Lenawee County Retired School Personnel

Lenawee County Retired School Personnel


My sister-in-law is working on this. If you have any information to share, send it to [email protected]
Thought I would share with retired staff. In 29 years working for TPS I saw many changes, come and go, some good, some not so good. I worry about some of the changes going on now. I decided to share the letter I wrote. After sharing with a person my concerns about the direction Tecumseh Public Schools is heading I was advised to write a letter to the editor/community to share my concerns and knowledge about how things have changed at Compass Learning Center. After much thought and prayer I decided I would write this letter. My thoughts come from my experiences while working at the Compass Learning Center the last three years. It is not speculation as to how it is, it is how I saw it. I know there is and has been a lot of talk and concern over the East and West Learning Centers, PBL and plaques being removed, but my concerns are with the Compass Learning Center and the changes there. As an employee at the Compass I had concerns for the evolving lack of administration support, lack of consequences, changes in curriculum, changes in grading, having two teachers sharing a classroom (meaning up to 60 students/learners in one room), no library ( I know that there is one now, but at the start there wasn’t going to be), crowded playgrounds, having to travel from one end of the building to the other to go to one’s locker, calling teachers facilitators, calling students learners, no desks for teachers, teachers responsible for outfitting their rooms with sofas, pillows, rocking chairs, easy chairs, cushions, high top tables, stools, and carpeting, disappearing textbooks, students allowed to have their cell phone in classrooms, and lack of dress code enforcement. The biggest concern was the empowerment of learners and lack of consequences. I do believe children need consequences, so it was hard when we stopped giving them. Instead we would ask “what can we do to”, we wanted the learner to be happy. Many times candy was given to them. The superintendent’s answer was if a student is flipping you off, yelling at you, being disrespectful and fleeing the classroom you need to build a better relationship with that student. Wow! I for one prided myself on the relationships I built with students as I believe many of the staff does as well. Relationships are wonderful, but so are consequences. It was getting harder to do my job. I did not want to retire, but I did not need the stress of going to work and worrying about being kicked, hit, disrespected and then students having no consequences. Lack of consequences was one change I found hard to work with. Hence I retired. I’m just one, but the changes at TPS just weren’t for me. I tried to embrace the changes, but I failed. Yes, change is hard and for TPS it started with a survey, which was marketed as a need to even/balance out building usage. In reality I believe as do many others that the superintendent wanted buildings to use as Steam Learning Centers. The survey was just to have it appear that the changes in building assignments were “community” driven. Actually before the survey there was the book inevitable Mass Customized Learning, by Charles Schwahn and Beatrice McGarvey. Copyright 2012. (yes, I know the i should be capitalized but it is lower case on the book). The book was a required reading assignment for the staff. Please read and see what Mass Customized Learning is all about and the direction the superintendent is taking our schools. Then came professional development on “change”, since it was inevitable that TPS would be going through change. With change there are those who embrace it, those who question/reject it and those who sit on the fence. TPS has those who are onboard/embracing and those that are not. For those not onboard/embracing it is in their best interest to go along with the changes and not speak their concerns or ask questions. As they read in inevitable they are welcome to get off the bus if they cannot embrace the changes. The superintendent agrees, if you are not onboard with the change, get off the bus. Change was inevitable. However, most staff as well as the community believed TPS would be transitioning into the inevitable changes, but BAM!!! teachers are called facilitators not teachers, students are now learners, things are no longer for adult convenience, but are Uncompromisingly Learner Centered, students have been empowered, dumpsters are placed at Middle School and staff instructed to purge, even books are dumped, desk, chairs, tables discarded, staff receiving new assignments, some happy, some not, at the Compass for lack of rooms teachers are paired up and will share a room, so 60 learners to a classroom, buildings are renamed, (that way test scores will not count for three years), gyms are torn out, turned into collaboration centers, all history is removed such as banners, trophies and plaques, new modern furniture is purchased for Steam Centers, TPS loses some good, teachers and stand to lose more, staff is having to deal with stress and health issues, parents pulling their child/children, many more wanting to pull their child/children. So much for transitioning. It’s a mess to say the least. I want to believe that the superintendent and board have the children’s best interest at heart. However, I think they went about implementing the changes too fast and were not honest about many things. There are or should be consequences for not doing it right. Hence the recall. The TPS staff, students, parents and the community deserve honesty, transparency and integrity. Heartfelt thanks to all the hard working very competent teachers we have at TPS. May this all be resolved and and behind us soon. I know it’s wearing for most everyone. God Bless Respectfully, Claudia Trapp
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Lenawee County teachers and other personnel do not need to end their association with education upon their retirement from Lenawee schools.

Lenawee County teachers and other personnel do not need to end their association with education upon their retirement from Lenawee schools. Almost 300 retired teachers and other oersonnel are currently members of the Lenawee County Chapter of the Michigan Association of Retired School Personnel.

Hope to see many of you on January the 22nd.

The Lenawee County Retired School Personnel luncheon was a great success today. Great fellowship, very informative presentations. Our members donated non-parish-able food items. The items were donated to The Women & Children Mission Neighbors of Hope in Tecumseh Mi.

For your information.

My sister-in-law is working on this. If you have any information to share, send it to [email protected]

Hello L.C.R.S.P. We are enjoying family time in South Carolina. See you in November.

