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Life coaching using the Strategic Intervention of Robbins-Madanes coaching techniques. This is not typical counseling! Call or write for a free discovery session!

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Stop letting one's person's attitudes,
words, or actions change
how you carry yourself or live your life.

Don't give away that kind of power.
✨ Think Positive Power


Second Saturday Professional Spotlight: Tamara Hassler is a Life Coach who has helped many people find happiness in their lives. To learn more about Tamara and registration for the September 11, 2021 workshops,


For all my too strong women out there that can do it all….it’s OK to be vulnerable!!

For all my too strong women out there that can do it all….it’s OK to be vulnerable!!


Second Saturday Professional Spotlight: Tamara Hassler is a Life Coach who has helped many people find happiness in their lives. To learn more about Tamara and registration for the September 11, 2021 workshops,


Watch This If You Feel Stuck


A Lonely Girl Teaches Us An Important Lesson


Blown Up By Terrorists Twice Glenn Sandford

For all those that have experienced survivors guilt in any way which includes ANY type of trauma in your life. You don’t have to go through a bombing to have these feelings.


Woman Doesn't Trust Boyfriend, Watch What Happens Next


If You're Begging To Be In Love, Watch This

[04/08/21]   No matter what anyone thinks...I’m always working on me! So, if you want to grow with me!


We're All Guilty Of This


Before You Break Up Watch This

[01/31/21]   No in person contact needed. I do sessions by Zoom, phone or video chat!


Interrupt the thoughts; well put!

Interrupt the thoughts; well put!


She Was Crying Inside But No One Could See


Watch This If You're In A Relationship


Know that all you’ve been through teaches you to make the world your bitch!

Know that all you’ve been through teaches you to make the world your bitch!


[10/15/20]   I know so many people out there are contemplating why do I feel like I have to be so strong alone!?!
Vulnerability is HARD! It’s so hard to put your heart out there with what you love to do or who you love. But, I promise you... love is what EVERYONE wants! To be accepted and to feel that connection! So instead of holding back, why don’t you just try to let go a little! Because when your feeling like you’ve got to be strong, someone else needs you to be vulnerable and accepting! There in of itself is your true purpose!

[09/16/20]   What’s the worst comment you’ve ever gotten on social media?


Fearless Soul

This is what a life coach does for you!

Tony Robbins explains how all humans share the same 6 needs 07/12/2020

‎The Dean Graziosi Show: How to Persuade Without Feeling Like You’re Selling on Apple Podcasts

Changing thoughts for happiness is part of what a life coach does. Here’s a perfect example of that in this short podcast by Dean Graziosi. ‎Show The Dean Graziosi Show, Ep How to Persuade Without Feeling Like You’re Selling - Jul 10, 2020


Tony Robbins

This is Date With Destiny.

In this video, Tony works with a participant in front of an audience of 2,500 people exploring the 8 levels of human consciousness, spiral dynamics, and the stages of development from ego-centric, ethnocentric, world-centric, and spirit-centric — that which is not separate and cannot be divided.

#throwbackthursday #tbt #datewithdestiny


Tony Robbins

Life is forever changing, it’s our job to find the deeper meaning in it all. During these uncertain times there are two things we CAN do:

First, we are all called to GROW and expand our capacities. And then, we can use those gifts to experience & express even more LOVE.

GROWTH, RESILIENCE and LOVE are our true nature, and these attributes make for a beautiful life no matter what is happening in the world around us.


True transformation upcoming!

I feel like I won the academy awards tonight with this news!!


OMG! I just talked to a potential new client tonight. A guy, that has been through multiple counselors that felt like he wasn’t living his true life. About 30 minutes into a conversation where he thought he had multiple personalities, I basically pointed out that he doesn’t!!!! He has just been multiple personalities to please different people around him and he’s never been who he really is inside!! Basically because he never thought of the possibility that he could be accepted for who he truly is! He began crying! This was so powerful because for the first time he realized that the truth has been told!! He now has the groundwork to becoming truly happy!! I cry too because I see the change he made in just a few moments!!


I know a lot of you are having a rough time being quarantined. We tend to get in our head and start thinking too much when the bad thoughts and insecurities start creeping in. Then we play them over and over like a broken record until we can’t take it anymore. This is your chance to work on your happiness!
I’m offering a free one time session for life coaching!! Give me a call to set up a time or hit me up on my website for scheduling!

Please share this with anyone you know having any type of difficulty right now! You may help save them from themselves.

[02/29/20]   Hello... Could two friends or family members copy and repost? I am trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.

Just two. Any two. Say done.

[02/22/20]   **Warning..Explicit Language***
I’m on about the 10th friend committing suicide from PTSD since returning from Iraq in 2005!!!

There’s so many of my friends out there hurting from trauma and they keep SCREAMING out here on FB, but NOONE, including me has been REALLY listening!! When you see someone that you suspect of having trauma and they come across “just being angry”....THATS a sign!! PLEASE, just STOP scrolling through after someone’s posts hit you.....AND MAKE A F**KING CALL even its through messenger; AND DONT MAKE only ONE!!!
CALL until they pick up!!!! Because trust me...... the second or third call is the ONLY way they know you REALLY care!! 02/03/2020


Empaths, Old Souls & Introverts

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True transformation upcoming!





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