Lords Meade Vocational College

Lords Meade Vocational College


Admin of Mr malinga and Mr kiganga godfrey was wow. Big up to obs and ogs of great lmvc
Schools may be closed, but learning never stops. with
Nayenga why Lord our own ewotu
Bambi RIP brother
Are you worried about what your future could look like🤷🏻‍♀

What kind of course could lead you to your career

Be part of it✨✨
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First assembly term one 2020
We Cherish and shall always appreciate the vision and the love of an African child rendered to us by our founder, Mr. John Kirkwood. He retired at the end of last year 2019 from being our Director but he is available for his guidance.
Unveiling our new head teacher Mr. Nfukiirani Francis on Monday 10th at the assembly. The function was presided by our pioneer head teacher Mr. Kiganga Mude. Also, senior ones were welcomed to this great school and urged to work hard and reach high.
Hello Lord's Meade
Any updates on how we fared??Mr John Kirkwood our beloved director where are you??

Mr kawuki the bigman where are you??

And Mr DOS where are you,...??

Updates please
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Fallen soldier lmvc guys are
Ready for Jinja Ndc debates this Saturday at Holy Cross Lake view, the theme is all about corruption?


The school is a Mixed Day and Boarding O&A Level Secondary School which provides both secondary edu

The school is NOW under the Pastoral Care of CHURCH OF UGANDA to provide a foundation for responsible God fearing Citizens. Vision

The vision is the best academic and vocational training provider in East and Central Africa. Mission

The mission is to provide quality comprehensive education to the youth of Uganda and neighboring countries and equip them with practical skills and abilities to be i

Operating as usual



Dear all, our Student qualified for this tournament. It’s however regrettable that due to financial constraints orchestrated by the prevailing economic situation especially facing schools, we are unable to fund their participation. The school management has instead prioritized and decided to support the School Athletics team which is going to Lira for the National Athletics Competition for which we qualified too. Failure to participate in this tournament, our Students, who worked hard for this will lose their opportunity to shine and develop their talents in Cricket. For some, this could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The school is open to any support towards this cause especially if it is timely. We will need UGX 5.000.000 to support the team. Otherwise, we will be releasing them all on Friday 5th August 2022 save for the Athletics. Thanks.


Internships are open in all professions, and not limited to only engineering. Good luck.



Download Bank Slip



Students offering the courses below should come along with the materials mentioned below if they don’t have them already:



Photos from Lords Meade Vocational College's post 25/04/2022



2022 Term Two Programme




A stepping stone worth testing.


Dear Parents,

Lords Meade Vocational College is set to open on 10th January 2022.

Boarding Student should report on the 9th.

Below is a guiding list of requirements:


School Fees UGX667,000 (Boarding) & UGX381.000 (Day)

School requirements
1. A filled, signed and stamped medical examination form from a qualified professional OR UGX 10,000 for medical check-up at School
2. Four Bars of Mukwano White Star 1 Kg soap
3. One Vim Scouring Powder (S.4, S.5 & S.1)
4. One Cleaning Mop Squeezer ( S.6, S.3 & S.2)
5. Ream of Ruled papers 500 sheets (S.6, S.3 & S.2)
6. One Ream of Rotatrim photocopying paper 500 sheets (S.4, S.5 and S.1)
7. One Compound Broom (S.6, S.3 & S.2)
8. One Indoor Broom (S.4, S.5 and S.1)
9. Identity Card -UGX10.000 (all those without)
10. Omo 1/2 Kg
11. 2 rolls of Eurosilk Toilet Paper