L.C.R.S.P. FIRST LUNCHEON OF THE 2019-2020 Year. A good time, great food and good conversation . Album B. Please feel free to tag yourself.

L.C.R.S.P. FIRST LUNCHEON OF THE 2019-2020 Year. A good time, great food and good conversation . Album A. Please feel free to tag yourself.

This is what should happen between rivalries when one side is hurting. Our foe in sports, but when real life kicks and knock us down we should all stand together and lift each other up.

In rememberance of AJ Marry, former APS teacher and coach that went to Tecumseh in 2015 as a Teacher and Coach, the APS Boys Golf Team wore Tecumseh Hoodies to honor the former Maple and in support of the Tecumseh Team and community. Go Maples. Go Indians. RIP Mr. Marry

A chance to get better.

Here is the waiver form for the freestyle clinic.

This is a thank you note from Associated Charities. They were very HAPPY with the donation of the hats, gloves, socks, and scarfs.

[02/27/19]   Today’s luncheon was very enjoyable. The tri cabbage presentation were delicious. The general discussion on scams that are making the rounds were very enlightening. Thanks to all for your donations. The hats, gloves, socks and other warm clothing were taken to Associated Charity. I then drove around Adrian and Tecumseh and dropped some of the books off at some Little Library’s.

[01/16/19]   The L.C.R.S.P. luncheon scheduled for today is canceled. All schools in Lenawee County are closed. The Tech Center is closed.

Raymond Schmidt president of the L.C.R.S.P. and his granddaughters Katy and Clare Schmidt deliver Toys for Tots to the Compass Learning Center School. The toys were a donation from the Lenawee County Retired School Personnel. Merry Christmas to all.

More photos from today’s L.C.R.S.P. Luncheon November 30, 2018.

L.C.R.S.P. Luncheon at the L.I.S.D. Tech Center. November 30, 2018. Great fellowship and super food.

L.C.R.S.P. First luncheon of 2018-2019. Great programs, great food, and even greater fellowship.

[07/07/18]   L.C.R.S.P. Members.

I know that it has been awhile since we have had contact with each other. Sorry for my lack of communication.

We have not been able to set a schedule for our meeting for the 2018-2019 year. The L.I.S.D. Tech Center staff had until the first of July to schedule the meeting rooms for their use. The Tech Center is closed until the 9th of July. As of the 28th of June they had not yet hired a replacement for Jake Graf who was the Chef who taught the Culinary Arts Classes. I am setting up a meeting for this Wednesday July the 11 with our Board Members to select dates and to determine program selections.

We will try our best to schedule our meeting that will be good for everyone.

If you have suggestions for Programs for this coming year please e-mail them to me with information on them. I need them by Tuesday July 9th. With Mid-Term elections in November I would look at that as part of our first meeting.

Please send those IDEAS for the meeting Programs by Tuesday July the 10th.

Thank You Very Much


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L.C.R.S.P. Luncheon October 4, 2017 (Album 2)

L.C.R.S.P. Luncheon October 4, 2017 (Album 1)

The first L.C.R.S.P. luncheon is scheduled for October 4, 2017 at eleven am at the Lenawee Tech Center.

[07/11/17]   Leva Alice Brown 96, of Tecumseh, died peacefully on July 9, 2017 at Fieldstone in Tecumseh. She was born on April 18, 1921 in Clinton, MI, to the late Clare and Margaret (Murphy) Gillespie. She was united in marriage on March 9, 1946 to Charles Mervin Brown, and they shared 59 years together before his death in 2005.

Leva was a member of the First Presbyterian Church of Tecumseh. She worked for 30 years as a Home Economics Teacher for Tecumseh High School. With Charles, she spent her winters in Florida and loved traveling the U.S., Canada, and Europe. She was a member of Lenawee county retired teachers, MEA-R & NEA-R. She enjoyed baking, sewing, gardening and volunteering of her time. Leva loved spending time with her family and friends.

Leva is survived by sons, Richard C. Brown of Jonesville, Michigan and Robert J. (Valda Karlsons) Brown of Kalamazoo, Michigan. Her three grandchildren Anna Brown, Mindy Brown and Aldan Brown. A sister Marcheta Busch of Clinton, Michigan. She was preceded in death by her parents, husband Charles, brother and sister in law Roger & Phyllis Gillespie and a brother in law Joseph Busch.

Funeral service for Leva will be held on Monday, July 17, 2017 at Tecumseh Chapel of Handler Funeral Homes at 3pm with a visitation from 1-3pm. Burial at Brookside Cemetery. Memorial contributions may be made to First Presbyterian church of Tecumseh.

L.C.R.S.P.  LUNCHEON MAY 24, 2017

L.C.R.S.P. LUNCHEON MAY 24, 2017

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Lenawee County Retired School Personnel

L.C.R.S.P. Luncheon meeting at Lenawee Tech Center 01.18.2017.

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Stop Humiliating Teachers - The New Yorker


newyorker.com The U.S. has a tendency, when there’s an economic or social crisis, to affix unfair blame on public-school teachers.

Photos from Lenawee County Retired School Personnel's post

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L.C.R.S.P. donated food to the Tecumseh Service Club in November 2015

Lenawee County Retired School Personnel's cover photo

Lenawee County Retired School Personnel

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