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Lincoln Elementary in Adrian, Michigan The school is located near Adrian College in the center of an established family neighborhood in the southwest section of the city.

Lincoln prides itself on parent and community enthusiasm and participation. Extensive work with two local colleges, Adrian College and Siena Heights University, provides direct contact with student teachers, interns and tutors who give students a one-on-one partnership that is a very successful environment for learning.

Operating as usual


Our librarian, Miss Ann, recommends anything by Oliver Jeffers or Peter Reynolds. She says these are "beautifully illustrated children's books that will mean a lot to adults, too. Both authors seek to form bonds with children and introduce to them to the world and all it contains. They will pull at your heart strings and help you rejoice in life."


Family Literacy Night (2021-03-10 at 15:04 GMT-8)

Did you miss Literacy Night? You can still watch the video to hear how Lincoln teaches reading, tips to help your readers at home, and stories read by Dori Durbin and a special Mystery Reader.


If you're one of the first 25 people to complete the survey at bit.ly/Lincreadingsurvey, you'll receive a copy of Dori Durbin's new book. Everyone who completes the survey will also be entered to win a gift basket with snacks, activities, and books that was donated by First United Methodist Church.

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Please join us at Literacy Night tonight at 6:00. The Google Meet link has been emailed via the school alert system, so if you didn't receive it, let [email protected] know. We'll be doing a number of things, including a fun scavenger hunt and talking about how Lincoln grows readers.


Our next March is Reading Month book recommendation comes from Mrs. Finch, one of our in-person 4th grade teachers. "Our Service Dogs" is by a very special author--her daughter, Amber Hill!

She says, "This is the second book written by my daughter, Amber. It's about child disability and the service dogs that help. Her daughter was born with cerebral palsy, and is the inspiration behind the book. I like the book because it features real children with real disabilities and real service dogs. Also, I am probably partial because she is my daughter. :) She is coming to visit 4th grade next week to read her book and introduce Riley, her service dog, to us."


Lincoln students Ethan Nichols and Giuliana Alvarado, along with several other K-12 APS students, have art being displayed in downtown Adrian business fronts for the 2021 spring art exhibition. Artwork will be proudly displayed for the next two months!


Do you have a child who's interested in Little League? Registration runs through March 31!


Here's our March newsletter.


We're so excited!

The Recreation Department is finally back up and running after a tough year away from our students. We are ready to launch new programs starting this spring, and there will be more this summer to keep our Maple students busy.

One new change is the shift to on-line registration only. Through financial support from the City of Adrian, we are now able to partner with RecDesk, an interactive sports and recreation software that will allow parents to create students an account, register them with ease, keep track of upcoming activities, as well as review previous programs, upload pertinent medical info, and a wealth of other important features.

This spring, we are launching our Maple Pride Swim Program as well as our Cross Country Run Club, which has partnered with this year's Spring Into Fitness 5K. Registration is now open, and we are excited to be back.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact Recreation Director Jeremiah Davies at 517-417-6299 or [email protected]

Click on the link below to view programs:


As part of March is Reading Month, we'll be sharing our staff members' favorite books. Some are childhood favorites and others are what they love as an adult.

Our first selection is from Mrs. Armstrong, one of our 4th grade teachers who is teaching virtually this year. She says of "The Forgotten Door," "I read this book to my students every year and every year they love it. It's about a boy from a different planet who accidentally gets stranded on earth, and It's a great way to launch talk about how we sometimes treat people who are different from ourselves. I loved this book when I was a child, and I still enjoy it to this day. Another famous book by this author is Escape to Witch Mountain."

[03/04/21]   Reminder: Both today and tomorrow are half days with 12:10 pm dismissal.


February 2020

Congratulations, and we are so proud to announce the following Lincoln Virtual and Face to Face students being honored for showing Maple P.R.I.D.E (Productivity, Respect, Independence, Determination, Excellence) in school with our Whale Done Award! Every two weeks to a month teachers and staff nominate just one student from each class to receive the award. Virtual students may come to school to pick up their certificate and whale, pictured below!

Ja'mir Buie approaches each day with respect, integrity, and productivity! He is always on task, demonstrates role model traits and is kind and caring toward all who encounters him . Ja'mir is a true Maple Pride role model.

Jaliyah Donald is a hard worker and gives 100% all the time. She helps others when they struggle academically and always has a positive attitude.

Wylie Yuen has come so far in his journey as a virtual student. He has gone from the uncertainty that we all felt at the beginning of the school year, to demonstrating confidence, working hard, and consistently turning in his best and most creative effort as we come to the end of our second trimester. Wylie does excellent work, is on time or ahead of schedule on all of his assignments, and shows up for the meetings and commitments involved in our virtual 4th grade. Wylie is a pleasure to talk with, to work with, and to teach. He is especially strong in the areas of excellence and determination.

