Will Guarantee Financial Security Of An Individual. The Family Network And Family Network Business Is A Back Up Safety Plan For The Individual. That In Turn Supports A Healthy And Vigorous Economy. When Individuals And Private Corporations Are Financially Independent And Viable, The Economy Is Vigorous And Self Sustaining.

5. Family Networks Of No Less Than 1 Million Connected Members Will Organize. The Purpose Will Be To Create Family Organization And Family Unity. It Will Give Individual Members A Sense Of Belonging. Family Networks Will Have At Least 10 Types Of Useful Social Clubs Such As: Home Improvement, Consumerism, Self-Esteem, Child Care, Health, Fitness, Literacy, Cooking, Home Purchasing, And Arts And Crafts. Family Networks Will Be Given Endowments Of $999 Vigintillion Renewable Every 40 Years Or When Needed In An Emergency Crisis Which Means Bankruptcy Or Severe Loss Of Funds Through No Fault Of Their Own.

6. Family Network Businesses Will Have Renewable Endowments Of $999 Vigintillion, Renewable Every 40 Years Or When Needed In An Emergency Crisis Which Means Bankruptcy Or Severe Loss Of Funds Through No Fault Of Their Own.

7. Every Individual: Man, Woman, And Child Will Have A Life Plan With Options. They Will Also Have An Individual Endowment Of $500 Nonillion Renewable Every 40 Years Or When Needed In An Emergency Crisis Which Means Bankruptcy Or Severe Loss Of Funds Through No Fault Of Their Own. Their funds can be stored in accounts for savings and investment, An expansion on the definition and utility of Advanced Health Care Directives can create financial accounts for medical and non medical accounts.

8. Single Home Based Businesses Will Have Endowments Of $10.5 Vigintillion To $185 Vigintillion Renewable On A Yearly Reporting Basis. This Base Figure Is For Basic Industry Type Classification Businesses And Will Require An Increased Amount For Luxury And Technical Industries And Does Not Include Such Hidden Costs As Pest Control, Weathering And Pollution Issues, Etc. So The Amount Needed May Need To Increase And Will Be Renewable Every 40 Years Or When Needed In An Emergency Crisis Which Means Bankruptcy Or Severe Loss Of Funds Through No Fault Of Their Own.

9. Small Businesses With 10 Employees Or Less Will Have Endowments Of $750 Quinquadragintillion For Basic Industry Type Classification Businesses With An Increased Amount For Luxury And Technical Industries And Does Not Include Such Hidden Costs As Pest Control, Weathering And Pollution Issues, Etc. So The Amount Needed May Need To Increase And Will Be Renewable Every 40 Years Or When Needed In An Emergency Crisis Which Means Bankruptcy Or Severe Loss Of Funds Through No Fault Of Their Own.

10. Mid Sized Businesses With Employees Of 500 Employees Will Have Endowments Of $985 Sexagintillion For Basic Industry Type Classification Businesses With An Increased Amount For Luxury And Technical Industries And Does Not Include Such Hidden Costs As Pest Control, Weathering And Pollution Issues, Etc. So The Amount Needed May Need To Increase And Will Be Renewable Every 40 Years Or When Needed In An Emergency Crisis Which Means Bankruptcy Or Severe Loss Of Funds Through No Fault Of Their Own.

11. Large Corporations, Conglomerations, Multi Nationals, And MI's Will Have Endowments Of $999 Sexoctogintillion For Basic Industry Type Classification Businesses With An Increased Amount For Luxury And Technical Industries Although This Does Not Include Such Hidden Costs As Pest Control, Weathering And Pollution Issues, Etc. So The Amount Needed May Need To Increase And Will Be Renewable Every 40 Years Or When Needed In An Emergency Crisis Which Means Bankruptcy Or Severe Loss Of Funds Through No Fault Of Their Own.

12. Government Will Have Unlimited Funding.

Change The World In 24 Hours. Live Your Life As If You Had Only 24 Hours To Change The World And Just Do It! Or We Will Continue To Live And Die This Way. And That Is A Painstaking Thought.

In everything we commit our beliefs to, we must impart the will of power for “That this is not how the story is going to end today.”

“Drive my dead thought over the Universe like withered leaves to quicken a new birth! And, by the incantation of this verse…The Trumpet of a Prophecy! O, Wind, If winter comes, can spring be far behind?-Percy Bysshe Shelley That we should win this race called life together as one humanity and joint effort defying the evil of Darwin’s temptations of vanity to slain the gift of our civilization for the glory of one’s narcissism-To be the singular winner at the finish line of success.

SOS: We May Never Pass This Way Again. Dying Cities America. At Any Point In Time We Have The Power To Say This Is Not How The Story Is Going To End. (Revision)


The Social Network

We Should March. We Should March and Protest on Behalf of the Issues That Are Current. If Every Organization in America Contributed a March According to This Formula, We Could Get Somewhere in This Country. From Girl Scouts to United Way to Catholic Charites to the ACLU.

