Birth Toddlers & Beyond, Adrian

Birth Toddlers & Beyond, Adrian


Happy graduation!!!!🎉🎉🎉

Early Learning Center
GSRP (Free preschool for 4yr old available)

Child Care 2 months - 12 years ol BTB is an Early Learning Center that offers programs for children ages birth-12 years old.

The main focus of our programs are to provide individualized, intentional learning experiences that help students succeed in all areas of child development. With the help of Creative Curriculum we cover 9 different developmental domains along with 38 learning objectives. To highlight your students growth, you will receive a detailed assessment portfolio 3x a year and have an opportunity for individual conferences 2x a year.

Operating as usual


Support your child’s development by enrolling in one of our early childhood programs!


Birth Toddlers & Beyond is expanding!!

Stay on the look out for BTB, Jackson!

We have many inquiries about our new location. At this time we do not have an opening date, but we are taking families on our waitlist.

Please fill out the form below to be added to our call list!


Happy National Pretzel Day!

Today the preschoolers worked on tallying, counting, and identifying values during their snack.

Each student had the opportunity to test peanut butter, orange cheese, ranch, white cheese, and mustard on their pretzels.

After, they voted on their favorite dip, counted each vote, and identified which dip was the favorite.

Believe it or not, these skills are kindergarten standards!

Exposing students to standards through play and real life situations helps them to learn and retain the information better.

Let our staff impact your students learning by enrolling in one of our programs today!


Happy Earth Day! 🌎


Dictated Drawings!

A dictated drawing is when the class draws a predetermined picture with the guidance of the teacher.

This activity allows students to explore steps in a process while identifying shapes in an object.

As students progress, these skills are utilized to create art of their own.

Birth through five are the most important years for brain development! Let our teachers support your family during these growing years by calling us today!


Threading objects help to develop muscles in the hands. These muscles need to be strong in order to grasp. Especially when grasping a pencil!

This activity works on pre-writing skills by strengthening students hands and it also works on math skills.

Students practice counting as they thread their owls. They also compare their string of owls to their peers. Some peers have more owls than others.

Let us guide your child’s development! Call today to inquire about our programs.


Fence painting helps develop hand control and it strengthens students shoulders and elbows.

Painting on a vertical surface allows students to move their arm in bigger movements. As a result these movements help provide strength and flexibility to the joints, muscles, and arms.

These skills become necessary as students progress in writing.

Birth through Five is the most important part of your child’s development. Call today and ask us how we can help your child!


When concepts are taught through play students leaning benefits in many ways.

Hands on activities…

1) Improves retention of what was learned

2) Increases attention

3) Creates a sense of pride

4) Engages both sides of the brain

Let our teachers make a difference in your students education by enrolling them in one of our programs.

Learners today are leaders tomorrow!


One of the reasons babies love mirror play is because they love faces! That is why your baby gazes at you and will often mirror your expression.

Infants interact with the “other baby” they see in the mirror and may babble, talk, or even laugh with their reflection.

Around 20 months old, infants begging to realize the reflection in the mirror belongs to them.

Mirror play also helps develop vision, hand-eye coordination, and attention span!

Expand mirror play at home by adding a mirror to your infants next tummy time.

85% of your child’s brain develops from birth-5 years old. Let our early learning professionals support your child’s development by calling to enroll today.


Sand + Water play! 🏖

When your child engages in sand/water play they gain a wide variety of skills!

Gross Motor & Fine Moror Skills:
-Scooping sand strengthens muscles
-Grasping/ holding shovel develops fine motor skills.

Sensory Experience:
-Exposure to different textures

Social Skills:
-Learn to share
-Explore personal space
-Take turns

-Sand play helps students focus on the task at hand and improves students concentration.

Cognitive Development:
-Gain Math skills
-Learn to problem solve

So many learning opportunities happen during play. Call today and let our teachers expand on your students learning experiences!


Learning should be fun and student lead!

These students gained mathematical skills and social skills as they made traps to catch the leprechaun that messed up their classroom.

This activity was lead by the students interest in the leprechaun and framed by the teacher to make it a learning moment.

These interactions are the foundation of a quality education. Moments like these encourage students to follow their interest, form questions, and solve problems.

Give your child the gift of education and call to enroll today.


Someone’s been up to no good! ☘️

We had a special visitor today and he left our classrooms with quite the mess! Our students were so surprised when they came in from recess to see what the Leprechaun did.


At Birth Toddlers & Beyond our students learn though different interest studies.

These students took interest in boxes after exploring a large box in the classroom.

