Center For Social Justice, Nsamizi

Established in 2011 to advance Social Justice issues in Uganda in Relation to the Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS) through Training, Research,Outreach and Advocacy

Center for social Justice was set up to strengthen the Justice Law and Order Sector in Uganda. The first of its kind in Uganda.

Operating as usual


We join the rest of the world to celebrate the international women's Day today and the world theme is generation equality, realising women's rights. We celebrate the ladies who are alumni of the international institute of Social studies in the Hague. Each of them holds a significant position in society as they have done alot of work towards achieving justice for girls and women .
Happy women's Day to you all
#IWD2020 #GenerationEquality #WomensDay


On 20th February, the world came together to celebrate the #SocialJusticeDay under the theme closing inequality gaps to achieve social justice. Our key message to the public is a strong call to end Stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV and also inclusion of people with disabilities if equality for all is to be achieved.


On 10th February 2020, the 10th cohort of the SET-SRHR TOT 400 program hosted at the center for Social justice Nsamizi commenced with module zero. Looking forward to a productive 5 weeks of learning, relearning and unlearning.


Sexual and Reproductive health is an important element of Social Justice. The aspect of reproductive health cannot be explored without including a condom because of its vital importance in giving dual protection. Today the 13th of February marks the #InternationalCondomDay. According to
World Health Organization Uganda a condom is a simple, low-cost device, but when used consistently and correctly, protects against the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections and the risk of unwanted pregnancies. We join the rest of the reproductive health advocates and activists around the world to encourage sexually active people to avoid risky sexual practices by embracing the proper and consistent use of condoms. IF IT IS NOT ON, IT IS NOT SAFE


The drive to keep a girl child in school is a collective responsibility for all of us in our respective capacities. Today, we are privileged to host a task force from the Ministry of Education and Sports with support from global fund who are working on developing sexuality education-related materials and massages aimed at keeping a girl child in school .


Did you know that approximately 16 women die each day due to maternal health complications in Uganda. Maternal Mortality is the death of a woman while pregnant or within 42 days of termination of a pregnancy. These complications include hypertension, sepsis, abortion complications, child birth complications , severe disease etc. This is greatly associated to the high unmet need for family planning and the undeniably high rates of teenage pregnancy which stands at 25% according to the UDHS 2016. Stake holders need to make Sexual Reproductive health Services and information available for young people so as if we are to revert the problem of maternal deaths . - Honorable Joova Kamateeka during the 3rd annual SRHR forum that we hosted on 5th November 2019


Being the first day of the year 2020, we would like to tell you about who we are. Here is a simple profile of Center for Social Justice , Nsamizi, Happy new year🌹

Center for Social justice was established and Launched by the Netherlands Ambassador in 2011as a key output of the 4year Project aimed at Mainstreaming Social dimensions into the administration of Law and Justice in the JLOS sector by Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development.

Social justice can be understood as the fair and proper administration of laws conforming to the natural law that all persons should be treated equally,fairly and Justly.

Uganda has advanced for social justice through various laws and acts. However all these legislative and policy measures will not be of any benefit if measures to empower the population on their human rights and and social justice are not put in place.

The Center for Social Justice upholds four core values that is ; Respect of persons, justice, Accountability and peaceful coexistence which are a core element of our programs in all aspects of Social Development.

Our key implementing Strategies are Training, Research, Advocacy and Outreaches interventions on all aspects of public/community health, livelihoods, social justice, Water and sanitation, gender and development, Democracy and Good Governance, Public Administration, Entrepreneurship, Social protection, children and youth among others.