You Will Be Impressive and Successful If You Protest According To This Formula and have 5 dress rehearsals to get it right so you can inform marchers of the rules so they don’t conflict with Police but will yet be able to freely express themselves.:

1. March in Costume Themes that Reinforce a Current Positive Trending or Historical Theme of Value: Paul Revere, Boston Tea Party, Minutemen, Superman, Captain America, In Yellow Capes (A Voice For the Voiceless), Santa Clause, Robin Hood, Nova Star-In Loving Memory, The Ungrateful Dead
2. Bring Props: Megaphones, Banners, Blinking Lights, Furry Hats, Stuffed Animals, Books, Lollipops, Paper Coffee Cups, Power Bars, Lemon Lime Soda because it is a function of healing (7up, sprite, sierra mist), Popcorn because popcorn is a supernatural food, Loaves of Bread because bread is a supernatural food, Cardboard of a Clock, Musical Instruments, Pom Poms, Giant Page of a Calendar, etc…
3. Recruit a Target Goal of over 1 Million Marchers
4. Get Your March Funded and Advertise It. Create a Huge Advertising Machine and Promote the March through Commercial tv ads, and Radio Ads 1 year before the event.
5. Ask For Funding of the Following: Food Trucks, Snack Carts, Beverage Carts, Floats, Musical Performance. (Pepsi, Coke, V-8 Juice, Perrier, San Pellegrino, Hansen Soda and Juice, Tree Top, Ocean Spray, Orangina, Schweppes, Power Bar, Pepperidge Farm, Nabisco, Kraft, General Mills, Hills Bros, Miller Lite, Budweiser, Newman Popcorn, Sugarfina, Godiva, DKNY, CK, Ralph Lauren, Betsy Johnson, Ted Talks, Canon Rebel Cameras, Office Depot, LG Electronics, iHeart Radio, Clear Channel Radio, Fox, Cspan, etc… or small business and farm contributions: sausage companies, pizzerias, bakeries, burger houses, coffeehouse, soda and juice companies, etc…
*Ask for Carts and Booths for Accommodation. If it can’t be supplied. You can recruit volunteers to construct them.
6. Recruit Powerful Speakers and Stick to Focus Topics.
7. Show Persuasive Trailer Movie Clips: My Fellow Citizens, Primary Colors, He Said She Said, Dave…
8. Create a Program that is lively, timed, and orchestrated.
9. Create a Movie. Hire a Production Team or Put One Together. You can also approach a film production company and have them film your March Event and cut a movie out of it.
10. Decorate the Area in Thematic Colors and Decoration.
11. Arrange with a Lawyer’s group such as the American Bar Association to have lawyers present for representation. . Set up a platform for them to station themselves on during the event.
12. Set up a help or consultation tent made up of volunteers.
13. Consult with police beforehand and welcome them to the event. Set up a platform for them to station themselves on during the event.
Please Don' let us die here this way, in Dying Cities America…We have less than 24 hours to save the life of the nation and of its people. Remember 911!
I rolled out this mornin' the kids had the mornin' news show on
Bryant Gumbel was talkin' 'bout the fighting in Lebanon
Some senator was squawkin' 'bout the bad economy
It's gonna get worse you see, we need a change in policy

There's a local paper rolled up in a rubber band
One more sad story's one more than I can stand
Just once how I'd like to see the headline say
"Not much to print today, can't find nothin' bad to say", because

Nobody robbed a liquor store on the lower part of town
Nobody OD'ed, nobody burned a single buildin' down
Nobody fired a shot in anger, nobody had to die in vain
We sure could use a little good news today

I'll come home this evenin', I'll bet that the news will be the same
Somebody takes a hostage, somebody steals a plane
How I wanna hear the anchor man talk about a county fair
And how we cleaned up the air, how everybody learned to care
Whoa, tell me

Nobody was assassinated in the whole Third World today
And in the streets of Ireland, all the children had to do was play
And everybody loves everybody in the good old USA
We sure could use a little good news today

Nobody robbed a liquor store on the lower part of town
Nobody OD'ed, nobody burned a single buildin' down
Nobody fired a shot in anger, nobody had to die in vain
We sure could use a little good news today

A Little Good News Today-Ann Murray

Night Skies Overhead: Pursey Us
Night Skies cover the space over me.
Twinkle twinkle in the sky, bright and shiny for my eye
Nights for stargazing magic's glory
A magisterial sight of brilliance and illumination
Is a decorated sky of starlight's gift
Moonbeams fill the space of wonder's hope
A dash of wish lulls scorned hearts with blessed assurance
The prance of night's passions' gelling scope


