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Photos from Abilene Middle School's post 12/08/2023

Our Boys Wrestling team competed at the NCKL Wrestling Tournament yesterday in Concordia. We had numerous great individual performances and coaches saw some fantastic growth in this team throughout the season. We look forward to watching them continue to grow in the sport of wrestling and are eager to see what the future holds for them. Here are the results:

Team Scores:
1st: Concordia - 209
2nd: Wamego - 178.5
3rd: Abilene - 156
4th: Marysville - 145
5th: Rock Creek - 144.5
6th: Chapman - 128
7th: Clay Center - 126.5
8th: Fort Riley - 57

Individual Results:
C. Lincoln 4th
T. Pekarek 2nd
T. Martin-Dyehouse 4th
K. Taplin 1st (NCKL Champion)
K. Maybee 4th
M. Woods 3rd
N. Wuthnow 1st (NCKL Champion)
J. Robinson 2nd
A. Wuthnow 4th
T. Taylor 4th
B. Cochran 1st (NCKL Champion)
J. Sweat 4th
P. O’Reily 3rd
D. Davis 2nd
C. Cashman 3rd
C. Alaniz 1st (NCKL Champion)
G. Ediger 4th
K. Riley 1st (NCKL Champion)
A. Wilson 3rd
K. Wiebert 3rd
J. Wicks 1st (NCKL Champion)
J. Forbes 2nd
L. Hicken 2nd

Photos from Abilene Middle School's post 12/07/2023

Our 7th & 8th Girls Basketball teams traveled as a team to watch the K-State Women play against McNeese State tonight. What a great opportunity to build relationships as a team and continue to strengthen their basketball IQ.

A special thank you to our coaches (Roth, Liby, Koffman, & Berry) for organizing and providing this!


7th GBB Final Scores @ Manhattan-Eisenhower:


8th GBB Final Scores @ Manhattan-Eisenhower:


Calling all Boys Basketball 🏀 & Girls Wrestling 🤼‍♀️ Parents! We look forward to seeing you next Monday @ 6:00pm!


Congratulations to our AMS Students of the Week! All of these students represent what we are all about here at AMS! They are responsible, respectful, and give their best effort each day! We are so proud of their efforts and thank them for being great examples for others!

6th Grade: I. Beasley, T. Cornell, K. Shields
7th Grade: L. Barten, O. Cromwell, M. Tate
8th Grade: A. Schmidt, Z. Thorson, B. Zook


8th GBB Final Scores @ Rossville:


7th GBB Final Scores @ Rossville:


Congratulations to our Athletes of the Week for 11/27 - 12/1:


AMS Wrestling Individual winners at Marysville Double Dual yesterday:

Abilene 78 Marysville 33

E. McAsey
E. Elliott
A. Wuthnow
K. Taplin
T. Taylor
M. Cruz
H. Rieter
K. Maybee
N. Wuthnow
D. Davis
L. Frase
B. Cochran
R. Collins
T. Pekarek
P. O’Reilly

Abilene 90 Clay Center 24

E. Elliott
C. Cashman
A. Wuthnow
K. Taplin
T. Taylor
M. Cruz
J. Robinson
H. Rieter
M. Griffith
N. Wuthnow
T. Martin-Dyehouse
J. Wicks
D. Davis
B. Cochran
R. Collins

Great job to our Longhorn Wrestlers!

Next up:
12/4 Dual @ Manhattan-Susan B. Anthony - 3:30pm


8th GBB Final Scores @ Wamego:


7th GBB Final Scores @ Wamego:


Longhorn Boys Wrestling pick up two convincing dual wins today at Marysville. Individual results will be posted when available.

AMS: 78 Marysville: 33
AMS: 90 Clay Center: 24

💪 Great job boys! 🤼‍♀️

Photos from Abilene Middle School's post 11/29/2023

Our AMS Cheerleaders went to Eisenhower Elementary on Monday to have lunch with the 4th/5th graders. They enjoyed conversation, lunch, and providing our 4th/5th graders some information about cheerleading as well.

