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I am a career flight instructor, educator, mentor, pilot, and an aviation mechanic.

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CFI Academy - California 08/04/2021

CFI Academy - California

CFI Academy - California

CFI Academy | Acampo, CA 06/24/2021

CFI Academy | Acampo, CA

CFI Academy | Acampo, CA ★★★★★ Prince is an amazing instructor and is very knowledgeable. He’ll over prepare you so you’re a great instructor. Also, the environment at the school is very friendly and loving and they make you feel at home. I definitely recommend CFI academy to any inspiring CFIs or other rating...



Check out our Commercial plus CFI course. If you have your Instrument Rating done, and meet most other aeronautical experience requirements for commercial, then you may be a perfect candidate for this course.


10 Day INSTRUMENT RATING AIRPLANE course - On-campus housing, dedicated DPE, experiences instructors and excellent training equipment and weather.
Contact us to schedule - Tel: 916-209-0234


Seth got his #commercialpilot ticket. Here he is posing with his #CFI Jake. Tel: 9162090234

Seaplane Ratings | ASES | CFI Land and Sea | CFI Academy 03/10/2021

Seaplane Ratings | ASES | CFI Land and Sea | CFI Academy

Seaplane Ratings | ASES | CFI Land and Sea | CFI Academy Seaplane Ratings for your Commercial and CFI Certificate. Full IFR – can do ATP ASES CFI Academy has eventually added an amphibious Lake LA4-200 aircraft to it’s training fleet. This airplane is amphib, so it counts as LAND and SEA. It also counts as a COMPLEX airplane. This airplane is FULL IFR...


CFI Academy

"To start off I would give The CFI Academy a sixth star if I could. As someone who had stress going into the CFI initial checkride, I was assured I could take the exam when I was ready for it. This in turn provided a lot comfort in taking advantage of all the knowledge Prince and his employees have to offer without feeling rushed. First time ORAL AND RIDE NO BUST. I could not recommend this establishment more as they provide a sense.." says Eric

Success tastes so good. He just passed his #CFII and #MEI checkrides. Did #CFIAcademy combination course. 07/09/2020

3 Day MEI course | CFI Academy

3 days MEI - checkride included
#CFIAcademy #MEI #CFI We have been teaching and helping current Flight Instructors add Multi-engine rating to their CFI certificate since 1998. Yes, 3 days is all that it takes for us to complete the course and get your checkride completed. In fact, we schedule the checkride with one of our dedicated DPEs ahead of time,....


It is not all training all the time. It's gotta be fun flights as well. And here is an airline crew having fun in our Cherokee 180. :-)

Former #CFI here at #CFIAcademy and his cabin crew visited yesterday. Did a bay tour, and they loved it.


Great job.

So this dude got his #CFI ticket today at #CFIAcademy . He'll be teaching somewhere up north in WA or OR. Great job.
CFI Academy, Acampo, CA


Lazy 8s, aircraft not required :-)

#CFI applicants, practising lazy 8s... At #CFIAcademy


CFI Academy

A brand new #CFI with his #flightinstructor s at #CFIAcademy
3 week #CFI course
CFI Academy, Acampo, CA


CFI Academy

A happy new #CFI
CFI Academy 916-209-0234


CFI Academy

4 day CFII - on-campus living, on-campus training, on-campus checkride! What else?


CFI Academy

Jake is a #CFI now.


CFI Academy

Another one done with #CFI. 1st attempt.


Spin Recovery Training

Spin Recovery Training. Thank you CFI Academy!


CFI Academy

Here's another #CFI


CFI Academy

Missed to post this one from a few days ago... #CFI.. Of course 1st attempt again


CFI Academy

A new #CFI ready to teach. 1st attempt pass again.


Commercial Plus CFI Program success at CFI Academy

New #commercialpilot today. #CFI in couple of days. 08/14/2019

CFI Academy | Acampo, CA ★★★★★ I am a cabin crew at a major US based airline. A friend who is a pilot with this airline told me about Prince and CFI Academy in Acampo, CA. I came here to finish up my commercial and CFI training. I am glad that I did. Not only I passed both checkrides easily, but the training for t...


CFI Academy

Yesterday got his #commercialpilot, today he is a #CFI 08/08/2019

CFI Academy | Acampo, CA ★★★★★ Prince is very knowledgeable and will assure you have all the necessary information for you to not only pass your check ride but to be able to teach it to anyone...It is challenging and will require you to read and be prepared.. Gotta have the right attitude for you to succeed


CFI Academy

And a new #commercialpilot. #CFI to be tomorrow.


West Valley Flying Club

This man was my CFI instructor back in 1996. Moreover, he was a great friend and mentor. I owe all that I know as a CFI today to him. My deepest condolences.
I am sure he is in a better place now.

Dear past and current members,

We let our current membership know but we wanted to let past members know of what has recently occurred. It is with a very heavy heart to inform you of the passing of Darryl Kalthof, long-time member and full-time CFI at West Valley Flying Club. He passed away on Friday, July 12th, leaving his wife and daughter.

Darryl was a model member and CFI in so many aspects. He was always nurturing and advising other CFIs, was full of ideas, and volunteered around the club over his many years with us. He graduated many dozens of members and had a stellar safety record - such a great combination. He also had a good sense of humor and was able to laugh at himself when circumstances called for it. He will be sorely missed.

A memorial service will be held this Sunday, August 11th at 4PM at Calvary Bible Chapel.

Calvary Bible Chapel
32701 Falcon Drive
Fremont, CA 94555

Many of you have flown with Darryl, got a rating with him, had a phase check with him, or some other interaction. We have created a GoFundMe site to help his wife and daughter get through what has to be a very difficult time right now.

We will also be planning a life celebration and will share details as they become available.

- WVFC Team


CFI Academy

And a new #commercialpilot. #CFI to be tomorrow.


CFI Academy

#CFI done. 1st attempt pass.


CFI Academy

A new #CFI in the house. 1st shot pass. 3 week #CFI at #CFIAcademy 04/01/2019

CFI Academy | Acampo, CA ★★★★★ Prince, Fadi, and Tony, Thank you all for the wonderful and extremely challenging 3 weeks at CFI academy. It was a pleasure working with you and one day I plan to be back to complete the CFII and MEI courses as well. All the best! SEE REVIEW BELOW: CFI Academy was an excellent experi... 11/01/2018

How to get FCC Radio Operator Permit for FAA Commercial and Private Pilots | CFI Academy Steps get your Permit FCC Restricted Radiotelephone Operator Permit FAA certificated pilots operating VHF radios and flying within the United States do not require any aircraft radio licensing or operator’s permit. Private or Commercial Pilots who fly outside of the United States, or who wish to o...


CFI Academy

#commercial-pilot yesterday. #cfi today at #cfiacademy


CFI Academy

A question every flight instructor gets all the time.

Do I need to be good at mathematics? Or physics? Algebra? What if I want to be a pilot?
Read this if you'd like to know. 09/06/2018

Airport Signs and Markings Quick Reference Guide | Aviation Blog This is a great quick reference guide to airport signs and airport markings.





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