Seeley Genealogical Society

No matter the spelling (Sealey, Seelye, Seely, Sealye, Seale, Seals, Seelee, Selee, Seela, Ciely, Cealy, etc.) SGS is committed to research, verification, dissemination, and preservation of Seeley information for the Society, its members and posterity.

SGS engages in research, study, verification, discussion, collation, publication, dissemination, and preservation of Seeley information for the Society, for its members and for posterity. For detailed information about the Society and results of our research, please visit our official homepage at

Membership is open to anyone interested in genealogy, history or biography; amateur or professional. Although the name Seeley refers to one family surname, SGS counts among its family those with surnames spelled a variety of ways such as: Seeley, Seelye, Sealy, Sealey, Seley, Selye, Seale, Seelee, Seela, Cieley, Cealy, Cilley, etc. To learn more about becoming a meember of SGS, visit our Web site at:

This worldwide, totally volunteer, organization is working to preserve and make available for genealogical research the family records of Seeley ancestors going back to Captain Robert Seeley who immigrated to America from England in 1630, and Obadiah Seeley who appeared in the records of Stamford, Conn. in the 1640s. We also welcome members of other Seeley lines (of all spellings). We encourage and assist in the study of family histories of other Seeley lines of all similar spellings and pronunciations and are building a central repository of Seeley family records. We currently have about 400 members.

1. Newsletter – We publish a quarterly Newsletter that contains news, obituaries, queries, pictures, and more. A Newsletter is mailed to each member each quarter.

2. Reunions - Reunions are held every two years at varying locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. The next reunion is planned for GRand Rapids, Mich. for the late summer of 2013.

3. Research - SGS hires professional genealogists to do specific research that helps clarify relationships of our ancestors. DNA research is also a tool that has been utilized to refine specific relationships.

4. Seeley Ancestor File - A computer database has been developed to store Seeley Family relationships.

5. SGS Publications – Three publications listing the first five, the sixth, and the seventh generation descendants of Robert Seeley and Obadiah Seeley are available, as are selective records for succeeding generations provided by members of the Society. These records are also available on CD (see 9 below).

6. Seelye Research Center – A Seelye Research Center is co-located with the Dr. A.B. Seelye Mansion in Abilene, Kan. This is where the SGS keeps many of its documents and archives.

7. Seeley Genealogical Society Website - A website for the Society is maintained at This site has much of the data from items four and five above as well as a historical file of Society Newsletters.

8. Queries – Queries from both members and nonmembers are researched by a Query Team under the guidance of our Query Editor. Queries and research results are published in the quarterly newsletter.

9. Compact Disk - SGS has published a Compact Disk containing the three SGS Publications mentioned in item five above, Indices of the Seeley Ancestor File in item four above, and files of available research reports.

10. Sponsored Trips - SGS organized a trip to England in September 2004 to visit sites of our ancestors and to “Robert and Obadiah’s New England” in 2007. During the reunion in 2011, a committee was appointed to study the feasability of putting together another trip to England in 2014.

Mission: -- To preserve and make available for Genealogical research the family records of the Seeley - Seely - Seelye - Ancestors. -- To encourage and assist the study of family history; to promote the exchange of knowledge: and to encourage the deposit of family records. -- To cooperate with other Societies and assist in the publication of Genealogical holdings. -- To publish all of the generations of the Seeley family beginning with Capt. Robert Seeley who immigrated to America in 1630. -- To research, record and preserve information about the ancestors and descendants of Obadiah Seely who came to New England, from England, about 1640. -- To assist in the education of Genealogical methods, standards and record keeping.

DNA is the next frontier in personal privacy

The use of DNA in genealogy is nothing new (the SGS DNA Lineage Project began more than a decade ago), and recently there has been much news about the use of genealogical DNA test results in solving cold cases. This article suggests several other areas in which DNA research may be of further use, and of some concern to those who use it... A technological revolution is taking place, almost unnoticed.

Drawing strength from family history and role models

Interesting story on how Family History may also be a source of strength for those in need of healing... Knowing your roots and benefiting from them can be a great source of strength when we face life's challenges such as dealing with grief.

