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Adrian Catholic Central High School


It is with a heavy heart that I announce another member of the Class of ‘66 has gone to rest with our Lord. Diana Peay Francoeur passed away today, Jan. 30, 2022. There are no details at this time.
Wanted all to know that Ellen Palmer passed away last August, class of 1958, she is greatly missed.
Thinking of you Ed Herr. Feel better soon
Does anyone know where Richard "Tucker" Hikes is living now?
I am so Sorry to hear of Tanners Passing.
Reminder to Class of 1967. Reunion coming up fast!!! Please send in your reservations soon so we can get a head count!! Joe Martin's, Sat Aug 25 and Pete Clauda's Aug 26!!

This School was under construction in September of 1953 and is still standing renamed the Piotter Ce

Operating as usual


Speaking now as Mike Keifer I am So Sorry to say that we lost another Alumni and Hero yesterday from Pancreatic Cancer his name is Robert Thompson Jr. Bob was our Classmate for one year before transferring to Adrian High School. His Father coached football when we were in grade school.

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Thank You Alumni for attending the All School Reunion Last Evening I Hope You All Enjoyed It.


Got home and found 2 Messages from Mrs. Spagnoli and I am so Happy to say that Coach plans on attending the Reunion.

Obituary information for Patricia Dermyer 08/29/2023

Love You Sister Rest In Peace ! She was an alumni of Adrian Catholic Central and the last thing she gave to me ( Mike Keifer ) was the banner that hung in the Gymnasium that was provided from Maumee Company.

Obituary information for Patricia Dermyer View Patricia Dermyer's obituary, contribute to their memorial, see their funeral service details, and more.


Posting as Mike Keifer Moderator of this Page Mrs. Spagnoli texted me last night after 12 AM that Our Beloved Coach will be Inducted into the Tecumseh High School Hall Of Fame. During Halftime Ceremonies of their Home Football Game on September 29 2023. The night before Our Reunion on the 30th of September So a Reason to Help Coach CELEBRATE His INDUCTION take in a Football Game and Witness his INDUCTION. I Think Mrs Spagnoli is looking Forward and I think She Wants this to be His last Great Accomplishment and Want Us There For it. I Thought this would be a Great Tribute to Coach I just wished I had a Lettermans Coat to wear to meet him in it. What say Ye Lettermen let's be there for Coach. Let's fill their Stands For Coach all Alumni should be there for this Great Man and Mentor


I Mike Keifer came into some great Memorabilia from Joyce and Ge Stepansky. You might not know yet but they will be moving to Florida permanently. They Sold their house so they parted with some Great Photos and 2 scrap books all about Catholic Central Sports. ALSO Ge gave me a box of 16 mm films which I will have transferred to digital DVD's and then transferred to finger drives. I have not opened the box yet but it is heavy so this could be football films, Golf perhaps Track perhaps I am just not sure yet. But the picture I posted here says it All and right now Alumni this beloved Man NEEDS are PRAYERS and LOVE Coach is a fighter that's for sure. ALSO Pray for his Loved Wife Judy who will or has hip Surgery.


Dear Alumni I received terrible news this morning about another Alumni and Dear Friend passing away Thursday. Robert Bob Wagner was surrounded by his Wife and Family over in Clinton MI. Bob graduated from Adrian Catholic Central High School back in 1959. He worked with his Father selling automobiles at Milt Wagner Pontiac and Datsun Dealership. Rest In Peace my Dear Friend You will be in my heart and mind forever. Arrangements are still pending at this time.


Those out of towners looking for a room might I suggest the following Hampton Inn Suites it is new and it is by all the major Food venues. There's also the Holiday Inn Express, the Super 8 all by the food venues, then farther out on HWY US 223 is the Comfort Inns and the Careton Lodge.


Here is the latest News ALUMNI this will be in all the Church bulletins in Lenawee County. Please read and Pass the word to fellow Classmates Please. Food will be light Hors d' ocuvres


Let's try this again save this Date 9/30/23 for the All School Reunion to be held in the ag merchants building at the Lenawee County Fairgrounds. The attire is very casual bonfire type perhaps some outside activities like Hide and Go Seek if we wish to seek you. It will be a B.Y.O.B if you are a resident bring lawn chairs for bonfire. We will have finger snacks to munch on and finger sandwiches for your appetite. More information to come. There will be NO MAILINGS going out so like this page or Adrian Catholic Central Friends or something like that.


Save this Date to your device
9 / 30 / 23
For there will be NO MAILINGS for the Reunion. Please pass the word to all your Classmates and will be a B.Y.O.B. and very casual


We need these updated Class address PDQ Alumni


Committee meeting changed from this Thursday to the 12th of June


Alumni and Friends And Class of 1967 William " Bill " Westfall told me tonight his Wife Gwen has something NASTY wrong with Her and She is putting up a helluva strong fight but She Needs our HELP with lots of Prayers and Positive Thoughts to get rid of this NASTY STUFF So Please Let's Help Gwen that Geogia Peach of a WOMAN.


Moving forward we have secured the Merchants Building at the Lenawee County Fair Grounds and the date for the All School Reunion will take place September 30 th 2023. More details to come.