Kaleb Pelham does a great job at showing Maple PRIDE. He shows determination in always finishing and completing his work the best that he can and asking questions when he is not sure. Kaleb shows integrity in using his time correctly and when asked to do things for others. He encourages those around him by his example of showing excellence and determination to other students.
Danielle Sanchez has shown PRIDE throughout the weeks we have been here by being friends with everyone around her. Following Directions and showing Integrity and Responsibility when or if she does something wrong. She has shown excellence by putting her all into Writing, Reading, Music and Gym Class.

Isabella Chesher I am so proud of the year Isabella is having. She is a strong peer, who cares for others and is willing to help when she can. She is funny and cheerful. Her ability to problem solves and offer advice is one of the best features of her personality. She has become such a proud, hardworking math student. Bella puts in the time and determination to learn the new material presented to her and asks questions when needed. Keep up the good work!
Wyatt Miller is always kind and respectful to his peers during Google Meets. He takes turns listening, comments on their work, and shares his ideas. Wyatt is a role model for excellent behavior when it comes to virtual meetings.

Jessica Harris has been very responsible for getting her work done and even working at home!

Dane Eichorn has really worked hard the past few months on his reading and writing. He has been productive and shown excellence in his progress. He is really showing an interest in learning to read and write! I'm very proud of Dane.

Charlee Cox made the transition from virtual learning to face-to-face learned like a pro! She quickly caught on to the classroom expectations and has been a role model ever since!

Tre Tindall works hard on his math every day, even when he was at home on quarantine! He is respectful and tries to do his best in all he does. He consistently "starts with what he knows" when confronted with a difficult problem. Way to go Tre!!

Easton Coscarelli is a fantastic student and classmate to his peers. He shows respect each day by treating me very one fairly and being kind. He shows determination each day by working his absolute hardest and always adding to the classroom conversations. He always shows integrity by doing what’s right! Easton is a model student! Keep it up!

Axil Davies alway shows respect to his peers and determination when completing assignments in class.

Lincoln Staff Members of the Month
Each month, Teachers and staff members are nominated by their peers to receive the Lincoln Staff Member of the Month Award. This year we will be honoring both a face to face and virtual staff member for this award. Recipients get to post this awesome yard sign at their home, and the face to face nominee gets to park in the coveted Staff Member of the Month Parking Space.

Congratulations February Staff Member of the Month - Ms. Wetzel!
Tasha Wetzel was nominated by several staff members for several reasons, including: Tasha was quick to respond to my call for help in getting the basement storage area cleaned out as well as the old ART room in the basement moving things to the computer lab :) Always willing to help! She was also super helpful in organizing and cleaning the basement to prepare for the addition of Ms. Wingfield's classroom. She provided extra materials to new teachers, and helped new teachers get going and feel comfortable. I greatly appreciate all she does. Thanks for the hard work and spending your own time organizing the basement.

Other Nominees include:

Kim Sayler is incredible! She goes out of her way to help her students and even other students when needed. She also goes out of her way for her teachers that she works with. Her dedication to her position is unmatched!

Missy Williams. Missy has come in committed, focused and willing to do what needs to be done to support the need of learning loss! much appreciated! Team player!

Mrs. Ann has done a great job in being flexible, having a Library on a cart and in the classroom, has ordered and shelved new books for our kiddos!!!

Milo Warren Works incredibly hard to keep the school safe and clean. In addition, he always has a bright smiling face in the morning and throughout the day.

Mari Alvarez- Working extremely hard to benefit her students. She immediately put together additional small group instructions and rolled it out within days of a conversation. She puts her heart into her students, and it is evident in the way she talks about her career.
Jeanne Alexander is very pleasant, flexible and professional. She is a pleasure to work with.

Laurie Horton is always quick to help when a ladder or something is needed. She does a great job cleaning!

Annette Cypret for helping out with CICO. She is a great team member!

Tarah Pence comes to work everyday with a smile on her face and is such a team player. She works in multiple areas, she didn’t hesitate when asked to be in a classroom everyday, along with her lunch room responsibilities. We all love her and appreciate her every single day!

Lindsey Wingfield - has done an amazing job of transitioning into teaching with her students here at Lincoln. She is always warm and welcoming when I see her in the hall. She has also adapted to be a 1-2 split classroom.

Dawn Huggins - was very helpful in helping with organizing and cleaning the basement space to make room for Ms. Wingfield's classroom to join us at Lincoln. She sent out text messages to invite us to help on the weekend. I am grateful for all she does for her students and us every day.