Jingle bells 🔔 Jingle Bells🔔

It is the festive season again , a season of sharing love and care . As we reunite with friends and families for this holiday, and set resolutions for the new year, we need to bring together efforts to achieve social justice by making sure that everyone is given equal chance and opportunity to enjoy life to their full potential regardless of their backgrounds.
Merry Christmas and a Happy, Prosperous New Year 2020 to you all. 🎅


Yesterday, the world came together in unison to celebrate the Human Rights day under the theme, Youth Stand Up for human rights. Part of our priorities here at the Center for Social Justice is promotion of Sexual Reproductive health and Rights. This issue is often talked about but less internalised to bring out its core detailed meaning. Mrs Sylivia Namubiru Executive director of Legal Aid services Network who is an alumni at the international institute of Social studies emphasized the need to research, read and internalise different international charters and national policies that advocate for these rights , point out gaps in these laws to make a baseline for advocacy. "There are various gaps in laws on critical issues such as age appropriateness, HIV and abortion in Uganda which has left so many victims at stake" Ms Namubiru said
She further recommended SRHR advocates to look into the issues of Gender based violence which has a multitude of issues yet has a lot of barriers for the victims .


3rd December every year marks the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, a United Nations recognized day, celebrated since 1992 in the whole world with the aim of promoting empowerment, and helping to create real opportunities for people with disabilities. Today we feature Mr Kyazze Edward, a member of SET -SRHR (TOT ) 400- Cohort one who took up a change project to train participants of the subsequent cohorts in basic skills of sign language interpretation. So far , he has equipped over 300 people with these skills here at the center for social justice and awarded them with certificates. "Am professional sign language interpreter, and talented in sign language use, but also I realised that as many youth have a lot of challenges in Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights issues, the Deaf go through a double limitations." Kyazze affirmed. Everyone has a key role to play in promoting the participation of persons with disabilities and their leadership as this year's theme States.



We join the rest of the world today to commemorate the #WorldAIDSDay 2019. We stand in solidarity with those infected and affected by HIV and HIV related illnesses plus those who have lost their lives to AIDS. This year's theme revolves around communities making a difference in regards to ending HIV epidemic. The cultural and social attitudes of individuals towards people living with HIV have thrived a lot of stigma and discrimination which discourages people living with HIV from disclosing their status and seeking psychosocial support. Involving community members is an instrumental tool in the care, counseling and the overall welfare of people living with HIV. Take an initiative today, add your voice and effort to create a stigma free world.



Today marks the beginning of the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence , an international campaign to challenge violence against women and girls. The campaign runs every year from 25th November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, to 10th December, Human Rights Day.
On 22nd November 2019 , the guest of honour at the SET -SRHR (TOT ) 400- Cohort 9 graduation and certificate awarding ceremony
Ms Sylivia Namubiru the Executive Director Legal Aid Services Network Uganda who holds a honorary doctorate in Humanity due to her dedicated work in practice of the law expressed her concern about a rising story from one of the most top notch schools in Uganda where a teacher sexually molested primary school girls under his care! "Schools are supposed to be places where girls find safety but its very saddening to hear about such a thing happening! " she lamented.
The most disturbing part of the story is that the girls tried to report to the school administration and it didn't take any action in the guise of saving face from public embarrassment! The efforts to end gender based violence against girls is everyone's responsibility including parents by raising children who are able to defend them selves and stand against all forms of violence. Ms Namubiru pledged to step up and follow up this case until justice is prevailed.



The race has been ran, we have reached the finish line. Today 22nd November 2019 is the graduation day for the 40 SET SRHR cohort 9 participants. After successfully going through the the 10 module Training of Trainers course, participants are going to be awarded with certificates of completion to justify the rich skill set in Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights gained over the five weeks!



Institutions of higher learning have the most at risk age group of young people with majority lying between age 18 to 25 . At this stage, these people are going through physical and emotional transition from adolescence to actual adulthood. A number of them are figuring out how to handle life outside their parents care amidst the temptations that come with the freedom to do whatever they want. On the 13th May 2019, the 40 SET SRHR Cohort 6 participants took an initiative to engage over 100 Students of Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development in a dialogue and Outreach camp to discuss the specific SRHR challenges these young people face. Information on HIV , STIs ,communicable and non communicable diseases , family planning , life skills, Sexual Gender based violence among others was disseminated. HIV testing and counseling services and psychosocial counseling were also offered during this one day engagement. At the end of the day, the students were enriched with informationand and skills to guide them on how to have a healthy life style.


