Slick Wing Aviation

Owners: Greg "Hoser" Craven and Rob "Shot" Rock. General Aviation in Columbus, MS! Flight training / rental in C-172. Discovery flights also available!


All good things come to an end! With Robs departure from active duty and my pending retirement, it was time to let Slick Wing fly off into the sunset. All flight operations have ceased and N-46211 has already found her new home in Chicago. She was a solid workhorse, allowing us to fly 1000.7 hours over the last 34 months....a 29.4 hour per month average! This included 4 new Private Pilot Checkride, and one CFI checkride. We could not have asked for a better airport too, as we gained lots of friends at the Monroe County Airport (M40). We would finally like to thank all those that made Slick Wing possible, and we wish all of our friends enroute tailwinds and smooth landings!

Shot and Hoser!


Proud of Kaelan B passing his Private Pilot Checkride today!!! Wishing you lots of enroute tail winds and smooth landings!!!


Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We also hope you enjoyed some time off....we sure did!

Starting the New Year off with a passed CFI checkride...congrats to Pete R...we know you will teach well!!!


Busy weekend!!


O where, O where has my little plane been? Try a 1800+ mile journey to Albuquerque NM! Longest trip to date for Slick Wing!!


After a 100 inspection complete with oil change, two new main tires, and a wash, 46211 flies again!! We took advantage of the great weather and flew a XC to BHM and two XC's to dual and then one solo (flown by Kaelan toward his PPL requirements)...a solid 8.1 hours this weekend!


N-46211 is down for a 100 inspection...lots of flying since the annual in July. She will be back in the air starting this Saturday!


Takeoff Rwy 23L at GSO.

North Carolina XC 2016 09/20/2016

North Carolina XC 2016


Congrats to Dougg on knocking out a large portion of his Instrument Rating requirements in one weekend....950 miles, 11.9 hours flight time (half of which was actual IMC), 9K max altitude, 4 instrument approaches, 3 different airports (TYS, GSO, VPC), 1 Tennessee flyby, 1 Smoky Mountain crossing, 1 high aspect taxi merge with a RJ, and 1 real work divert (planned destination weather below mins)


Today's schedule:
1) Ron P: Commercial Maneuvers
2) Stefan M: Private Maneuvers
3) Michael O: Checkout
4) Scott M: ROTC Cadet getting hours for UPT Board
5) Connor T: ROTC Cadet getting hours for UPT Board

What a GREAT day of flying!!!!


M40 runway is freshly repaved and back open for business!!

During our stay at GTR, the FBO folks at AVFLIGHT COLUMBUS were AWESOME! Great line service, beautiful FBO, and you can't beat the free ice cream sandwich either! If you can't make it to M40, we recommend you stop by and see them.

While we were gone, our PPL lessons continued, and we would also like to congratulate Hans K on finishing his checkout with us.


Kaelan B. passed his Private written test...PPL checkride is just around the corner.


Monroe County Airport

Slick Wing is moving airports...but only for two weeks! M40 is going to close for two weeks for a re-surface and re-stripe project...see link below for more info.

In the mean time, we will be relocating the plane to Lowndes County Airport (UBS) until M40 is re-opened.

Beginning Monday August 15 at 9:00 am, the airport will be closed for approximately 15 days for our Asphalt Rejuvenation & Striping Project to be completed. This will allow the contractor uninterrupted access to all pavement surfaces in order to complete the project in the least amount of time possible.


Congrats to Kaelan B. on his solo with Slick Wing. Nice work today...your PPL is just around the corner!!


Congrats Drifter...ATP Complete!!


Congrats to Ted G, recent T-1 UPT grad, on his C-172 checkout.


SHE'S BACK! N-46211 returned from her annual with a clean bill of health and has been flying day and night ever since....literally, Fri night local, 2 PPL lessons on Sat, Sat night, then a checkout and 2 x PPL lessons today, and she's up flying right now as I type.

Here is David H, who completed his C-172 checkout today!