Dawn Huggins & Tasha Wetzel as thanks to all their hard work on their own time organizing the basement! Thanks ladies!

Tasha Wetzel, Maria Oroczo, and Michelle Cunningham because they are willing to help me all the time, every time. With it being my first year, it's been tough and these 4 are always checking in on me :)

Cathy works hard every day. She is constantly keeping herself busy while helping numerous students in our building. She looks for ways to serve others while running from class to class. She is consistent in maintaining a high work ethic. I personally have never heard her speak negatively about any person or student. I think that is pretty cool!

Marc Comstock, because he is always pitching in subbing when and where needed.


Yesterday we kicked off March is Reading Month with local author Dori Durbin. She will be joining us on March 10 to read her new book during Reading Night, which begins at 6:00 pm.

Remember to return your registration slip or RSVP online at http://bit.ly/Lincolnreading21! We have extended the registration deadline to Friday, March 5. Let us know you're coming by this date and receive an info bag with resources for home, a book from PTO, and snacks!

events.anr.msu.edu 03/01/2021

Cooking Matters at Home with Adrian Public Schools

Don't forget that today is the last day you can register for Cooking Matters with MSU Extension! Space is still available for both the daytime (12-1 pm) and evening (7-8 pm) class. You'll get a $50 gift card if you attend all 5 classes.

Register at https://events.anr.msu.edu/CMHAPS2021/ for either the day or evening class.

events.anr.msu.edu Cooking Matters at Home hands-on courses serve limited resource families and offer five cooking lessons to parents and other caregivers of children.


Reminder: Today is the last day to watch our Success & Organization Q&A and fill out the survey for a chance to win a prize!

Click here:

And if you're interested in all the great organization resources Mrs. Finch shared, she has made everything available for download:


Whether you are learning virtually or in person this year, you're invited to Reading Night on March 10 at 6:00 pm. Flyers will be on their way home soon to in person students, and you can also register at http://bit.ly/Lincolnreading21. We have a fun night planned with local author Dori Durbin, tips to help with reading at home, a Literacy scavenger hunt, and more! Register by March 3 to get a Reading Night info bag with more information and a gift from PTO.

Griffith Horky Kindergarten, Huggins Kindergarten, Natasha Wetzel, Coatsworth's Classroom, MissWingfield's Firstand SecondClass, Roberts's Classroom, Lincoln 4th Grade Adrian Maples 2020-2021, Benschoter's Classroom, Felver's Classroom

docs.google.com 02/24/2021

Success and Organization

If you missed last night's Q&A on Success and Organization, you can still watch the video! Fill out the survey by Friday, February 26, and you might win a prize.

docs.google.com Fill out the survey by Friday, February 26, and be entered to win a prize!

[02/24/21]   Please Note: Drop off time and supervision on school grounds begins at 8:25am. Thank you in advance for following our school and district expectation!

events.anr.msu.edu 02/24/2021

Cooking Matters at Home with Adrian Public Schools

MSU Extension has let us know they will now be able to provide a $50 gift card for anyone who registers and attends all five sessions of Cooking Matters!

Register at https://events.anr.msu.edu/CMHAPS2021/ for either the day or evening class.

events.anr.msu.edu Cooking Matters at Home hands-on courses serve limited resource families and offer five cooking lessons to parents and other caregivers of children.


Don't forget our Success & Organization Q&A tonight at 6:00 pm! The login info was emailed yesterday, and you do not have to have pre-registered to join us. Bring your questions about Google classroom, transitioning from virtual to in person, preparing for middle school, or anything else you're wondering about. You'll even have the chance to win a prize!


Johnny Bradley, our top Mrs. Fields fundraiser salesperson, is our Principal for the Day!

[02/23/21]   We just got word that there is a change to the lunch menu for tomorrow and Thursday. Tomorrow is French bread pizza and Thursday will be French toast sticks.


Next week is Spirit Week for Adrian High School Winterfest 2021. Lincoln will follow the dress-up schedule below if you want to participate.

[02/19/21]   Big Ups to The City of Adrian, Matt Tomaszewski and crew! We needed to get some snow plowed to make things safer for kids, and they responded immediately and got it done! Thank You!!!


Cooking Matters at Home promo.mp4

Our next class with MSU Extension has been scheduled! If you're interested in Cooking Matters starting March 2 at either 12 pm or 7 pm, you can get more information and register at https://events.anr.msu.edu/CMHAPS2021/.

Vickie Pfeifer from MSU Extension explains more about the class here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MCpjd1t5ekyMb_9sTdd7eXgc3l03Q9ui/view?usp=sharing

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