Thank you to Coach Stout & Relph for their organization of this activity and for building those connections with younger students in our district!


8th GBB Final Scores vs. Chapman:


7th GBB Final Scores vs. Chapman:


A few students to add to last week's Student of the Week roster. These kiddos are truly hard working students who exemplify what it means to be responsible as a Longhorn! Way to go :)
7th grade - L. Trower, C. Hamilton, S. Thomas, M. Meysenberg


Thankful for our Longhorns & their families! Enjoy your day!


Congratulations to our Athletes of the Week for 11/13 - 11/17:


The kids voted on who got to wear the turkey costume this year (it’s an annual tradition), and Kenny won!! He’s having the best morning, and our kids love it too!!


7th GBB Final Scores vs. Rock Creek:


8th GBB Final Scores vs. Rock Creek:


Congratulations to our AMS Students of the Week! We have a couple of awesome 6th graders who work very hard in classes and do awesome jobs, and then we have all of Dr. Graefe's 4th hour class, who all showed excellent respect. responsibility, and self-control during our Lockdown drill last week. It's tough to be silent and calm while waiting for that "all clear", and they proved worthy of the task :)
6th grade - M. Jenne, Je. Ottensmeier
8th grade - Ke. Phillips, E. Teague, M. Henderson, A. De La Mora, N, Davis, J. Larmer, A. Barrand, R. Christy, R. Boese, S. Havener, J. Nichols, B. Hampton, G. Eimer, K. Becker, T. Martin-Dyehouse, A. Mascareno, Z. Bruggman, M. Burrows, H. Cornell, P. Davidson, C. Graves, M. Siemer, B. Sims, K. Wolfe-Fazekas


A little late with this, but we want to congratulate all of our Academic Card Winners for Quarter 1:
GOLD Card Winners (3.8 GPA - 4.0 GPA)
6th grade:
E. Bartley, W. Bathurst, I. Beasley, C. Boyd, A. Bradford, B. Brooks, L. Burns, K. Caffrey, P. Cashman, N. Clark, C. Cormack, B. Ebersole, C. Eimer, P. Evans, C. Geering, K. Gilliland, W. Hageman, G. Horan, E. Jermark, B. Lady, Q. McAsey, T. McConville, T. Medina, H. Miller, B. Mintner, G. Ogden, J. Ottensmeier, B. Pekarek, N. Pelfrey, J. Pecina Perez, I. Price, B. Sluder, J. Summers, C. Taylor, L. Thacker, T. Wilson
7th grade:
K. Amos, G. Anderson, T. Armstrong, L. Barten, A. Brazdzionis, C. Brooks, K. Burns, R. Chronister, J. Day, N. DiNino, E. Engle, Q. Geske, T. Gilliland, B. Holt, E. McAsey, Z. Mitchell, B. Oakman, J. Ottensmeier, E. Pickerign, J. Rogers, Z. Saeed, S. Seehusen, K. Strunk, J. Sweat, L. Trower, K. Wells, A. Wilkins
8th grade:
L. Benton, P. Davidson, C. Friederich, H. Geissinger, C. Gfeller, J. Gillham, L. Gruen, A. Guillen, K. Hartman, H. Haug, S. Havener, T. Herrman, T. Hoffman, A. Jenne, C. Kollhoff, C. Lincoln, K. Mead, S. Meyer, J. Nichols, K. Phillips, J. Sawyer, M. Siemer, C. Sudduth, K. Taplin, E. Teague, Z. Thorson, K. Vilcot, J. Wicks, Ja. Wilson, B. Zook
ORANGE Card Winners (3.5 GPA - 3.79 GPA)
6th grade:
A. Beals, I. Clark, D. Day, T. Hackett, P. Immel, K. Jones, A. Kraft, O. Martin, C. Robertson, M. Rogge, K. Seematter, K. Shields, C. Vinduska, G. White
7th grade:
R. Collins, B. Gentry, C. Hamilton, L. Hight, P. Hunter, B. Koch, N. Lopez, S. Ross, G. Salicido, W. Sheppard, M. Tate
8th grade:
S. Douglas, G. Eimer, L. Hicken, E. Medina, B. Mintner, P. Pannell, M. Ridder, P. Rogers, J. Welsh, Jo. Wilson, M. Woods, B. Woody, N. Wuthnow
BLUE Card Winners (3.0 GPA - 3.49 GPA)
6th grade:
Z. Bogart, J. Cable, C. Colby, J. Foltz, M. Forbach, S. Fortner, A. Henely, F. Hicken, K. Holman, M. Jenne, H. Kickhaefer, C. Klein, C. Mein, J. Parish, L. Riffel, Z. Robertson, J. Rouse, S. Saeed, J. Sellers, K. Sickman, A. Sudduth, T. Taylor, B. Varnadore, M. Wegner
7th grade:
A. Cambo, M. Castro Ochoa, O. Cromwell, L. De La Mora, G. Ediger, E. Elliott, B. Fahring, M. Frappier, M. Griffith, J. Gustin, M. Hansen, N. Harris, S. Holland, E. Hoover, E. Hottman, H. Kalita, J. McCurter, J. Mitts, H. Reiter, E. Tichenor, B. Urbanek, K. Vilcot, K. Weibert, Z. Wright, A. Wuthnow
8th grade:
T. Avig, Z. Bruggman, E. Cammarn, R. Christy, E. Clark, K. Crump, K. Curtis, D. Davis, T. Fink, A. Forbach, B. Fry, I. Garcia, S. Gomel, M. Graff, B. Hampton, B. Heart, M. Henderson, Z. Issitt, A. Lara, T. Martin-Dyehouse, L. McNutt, L. Nichols, T. Pekarek, B. Potts, J. Potts, B. Sims, K. Stover, K. Towery, K. Yowell