Training and capacity building is one of our core purposes at the Center for Social Justice. Between May 26th 2019 and 13th July 2019, we hosted an amazing group under the SET SRHR cohort 7 10 module training program. Using their acquired skills and connections, they conducted a community outreach in Mpigi town council in partnership with Uganda cares Gomba where they disseminated information on economic empowerement, hands on skills, menstrual hygiene, HIV prevention, Gender based Violence, condom demonstration, among others to over 100 people . There was an HIV testing and counseling camp where over 80 people got free services. A number of condoms we're given out and even left the community yearning for more. Kudos to this team!



We were privileged to host the 3rd Annual SRHR forum on 5th November 2019 under the theme "Accountability for effective maternal and adolescent health programming. Have we done enough?" In attendance were members of Parliament, representatives from government ministries, the academia from Makerere University school of Public health, members of the Civil Society Organisations, media and other stake holders were tasked to make an account on their progress towards ensuring better maternal and adolescent health in their respective capacities, what is missing and what should be done.


COHORT 4 has broken off for a recess after being trained for consecutive three weeks. They will be back on 6th January 2019 to complete the remaining two weeks of the course.



Today 5th November 2018,

COHOT 4 Commenced the 5 weeks training in Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights at The Centre For Social Justice - Nsamizi.




Today Friday 26th October 2018, All 43 participants of SRHR COHORT 3 have graduated successfully at the Centre For Social Justice - Nsamizi.
GUEST OF HONOR: Dr. Olaro Charles, Director Clinical Services, Ministry of health.



Certificate Award day for COHORT 3.


The Principle of Nsamizi Training Institute of Social development, DR. Charles Kanyesigye has today 25th October 2018 bought a Bull for the SRHR COHORT 3 participants as a congratulatory gift upon completing their course successfully.

They will be rewarded Certificates tommorrow 26th Oct, at the Centre for social justice main hall @ exactly 10am.




On Friday 26th Oct 2018, COHOT 3 will be graduating at The Centre For Social Justice -Nsamizi.

We will be streaming LIVE🎬. Stay on this page.



Discussing about projects that will transform the communities through SRHR service provision.

#Cohot3 #SRHR


PostGraduates of #Cohort_3 have resumed the course today Monday 15th, October. They will be around for 2 weeks.
Cohort 4 is beginging on 4th November.



Meaningful engagement with different key players in SRHR service provision.



On monday 10th Sept 2018, We started training for cohort 3, with people from diverse institutions like police, prisons, judiciary and CSOs .
we are having an introduction module called "module zero" which we are running upto 28th Sept 2018.



The Center for social justice, Nsamizi.

Conducive environment for reading and relaxing your mind. Full access to Internet everywhere you are within the premises. Tight security as well as 24/7 full access to water and power.

Located at Mpigi District, 500mtrs from Mpigi Town. Within Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development


We have a well organised standard Conference facility with 24/7 air conditioners, in-built standard public address system, Solar power backup, a day-light Projector + screen, comfortable seats and tables and an ample parking space.


We provide secure and convenient self-contained accommodation (Bed, Mattress, bed sheets, blanket, slippers, Basin and Jerrican, plus reading table and chair ). The environment is quiet/silent enough to allow safe concentration. The hostels have a 24/7 internet, power and water supply with a solar electricity backup.


We are delighted to have successfully completed a 10 module Certificate course for master trainers in sexual reproductive health and rights (SR-HR). The certificate award ceremony took place on Thursday, 29th March 2018 at the Center for social justice-Nsamizi at 2pm.
Special thanks to our local partners, Makerere school of public health and to our great funders, Rutgers and International Institute of social studies (ISS).


PROJECT: Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SR-HR)
PARTNERS: Makerere School of public health (SPH)
FUNDERS: Rutgers & International institute of social studies

#2018 #SRHR


Center For Social Justice, Nsamizi's cover photo


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[06/04/16]   Hello everyone there, Registration is still going on untill mid june. Place your application today for the POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN SOCIAL JUSTICE.

Come to Center for social justice, Nsamizi. Mpigi.

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Certificate Award day for COHORT 3.





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