It's that time of the year again....ANNUAL INSPECTION!!! Good ole 46211 will be down for the next week as we have the annual and 100 hour inspections complied with as well as a few other minor fixes. We expect her to return to service stating the weekend of Saturday the 16th. We already have 4 lessons scheduled that weekend....get on the schedule while there is still open space!!!


Finally, congrats to Tim H on his day and night checkout. He decided to bring his girlfriend along on the was her first time EVER in a small plane! She handled the power on stalls like a pro! After the checkout, they went right back up (without the CFI this time) for a night flight to take in the aerial view of the city lights. Wishing you both many happy years of flying together!!!


Busy weekend of flying: First, Neil S, a private pilot out at MSU, completed his checkout. Then we welcomed Callen B. who joins us to finish his PPL training that he started at another school.


Congrats to Clarence on his C-172 checkout!


Night flight to MEM...thanks to Wilson Air for the hospitality!


Congrats to Joe B. on passing his Private Pilot Checkride today!! The DPE said his ground eval knowledge was above average and that the flight was "one of the best private pilot checkrides I have ever flown".

Welcome to the club Joe!!!


Happy Birthday to Slick Wing Aviation!!

Two years ago this weekend, we brought N-46211 down from Connecticut and Slick Wing was born!

A huge THANK YOU to all that have been part of the Slick Wing family the last two years!!


Instrument Long XC complete....250+ miles and 3 approaches!


1,314 miles in 5 days...N46211 was busy the last 5 days!!


Time for another 100 hour oil, new spark plugs, new brake gaskets....46211 works hard for us so time for her to get a little TLC!!


Welcome back Calvin Walker! Calvin is a "rusty pilot" and hasn't flown since 2011. A few more flights to knock off the rust prior to the will be smashing bugs solo in no time!!


Family visit at M40 today between lessons. Everyone is showing off their Slick Wing Swag T-sh*ts and polo shirts.

The kids had a great time visiting daddy at work today.


AOPA: your freedom to fly

Big changes ahead, especially for how new students get their student pilot license!!

The FAA has published a final rule changing the way student pilot certificates will be issued and withdrawing plans to require photos on all pilot certificates, a proposal AOPA vigorously opposed.


They grow up so fast! Congrats to Sonar on finishing the IFF course and heading off to learn to fly th F-16.

Sonar at was our very first checkout in the C-172 back in April 2014 and was a great customer and friend. Best of luck in the future. Check-6!


My view during a checkout today, as sunset approached.

Congrats to Brian J, Chris M, and Tyler C on their C-172 checkouts today!


Thanks to all friends of Slick Wing that made 2015 a great year...we look forward to making 2016 even better!

Happy New Year - 2016 🎉


All of us here at Slick Wing wish you a very Merry Christmas! A special place in our hearts for all those that could not be with friends and family today, especially our military and first responders....thanks for what you do!!!


Looks like Santa is in the area!!


Hope he is IFR current!


Checkouts, checkouts, everywhere....congrats to Ben and Lauren K, Matt B, Tom S, and Brian H on their C-172 checkout.


Congrats to Joe B. on completing (finally) his long solo cross-country!! It took 6-9 attempts thanks to Mother Nature not cooperating, but he is now one step closer to getting his PPL!


N-46211 was down for a required 100hr inspection., to include a new set of tires. Clean bill of health and right back at it!

Congrats to Ben and Lauren K, hubby/wife team on their checkouts this weekend.


Busy weekend....congrats to Tom S and the duo of Dallas and Danielle V on their C-172 checkouts this weekend.


Slick Wing is proud to welcome Tyler Hicks to our team as our newest CFI. Welcome to the get to work!!


Please welcome the newest Private Pilot Seth "Heater" Rumbarger. Heater is our 2nd PPL checkride in two weeks!

Welcome to the Pilot Club....wishing you clear skies and tail winds!!


Congrats to Christina N. on her C-172 checkout.


One of our PPL students decided to join the USAF family and enlisted in the Air National Guard.

We are very proud to know Joe B. and we look forward to following his career once he finishes his training with us. Best of luck!!!!


Congrats to Seth R...passed his PPL written today...checkride next weekend!

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Takeoff Rwy 23L at GSO.
Seth's Solo Takeoff




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