The Passion of Life
Adaptations by the Incredible Epic Team

Death be not proud though some have called thee mighty and dreadful.[1]
Harken the conventions of the purest gold.[2]
Gather ye tomorrows to the glorious lamps of heaven and to the higher greetings of the sun.[3]
Enter the race of life to be run to the setting of the spring sun.[4]
Use your time as once in your prime for every mortal you must carry;[5]
And pledge with the divine cup of Hope’s Nectar,[6]
Honouring life’s golden poetry [7]
Giving it glory that would not be amidst the darkened days of the Gods’ dimmed sight[8]
And forward the grand brigade of mercy[9]
To the mending wall of salvation, [10]
For souls that await their devoted providence.[11]

[1] John Donne-Death
[2] Robert Herrick-To the Virgins to Make Much of Time
[3] Robert Herrick-To the Virgins to Make Much of Time
[4] Robert Herrick-To the Virgins to Make Much of Time
[5] Robert Herrick-To the Virgins to Make Much of Time
[6] Ben Johnson-Song to Celia

[7] Ben Johnson-Song to Celia

[8] Ben Johnson-Song to Celia

[9] Ben Johnson-Song to Celia

[10] Ben Johnson-Song to Celia

[11] Ben Johnson-Song to Celia

Patches of Gods Light Stream Through

St. Elizabeth School is a Catholic community centered in Christ and committed to the formation of th

Operating as usual


Our Student Council Officers are leading the school in our daily recitation of one decade of the rosary. Each grade level will take a turn at reciting a decade for the month of October.


End of school year prayer service 🙏 & award show 🌟!

Photos from St. Elizabeth School Hawaii's post 06/04/2022

A very busy week for our students! Our kindergarten and Preschool class graduated this week.

Our teachers were so proud of things they have accomplished this year! Can’t wait to see them back next year.


Kindergarten 2022 Graduation!


Congratulations to the class of 2022! This class embodied the St.Elizabeth spirit inside and out.

Caring, loving, and ambitious are some of the words our teachers described this 8th grade class. Wherever God takes you, remember to never lose faith in HIM and you are always welcomed to visit St.Elizabeth School again. We can’t wait for what God has in store for every single one of you!


Saint Elizabeth’s 2022 Graduation!

Photos from St. Elizabeth School Hawaii's post 05/19/2022

Our 7th and 8th graders  are so excited to go on retreat after two years! May God bless them today and always!


Our May Day program has concluded!!

Our program can be watched on our Facebook it is split into three parts! Be sure to watch all of them! More photos of our event will be posted on our page.

Photos from St. Elizabeth School Hawaii's post 05/03/2022

“But grow in the grave and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen”- 2 Peter 3:18

Our 8th graders had their portfolio presentation these last couple days . These presentations celebrate their separate journeys that each 8th grader took while enrolled at SES. A student might show the very beginnings of where they learned right from wrong and how the knowledge of right and wrong allowed them to participate more actively in issues important to the Catholic Church.

Photos from St. Elizabeth School Hawaii's post 04/27/2022

"Peter said to them, "Repent, and each of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; and you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit." - Acts 2:38

As we come back from our Easter Vacation, some of our students received the Holy Sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist, and confirmation! Let's give them a big congratulations!

Photos from St. Elizabeth School Hawaii's post 04/09/2022

On our last day before our Easter Break, we held our “St.Elizabeth School Easter Egg Hunt”. Our faculty and staff joined in on the fun by finding their golden eggs (last photo).

As a reminder for this Easter season, we invite you to continue to reflect on your Lenten journey in the light of Christ’s Resurrection. Continue to incorporate the spiritual practices you took on during this time and to remember to rejoice, because Christ is soon to be risen. We can’t wait to see our students again on April 25th.


Congratulations to our 6th Graders for winning the 23rd Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Peace Poetry Contest

First Place - Celine Calhau
Second Place - Qairo Soarez
Special award for Hawaiian Poem - Kalehiwa

SES Ohana is very proud of you.

Photos from St. Elizabeth School Hawaii's post 03/31/2022

March is a very special month for our principal Sr.Olive as she is celebrating 25 years of Religious profession! May God Bless her with many more years.
Thank you Sr. Olive!


The mission of The Parent Institute is to encourage parent involvement in the education of their children. Schools with the most family engagement are the most successful. All the studies say that getting parents and families involved with their children's education produces better schools, better test scores, better discipline, and a better work environment for teachers.

Click the link below to see March's edition of "Helping Children Learn"

Photos from St. Elizabeth School Hawaii's post 03/12/2022

Our 8th graders did a reader’s theatre version of “Romeo and Juliet.” The catch is that the males from the original were now females. In other words, Juliet was the one pursuing Romeo.