Over the next few weeks these students will gain skills in literacy, math, science, social studies, art, and technology. They will also develop thinking skills as they observe, investigate, ask questions, solve problems, make predictions, and test ideas.

Pictured are students exploring jobs that use boxes.

You can extend this learning at home by having conversations about boxes with your child. What boxes do you see in the community? How big are they? What is the box used for?

The most important time for development is birth-5 years old. Give your child the gift of education and call us today!


Your child is only little for a short while. We challenge you to take a minute during your daily routine and just observe your child.

What are they doing? Are they expressing any emotions? How do they look?

When we stop and observe our children it not only allows us to build core memories, but it allows us to learn more about them.

What will you learn about your child today?


Give your child a gift that will make a difference in their future!

Call to enroll today!

☎️: (517) 265-6264


There will be no preschool today, February 25th.

The center will continue to operate on normal business hours.

Photos from Birth Toddlers & Beyond, Adrian's post 02/23/2022

100 days of learning, growing, exploring, and discovering new things!!!

The preschool room celebrated the 100th day of school by preparing a special snack. Each student brought in ten pieces of food and together they made a snack with 100 pieces.

This activity not only helps students learn to count, but it also teaches ten frames and 1 to 1 correspondence.

Learning these skills now will help students as they try to master more complex mathematical concepts.

Photos from Birth Toddlers & Beyond, Adrian's post 02/18/2022

The snow is falling, our students are calling!

One of our favorite activities is playing in the snow! Swipe to see some of the developmental benefits of playing in the snow. ➡️

We would love to see your snow day activities! Post a picture in the comments! ☃️

Photos from Birth Toddlers & Beyond, Adrian's post 02/10/2022

Evolution of the grasp!

This developmental mile stone helps students as they begin to use their hands and fingers.

Grasping helps us to tie our shoes, write, zip up our coats, pick up food to feed ourselves, and much more!

Parents can encourage their students to develop their grasp by modeling desired behavior and placing high value items in front of their child. This will encourage the infant to interact with the item and thus build hand and finger control.

Photos from Birth Toddlers & Beyond, Adrian's post 02/03/2022

When it’s too cold to go outside, bring the learning in!

Snow is a great sensory experience for your little one. It supports cognitive development, promotes use of fine and gross motor muscles, and it encourages language development.

What activities are you doing with the snow today?


Birth Toddlers & Beyond will be closed Thursday, February 3rd.

For the safty of our families and staff we have made the decision to close the center.

Please check Procare for any future updates!

Stay safe and enjoy the snow! ❄️

Photos from Birth Toddlers & Beyond, Adrian's post 02/01/2022

This sensory exploration activity encourages students to use their fine-motor skills.

Students used an ice cube and paint to make a picture.

The ice cube encouraged students to use their coordination and strength to hold onto the ice cube and complete their picture.

Photos from Birth Toddlers & Beyond, Adrian's post 02/01/2022

Yoga is a great addition to any classroom.

Birth Toddlers & Beyond offers yoga for our students every Friday!

Swipe to see the benefits ➡️


Stacking Blocks! 🧱

Stacking blocks is a developmental mile stone that is typically achieved between the ages of 12-16 months.

This mile stone helps develop…

1) Cognitive developmental because children begin to problem solve on how to stack blocks without them falling over and this activity encourages students to concentrate.

2) Fine motor skills because stacking blocks facilitate the use of small complex movements in children.

3) Hand eye coordination because children are using their sensory input from their eyes and translating it to motions in their hands.

You can practice this mile stone at home! Encourage your child to stack blocks by modeling the desired behavior and giving them blocks to mimic you.


Exploring Boxes 📦

The toddlers are studying boxes. So far they have explored large boxes, small boxes, and different colored boxes.

They discovered that you can build with boxes. Sometimes a box can be a house, or a car, or even a boat.

Pictured are the students designing the boxes and exploring the boxes. The students worked on their fine motor skills while coloring and they utilized their imagination and gross motor skills while they explored the boxes.

You can extend this learning at home! The next time you have a package delivered give the box to your child. Discuss what boxes are used for and allow them to study the box. It might surprise you what happens next.


Guided play is a great way to help build language skills. During this activity students explore the concepts of ripping, crumbling, and tearing colored tissue-paper.

The students said things like… “rip it,” “little,” “big,” “smash.”

Exposure to a large variety of language at a young age helps students to build a vocabulary. This is useful as students begin to talk and later read.


Ugly Sweater Day!

Tomorrow is PJ Day! Wear your pajamas to school!

We are closed 12/23 & 12/24

Happy Holidays!


🧦Cozy Sock Day! 🧦

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