🏀AMS Girls Basketball (Home) vs. Rock Creek today!
🏣7th @ Eisenhower Elementary, 8th @ AMS Gym
🕰4:30pm start time (B Games followed by A Games)

Live Stream: www.abilene5starstudios.com


AMS Boys Wrestling team competed in a double dual today at Concordia. Team scores are below and individual winners will be posted separately.

The Longhorns finished off the Concordia dual with back-to-back pins in the final two matches to come out on top! Great job boys! 💪 🤼‍♀️

Abilene 79 Chapman 35
Abilene 53 Concordia 51


Congratulations to our Athletes of the Week for 11/6 - 11/10:


8th GBB Final Scores vs. Clay Center:


7th GBB Final Scores vs. Clay Center:


8th GBB Final Scores @ Fort Riley:


7th GBB Final Scores @ Fort Riley:


14th St. re-opened this evening! You may drop-off and pick-up students directly in front of AMS, but remember the front drive is ONE-WAY from West to East.

Please be extra vigilant as you drive through our parking lots over the next few days while everyone adjusts. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation!
Abilene Public Schools


Congratulations to this week's AMS Students of the Week! The 6th & 7th graders in this group were honored by their teachers because of their dedication to learning and hard work in the classroom, as well as their kindness toward their peers. The 8th graders were honored by their teachers for being extremely well-prepared for student led conferences last month. They did a nice job of sharing their learning with their parents/guardians and were shining examples of what it means to be Longhorns!
6th grade - I. Velazquez, P. Immel
7th grade - A. Wilkins, E. Hoover, N. DiNino, E. Hottman
8th grade - J. Gillham, A. Lara, M. Williams, K. Hartman


Our Boys Wrestling Team competed in the Silver Lake Tournament yesterday and took 9th out of 22 teams. Here are the individual results:

E. Elliott 1st
D. Robinson 4th
K. Taplin 1st
J. Sweat 4th
A. Wilson 3rd
T. Pekarek 4th
M. Griffith 3rd
T. Gilliland 2nd
N. Wuthnow 1st
K. Weibert 4th
J. Forbes 4th
B. Cochran 2nd
R. Collins 1st

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