Photos from St. Elizabeth School Hawaii's post 03/03/2022

“ in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” - Genesis 3;19

Our students are showing off their ashes as we are starting the season of Lent. 🙏🕊

Photos from St. Elizabeth School Hawaii's post 03/02/2022

Celebrating Mardi Gras as we are preparing ourselves for Lent! 🥳🎉


Memory Match

Our Preschooler is training his brain muscles with a memory match game!

Open House Final Edit 02/23/2022

Open House Final Edit

Our 2022 Virtual Open House is now live! click the link below to watch our video!

Remember to share it with your friends and family who are interested in enrolling with SES next year. Help our Saint Elizabeth School Ohana grow!

Open House Final Edit Here is St.Elizabeth School 2022 Open House video!

Photos from St. Elizabeth School Hawaii's post 02/15/2022

Happy Valentine’s Day from our St. Elizabeth students!

Photos from St. Elizabeth School Hawaii's post 02/07/2022

Our little angels of God posing for the photo!

Photos from St. Elizabeth School Hawaii's post 02/04/2022

Catholic School Week is a celebration of Catholic education and an opportunity to recognize the importance, the value, and the contributions of Catholic education to the Church and the world.

We are grateful to be able to strengthen our students catholic ideology and faith everyday. Here are some photos from our Catholic School Week!

Photos from St. Elizabeth School Hawaii's post 02/02/2022

Today for Catholic Schools Week our students dressed up in their pajamas!


St. Elizabeth School - Day of Giving 2022

Our annual "Day of Giving" is coming up! The money raised this year will help repair and replenish our school for current and future students.

We will send our the link on 2/1/22 at 07:00 AM HAST when the "Day of Giving" appeal goes live.

St. Elizabeth School - Day of Giving 2022

Photos from St. Elizabeth School Hawaii's post 01/25/2022

Our Kindergarten class reached 100 days of schooling! We are incredibly proud of our students reaching this milestone this year.

Let’s give them a big congratulations in the comments.


Help support St.Elizabeth School through our ongoing Zippy's fundraiser.

The proceeds will go to a new awning for our school. This will help shelter our students against the sun during recess, assemblies, and end-of-the-day car pick-ups.

There are now 5 options to choose from! You can call our office to purchase/reserve your tickets now!


Sister Esther helps our students understand how much Jesus loves us!

Photos from St. Elizabeth School Hawaii's post 01/04/2022

Our students are ready to start this New Year on the right note. 🎇 🙏

What are some of your New Year Resolutions?

Photos from St. Elizabeth School Hawaii's post 12/16/2021

Our students brought in their “ugly” sweaters today!

Show us your ugly sweater by tagging us (.elizabethschool.hi) in your story or post!

Photos from St. Elizabeth School Hawaii's post 12/14/2021

Our Christmas Spirit Week has started! 🎄 ⭐️🤙🏾

Today, our students got to wear Christmas accessories with their uniforms!

What is your favorite part about Christmas?

Photos from St. Elizabeth School Hawaii's post 12/11/2021

Our students are getting into the CHRISTmas spirit! 🎄🙏

Our Christmas program will be live streamed on Thursday December 16th, 2021. Teachers will send the video link via email.


Our 5th graders are getting their costumes fitted and ready for our annual nativity play!

Can you guess what our two students are dressed as?


Congratulations to 5th grader Alyssa de Jesus, 6th grader Kalehiwa Nakanelua-Kepa, 6th grader Ryder Coballes, 7th grader Travis Teson, and 8th grader Isabelle Van De Water

Who won the district Soccer Challenge sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. Go SES Crusaders!


A reminder that our Alumni Mass is tonight.

The Mass will be live streamed and you can find the link on our church website.

Come pray with us in thanksgiving for the gift of our school and greet your classmates and former teachers whom you haven't seen in many years. Do you know of any St. Elizabeth alumni who are in other parishes, on a neighbor island, or on the mainland? Please alert them to this event.

Bentos will be served after Mass with activities to follow. Can't wait to see all you there!


Our 6th grade student researched and gathered photos from her home to create this beautiful family tree. 🌳

Photos from St. Elizabeth School Hawaii's post 11/16/2021

Our preschoolers are having fun in our playground! 🤩

Photos from St. Elizabeth School Hawaii's post 11/09/2021

Sister Esther taught our preschoolers the proper manners when they enter the church.

This is our preschoolers first time attending our church. Can’t you tell they were excited?!

Videos (show all)

End of school year prayer service 🙏 & award show 🌟!
Kindergarten 2022 Graduation!
Saint Elizabeth’s 2022 Graduation!
Memory Match
Sister Esther helps our students understand how much Jesus loves us!
Our 6th graders created their story book outline!
Sister Emilie and Father Romple’s last speech before the leave to St.Micheals
8th grade’s final presentation!





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