We had our first Committee meeting today at ZZ's Sports Bar and Grill and it looks like the All School Reunion is a GO for possibly this late Summer or Fall. We are trying to secure a large enough venue for this project to take place in. We have narrowed it down to two locations. One being our old Alma Mater however with the State of Michigan's rules and regulations we would be unable to have BOOZE on the premises. Number 2 location would be the larger Merchants Building at the Lenawee County Fairgrounds. Which is air conditioned and if there is overflow we could have a large canopy raised outside to handle that. I also believe that liquor could be consumed on the premises. We want to keep the cost down to those that will be attending so we came up with some novel Ideas that we need to check more in depth but I like the suggestions put forth by the committee. We NEED those UPDATED CLASS Lists ASAP we would also appreciate e-mail addresses to go along with those UPDATED mailing addresses. IF you want to do this online I believe someone on the COMMITTEE will start a NEW page DEDICATED to the reunion. OR just hit MIKE KEIFER 's page or the Adrian Catholic Central High School Page.


Here is what I will ask from each class that someone or classmates go through their class and update their classmates current mailing address or residence and their status whether alive or deceased and the year of their demise if possible. Lets get going on this if we want to have it this summer or fall the sooner the better Please! either mail it to this address Mike Keifer 3294 Sharp Rd. Adrian,Mi. 49221 or email to address [email protected] Thank You I already have 3 Volunteers could use a lot more.


Also at the Luncheon today I was told that our Beloved Sr. Mary Louise Gass OP ( BF ) Passed away about 1 week ago I believed I was told she was 94 years young a very Long Life of Learning and Teaching. In the interview conducted about her and many other Sisters called a Sisters Story on You Tube her favorite School that she taught at was Adrian Catholic Central High School. If you have the opportunity to view this on You Tube I recommend watching this video it was very interesting to hear of her career and her Love for her Students. I for one never had her for any classes but she was an alright Person who will be missed. She was laid to rest with no inbaulming fluids in her body and a simple cardboard casket. What a remarkable Woman.


Ok Alumni speaking as Mike Keifer I was at the Class of 1961 luncheon today at ZZ's Sports Bar and Grill and was asked by many in attendance will there be another ALL SCHOOL REUNION. So I am asking the Alumni out there do You have any interest at all about another All School Reunion taking place. PLEASE LET ME KNOW EITHER ON THIS PAGE OR MY OWN FACEBOOK PAGE. if there is enough interest in this I will ASK for VOLUNTEERS to get this going. Mr. Dick Manders has Volunteered to HELP me. This will be my last Hoorah due to declining health issues.


It is with Great Sadness that another Classmate of 1968 passed away on May 17th or18th of 2022. Ann Ashby went to be with her Sisters Jane and Sue and her Savior Jesus Christ. Now I am reporting as Mike Keifer this brain tumor is kicking my ass. I was told about Ann by her Brother in Law Charles Chuck Ringman perhaps 3 weeks ago and failed to post it. I am so damn Sorry Classmates if anyone is interested in taking some of this load off my shoulders PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I have an appointment with the VA Neurology team on the 27th of June to see what can and will be done. This tumor is controlling my left side of my body and my heart if I am not falling down and hitting my head then I am having heart attack symptoms.

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Class of 1967 monthly luncheon.


Well it is with Great Sadness that I just learned of a Friend and Alumni passing away after putting up a Courageous Fight with our dreaded enemy Mr. Cancer. Robert " Bob " Hutchinson passed away and is now with his Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ. Now speaking as Mike Keifer : Hutch I remember all the Great Times we shared together and that one time in particular when you scaled that apartment complex and freed Santa Claus from that balcony and he ended up on my front porch unannounced and unknown to my Father and Mother but still given a glass of milk and cookies. Or the many times we played poker together at Richs apartment after closing time from Park and Sn**ch ( Snack ) I mean. I will miss you a lot my Friend. I do not have any information on funeral arrangements at this time.


Dear Alumni it is with Great Sorrow that I post this terrible news that Ceal Schwartz passed away on March 3 2022 Arrangements are pending. I Mike Keifer will miss my Cousin Ceal for many reason but rest assured she is no longer in pain and she is with her Lord Our Father. LOVE YOU CUZ !


To the Alumni of 1967 I got word that tomorrow's luncheon will not be possible according to ZZ's management.


Sorry to hear the passing of Diana Peay Francoeur Class of 1966. No funeral arrangements at this time.


Friends and Alumni Please say some prayers for Diane Wagner she is in a fight with Frontal lobe Dementia. Her daughter Jamie Howard and Mike Keifer became friends today on Messenger and have been texting about Diane's condition. Please Pray for Diane and her Family Alumni it is a tough fight all by yourself Prayer Action Requested Please not another from the class of 67 Please Lord hear our prayers AMEN.