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2019 International Reunion – Seeley Genealogical Society

The Seeley Genealogical Society is proud to announce it's biennial international reunion! We'll meet in San Diego June 27-29, 2019. Click the link below for the schedule of events and registration form. We look forward to seeing you in San Diego! 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Opening Session at Cosmopolitan Hotel including overview, organization of activities, and transportation, plus speaker Nina Minovi, California Department of Parks and Recreation’s Cosmopolitan Hotel Archaeological Project Leader

Seeley Genealogical Society

Wow, 500 people like our page! Thank you to each of you for liking and sharing. Hope you are planning on attending our next SGS reunion June 27-29, 2019 in San Diego. Watch this page for more info soon.

No matter the spelling (Sealey, Seelye, Seely, Sealye, Seale, Seals, Seelee, Selee, Seela, Ciely, Cealy, etc.) SGS is committed to research, verification, dissemination, and preservation of Seeley information for the Society, its members and posterity.

‘Sherlocking’ the obscure

Hmmm. Have you used PERSI before? Wonder if it's helpful... In my last column I wrote about the importance journals can play in genealogical research. But how do you find an article in an obscure journal, perhaps one you never knew existed?

Griffis: 'Cheat Sheets' help genealogists

Here's an article with some genealogy tips, particularly where to find free forms to help you collect your research. It's important to note that if you follow the link in the article, you'll have to provide your email address in order to download the "free" forms. This doesn't cost any money, but by entering your email, you will automatically be signed up to receive Family Tree’s free email newsletters, plus updates and special offers from Family Tree and carefully selected partners.

Interested in stepping up your genealogy education? According to a recent book review, a new text book, "Professional Genealogy: Preparation, Practice, and Standards" by Elizabeth Shown Mills may be something to consider. Read the review here:

Genealogy Tourism Is Booming as Americans Search for Identity in DNA and Abroad

What’s the most interesting thing you have seen while traveling for Genealogy? Liza Lizarraga has spent hours combing through paper and digital archives to track her family’s history the old-fashioned way, and she has spit in a test tube to find out what morsels of her family’s history might be revealed by her DNA. In September, though, Lizarraga will walk the same path as...

Genealogy Curriculum Sparks Students' Interest in STEM (and History, Too)

Science and history merge in Genealogy. Are your kids or grand-kids interested in the science of history? A new middle school genetics and genealogy curriculum inspired by the PBS series "Finding Your Roots" aims to engage students in science using a more personal approach.

HAPPENING NOW: The SGS Annual Board of Directors Meeting is being held at the Seelye Research Center in Abilene, Kansas. Several board members have joined via Google Hangouts...

The reunion planning committee scouting out sites to visit for the 2019 SGS Reunion: Mission San Diego de Alcala founded in 1769.

Already planning the 2019 SGS Reunion in San Diego!

Beautiful Small Towns We Want to Live In

Visit the Seelye Research Center at the Seelye Mansion in Abilene - the best small town in KS: Why yes, we would love to reside in a place where we can pan for sapphires.

Ohio's oldest city a gem on two rivers - The Plain Dealer

For 2017 reunion attendees and others who may head this way at a later date: Marietta — Few places in Ohio are as picturesque as the town at the confluence of the Ohio and Muskingum rivers. None is as historic. ¶ Marietta is the oldest city in the Buckeye State, founded in 1788 at a time when crossing the Ohio River from the east meant hacking through the wilderness on the o...

Happy Birthday to SGS Treasurer Margaret Petersen who received a special serenade from the Barbershop Quartet The Treblemakers! :-)

For her decades of service to the Seeley Genealogical Society, former SGS President Katherine Mills Olsen, has been awarded the 2017 SGS Outstanding Volunteer Award. Thank you for your service, past and ongoing, Kathie!!!

As the reunion winds down, the 2017-2019 SGS Board of Directors meets for the first time. Next meeting will be in the Spring of 2018 and, of course, we're looking forward to seeing everyone in San Diego in 2019!

California here we come! The membership of the Seeley Genealogical Society has just voted to hold the 2019 SGS International Reunion in the area of San Diego! Let us know if you would like to help with the planning. See you in two years in Southern California!

Happening Now: With the bang of the gavel, SGS President Lynda Mills Simmons calls to order the Society's General Membership Meeting at the 2017 SGS International Reunion.

Tonight's dinner is at DaVinci's Restaurant in Williamstown, West Virginia. Mmmmm, good food, great company!!!