Personal requirements
1. A Pair of face masks (can be obtained at school at 2000 @)
2. I/2 Kg of Omo
3. Mattress
4. Long decent below-the-knee Black Skirts for Girls / 2 Pairs of descent Trousers for Boys
5. One pair of Slippers
6. A Comb & Vaseline
7. A Mosquito net (new or without holes)
8. Cup, Plate, Spoon and Fork
9. Two handkerchiefs
10. One pair of decent open Shoes for use after class
11. One Towel
12. Sugar enough to take you for 21/2 months
13. One nail cutter (no razor blade please)
14. One Gillette Shaver
15. A pair of School Black Shoes
16. Three pairs of White long socks
17. Two pairs of Nightdresses (Boys and Girls)
18. Tooth Paste enough to take you for 21/2months
19. Sports Wear
20. Enough packets of Sanitary Pads (Girls)
21. Four rolls of Eurosilk Toilet Paper
22. Enough Black Books (Picfare 3 quire)
23. A dozen of Nice Clear Pens
24. One MacMillan Secondary School Atlas
25. Three drawing Books for Art and Design
26. One decent Cloth or Paper School bag
27. Two Graph Books
28. One Good News Bible
29. One Advanced Learners’ Dictionary
30. One reading Book- ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho
31. A Torch
32. Basin and Jerrican or Bucket
33. Sanitizer

Photos from Lords Meade Vocational College's post 21/08/2021

Photos from Lords Meade Vocational College's post

Photos from Lords Meade Vocational College's post 21/08/2021

CONGRATULATIONS! to our 2020 Candidates.


This is how vaccines are manufactured, stored and transported safely

Knowledge is Power.

Community Engagement Exchange Program Application Information 29/11/2020

Community Engagement Exchange Program Application Information

Reach High Through Hard Work:

Community Engagement Exchange Program Application Information Community Engagement Exchange Program Application Information The Community Engagement Exchange (CEE) Program is a dynamic global network of innovators working with communities to address critical 21st Century issues. CEE equips dedicated visionaries with the expertise, skills, and resources to deve...


These innovative seed cocoons help trees grow in the harshest climates

Inspiring Innovations


DIT Session

With the diversity in vocational subjects, DIT Sessions are taken very seriously. Room for error is pushed to the limit. While we remain eager to resume skilling young people, we are proud about those who continue to benefit from the same especially in times like these.

Photos from EYE MEDIA UG's post 19/07/2020

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12. We all know him as an active innovative former student. We do hope that he natures this tree to unlimited abundancy. Our prayer.


This is how people are helping each other during the coronavirus outbreak

Uganda's record for hospitable people is beyond measure by many standards. Some ideas on how we can help the most vulnerable to brave the Covid 19 pandemic.

Photos from Christiana Figueres's post 19/03/2020

Some of those things that remind us that we are humans first.....


Career guidance talk to our interact club sponsored by the Rotary Club of Jinja, our mother club. Thank you Rotarians and Rotaractors of Jinja.

Photos from Lords Meade Vocational College's post 12/03/2020

INTERACT CLUB: Today's fellowship was a career guidance talk sponsored by the Rotary Club of Jinja, their mother club. The main speaker Rctr. Sumaya Baiga who spoke about skills and talent nurturing also in attendance was the Youth director R C Jinja Rtn Dr. Balidhawa Johnson and Rtn Tomson Ofwono.

How does the food we eat impact our climate? 08/03/2020

How does the food we eat impact our climate?

Of the things we continue to think of as being far fetched; here at LMVC we integrate green practices into every piece of education.
We are convinced that by making simple changes to our diets, each of us can eat in a way that is good for both us and the planet.

How does the food we eat impact our climate? Did you know that food production produces 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions globally? If we all choose to eat a more climate friendly diet, it could have ...

Our Story


The vision of Lords Meade Vocational College is to provide quality comprehensive education to the youth of Uganda and neighbouring countries; to equip them with practical skills and abilities to be independent and credible future leaders in their local societies, and beyond.

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The school thanks you in advance for your contributions to this page, and for your help in creating a safe yet vibrant online community here; one that seems to empower young people to Reach High Through Hard Work.

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DIT Session
2017 Solar Cookings Sets from Rotary
DIT Session






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