Unfortunately Alumni it is with a heavy heart that I inform the Class of 1967 has lost another member. Mr. Stephen ( Cake Man ) Ballenberger went to be with His Lord and Savior sometime last week. Please say some prayers for Stephen and his soul and His Big Brother David Ballenberger and the Family. Stephen was such a Kind Hearted Person always going out of his way to Help and Provide for others to benefit from Him. Rest In Peace Dear Friend You will ALWAYS be remembered by Mike Keifer and Your Classmates as a LOVING MAN !


Alumni and Classmates from 1967 Please Pray for the Soul of a Good Man and Friend Dave Baxter. Dave was Happily Married to Nancy Briggs For many years. He was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer which took his life way to early. I talked with Nancy Funeral arrangements are pending at this time. I believe she informed me that there will be a memorial or gathering for Dave this coming summer. Rest In Peace Dave


I got word another Alumni and Classmate of 1967 passed away. PLEASE LET'S pray for her and her Family and Relatives. Barbara Serin was a bright star in the Heavens. She was a loving Mother and Wife to a Good Man who she put first before herself. Barb was a Good Friend and Classmate who I will miss dearly. Rest in Peace Barb.

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Class of 1961 held their first class luncheon since the beginning of the pandemic.


Had a little surgery at the VA Ann Arbor Hospital Monday morning very early. The female surgeon removed my cataract and removed the eye lens and put in an implant man made lens from Ft. Worth Tx. However the anatheiseologist told me I suffered a heart attack from 2019 to the present date if it wasn't eye surgery they would not perform the surgery on me so now. I need the name of a GOOD CARDIOLOGIST anyone have a name for me let me know Please.


I understand that Joe Martin's visitation will be held on January 31st at the Vanhemert Funeral Home in Addison on US 127. His Funeral will be February 1st at the Church Linda and Joe attended on the corner of Rome Rd and Rollins Hwy.


It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that another Classmate and Alumni has Passed Away. Mr. Joe Martin went to be with His Lord Our Savior Jesus Christ very Peacefully Saturday Night. Arrangements are pending at this time. Please Alumni Pray for Joe's soul and all of the Faithful Departed. For Joe's Wife Linda and all of the their Children and Grand Children and for Joe's Brother John Martin and Jim Martin and the entire Martin Family AMEN.

Obituary of Dianne Sue Ball | Anderson-Marry FH - Adrian 01/18/2021

Oh my when it rains it pours I am saddened to hear this terrible news. This is just heart breaking to hear that Diane Ball has passed away she was a Good Friend married to Ron Ball from the Class of 1969. I just can't believe it What a Sweet Lady she was. Please Say some Prayers for her Soul and Her Husband Ron I know he is hurting now. Also for the entire Ball Family. Rest In Peace Sweet Lady You will be Missed by us all.

Obituary of Dianne Sue Ball | Anderson-Marry FH - Adrian ADRIAN – Dianne S. Ball, age 70, passed away holding hands with her husband and Pastor, on Sunday, January 17, 2021, at ProMedica Charles and Virginia Hickman Hospital. She was born on November 8, 1950, in Archbold, Ohio to Ivan and Velma (Roth) Weber. She was a graduate of Archbold High School. D...


Alumni Please Pray For Joe Martin Class of 1967 so that His transition is a little easier for His Wife Linda and their Family and His Brothers John and Jim Martin. I pray to You Oh Lord !


I am sad to say we Lost a Good Man and a Good Friend of Adrian Catholic Central High School. Mr. Michael ( Mick ) Butchart fought a good battle with stomach cancer but unfortunately passed away yesterday. Mike was a Good Man a Doer he was always there volunteering to lend a hand to the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ. Whether it be cutting the grass at St. Josephs Cemetery or picking up tree limbs in the cemetery or helping after a funeral luncheon in Fr. Williams Hall He truly enjoyed helping Folks. Mike was behind the scene of a lot of work done for the All School Reunion. Before Mikes illness He and Linda His Wife would join Larry Ingraham and Mike Keifer for breakfast at the Tip Top Resteraunt close to their house on W. Maumee St. He would tell some stories of Christmas times at the George & Marie Libs house and how He and Larry guarded all the food. I ask all Alumni to Pray for Mike's Soul and His Wife Linda Downer Butchart and His Children and GrandKids and the entire Family. Rest In Peace My Military Brother ! A Slow Hand Salute Mick !


Got word tonight from Pam Herr Shelle that Ed Fuzzy Herr passed away Sunday. Prayers Requested for Ed and Family.


Asking for some Prayer action for Mike Venia Brother-in-law who suffered a stroke and is hospitalized at present. Mikes Sister Karen who is married to Ron is not allowed in the hospital due to the quarentine.


Ran into Joe Martin yesterday at the VA I was leaving and he was coming in. We talked a little bit shook hands and he had an appointment with the Orthopedic Surgeon. He told me they cannot rebuild his hip socket do to the cancer damage. He is going in to the hospital Monday and they will do surgery on the large bone and make it shorter to relieve his pain the best they can do. He also told me he has not been feeling the best but if it is possible he will try his best to make the class function at Pete Clauda's house on Hunt Rd Saturday the 26th at 5:30 pm. Bring a dish to pass and your own cutlery and a chair if possible. I will swing by and see if I can talk Mr.& Mrs. Spagnoli up to go.

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