Today's tour to Blennerhassett Island State Park included a visit to Blennerhassett Mansion. Find out more about this historic sight here:

SGS is underway again! This time aboard Paddlewheeler Island Belle. Parkersburg to Blennerhassett Island in 37 seconds.

The Seelye Research Center, located in Abilene, KS, is the Seeley Genealogical Society's archive of family history information. Among today's presentations at the 2017 SGS Reunion was one from SRC Librarian Pam Turner who discussed the operation of the research center which can be an invaluable resource for people studying their Seeley family history.

SGS Member Stephanie Mills Moore discusses modern DNA research and how it can be used to identify potential cousins in our genealogical research. "Sciency" and fun!

Happening Now: Mr. Paul Borelli shares the history of Parkersburg, WV through vintage photographs at the 2017 SGS Reunion.

Following the dinner cruise aboard Valley Gem, reunion attendees paused for a waterfront photo alongside W. P. Snyder Jr., a towboat in the collection of the Ohio River Museum. The cruise was a perfect way to end the first day of a great reunion!

At the helm of SGS, the Society's president, Lynda Simmons, joins Captain Don Sandford at the helm of Valley Gem during the 2017 SGS Reunion in Parkersburg, WV.

Shift Colors! SGS is underway aboard the Valley Gem paddle wheeler...

SGS Member Mark Seely shares the story and the music of his ancestor Justus Azel Seeley (1779-1859) at the SGS Reunion, happening now in Parkersburg, WV.

Happening Now: SGS President Lynda Mills Simmons kicks off the opening session of the 2017 SGS International Reunion...

Happening Now: Bob Enoch of the Wood County Historical and Preservation Society shares the history and discusses the heritage of the greater Parkersburg area during the first gathering at the SGS reunion.

Good morning from Fort Boreman Park in Parkersburg, West Virginia on the opening day of the 2017 SGS International Reunion!

Although the reunion officially begins tomorrow, the final meeting of the 2015-2017 SGS Executive Board is happening now, hosted at the home of Chief Genealogist Linda Crocker. Let the fun begin!

[06/14/17]   Welcome to Parkersburg!!! Hope to see lots of Seeleys, Seelys, Seelyes and their relatives.

[06/08/17]   The SGS Reunion begins a week from tomorrow (Thursday - Saturday June 15-17). Last chance to register - message us ASAP. We have a great mix of meetings, sightseeing and dinners planned for Seeley descendants (any spelling of Seeley).

This little bird says "Come to Parkersburg" - send in your reservation now before it is too late.

This Saturday, June 3, 2017 is our first BLENNERHASSETT ISLAND NATURE WALK of the season.

“All About Birds”
At least 14 species of birds adapted to life along the river. Bring a pair of binoculars and lets go exploring together to see what we can hear!

When? 2:00 - 3:15 p.m. PLEASE RIDE THE 1:00 P.M. BOAT TO THE ISLAND
Come to the island! Get outside and explore the island. Boat tickets are sold at the Blennerhassett Museum which is located at 137 Juliana Street in downtown Parkersburg, WV.
Is there a charge? No.
The only cost involved is the sternwheeler trip ticket from Point Park to the island. Arrive early, spend the day.
Where do we meet?
Check in at the ticket booth on the island to find out where the bird watching walk will take place.
Who can attend? Anyone!
The more the merrier. Programs are geared for beginners, however, we encourage anyone to attend because we can learn from each other!

Island Nature Saturdays – Information (304) 420-4800

Visit Marietta Ohio

One of the SGS Reunion's Thursday afternoon options.

Marietta is number 2 on the list of gorgeous waterfront trails in Ohio! We

Valley Gem Sternwheeler

Looking forward to the dinner cruise on the Valley Gem Sternwheeler

Find Peace on the River!

[05/14/17]   Share your love of family by bringing your mom to the SGS reunion


Last chance to register for the Reunion at a discount - what are you waiting for? Here is a link to the form
Can't wait to see you/meet you.

In 7 weeks you could be here. Register now for the SGS 2017 Reunion in Parkersburg, WV - Get a discount if you register by May 15.

Here's the view. Have you registered for the reunion? Get a discount for early registration.


The 2017 SGS Reunion begins 2 months from today (June 15) in Parkersburg. Will you be there enjoying this view with us? Register today:

Hope you'll be at the 2017 SGS Reunion in the beautiful Mid-Ohio Valley - 3 months from today! Register now via

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